THE ASYLUM CITY / ... The City of Our Lady of the Ark ...

Cf. A15 & A17, Sept. 13, 1990, Section V

II -Map of Area

Map of Area


Area cordoned off on map by 

St. Theresa of Lisieux, in a dream-vision in 1989, to form The Asylum City, in northern New Brunswick, Canada.

Nigadoo, in the Micmac language, means a place of refuge ... given to a group of Acadians fleeing the great deportation of about 55,000 inhabitants of Acadia in 1755.

John's ancestors were of the number having found refuge with the Micmas.

Providence had its plans! (A1)







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July 9, 2007 - On the feastday of Our Lady of Prodigies ...

A 10-point résumé of The Third Testament of The Asylum City ... The New Jerusalem of the New Era, regarding the grave situation facing the Church and the World in these Latter Days ...

  1. The Rosary is now accompanied, in these Latter Days, by the Chaplet of the Father (cf. December 8, 2003, Section IX);

  2. Since May 14, 2003 (cf. Section IX), we are now in the time of the Apostate Church, for the reign of the Antichrist and the False Prophet officially began on that date, reign prophesied by Daniel 12:11 and the messages of the Blessed Virgin, e.g. Rue du Bac, Paris, 1830, (which announced the "bad times" to come), La Salette, 1846, (which announced that Rome would lose the faith and become the seat of the Antichrist), Fatima, 1917, (which marked the arrival of the Great Tribulation), etc. The reign of the Antichrist and his False Prophet would only end after the transfer of their seat to Jerusalem where Henoch and Eli would be slain;
  3. So it was not John Paul II (the last Pope) who reigned in Rome anymore,* but the False Prophet, after 1996, when he was sequestered in his chambers, and after July 7, 2003, when Heaven raptured him away to the Garden of Eden (cf. May 25, 2007, Correspondence);
  4. Therefore, the present "official" Church is no more the true Church, the latter having been completely taken over by freemasonry through spiritism, pentecostalism (the charismatic renewal), etc., contaminating the Mass, the sacraments and sacramentals;
  5. The real Church, just as Christ, has descended into the tomb, to be translated to the Garden of Eden to await his soon Intermediate Coming to establish The New Jerusalem and the New Magisterium for the New Era of 1,000 years with Our Blessed Mother governing with the new College of Apostles with John/Albert at the head;
  6. The only valid Mass, now, is that of St. John or the Mass of the Cenacle which we must recite on Sundays and feast days (cf. December 2, 2006, Correspondence) in private houses or chapels, until the general cleansing and the transfer of remaining humanity to Mars;
  7. We are on the eve of the great devastations which will constitute the chastisements the world has brought upon itself for having rejected the true Christ (cf. A7, Section V);
  8. The general cleansing by the close encounter with, first, Mars (cf. November 17, 1989, A4, Section V) come to reclaim its waters left for the Deluge, and , then, Venus, come to reclaim its oils left to inflate the Earth and separate the continents, will completely renew the Earth to become a mansion of Heaven, as also Mars, for the continuation of humanity for 1,000 years more, that is, for the New Era, and for Venus to become the abode of the demons and the damned to await their final fate in The Lake of Fire after the Last Judgment freeing that last planet to also become a mansion of Heaven along with Earth and Mars;
  9. The Rapture is soon to occur, for the 91's and those saved among the 854's, concurrently with The Three Days of Darkness, which will come without any warning whatsoever, as in Noah's time;
  10. We are no more in the Church of Peter, but in the Church of John which will mark the 3rd millenium, as the Church of Peter marked the 1st and 2nd millenia after the death of Christ.

Everyone should now abide by Our Lady's admonition, "To those who do not believe, I say, ‘You want to continue in your disbelief?! Let it be so.'" 

John of the Church of John

* It had been said to John/Albert, in 1978, at Lourdes during a pilgrimage that the new pope would have a reign of 18 years, at the news that John Paul I had just passed away.

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Illustrated summary of The 3rd Testament of Our Lady of The Asylum City

Photo of the dream-vision given to John/Albert on July 26, 2005, during which he saw himself brought up into the clouds and come upon a conversation going on between God the Father and Moses in which much concern was expressed regarding Joseph Re, a collaborator to The 3rd Testament, expressed in these terms which ended the conversation, "And what is to become of him?"


March 17, 2008 - On the feast day of the Office of Our Lady Instituted, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

What happens when someone with a major role or mission goes off track? Incredible to say, Heaven has to intervene, and this is what happened to a collaborator of John's for the editing of The 3rd Testament.

The photo above will illustrate in a dramatic fashion the intervention of The Father, Who came to express his deep chagrin over the defection of this collaborator, who more than once insisted on following his own will, despite his deep knowledge of The Divine Will exposed by the great Italian mystic, of Corato, Italy, Luisa Piccarreta.

This is tantamount to treachery and becomes part of the Mystery of Iniquity.

This insistence of doing "his own will" was an open door for the Evil One to give that collaborator misinformation upon misinformation in such a subtle way to even fool the best.

And although advised of this intervention by The Father, that collaborator still insisted to express his righteousness, even to the extent of saying he could not make a mistake as "he was a direct channel of wisdom" between The Father and John, guardian of Mary, and the instrument chosen for the establishment of The Asylum City and the Community of St. Joseph, called to work in unity with Marie-Paule, the servant of Our Lady of All Peoples, in Lac-Etchemin, QC.

From the start this collaborator was told by Heaven to leave his home, in Cincinnati, OH, contaminated by his daughter steeped in pentecostalism, who came to own her father's house, and seek refuge as far as possible, elsewhere, in order to be free from any ill-effects. But he stubbornly refused, thus giving free entry to the Evil One to introduce his falsehood in the answers that Heaven was giving him. This falsehood was so wily that it took the intervention of The Father in conversation with Moses, and numerous other dream-visions to John, in order to alert him, showing the collaborator in quicksand with the extreme danger of being completely sucked in also.

The extent of the contamination, that crept in the information forwarded by the collaborator, now demands a complete revision of The 3rd Testament by the angels who will at the same time translate it into 70 tongues and major dialects.

So this is the sad story of an apostle gone astray.


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