THE ASYLUM CITY / ... The New Jerusalem ...


October 9, 2006 - A wrap-up ...

As a wrap-up to the above, I was pressed to get out of bed and have a conversation with a woman disciple, Monica of Sturgis, SK, and we concluded that indeed we were now* on the way to the Cenacle, which to the woman-disciple was the Garden of Eden in our present time, parallel to the situation following Golgotha two thousand years ago.

So having now left the place where Jesus was laid after the Crucifixion, Mary, John and the holy women made their way to the Cenacle, about to enter, with no other Apostles yet in sight. And we concluded, no doubt under the inspiration of Our Blessed Mother, that being practically at the door of the Cenacle, Our Lady having insisted to retrace the steps of her Son to Calvary before entering, we were indeed at the door of being raptured to the Garden of Eden, where, eventually, like in the days of old, one by one, so to speak, the other Apostles would also be brought.


* To which Christiane of Paris, and Betty Burgoyne of Middleton, NS, concurred. And as in the days of old the Apostles delayed in coming, out of fear and disappointment, for, as Judas, they had believed more in a terrestrial reign of Jesus and had not fully grasped Jesus' mission of redemption. Peter, it must be said, stayed away, to cry over his denial, for he came to believe; however the others would eventually come under the pressure and encouragement by Mary Magdelene, who, it must be said, gathered the Apostles back around Our Lady at the Cenacle.

But in our times we know what the Rapture means: the coming down of apostles, Paul, Karol Wojtyla, and John, Albert Arseneau, for the re-evangelization after the eruption of Mt. St. Helen and the California disaster which will instill fear in the heart of those to be re-evangelized, the 854's and all the consecrated souls, priests and those consecrated to Our Lady by the 91's, the Little Ones ... then will follow the great cleansing by the passing of Mars and Venus to completely transform the Earth.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 14, 2006 - The Sermon on the Mount, Matt. 5:4 ...

This morning, a woman disciple of the Church of John, Monica Wilcott, of Sturgis, SK, called me to point out this verse from the Sermon on the Mount, with my immediate recall* that, indeed, this prophetic beatitude by Our Lord, "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth", spoke of the lot awaiting the Little Ones, the 91's, at the rapture at the end of this era.

This verse proclaims that the Earth will have been re-transformed into the Garden of Eden, and the whole planet thus become a mansion of Heaven, as it was meant to be, along with Mars and Venus, eventually, for the descent of the New Jerusalem in The Asylum City, the abode of the New Magisterium of the Church, now the Church of John, with Our Lady at the head, with her new counsel, the College of the Apostles headed by John/Albert.


* Recall of the comprehension given in my heart when I first read the Bible at an early age, comprehension which became obscured with so many translations abounding through the ages, to disguise the true meaning of the original Greek word used.

You may consult, in any language or any edition one after the other, without a single one coming forth with the true meaning. Was this meant so that the true meaning would only surface now?

It seems so.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 30, 2006 - On the feast day of St. Andrew ...

Joseph Re,

All your difficulties stem from the fact of not having departed from Cincinnati as it was asked. Now you have to live with all the ensuing consequences. There is the whole picture!

You do not have to give me an answer, but you owe one to Heaven. I already have my answer as given by Moses when I heard him converse with God the Father and he asked Him, "What is now to become of him?"

And please, try to be fair toward Monica who had to pay your fare to come up here to write "Appendix". Yes, you had to leave clandestinely, for the others of your family would have strongly objected.

What is left for you to do is ask forgiveness, and put up the statues for the weeping as requested ... despite the tantrums! Who comes first, your family or Heaven?!

All these years Heaven has been patient, but it is high time to comply with Heaven's wish, in order to normalize a situation. So far, I have tried and tried to pull you out of the quicksands, as I was repeatedly shown in dream-visions, but without success.

The Lord be with you just the same.

The Guardian of the Virgin Mary,
John/Albert, Prince of the Apostles

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 2, 2006 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Salvation ...

Dear Joseph Re,

Yes, this day may well be the day of your salvation, if you move out, a last hour grace granted for your decision, although it would perhaps be too late for the weeping of the statues and, alas, the re-evangelization, this year.

Before going you will have to ask answers to yesterday's questions, and you will have to leave permanently, else you risk missing God's last call, first going out to find a modest trailer-home, and then to take out the necessary clothing and utilities you will need.

We are all now praying up here that that grace of grace be granted to you. I called Ann last evening and told her about the situation, telling her that they still should maintain the prayer-group meetings, which you yourself could attend ... perhaps not as an apostle anymore. However it is not for me to say.

Remember your leaving could not be any different from what was asked of the first apostles, and Margaret would eventually join you, once you are settled, and once the shock is over.

It had to come to this, Joseph Re! And a very significant fact has occurred to Christiane. Last night, for the first time in years, ever since your saga began, the imps did not make their presence felt.

Meaning what? Your guess is as good as mine!

God bless,

The Guardian of the Virgin Mary,
John/Albert, Prince of the Apostles

P.S. Remember, all this tragedy has come about because of God's plan having been changed through man's malice! But, it has not cancelled the Rapture, it will have pushed it back, perhaps until next summer, when the weeping and the re-evangelization may again be granted, providing, I repeat, of your response to God's Last Call!

* * * * * * * * * * * *


Lachrymation on March 15, 1987
in Saint John, NB, Canada

In homage of adoration and love to The Most Blessed Trinity and in order to have appreciated ever more the marvelous gift of The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass we publish this little leaflet under the title of Mass of Saint John. This Mass, textually extracted from the Missal, is composed of three liturgical prayers that constitute the quintessence of The Holy Mass, and we call it Mass of Saint John as we could entitle it Mass of the Apostles and even Mass of Jesus on Maundy Thursday.

Due to the withdrawal of Jesus from man's Church as of May 14, 2003, as given in vision to John/Albert* while waiting for Mass, confirming Daniel 12:11, our aim is to facilitate for fundamentally pious souls a more pleasing and efficacious manner in offering the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass in continual union with Jesus as given to his little daughter, Luisa Piccarreta, Volume 12, March 27, 1918. These little souls with faith in God, however small in number, fused in the Divine Will sharing in a Divine Sanctity, continue offering the Holy Sacrifice from the rising and setting of the sun. What a consoling thought that the whole of our life flows in every Mass since the Cenacle, present, past and future, multiplied as many times as you wish. All this power and knowledge given to us by Jesus in view of the arrival of Daniel 12:11, as of May 14, 2003.

Friends and apostles of the Sacred Heart, learn by heart this beautiful liturgical prayer and take the practice to celebrate this Mass of Saint John as often as possible, in the midst of your occupations, your trips, as in the solitude of your room. Thus you will be able to live in full the extraordinary grace of your daily Mass. Offer this pious practice for the reign of The Heart of Jesus, the sanctification of consecrated souls and the conversion of the prodigals in your families.
* John/Albert, Head of the New Apostolic College.

Mass of Saint John

- I -

Receive, O Holy Father, God Almighty and eternal, this Host without blemish that I, your unworthy servant, offer Thee, to Thee Who art my Living and True God, for my innumerable sins, offenses and negligences, for all the assistants and for all Christians both living and dead, so that It be of benefit to my salvation and theirs for eternal life. Amen.

- II -

Who, the day before He suffered, took bread into His holy and venerable hands, and with His eyes lifted up towards heaven unto Thee, God, His almighty Father, giving thanks to Thee, He blessed it, brake it and gave it to His disciples, saying: Take and eat ye all of this,


In like manner, after He had supped, taking also this excellent chalice into His holy and venerable hands, and giving Thee thanks, He blessed and gave to His disciples, saying: Take and drink ye all of this,


As often as ye do these things, ye shall do them in remembrance of Me.

- III -

Lord, I am not worthy that I pour* myself into Thee; say but the word, and my soul shall be healed. (Three times.) May the Body of our Lord Jesus Christ preserve my soul unto life everlasting.
* Cf. "The Poem of the Man-God", Maria Valtorta, Vol. 2, p. 645, "You will have to become molten in Me, as if you lay in the clay mold used by those who melt metals to shape them."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 9, 2006 - An e-mail from a reader on the feast day of the Conception ...

Dear John/Albert,

As a follow up to our conversation last night I am committing to paper what has been whispered to my heart... 

The time has come to speak plainly. Since Joseph Re has come to bury Caesar not to praise him, the task has fallen to me to declare to the world the greatness of God's favor which rests upon you. 

More than 3 years ago when I was reading Section 5 of The Third Testament, Signs and Warnings, I looked at picture A17, where you were shown yourself as a pillar of granite. Although this was not the first time I had reviewed this section, the moment I cast my glance at that picture I was flooded with understanding, concerning you. "It was as though those words had been written just for me." It was how I had described it to you, but that barely scratched the surface of what I had understood. From that moment I bound myself with chains to the Asylum City and would gladly die defending it.

To "name" your function, would be to try to encapsulate that understanding into one word, which is nearly impossible because there is not a single word which adequately describes the scope of what I was given to understand. "Old Testament Prophet" comes close but falls short because they were not given Guardianship of the Queen of Heaven, nor were they given St. Michael's sword with which to defend Her and her work. "John", referring to St. John the Evangelist comes closer but his guardianship was much more private, whereas you are given the entire world to evangelize, through the internet. In like manner, you must defend Her against the whole world. In the history of the world there has never been, nor ever will be again, a mission, the likes of which has been entrusted to you. Please understand, I am not writing this to flatter you, but to enlighten all who read this.

The task of those called to work for the Asylum City has been un uphill battle from the very start. The first Apostles were called to preach to a world expecting the coming of the Messiah. They met with a mixture of acceptance and opposition, for the prophets, especially St. John the Baptist, had paved the way ahead of them. The new Apostles, however, have no such precursors for The Asylum City is not expected. It is the fulfillment of all the Marian Apparitions of the last 2,000 years. The missions of the "854" were to form a unity, like a magnificent golden crown to form the setting for the crown jewel - the City of the Immaculate where the Great Monarch would reign. All those called to form this crown have shattered Heaven's plans decisively through pride, spite, spiritism and worse. So once again, Our Holy Mother, who will not abandon her children, placed Herself between hard-hearted mankind and Divine Justice and obtained the founding of The Asylum City, to be the New Jerusalem. The very name incites images of the cities of asylum of the Old Testament, where the guilty could safely find refuge until true justice came to them.

The founding of the Asylum City as a final replacement of all the missions lost by the "854" has come at a cost to Our Holy Mother that we on earth cannot hope to know. Even in the New Era we will barely grasp the full extend of how She obtained such a lavish grace for undeserving, wicked mankind. And the management of this final grace could not be entrusted to any ordinary fool, but rather an extraordinary and humble creature, specifically created for the purpose from all eternity, to ensure that She had someone to securely entrust this final grace to. Someone who could refuse Her nothing and who would respond to her every wish with a heartfelt "Fiat!", the echo of hers. For through this monumental work She WILL triumph "for the rise and fall of many."

Great are the misconceptions and disinformation about the End Times. Hell has ensured that a multitude of egotistical unenlightened interpreters of the Book of the Apocalypse have produced such an ocean of ignorance in which to drown the faithful that there is no more belief in the interaction of God in events, as though the Events will unfold themselves like a movie script cast in stone. It seems that unless these exact events unfold according to these unenlightened interpretations, no one will believe that the events are unfolding, as indeed they are, all around us every day. This is the environment in which the Guardian of Mary must bring her words to the world. Is it any wonder so many of the Apostles called to serve Our Lady in the Asylum City have abandoned Her in cowardice?

What I am writing are not simply words. God's power, exercised through you bears up what I am saying. In early February 2005, we were discussing the Charismatic Renewal movement and how many had become possessed through the "laying on of hands" as practiced through this scourge of the fallen Church. I expressed to you my sincere fear that I too had been harmed by this, for, as a teenager, I had participated in this program and had a large group "lay hands" on me. In a unique voice, you calmly assured me you would say a full exorcism for me as soon as we got off the phone. No sooner had you spoken than I felt an immense weight lift off me. I was so relieved I spent the rest of the day feeling like a little fawn, frolicking in spirit and dancing for joy!

On February 8th, you asked Our Lady through Joseph Re if indeed I had been exorcized, even though you had forgotten to say the full exorcism, having been side tracked after our conversation and indeed Our Lady said it had been granted. An exorcism! Simply at your volition and nothing more! All glory to God for her answer, but I did not need the verbal confirmation, for the night before, the 2 demons presented themselves to me in dream vision, one at a time, requesting I take them back. They had been women on earth, now demons and there was something so sickeningly familiar about them, no doubt because of the many years during which they exercised their influence over me. But they repulsed me so intensely that without a fraction of a second committed to thought, the words flew from my mouth, "You! Go to hell!". I responded the same to each and they vanished immediately. Irrefutable proof of the great power entrusted to you for this mission.

As is well documented throughout The Third Testament you have been granted also the gift of great discernment, to the extent that simply touching a fax, a book, a pamphlet you are enlightened immediately to the presence of evil in it.

For all these reasons I have written, and much more which I have withheld, I am telling you the time has come for you to wear the mantle placed upon your shoulders and exercise the authority entrusted to you, guided surely by the Divine Will. This power is nothing strange or new. Did not the first Apostles cast out demons and perform other miracles? Take up the sword of St. Michael, the ‘staff' of your office as Prince of the Apostles and Guardian of Mary and proceed in peace. All of hell stands in terror of She Whom you guard, She Who guides you. You have nothing to fear. Turn now, with your staff and drive away the imps that torment and oppress those of us who support and assist you, for our need is great. All of hell pursue us and we are small and weak.

For those reading this do not be scandalized but reassured. Although outward appearances do not reveal it, Heaven has given us a great leader, who does not lead himself, but submits entirely to Her to lead through him. Be not incredulous for greater signs and miracles are yet to come!

My dear friend, my heart rejoices that heaven has granted me the grace to finally express to you some of what has been revealed to me. Throughout my many struggles my heart is securely anchored in the Asylum City. Peace and salvation reside there.

May Our Lady of The Asylum City, Queen of the New Jerusalem, continue to shower you with graces and may they continue to benefit not only us, but all of mankind. 

Your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary, 

Sturgis, SK

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 2, 2007 - An important e-mail on the feast day of the Holy Name of Jesus ...

Joseph Re,

According to the phone call I have just received from Ann Delp, I gather that you are now finalizing your status, and so I now see myself forced to cancel officially your apostleship. The members of the Cincinnati prayer group may continue to hold reunions at Ann's though. Say the exorcism to free yourself from this final attack by the imps before your demise.

John/Albert, Prince of the Apostles and the Guardian of the Virgin Mary,
Head of the New Magisterium of the Church.

P.S. To understand your predicament, Joseph Re, refer to the question asked God the Father by Moses, on July 26, 2005, and to messages of July 1, 2005 and July 12, 13, 2005.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 8, 2007  - On the feast day of Our Lady of Prompt Succor ...

Dear Joseph Re,

Your time has been up for some time now,* in fact since about the middle of last December. You have been given some time to give your answer to Our Lady as to what you are to do, fully collaborate or go your way just as in the olden days it was asked of the Apostles. They even had to leave their families.

So far have you done this? Did you move when you were asked? No. Instead you stuck ever faster with you family rather than be completely free to work for The Asylum City, The Church and its New Magisterium. In fact you put Margaret first, even making her a victim soul to whom you had to cater. She blocked you in every move you were to make for your mission. The reunions had to be held at Ann's, to free the livingroom for her gym exercises. She refused to have the statues set up for the weeping, giving in only after severe remonstrances. She bitterly opposed your coming to The Asylum City to write what Our Lady wanted you to write, to the point you had to leave without saying a word ... and then followed the harassment by your family on a daily basis with threats to even send the police after me saying that I had kidnapped you. You kept sending me over and over supposed messages by Our Lady that there were to be no interference by anyone, especially from disciples as Monica and Christiane, between Our Lady's two prophets, etc. And who had used this term "prophet?" Had it not in fact been for Monica's help you would not have ever made it to The Asylum City.

In the days of old there were women disciples to help the Apostles. So it is in these days.

From the start, the demons would interfere to make you believe you had to name Apostles, and you did. I went along, although Our Lady has recently mentioned three only: Karol, Maurice and me. And ever so present was this believe that you had to understand my questions before you could answer them. Who therefore was answering? You or Our Lady? And you underlined, time and time again, that you had to use your "illumined" imagination before you could answer, going to the length of quoting St. Thomas Aquinas. Even quoting a line from him that you were the channel of wisdom between The Father and myself.

Your behavior, Joseph Re, brought about the vision I had of The Father conferring with Moses, whom I heard ask, "What is to become of him?" And of late, again you had to mention this non-interference by anyone between us, something nobody wanted to do. So who put this in your mind?

And now, what is your answer to Our Lady going to be? As I have said above, your time has been up since December 20, 2006, according to what has been told to Christiane.

Joseph Re, I had to cancel your apostleship, of course permitting you to remain a member. But what if you admitted and apologized formally? You could perhaps be reinstated! Is this not what Our Lady has asked of you, but which you have refused to admit so far? Is it that much of a burden that She asked this of you? Our Lady does not want to abandon you, even after all your refusals, and putting Her in second place.

Please, Joseph Re, reconsider as time is short and we are now in The Last Hour.

I have said enough perhaps, and do not use Wouter anymore to do your "fishing" for you. I am aware of this game. Leave him alone. And remember, every time you delay in answering my faxes, I know something is up. And do not use Our Lady to exercise your whims. It is enough, Joseph Re. Come back to your senses. I have had it over the years with this disguised antagonism from people sent to work for The Asylum City under Our Lady's terms, not theirs.

You will be told in no uncertain way the Evil One's designs during the re-evangelization. Everyone, a Bernard, a Marie-Paule, a Bereslavsky, an Andrew, a William and now, you, Joseph Re will understand.

Enough said? Over 35 years of contradictions! Do you understand why Heaven has said that I had suffered in "a unique" way? And never mind "discussions." That is an invention by the imps!!


* This was written as the above fax from Joseph Re was misplaced ...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 9, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Clemency ...

Dear Joseph Re,

As a follow-up to yesterday's fax ...

Now I know why you had been asked to leave your home and take refuge elsewhere. You and Margaret had to get away from the "spell of spiritism" exercised over you by Peggy!!

Accept this or not, but before you dismiss this as preposterous, you had better check with Our Lady of Clemency or Mercy whose feast day is today.

That you and Margaret have been under a spell for quite a long period of time has finally been revealed to me, this morning, as I felt that the spell which had been also meant to affect me had receded before I could be affected in reality, and from which I was protected in order to recognize it for what it was!

Let us all say the exorcism now and continue to protect ourselves by saying it constantly. But the battle is not over. You will know though what to do, if you ask Our Blessed Mother. Do not be surprised, if you will still have to leave Cincinnati, even this late.


P.S. And I must add that this "spell of spiritism" came way back from a Fr. Blais, whose influence affected a Bernard, a Marie-Paule, a William, an Andrew, a Mary Jane, a Franz Keiler, etc. In other words, A VAST NETWORK, had been instigated by the Evil One through Fr. Blais, of L'Avenir, QC, to also include Bereslavsky of Russia, Paul of Poland and André Pestiaux of Belgium, and this since the middle 80's, ever since Fr. Blais came on the scene!

* * *

Not wanting to answer the above fax is not what Heaven would want, Joseph Re. As I said to Ann, at least Joseph Re should ask Our Blessed Mother whether Fr. Blais' spell was true or not and had it affected many. Also, not wanting to answer is bringing about the concern expressed by Moses (cf. The Third Testament, July 26, 2005,With the Days, the Years ... 2004-2006, Section X) that you perhaps do not want to come out of Egypt, meaning you want to remain under that spell?


P.S. Ann confirmed that you had received the fax sent 4 to 5 times ... without answering because you had supposedly a "wait and see" answer, when she was prompted to ask why, this equivalent to a no answer.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Le 15 janvier 2007 - En la fête de Notre-Dame de Banneux ... courriel au Père Denis Laprise ...

le 15 janvier 2007

Père Denis Laprise
626, route du Sanctuaire
Lac-Echemin, QC, G0R 1S0

Cher Père Denis,

Une question, "Quand allez-vous vous mettre à la page?" Bien lire les 10 points qui résument le contenu du 3ième Testament de Notre Dame donné à Jean, Prince des Apôtres du Nouveau Magistère, à la tête duquel est la Vierge Marie, Notre Dame, la Reine de l'Univers.

Je lis le journal et je me désole de vous voir tous à cheval sur la clôture: un pied dans l'Eglise de Pierre et l'autre qui veut se mettre dans l'Eglise de Jean, que vous ne pouvez atteindre étant donné que vous êtes à "califourchon" sur la clôture. Laissez donc le passé dans le passé et suivez l'avertissement donné à La Salette que Rome perdrait la foi.

Oui, vous avez raison de vouloir vous donner un nouveau "pape" comme vous allez le faire le 21 mai prochain, mais vous n'avez pas le bon candidat, car la tête du nouveau Magistère est déjà là, la Vierge Marie, Qui va bientôt descendre, après les événements, avec son collège d'apôtres pour enfin gouverner pendant le septième millénaire, millénaire qu'on refuse d'accorder à la Vierge Marie comme Elle l'avait déjà demandé, en pleurant, en 1846, à La Salette.

Comme on est en retard! Le dernier pape, Jean-Paul II, été ravi le 7 juillet 2003, après avoir été sequestré dans ses appartements par le Faux Prophète, Ratzinger, qui, à son tour, sera envoyé dans l'abîme avec Maitreya, l'anti-christ, après leur transfert du siège de Pierre à Jérusalem.

Alors, cher Père, voyez-vous pourquoi je vous dit que vous êtes en arrière des temps. Il vous faut vous rattraper, et vite, car les événements qui s'en viennent vont vous tomber dessus sans que vous soyez prêts.

Or vous pouvez vous mettre à jour en lisant le 3ième Testament de Notre Dame de La Cité Asile. De toute façon, vous serez mis à jour, et cela peut-être contre votre gré lors de la prochaine ré-évangélisation en La Cité Asile par Karol Wojtyla, en l'Eglise St-Polycarpe de Petit-Rocher, juste après les grands désastres qui doivent frapper toute la côte ouest américaine au signal donné par l'éruption soudaine du Mont Ste Hélène qui est déjà en alerte orange, donc qui peut survenir à n'importe quel moment comme le disent les seismographes sur l'internet:

Je ne veux certes pas semer panique mais plutôt vous prévenir, surtout qu'il m'a été dit par Notre Mère que tout Spiri Maria serait transporté en La Cité Asile au site des apparitions de Notre Dame de Lourdes au Bouleau Blanc. Et qui veux dire, "Le Ciel vous permettra-t-il de commettre l'immense erreur de placer quelqu'un à la tête du Magistère de l'Eglise alors que c'est Notre Dame Elle-même qui doit gouverner?" Je le répète, Jean-Paul II fut le dernier pape.

Au plaisir de vous lire, cher Père, après que vous ayiez récité l'exorcisme suivant: "Si je Vous ai offensé, mon Dieu, je Vous demande pardon, et je renonce ici à la Synagogue de Satan, et je crois en La Cité Asile et au Troisième Testament de Notre Dame."

Cet exorcisme stipule que vous ayiez sorti de l'Eglise Apostate, et que vous ayiez commencé à dire la Messe du Nouveau règne, la Messe de Saint Jean, ou la Messe du Cénacle, que vous allez désormais devoir dire si vous voulez être de l'Eglise de Jean et véritablement sortis de l'Eglise de Pierre et entrés dans le 7e Millénaire, l'Eglise de Philadelphie de l'Apocalypse.

Toutes mes amitiés,

Jean (Albert Arseneau), Prince des Apôtres
et Gardien de la Vierge Marie la
Reine du Nouveau Magistère de l'Eglise

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Le 18 janvier 2007 - En la fête de Notre-Dame de Dijon ... lettre au Père Denis Laprise ...

le 18 janvier 2007

Cher Père Denis,

Est-ce par pur hasard ou coïncidence que je sois entré en communication avec vous, en particulier ces temps-ci? Non, en réalité mon courriel n'était qu'une reprise d'un lien interrompu ... qui veut dire? Le moment de reprendre le fil est arrivé, et c'est le Père Qui le veut, même à vous écrire à 1:30 a.m.

Or avant d'aller plus loin et vous dire le pourquoi, vous allez avoir à faire une démarche qui peut-être vous semblera difficile et même étrange étant donné les circonstances qui actuellement nous lient et en même temps nous séparent, et cette démarche est de commencer à lire en profondeur le Bulletin, ou plutôt, maintenant, comme le veut Notre Bonne Mère du Ciel, le 3e Testament de La Cité Asile. Et vous allez devoir le faire dans la plus grande discrétion, et dans le plus bref délai ... la compréhension vous sera donnée au fur et à mesure de votre progression et des communications qui devront forcément s'établir entre nous, et cela aussi dans la plus grande discrétion.

Vous sera-t-il possible de venir chez moi à un moment donné? Ce le sera pourtant nécessaire comme vous le comprendrez, le moment donné.

Pourquoi cette prise de contact? C'est que l'Armée de Marie est à la veille de s'embarquer dans un point de non retour. Ne vaut-il pas mieux alors prévenir que de guérir, car il se pourrait que ce fusse trop tard alors.

Vers quel virage vous engagez-vous le 21 mai prochain? Ah! C'est tout là la grande question. Et si vous n'avez auparavant pas lu le 3e Testament de La Cité Asile, vous ne sauriez alors remplir votre rôle de venir en aide et de prendre en main TOUTE la destinée de l'Armée de Marie.

Vous seul, actuellement, est capable de remettre les choses en place dans ce grand mouvement, que la franc-maçonnerie veut, et toujours voudra à tout prix détruire ... or il est presque arrivé à terme ce plan mis en place depuis presque les touts débuts quand il fut imposé "le petit Michel" à Marie-Paule. C'est toute une histoire qui s'est véritablement mise en branle quand vous tous étiez à Rome.

Je ne puis pour le moment donné tous les détails, mais je serais surpris que vous ne sachiez rien. Et Marie-Paule?

Sur qui peut-elle compter en réalité? Vous êtes le SEUL qui pouvez encore faire quelque chose. Je vous envoie une photo ainsi qu'un article qui devrait vous en dire long sur ce à quoi je veux en venir.

Malgré que le Ciel va devoir prendre les grands moyens pour sauver ce qui peut encore être sauvé en transportant tout Spiri-Maria en La Cité Asile, entretemps il faut agir pour prévenir un désastre ... le Ciel VEUT que vous fassiez pleinement le pas pour entrer dans l'Eglise de Jean! Mais une force est à l'oeuvre en plein coeur du mouvement pour vous en empêcher, et je veux parler ici de la franc-maçonnerie qui a pleinement infiltré vos rangs, même aux échelons les plus hauts.

Vous voyez qu'il sera utile de nous rencontrer, car je ne puis mettre tout dans une simple lettre. Entre-temps, commencez à lire le plus tôt possible le 3e Testament.

À notre rencontre, avec le bagage de renseignements que vous aurez acquis il vous sera alors plus facile d'élaborer un plan, si le Ciel le désire. Jusqu'ici vous êtes désigné pour donner au mouvement le bon virage et empêcher que trop de dommage se fasse.

La franc-maçonnerie est très, très forte. Vous voyez ce qu'elle a fait de l'Eglise, de toute l'Eglise. Qui dirige à Rome, croyez-vous? Qui est Benoît XVI? Ratzinger? Oui! Le Faux Prophète. Vous savez ce que veut dire le mot! En détruisant l'Armée de Marie, c'est le moyen le plus sûr pour empêcher le Nouveau Règne, et c'est là où nous en sommes présentement! Mais le Père veille.

Ca toujours été le cas, et voilà pourquoi, il ne fallait pas, par exemple, que la Vierge qui pleure soit, aux yeux de l'Enfer, couronnée à Rome, comme tout avait été prévu!

Vous vous en souvenez? La boite pour le transport avait été faite ... on partait le lendemain, or dans la soirée, veille du départ, un ordre vint jeter par terre tout ce plan, qui aurait pu changer bien des choses dans l'Eglise et le monde.

Mais on ne vaincra pas la Vierge Marie. Et c'est ici, dans le nouveau plan que vous entrez ... pour en sauver le plus grand nombre et donner à l'Armée de Marie un dernier souffle.

En parler à Marie-Paule? Le moment venu, certes oui. Mais avant il y a bien des gens à éloigner autour. Vous comprenez?

Je vous envoie tout ceci pour vous éviter, comme je l'ai intimé, le pire et en même temps vous préparer à la ré-évangélisation qui va bientôt avoir lieu ... sinon "si ces jours-là n'avaient été abrégés ..." (voir feuillet des 10 points ci-inclus)

Jean (Albert Arseneau), Prince des Apôtres
et Gardien de la Vierge Marie
la Reine du Nouveau Magistère de l'Eglise

P.S. On pourra bien couronner le Père Mastropietro, le 21 mai prochain, il ne régnera jamais ... voir le 3e Testament!!!

Quelle énorme perte de temps et de tournage en rond si c'est pour remplacer Benoît XVI, le 21 mai prochain, en la personne du Père Pierre Mastropietro. Et c'est donner au monde une fausse illusion de la compréhension des plans du Père, en jouant sur des mots.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 26, 2007 - On the feast day of Sts. Timothy and Titus ...


I have read all the references in The Third Testament from your letter to William Kamm, The Little Pebble, as well as a few other relevant passages in the same section.

These events are so tragic. So much potential for the benefit of souls! So many, many warnings given with so much love! Alas! All ignored through so many faults of will!

In the Poem of the Man-God by Maria Valtorta, Jesus says, "Every fall has premises in time. The graver the fall, the more it is prepared. Antecedent factors explain the fact. One does not collapse or rise all of a sudden, either in Good or in Evil. There are long insidious factors in descents, and patient holy ones in ascents." Vol. 4, pg. 355, and indeed this has been the case 854 times over!

In so many ways I am such a late comer to these events, a mere novice in my participation in Heaven's plans. As these events unfolded, I was not directly involved, but observed from a distance, informed through various sources about the goings on of the many seers involved. Yet to my amazement Heaven was not silent to me concerning these events, not only that I might not be misled, but to hold in reserve until now this additional confirmation.

I now relate to you this dream-vision of November 20, 1994.

In this dream-vision I found myself on a very large, deep ship. This ship rode very high in the water, rising at least three stories above the surface and at least that far beneath it. It was white, like white enamel, inside and out. Unpretentious and sparse, without ornamentation or superfluous elegance but sturdy beyond words.

I was standing in the highest part, an oval room where the captain uses the wheel to steer the ship. The windows were very wide and rounded, providing a 360-degree view of the ocean. We appeared to be in the open sea, the sky was clear but the waves were very choppy.

What surprised me was that "The Little Pebble" was at the helm.

We were all alone, just the two of us, and I asked him where we were going. He showed me a map made in exciting colors. He said we were sailing around a particular, large island and had I not noticed, we had already sailed around it sixteen or twenty times already. He said we would not set out for deeper waters until much later. I asked him how long this trip would take and he said, rather nonchalantly, three or four years! I was rather concerned at this and resolved to disembark as soon as possible! I asked him, "Why?" "To drop off bodies", he said without hesitation or emotion.

I followed "The Little Pebble" who now left the bridge and went below decks into one of the lower levels filled with many, many passengers. They were sitting on green bench seats, like those on a school bus. William greeted them in a familiar manner and spoke here and there with individuals. The passengers seemed calm and happy, with great confidence in his ability to pilot the ship and all were aware of the length of time we would be detouring around the island and did not seem to mind.

My sight returned to the now pilotless helm of the ship and I could see we were no longer in open water. We were travelling down a narrow channel with high cliffs on either side, with rough looking trees and sharp rocky shores. The ship was dancing and bobbing along. Now it was rounding a corner and veering hard to the right. I could see a sandbar clearly under the water, and with no captain we would surely run aground on it. Suddenly, as if of its own accord, the wheel spun hard and the ship swung smoothly back into safer deeper water in the middle of the treacherous channel. Without a doubt, Divine intervention had preserved the ship!

I was now aware that a heavenly personage appeared in this oval room. I saw only a form, like a man who spoke to me, "Pebble is trying to convince people he can fly. We have to stop him." This voice was kind, determined and loving. But oh, SO firm!

My sight was now back in the hold of the ship. There indeed was William. Dressed like Zoro in a flamboyant black satin cape, shirt and pants and saucy hat. He was trussed up in standard theatrical rigging and moving gracefully over the heads of the people who marvelled. But seeing that I and my Celestial companion were not duped as all the others were, he became very angry with us. But seeing he had been exposed beyond a shadow of a doubt, he went limp in the rigging and resigned himself. His face was so very sad. This was how the vision ended.

I shall explain the symbolism in the dream-vision now. The very large ship is the Church. Heaven's original plan was for William, The Little Pebble, to be the last Pope, as it were, to "captain the ship". But the large mysterious island on the map of exciting colors represents the detour he took through embracing temptations from various sources, to the point of abandoning his true mission for a much more notorious path with greater personal appeal.

His deviation from his mission was so great that he went so far as to try to convince the faithful that he was exempt from the laws instituted by God and even the natural law: first with his "Mystical" adulterous marriage which abrogated Church Law and then with his selective impregnations (and worse) which went against the natural Law whereby children are entitled to the support and nurturing of a single mother and father in a closed family unit (not to mention the inviolability of childhood). This was all illustrated by his contrived attempt at "flying."

As time has borne out, his scandalous, shameful conduct has indeed been stopped by Heaven in a most decisive manner. Yet, even this is a blessing if only he will lift up his head in humility and use his sequestration to contemplate where he has arrived; by how far he has missed the mark originally set out for him by Heaven. I believe this is why my vision ended where it did - because William's future was uncertain even then, depending on his use of free will in these last moments granted to him to reconsider his predicament.

And so it goes with all the 854's. So many plans of Heaven's laid waste! Too many egos, so self-absorbed, seeking their own appetites instead of Heaven's will! And where has this all led? To the hollow triumph of the archenemy of Christ's Church as I was shown in a dream-vision January 22, 1998.

In this dream-vision I was walking on a vast plain, in fact on a broad globe, for I could just discern the curvature of the ground far from me. In the remote distance I could see just the tip of a mountain, shrouded in cloud. As it had attracted my attention I began to move towards it at breakneck speed. But to my horror, as I neared it, the clouds parted and I could see it was not a natural mountain at all but the Masonic Pyramid with the all-seeing eye, just like the symbol on the US-dollar bill! It was massive and I was given to understand it fully dominated the whole world in the same way it dominated the flat landscape in my vision.

The decisive fall of the 854's effectively cleared the way for Masonry to proceed unimpeded in their final take over of the Church. Their domination of Marie-Paule through her priests, and of William through money and influence, evidenced by the clearly Masonic emblem on his letters, all bear witness to the destruction of Heaven's diverse plans by the very ones called to implement them! The last public stronghold against Masonry had finally been cleared away in the person of John Paul II who had been permanently sequestered barely a year previous to my vision. Of course I had no way of knowing this, at the time, as it has only been revealed through The Third Testament recently and the very events resulting in the demise of the 854's were only playing out at that time. But the crushing reality of the domination of Masonry was indelibly impressed on my mind nevertheless.

And is Masonry an end to itself? Of course not! It is the infernal enemy orchestrating all - or so he thinks. For what Phoenix has God raised from the ashes of the 854's destruction? The Asylum City! This is why I called it a "hollow" triumph. For Who is like unto God? He has declared He will use his enemies as his footstool - and so He shall! He has purified his children of the End Times in a blast furnace, to be sure, but the greater the heat, the purer the gold, is it not so? The greater the prize, the fiercer the battle, and so on?

I appeal to all who read this to embrace and hold fast to The Asylum City - Our Holy Mother's work, the final plan for the salvation of mankind: the City of Refuge for the guilty, that they may repent!

How much time is left? We do not know but time is short as the Father has declared that this is the final hour.

Your sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 1, 2007 - A fax from Monica Wilcott, on the eve of the feast of the Purification of Our Lady ...


In compliance with Heaven's desires I am submitting to you this second installment.

The announcement, yesterday, of the imminence of the re-evangelization fills me with great joy and hope for so many souls! The fallen 854's are so muddled in their thinking and so blinded by their appetites, all exacerbated by the confusion and delusions fostered by the imps. Their state is hopeless due to their obstinacy in their errors, but for the miraculous intervention of this event. A grace unparalleled in the history of the world is being extended to them because their fall is exceeded only by that of the angels in the beginning. God placed in their hands the spiritual care of the entire world, lavishing them with excesses of gifts and guidance to assist them in their monumental task of bringing salvation to his children. For are not all of mankind God's children?

How craftily the infernal enemy derailed each one of them! Notoriety was especially effective due to the supernatural means with which Heaven communicated with so many of the 854's. Since the western Church, for so many centuries, suppressed, persecuted and censured mystics favored with supernatural interactions, the unaccustomed faithful were enthralled by this proliferation of manifestations. "Hollywoodism" ensued with the idolization of the seers and mystics, who succumbed to the adulation of the masses. And those who struggled to resist fell easily into the trap of needing to obtain "official recognition" from the Church already staggering under Masonic control. So, instead of standing firm and sanctifying the faithful by their example and teaching, they sought to satisfy and cater to the very forces they were supposed to be overcoming!

As I mentioned in my last letter, Heaven chose for me to be hidden, not to travel or teach publicly, nor interact directly with the other seers and mystics I know about. The only exception to this, aside from you, was Andrew Wingate, known publicly as The Trumpeter, whose mission was to work in tandem with, and supporting William Kamm, The Little Pebble.

I have perused my notebooks and counted no less than twenty warnings given to me by Heaven in dream-visions from 1995 to 1999, directly concerning my interaction with Andrew (which I shall note terminated in February of 1997). I shall recount here one such example from September 6, 1996.

"I find myself in a marshy flat with bulrushes and boggy ground. I looked up into the clear blue sky and saw two luminous white creatures fluttering high above my head, circling slowly. The very sight of them made my soul burst into joyful praise for the great grace of their presence! I felt so uplifted watching their graceful billowing whiteness!

My gaze returned to the immediate area around me. I was now surrounded by snow white swans and geese which were very unfriendly. Many flapped their wings and hissed at me, making movements as if to strike at me and bite, but they were all restrained ten or fifteen feet away. I began to walk quickly away from them down a narrow winding path through tall grass, when suddenly in front of me was a huge swan. It was at least eighteen feet tall with black legs and beak! Its initial appearance was white but I could see as its feathers ruffled that it was mottled dark gray underneath and only the tips of the feathers were white, thus giving the appearance of pure white without actually being so.

This swan flapped its wings and struck hard at me repeatedly. Its neck arching and striking like a serpent! Of course, I was deeply alarmed. I had what appeared to be a small white sort of plastic shield in my hand. As long as I held it in front of me at arm's length the huge bird could not overcome it and reach no farther than the shield.

As I was very frightened, I called on Our Lady Mediatrix of All Graces and Co-Redemptrix to help me, all the while it was attacking me. But a doubt was whispered to me, "If She were really helping you She would make the bird stop attacking you!" I entertained this doubt and then accepted it. Immediately the bird knocked the shield from my hand, which I now saw was only the hand set of a telephone and I had to flee for my life."

The symbolism in this vision is very blunt. The two angels above me were my two guardian angels. They were not beside me because I was in a place where they feared to tread! The marshy ground symbolized the state of spiritual disarray of the seers and mystics I knew about, characterized by the swans and geese. These two types of birds are not figured anywhere in Scripture as being holy nor creatures extolled for virtues. Thus the whiteness of their plumage was simply an illusion. These people had only the outward appearance of sanctity which is why they were symbolized by these birds. Their hissing and threatening flaps were an indication of how I would be received if I moved towards associating with them. Indeed this was borne out by YOUR experience with the likes of Franz Keiler, Mary Jane Even, Peter Randel, Sherman Bridges, Brian Alves, the two Patricks etc., etc! Is not the disunity among seers proof of this failure?

As I abandoned the possibility of being directly involved with these people, I was confronted with the greater danger of my direct involvement with Andrew Wingate. The image of his as a massive swan was proportionate to the threat he represented to me. The bird symbolism being the same as with the other seers and mystics with the added image of the feathers which exposed further the element of spiritual darkness which had thoroughly penetrated him. Heaven wanted me to understand that the only reason the evil which drove him had not consumed me was because my contact with him was only via the telephone. It was the little plastic shield by which Our Lady had been able to protect me from his errors and wiles. The "doubt" whispered by the infernal enemy was that I should no longer remain hidden. If I had broken away from Our Lady's guidance I would have been irretrievably consumed with the evil which Andrew revelled in. The truth is, as long as I was in contact with him, Heaven could only protect me. They could not stop his attacks without violating his free will and mine.

Since my involvement with Andrew Wingate terminated in February of 1997, you are perhaps wondering why Heaven was still sending me warnings and visions about him. It is because for some time he persisted in the idea of eventually drawing me back into his group. I heard through the grapevine, a number of times, various plans and comments of his. They were also to prevent me from contacting him through the misguided belief that I could in some way sway him from his present course. I shall relate to you three more dream-visions. The first is a synopsis from Heaven of the short history of the Oblates of St. Theresa, Andrew's failed "substitute" for his true mission of The Trumpeter.

"November 5, 1997. I see Andrew on a small stage, like the kind you would see at a county fair. He is standing at a podium addressing a small crowd of one hundred people or so. He is selling the crowd on the concept of the Oblates of St. Theresa, as though he were speaking to potential investors. He was really pouring on the soft soap, telling them that even the Queen Mother (of England) had bought into the Oblates and how secure they would all be. I remember snickering to myself at this, "Yup, that's Andrew - always another angle but it is still the same old story!" But as I gazed closely at him I was overcome by a wave of deepest pity - I was shocked at how much he had aged! He looked like an old, old man, his skin saggy and wrinkled and his hair more white than gray and longer than I was accustomed to seeing him. He was literally burning out like a short candle over the Oblates. I could see to my left three Catholic prelates who had "bought shares" in the Oblates. They were part of the "security" Andrew was offering the small crowd. It was as though he had them on display. One man stood in front of the other two. He wore a long satiny cloak or cape which fell to his knees. After hearing Andrew's speech, these prelates said they were selling their shares in the Oblates and wanted out. The reaction of the crowd was spontaneous. They began to clamor and shout that they too wanted out. I shook my head at all this. As always, the "new angle" produced the same results."

The only comment I shall add to this vision is that Andrew's appearance of aging is an expression that his pursuit of the Oblates was an exercise in death as opposed to Heaven's works which are life-giving and spiritually rejuvenating. My pity was pure sorrow for his poor soul!

This second vision pertains to the fallen community in Minnesota where Andrew currently resides. The community belonged originally to Victor Lametti, a layman, who began it with sincere faith and the best of intentions. Eventually the command of this place was taken over by Andrew even though on paper it is still Victor's.

"November 27, 1997. I have walked into a building ten or twelve stories tall. It is Victor Lametti's. In every floor the light was dim and one could barely see to move about, in spite of the abundant fluorescent fixtures. I moved from floor to floor in this building amid deep shadows. Most floors were empty, with large open areas, and without interior walls or distinguishing structures. Several floors had a small group of people working at desks or tables. The "office staff" were always crowded into a corner leaving vast office space. There were little freestanding panels separating their desks. They used a number of electronic business-type machines, copiers, typewriters, calculators, etc., busy as bees. As I observed them, a voice said to me, "They are working at nothing."

After travelling through several more floors of emptiness I encountered a young boy about ten years old or so. His hair was golden straw colored and he was almost as tall as I. Although I had never seen Him before, there was a gentle familiarity about Him. We were immediate friends and ambled through the rest of the building together, holding hands. He was a quiet reserved Child and I felt very protective of Him as though I were his guardian in here.

Each dimly lit floor of the building was the same - emptiness and vast undeveloped space. The transition from one floor to another was always different, sometimes an elevator, sometimes an escalator. I even recall a cheaply carpeted staircase that lurched, turning into a moving escalator. I clasped the boy's hand very tightly when this happened, as it nearly threw us off our feet, and I wanted to be sure he was not harmed.

When we reached the top floor, it too was only dimly-lit empty space. We sat down briefly on some chairs. A hand now materialized from behind my right side and pointed at the boy, "He trusts you very deeply", said a voice. This struck very deep into my heart. I gazed at the boy and wondered how anybody could conceive of trying to harm Him.

The size of this building was indicative of the great resources Victor has at his disposal and the manner in which they have been wasted on the hollow pointless enterprises Andrew is always scheming.

Why did I feel this building was a danger to Our Lord Who was the boy? Anything that causes harm to souls wounds Him. Even more so when the danger is produced by those who were chosen to work for Him! Tragic indeed for a man like Victor who began with such sincerity and now is dying. Will he have to stand before God with this hollow monument as his life's work? Or, in this last hour, will he embrace The Asylum City when he is re-evangelized by Karol Wojtyla, the former John Paul II? This question is universally applied to all the 854's as the above vision could easily speak of every one with their fallen missions!

And what has become of Andrew?  The last vision of him, in February 2002, still fills me with horror!

"I find myself inside a house, although to call it such is quite a stretch. It is a single rectangular room. Dark, without any windows and lit by a single bare twenty-watt bulb. Everything - and I mean everything about this place was filthy dirty! I cannot find words to adequately describe how unclean and utterly neglected this place was! As short as I am I could barely stand upright in it. Andrew, whose house it was, could not. He was laid out on a dilapidated ragged old sofa at the end of the room which was barely ten feet away from me.

His appearance was bedraggled and filthy. His hair was long, greasy and stringy. He wore threadbare jeans and a filthy tank under shirt. He smiled at me in what he thought was a seductive way but his teeth were decaying and some were missing. His face was covered by at least two weeks of unshaven stubble. There was something so transformed about him, but in that moment I was uncertain as to what it was. Without a word he pointed to a kitchen sink on my left. It was set in a normal looking but filthy kitchen counter - normal except for the blood which was spattered everywhere! I looked in the sink and saw a severed head in it! "Pick it up!" I was commanded. I had to master myself and picked up the head with one hand. It was all I could do not to drop it as I recognized the face. It was Andrew as I used to know him, before he left the Church!

"I am done with him!" the new Andrew declared, gesturing at the head with contempt. "Finally! I have a brain transplant* - Charles Manson's!"** His words conveyed to me that he had finally achieved what he truly desired - RAW satanic power! I looked at the new Andrew's face and saw in it a look so unfettered, so unrestrained, his eyes gleamed as though this murder was a triumph! Everything about him was so utterly repugnant and deeply terrifying to me. I use again the word diabolical."

I can only surmise that this vision was to warn me that Andrew had enthusiastically embraced the full depth of spiritism which has at its core satanism whether veiled or barefaced, I do not know. Only the Mystery of Iniquity could explain such a plunge!**

March 12 of 2002, at your suggestion I sent a copy of this vision to William Kamm with this short note, "William, I had this vision nearly a month ago, yet it is as vivid to me today as it was when I had it. Although I am no one and nothing, I beg you, for the good of your own soul and for the safety of your life to have nothing to do with him. His words may be sweet, consoling, reassuring but if killing his goodness is a triumph, will he waste a moment's consideration before dispatching you? Never forget that sweet reasonable words of logic beguiled Eve - we are at war!"

Like the angels that fell, the 854's have retained the gifts God gave them that suited them to their high calling. Only now they employ them in the service of the infernal enemy as they are compelled to do since they have abandoned God's plans. They must serve the master they have freely chosen.

I am aware that what I have written is grim, but I repeat what I wrote to William, "We are at war!" And, fortunately for all those involved, the victory is assuredly God's. And the Woman Clothed With the Sun, who is Our Mother, has obtained from the Trinity the last great grace of the re-evangelization in order that She may snatch even these dissolute souls from the enemy's grip! Even if it is only at the very last moment that this prodigy of grace brings about such miracles! So it is with great hope I await the 23rd of March, anticipating a turn of the tide in the 6000 year old battle. The time for the triumph of the Immaculate has come!

Yours in Christ, a child of Mary,


* Cf. September 19, 2003, when I was given to see Andrew Wingate's brain in a dream-vision, with an evil voice inviting me to go in, but I retorting in horror, "No!" as I knew that once in I would never be able to come out!

** This referring to a day experience, at Joseph Re's in Cincinnati, during a prayer meeting some years back. We were all in his livingroom and Andrew Wingate knelt in front of the people, while I knelt at the very back, and we were all attentive as Andrew was describing his vision of the Blessed Virgin, when suddenly he turned around and motioned to me to come and kneel beside him, which I did.

But what a surprise I received as I had no sooner knelt down to see Andrew looking to his left, and flabbergasted to see him, leaving aside Our Lady, to talk to what I understood were five demons.

I whispered harshly at Andrew, asking why he was thus neglecting Our Lady and speak to the five demons. He retorted, "Oh, you see them too?" I said, "No!, but there are five! And get back to Our Lady!" But Andrew had retorted, "They are saying something interesting."

Disgusted with Andrew's preference to speak with demons and leave Our Lady standing there, I quickly got up and removed myself to the back of the crowded livingroom.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 5, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Good News ...

Dear friend,

Here is a special prayer that was lately inspired to the Guardian of the Virgin Mary, as a means of particular protection against the attacks of the Demons of the Air on the Little Ones, in these Last Days - a prayer to be recited daily.


Given the fact that we have been warned of the coming attack of the Evil One to turn us against The Asylum City by putting in the heart a special hatred against John/Albert, we of the ........* family make our Fiat not to turn against neither The Asylum City nor the chosen instrument.

We address You this prayer, O Mighty God, that we ask You to keep well in our memory until our departure. Amen.


* State the family name.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 7, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Bowed Head ...

Dear Reader,

According to the dream-vision which was given to me, a little before midnight, Our Lady had indeed every reason to keep her head bowed in sorrow in the face of what was about to occur to humanity, THE LAST HOUR.

An impenetrable darkness had enveloped the entire planet and the few chariots in which took place the small number of The Little Ones tried to gain altitude to clear this invading darkness but only with difficulty as we thought that we could look for the remaining few before leaving this planet now utterly engulfed in gloom broken here and there by frightfully red glares signalling the breakthroughs of the multiple forces coming up from hell to invade the planet.

Although we tried, here and there, to meet the evil forces and force them to retreat, we had to flee ourselves and gain altitude towards the destination that awaited us high above.

On awakening from this horrible dream the realization soon hit me that the few mailings I was in the process of making to awaken people was practically fruitless. This was indeed THE LAST HOUR, and we had to make ready to leave.

All of Hell was now pouring over the earth and only calamities of untold horror would now grip the Earth.

This is not how I had envisaged our departure from earth, to be given an actual view of the terrible events to take place during the cleansing. I woke up thankful that at least we were not left behind to go through the horrific happenings, and with the thought to say the prayer above for those souls that would have to perish. At least that prayer would release them from the grip of the Demons that would try to drag them to wherever they would have themselves to go, for they too would have to leave a soon completely devastated planet towards their new abode awaiting them on another world, abode of complete fire, before they would end up in the Lake of Fire after the Last Judgment.

Oh, what darkness had engulfed the Earth so suddenly, a darkness we feebly tried to push back! No. THE LAST HOUR HAD STRUCK!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 20, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Tears ...

Dear Reader,

Why is there no more miracle ...? Here is what Jesus said to Maria Valtorta*: "The hour will come when I shall no longer be able to move a finger or utter one word to work the miracle. The world will be devoid of all my power. A dreadful hour of punishment for man. Not for Me. For man who will have refused to love Me. An hour that will repeat itself, through the will of man who will have rejected Divinity to the extent of making himself godless, a follower of Satan and of his cursed son. An hour that will take place when the end of this world is close at hand. The prevailing lack of faith will make my power of miracle of no use, not because I can lose it, but because no miracle can be granted where there is no faith and no will to have it, where a miracle would be made a butt of and an instrument of evil, by using the good received to turn it into greater evil."


* Cf. Maria Valtorta, The Poem of The Man-God, p. 45, vol. 5.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 5, 2007 - A fax from Monica Wilcott on the feast day of Our Lady of Good Help ...

Dear John/Albert,

I have been patiently awaiting Heaven's call to write again. After being ordered twice to wait, postponing this third installment, I have now been given the nod to proceed. These delays have been wise, as Heaven always is, because this letter concerns a mystic, a member of the 854's with whom we are all most intimately familiar, Joseph Re. As Heaven's keen desire is not to scandalize prematurely, it was necessary to wait until events had played themselves out beyond a shadow of a doubt, publicly, before a full exposure was made. Events have arrived at the point where he is now obdurate in his defiance of Heaven's wishes, "set" in his self-justification and determination to continue in his current state, so I am called upon to write ...

I must begin by pointing out that there are already many manifestations by Heaven expressing the Divine chagrin over Joseph Re in The Third Testament (in particular June, 2005). However, side-by-side there are also vigorous refutations by Joseph Re of Heaven's revelations, often submitted under the guise of being Our Lady's words, and with the result of presenting a confusing picture to the reader, God's Little Ones, seeking the truth.

It is no secret that there have been many problems with much of the material Joseph Re has submitted for entry into The Third Testament but the average reader is not aware of the true extent of how much of what he has submitted has had to be outrightly rejected. His reliance on what he called "illumined imagination" when Our Lady was silent became a ready substitute for authentic private revelation supplemented by his extensive reading of the writings of many saints. His flagrant manufacturing of messages and "doctoring" of legitimate messages reached a point where even his faithful disciple Wouter Pauw remonstrated with him that what he was doing was wrong, having witnessed personally the major discrepancies between the authentic dictations from Our Lady in Joseph Re's journal and the material he actually faxed to you. Wouter even wrote an impassioned private letter to you pleading for help specifically concerning this matter. For his commendable efforts Wouter was rewarded by Joseph Re with a stern rebuke, a demand of filial obedience and a reminder of "who" was in charge concerning submissions and who knew best - none other than himself, Joseph Re, not John/Albert, Wouter or any one else! Sadly, Wouter submitted completely!

How many times, over and over again did he assert in his writings that you both were "prophets"? A claim you never agreed with as Heaven had never addressed you as anything but a witness previously. How many times did he carefully weave into messages that he was indispensable to your mission, that Our Lady would never permit the Evil One to separate you? And what of all his claims to having received "promises" from St. Joseph and Our Lady concerning his family - ALL of the above claims which in order to be true, would force God to violate man's inviolable free will!

It grieves me to be compelled to write this as I have been as eager as everyone else to see Joseph Re become submissive to Heaven's call to reconsider his conduct and practices and to actually fulfill Heaven's request to move away from Cincinnati in order that he live a quiet contemplative life so that Heaven might directly instruct and reform him in the manner they desired. All this to make him truly fit for his second* calling as an apostle and helper (not joint-leader) to the Guardian of Mary. Yet in his stubborn pride he presumed he was self-sufficient and fit as he was, believing he could serve two masters, both Heaven and Margaret and family, steeped in Pentecostalism and apostasy.

*His first mission being the legitimate successor to Mary Ann Van Hoof at Necedah, a mission he rejected in favor of pleasing his wife Margaret who rejected Heaven's call for them to move there some years ago at the time of Mary Ann's impending death.

I sincerely desired his good as Heaven desired and still desires it! Need I remind you it was I who paid for his airfare to The Asylum City, a last attempt by Heaven to rescue him? I was specifically instructed by Heaven to purchase a one-way ticket as Heaven intended him to remain there permanently in order to be reformed and purified, since he had not the strength to leave the Cincinnati area as he was originally instructed.

These are not idle words that Heaven puts into my letters! In my first letter I wrote that Joseph Re had come to bury Caesar not to praise him and that it befell me to write on their behalf. That is because what I have been writing to you in these letters was supposed to have been written by a reformed Joseph Re from the safety of The Asylum City. But alas! He could not get away from The Asylum City fast enough to return to the bosom of his family - no wonder Heaven showed him to you, as he was leaving, as being penetrated thoroughly by leprosy! The leprosy of self-will, sensuality and pride! Yet another rejection on his part of Heaven's plans!

At the beginning of my letter I referred to Joseph Re as a member of the 854's and this because Heaven told me directly in November of 2005 that this was so. It had been their desire to draw him from this position, as a sinking man out of quicksand (as you had seen him so many times in vision) and have him become part of the 91's in truth and unity. Yet in your visions what did he do? He withdrew his hand when help was extended. In reality what has he done? The very same!

These letters have provoked a violent reaction from him, voiced in e-mails by his faithful disciple Wouter pretending to act on his own so Joseph Re can present an innocent face to the world as the wounded and much maligned martyr, a theme he has expressed on other occasions, claiming it was Our Lady defending him from John/Albert's unjust conduct and "interference" from Christiane Houpert, of Paris, and I. The reality is that he sees us as threats to his control of The Third Testament, the long term alm of the imps (as I expressed in my letter of June 9, 2005) who have on many occasions supplied him with supernatural answers he preferred to the ones from Heaven. Until now, this has been withheld from the readers but Divine Justice demands it now comes to light.

Wouter is not an innocent bystander or dupe, he actively collaborates with Joseph Re, as I said, his faithful disciple, not just sending malicious e-mails privately but on a broad scale, using John/Albert's private list and this has caused incalculable harm. How does one recover feathers spread into the wind? And in all this Joseph Re maintains protests of his sincerity when the truth is that he is mired in confusion, sophism and spiritual blindness, all as a result of his defiance of Heaven's wishes.

Is this unreasonably harsh? As always, Heaven provides the answer before the question is posed. In this case Heaven provided information at the very outset of Joseph Re's written contributions to The Third Testament! Even so, it was not until I was reviewing my notebooks for the letter about Andrew that I came across this dream-vision I had on April 26, 1997. At the time it was given I was not told what it referred to, in order that I might not be prejudiced, yet when I saw it last month, my mind was opened and the understanding flooded in.

"I found myself inside an impeccably clean little chicken house. Not so much as a speck of dirt soiled in anywhere. The floor was covered with fragrant cedar shavings and the walls were white. There were three large clean flats of chicks, with over one thousand in them in total, on the floor of the chicken house. I was given to understand I had a responsibility to these chicks which distressed me because they were all languishing - and this specific word was impressed deeply on my mind. The chicks were suffering because there was only a plain 100 watt bulb over them. "That's not right!" I thought, so I carefully replaced it with a white heat lamp bulb and immediately the chicks revived in a most miraculous fashion! As I glanced from flat to flat I noticed two chicks who were not white, in fact everything about them was black, their fuzzy fluff, their legs, beaks, even their eyes. They had crowded into a corner by themselves and the white chicks had given them a wide berth. When I changed the bulb in the light I saw that rather than reviving they had died. I was dismayed but I consoled myself by looking at the large number who had recovered. As I looked up I saw blackboard on the wall and the number 38 clearly written in chalk.

The chicks in the vision are the faithful Little Ones and the remains of the 91's. This symbolism of chicks echoing Our Lord's lament over Jerusalem which He wished to gather under his wings like a hen sheltering her brood. This vision is the reason I am writing these letters. I am writing to fulfill my responsibility to them, according to Heaven's plan. The heat lamp they need, is the truth, which I am conveying to the best of my ability in these letters, using Heaven's words and visions. Heaven revealed firmly to me that the black chicks were Joseph Re and Wouter. I shall say no more on that. The number 38 represents the remains of the 91's but I stress that it is written in chalk, meaning that the number is not "fixed" but depending on the good will (or ill will) of individuals, it may change.

I realize that what I am writing may scandalize many but it is the truth and even if the truth scandalizes, I cannot change it for the sake of human consideration. This has been the plan of the infernal enemy all along, to try to use Joseph Re to discredit as much as possible the content of The Third Testament and this is why Heaven has indicated that a thorough editing is necessary to cleanse it of all impurity and twaddle. This is why in your dream-vision of God the Father conversing with Moses you saw the beautifully bound copy of The Third Testament as being much slimmer in its final edited form. In effect, Joseph Re has been the second crucifixion which (I stress) Heaven permitted. At the head of the line of dry martyrs of The Asylum City is you, John/Albert, who during this long ordeal have had to review, discern and anguish over every word submitted by Joseph Re, bearing the brunt of his abuse of Our Holy Mother's good will and good name. I shall use a passage of Maria Valtorta's Poem of the Man-God to close as I believe it expresses the situation most eloquently.

Our Lord is speaking, "As I shall die in the work, so will you and there will be many more who will die with or without bloodshed, consumed with this work for which spirit of sacrifice and generosity, tears, blood and endless patience are required ...

"And really in the great classification of the hierarchy the most humble people, who seem to be simple ‘numbers', will be the ones who will make the Church truly vital. In actual fact I shall often have to seek refuge in them, to continue to keep alive the faith and the strength of the continuously renewed apostolic colleges, and I shall have to allow those apostles to be tortured by Satan and by envious, proud, incredulous men. And their moral martyrdom will not be less painful than a material one, as they will find themselves between the active will of God and the wicked will of man, who will act as an instrument of Satan and by every means and effort will endeavor to make them appear as mendacious, mad, possessed persons, in order to paralyse my work in them and the fruits of my work, which are as many victorious blows against the Beast.

"They will resist, even if I am not physically with them*. They will have to believe not only what is their duty to believe, but also in their secret mission and they will have to believe that it is holy and useful and that it originated from Me while Satan will hiss around them to terrorize them and the world will shout to deride them and the not always perfectly bright ministers of God to condemn them. That is the destiny of my future voices. And yet I shall have no other means to rouse men and bring them back to the Gospel and to the Christ! But for everything I have asked of them and imposed on them and received from them, oh! I shall grant them eternal joy, a special glory. In Heaven there is a closed book. God only can read it. All the truth is contained in it. But God at times removes the seals and revives the truth already revealed to men, selecting a man, chosen for that destiny, to know past, present and future, as contained in that mysterious book. Have you ever seen a son, the best in the family, or a schoolboy, the most clever at school, being called by his father or teacher to read a book for adults and have it explained to him? He stands beside his father or teacher, embraced by one of their arms, while the father or teacher points at the lines which he wants to be read and understood by his dearest child. God behaves likewise with those consecrated to such destiny. He draws them to Himself and holds them with his arm and forces them to read what He wants and to understand the meaning and to repeat it later and suffer derision and grief because of it. I, the Man, am the Founder of the family of those who speak the Truth of the heavenly book and I therefore suffer mockery, grief and death. But the Father is already preparing my Glory. And once I have risen to it, I will prepare the glory of those whom I have compelled to read in the closed book that which I wanted and in the presence of the whole risen mankind and of the angelical choruses I shall point them out for what they were, calling them beside me while I open the seals of the Book, which it will no longer be necessary to keep closed, and they will smile seeing and reading once again the words that were clarified to them while they suffered on earth." Volume 3, pg. 504-505.

*Referring to this time when there is no Blessed Sacrament due to the Great Apostasy?

Your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 9, 2007 - A letter to the reader on this feast of Our Lady of Work ...

Dear reader,

As it was suddenly given in our Community chapel ... important new intentions to be addressed by all to The Father, in all haste, in this Last Hour of the End Times:

  1. that Joseph Re, of Cincinnati, starts writing an apologetic letter of amendment to The Father in order to reconstitute facts for a great portion of the re-evangelization that will not now take place;

  2. that Marie-Paule Giguère makes an abrupt turnabout in her unwonted project to pass into the Church of John, as this has not been given to her to do, but to John of The Asylum City after the Rapture which will precede the soon-coming thorough cleansing of the whole planet during the Three Days of Darkness about to befall humanity, this in order to avoid bringing down the anger of The Father and destroy the whole of Spiri-Maria, in Lac-Etchemin, seen suddenly engulfed into the earth by a seer of France, during the coming cleansing of the planet;
  3. that all the major players among the 854's, namely William Kamm, of Australia; Andrew Wingate and Mary Jane Even, of the US; Fr. Yves-Marie Blais, Thérèse Mallette, and Bernard Parks, of Quebec, also start apologetic writings to redress all the misinformation of which they are responsible, as well as André Pestiaux, of Belgium, Pawel Szczerzynski, of Poland; John Bereslavsky, of Russia and Pierre Poulain, of France;
  4. that Christiane Houpert, of Paris, recovers her sight and starts a concise and lengthy exposé of facts, if need be, to redress misinformation spread about by the fallen seers with whom she came into contact.

Dear reader, as requested above, put these intentions to The Father through the intercession of The New Magisterium of the Church, Our Blessed Mother.

John/Albert, Prince of the Apostles
and Guardian of Mary,
The New Magisterium of the Church in
The New Era

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 10, 2007 - To John/Albert on the feast day of Our Lady of the Vine ...

Dear John/Albert,

Yesterday marks a most important event in the history of the Church of John. It is the first time, acting as steward you have relayed a request from our Holy Mother, the New Magisterium, to all the members, the Little Ones, rallying them in a universal act of prayer. This momentous act is the beginning of the active life of the Church of John. All those who participate in this call to prayer designate themselves as members of the True Church, in obedience to Heaven. A first, profound act of unity under the mantle of the Mary the Great Monarch. Such a victory! Such a triumph of the Immaculate Heart! A sea of graces is opened to them! Avail yourselves now, Little Ones, in your struggle to ascend the mountain of sanctity!

This act of loving obedience of the Little Ones also marks a great occasion of consolation for the Eternal Father in the face of so many sorrowful failures due to the willful disobedience of the 854's. How grievous are the wounds with which they have affronted the Trinity! How they have utterly destroyed the Divine plans for a network of communities and places of refuge, all unified under the mantle of the Woman Clothed with the Sun!

Looking at the big picture it is difficult to imagine how they could possibly NOT have grasped the immensity and importance of the Divine Plan. Yet that is precisely the problem. Pride blinded them! They could not see past the self-importance of their individual missions as being only pieces of a much bigger plan, not a self-glorifying end in themselves! Could heaven not have enlightened them? First, there must exist a desire to know and to submit. Such pride precludes that.

Let us look even deeper, for it is necessary to expose the roots of this disorderly pride. Our Lord explained it clearly in Maria Valtorta's "Poem of the Man-God" thus:

"Listen to Me. Some people give themselves to Satan by opening a door to one capital vice. Some give themselves twice, some three times, some seven times. When one has opened his spirit to the seven vices, then a complete spirit enters him. Satan, the black prince, enters.

Oh! My friends! Do you know along which path Satan comes? Generally three are the beaten paths, and one is never missing. Three: sensuality, money, pride of the spirit. Sensuality is the one which is always present. Courier of the other concupiscences, it passes spreading its poison and everything flourishes with satanic flowering. That is why I say to you: ‘Be masters of your flesh'. Let that control be the beginning of everything else, as that slavery is the beginning of everything else. The man enslaved by lust becomes thief, swindler, cruel, murderer, in order to serve his mistress. The very thirst for power is also related to the flesh. Do you not think so? It is so. Meditate on that and you will see whether I am mistaken. It was through the flesh that Satan entered man and through the flesh he goes back into man, and he is happy if he can do so. He, one and sevenfold, enters with the proliferation of his legions of minor demons." Our Lord, "Poem of the Man-God", Volume 4 p. 37.

This immense fault of sensuality, which was not uprooted and overcome predisposed many of the major mystics for derailment. For example, the apparition site of Bayside, NY, was marked by Heaven to eclipse even Fatima in magnitude. Both William Kamm (the Little Pebble), formerly of Germany, but now of Australia, and Andrew Wingate (the Trumpeter), of Courtland, MN, were called by Heaven to be workers at the site and served there for some time. Heaven's plan was for them to remain at Bayside so their missions as mystics would strengthen and support the apparition site, helping it to grow, increasing its impact on Americans in particular and as an example to the world. This would have been a powerful force for conversions and ultimately turn the tide against abortion, child abuse, pornography, homosexuality and other sins of the flesh which have thoroughly saturated all of North American society and the world in general now. Alas, the disorderly appetite for sensuality and outright perversion in both these men and their refusal to overcome it repulsed and disgusted Heaven so much that eventually Veronica Leuken (the seer and mystic at Bayside) had to expel them from the site as unfit and bar them from coming back to work there.

Even so, Heaven did not immediately discard these two. Our Holy Mother, the most loving, suffering Mother of Divine Mercy obtained from God another means to try to use them. Thus came about the missions of the Little Pebble and the Trumpeter. Our Holy Mother prudently provided means for each to try to sanctify himself and make them fit for their high calling, to the extent that St. Michael himself was assigned to Andrew Wingate as mentor and guide.

This preparation was no small task, attempting to reform a life lived in a previously base and unrestrained manner. Andrew's habitual use of profanity, even when speaking to Our Holy Mother earned him many blows from St. Michael. Andrew freely admitted there were days he was afraid St. Michael would kill him. To re-form his will he performed many acts of penance, including wearing barbed wire under his clothing. He was even offered the opportunity to expiate alive in Purgatory for his sins in order to purify himself, which he willingly did. His accounts of his experiences there are harrowing. He said he reached a point where he had lost hope of ever getting out and believed he had actually died. How vehemently he declared he NEVER wanted to have to go back!

Grace after grace after grace was poured out to him. The generosity of Divine Mercy is incalculable. Yet, in spite of all this, after his wife Sheila gave birth to their eighth child, a boy they named Michael, after St. Michael, they consented to Sheila being sterilized in order that their selfish pleasure not be interrupted by the possibility of another pregnancy! How powerful and condemnable is the deadly sin of lust!

"Oh! tell Me, especially you men. Which of you has not tasted this bread made with ashes and excrement, which is sexual satisfaction? And is lust only what carries you for one hour between the arms of a prostitute? Is lust not also the desecrated union with your wife, desecrated because it is ratified vice as it is reciprocal sensual satisfaction, which, however evades its consequences?

Marriage means procreation and its act means and must be fecundation. Otherwise it is immoral. You must not make a brothel of your nuptial beds. And that is what they become if they are soiled by lust and are not consecrated by maternity. The earth does not reject the seed. It receives it and makes a plant of it. The seed does not escape from the furrow after being laid there. But it takes root at once and it strives to grow and bear fruit, that is the vegetable creature born of the union between soil and seed. Man is the seed, woman is the soil, the fruit is the son. It is sinful to refuse to bear fruit and scatter strength in vice. It is prostitution performed on the nuptial bed and in no way differs from the the other prostitution, on the contrary it is aggravated by disobedience to the commandment which says: ‘Be one flesh and multiply by bearing children'.

Therefore, women deliberately barren, legal honest wives in the eyes of the world, but not in the eyes of God, you can see that you may be considered prostitutes and you fornicate just the same even if only with your husbands, because you do not seek maternity but too often you are only after pleasure. And do you not consider that pleasure is poison that contaminates every mouth that tastes it? It burns like fire that seems to satisfy, instead it falls out of the fireplace and devours, more and more insatiable, leaving a sour taste of ash on the tongue as well as disgust, nausea and contempt both of oneself and of the partner in pleasure, because when a conscience revives, and it does revive between two heats, one can but feel such contempt of oneself, being lowered below the level of beasts." Our Lord, "Poem of the Man-God", Volume 1, p. 665 - 666.

This is what St. Paul referred to when he wrote, "Marriage is good; no marriage is better". How many couples preparing for marriage are instructed that their bodies now belong to each other and that the passage, "Wives give way to your husbands, as you should, in the Lord" means they must submit without objection to every sensual advance? What a pernicious lie sown in the minds of clergy by the infernal enemy! Continence is holy! It is the crowning glory of marriage and a martyr palm of victory over concupiscence! It is the sweet scent of virtue which permeates the entire family and edifies beyond words the fortunate children of such praiseworthy and rare parents!

And if sterilization was the downfall of Andrew Wingate, the refusal to sterilize was William's downfall! William's wife Anne, after having four children, unilaterally ended their physical relationship because she did not want to have any more children. William was furious and rebelled wholeheartedly. He and Anne separated and a supposedly divinely arranged "mystical marriage" with Bettina, a young girl from Germany ensued. From there things literally degenerated into a string of illicit unions, illegitimate children and criminal statutory rapes etc. all of which was very public and showered our Holy Mother with infamy. Worse still, this degeneration was encouraged by supposed allies like Andrew Wingate and James Duffy, of Australia, and falsely justified with scholarly writing by Fr. Broussard, formerly of Louisiana, US: all three were William's trusted friends and advisors!

Remember, both Andrew and William were reputed to be Our Lady's voice boxes on earth. Any misconduct on their part reflected directly on Her! She Who is the purest was publicly soiled by the indecent conduct of two fools! And the reputations of everyone who worked with them, myself included. Guilt by association: birds of a feather etc.

All these events played out over a period of years, during which time things may have turned out very differently if only these mystics had taken a hard look at their deviation from God's laws. 

Another pair whom Heaven had marked for great things also fell due to lust: Fr. Yves Marie Blais, of L'Avenir, QC, and Marie-Paule Giguère, of Lac-Etchemin, QC. 

Fr. Blais' life history is unknown to me. All I know of his priestly formation is that as a supplemental education he attended classes in mind control and subliminal persuasion at a university. This does not bode well as a path to true piety. His communities of the Immaculate Heart were governed by a heavy-handed Rule and Constitution which combined the housing of consecrated members with lay members and displayed an deep ignorance of the Divine nature of the family unit which it effectively destroyed. It also included his acquisition of member's property and financial assets under the guise of "holy poverty" for them.

He also "produced" a seer for his organization named "Thornbush", Danielle Gervais, of Toronto, whom I believe was a true martyr, for she lived hell on earth under his command, having foolishly submitted completely to his control under holy obedience to him as a priest and the founder of his community. Through her purported messages he gained almost complete control over William Kamm (the Little Pebble), André Pestiaux, of Belgium, (a now notoriously fallen high calibre European mystic, guilty of both civil and clerical crimes) and to a lesser extent Andrew Wingate (the Trumpeter), Franz Keiler (now deceased), Mary Jane Even, of Lincoln, NE, Br. Joseph Francis (Bernard Parks), now of Quebec, but formerly of Saint John, NB, and a number of lesser known seers and mystics. For years her "messages" dictated the beliefs of the unsuspecting faithful in many countries until the sham was exposed. The scandal and subsequent total loss of faith among believers was devastating. Some abandoned the Church completely, others swore off private revelation unreservedly. Few maintained hope. The satanic victory was massive!

"My eyes had seen into the heart of Judas Iscariot. No one must think that the Wisdom of God has not been able to understand that heart...... Deceitful, shrewd, greedy, lustful, dishonest, more intelligent and cultured than the masses he had been able to impose himself on everybody..... He was above all fond of standing out and showing his position of trust near Me. He was not obliging out of instinctive charity, but only because he was one of those whom you would call a ‘hustler'. That enabled him to look after the purse and approach women. Two things he loved without restraint, together with a third one: position amongst men." Our Lord, "Poem of the Man-God", Volume 1, p. 567.

Likewise I have had no direct contact working with Marie-Paule, however, I do know that Marie-Paule was a mystic of the first order from her childhood. The development of her mission is public knowledge, fraught with relentless attempts to gain the coveted prize of "official" recognition from the Church, thoroughly penetrated by Masonry. Over the course of years, she raised millions of dollars in donations only to have them confiscated by an avaricious Bishop who claimed her obedience.

Undeterred, she persevered, raising millions of dollars more. She was so determined to gain this religious acclaim that she even submitted in complete obedience to a Masonic cardinal who promised it. He saw to the education of her priests in Rome, saturated in Masonry. He imposed on her to live under the rule of the "little St. Michael", a demon posing as the archangel. This was the disastrous ruin of Heaven's plans for the City of the Immaculate, which was to be the crown jewel of Heaven's plans for the salvation of mankind and the glorious resurrection of the Church.

Her persecution of the Weeping Madonna and its guardian Bernard Parks (Br. Joseph Francis) is well documented in other sections of The Third Testament, ultimately ending in her command that one of her priests secretly disfigure the statue to discredit its guardian.

Currently she reigns in the mausoleum of Spiri-Maria, in Lac-Etchemin, QC, claiming to be the incarnation of the Virgin Mary acting in her place as the Supreme Head of the Church of John. This is how she claims the authority to crown her own Pope in May of this year and have her masonic educated priests ordain other priests (something only true bishops have the power to do). To add absurdity to blasphemy, her newspaper is predicting the demise of the current fake Pope Benedict (i.e., the Masons will murder him) which will clear the way for her fake pope to rule the fallen "official" church thus to make alliances with the Queen of England, head of the Church of England, as well as other protestant denominations and beyond. All this to fulfill Marie-Paule's prophecy that SHE will be Our Lady of All Peoples. Those who refuse to serve God in His plans chain themselves into the service of the infernal enemy to fulfill his.

"...pride is the lust of the mind. And it is a greater sin, because it is the same sin as Lucifer's. God forgives many things and his light shines lovingly to enlighten ignorance and dispel doubts. But He does not forgive pride which scoffs at Him pretending to be greater than He is.

‘Which of us says he is greater than God? We do not blaspheme...' several of them shout. 

"You do not say so with your lips. But you confirm it with your deeds." .... 

‘It takes two people to accomplish lust. With whom does the mind accomplish it? The mind is not corporeal. So, how can it commit a sin of lust? As it is incorporeal, with whom does it copulate to sin?' and he (the rabbi) laughs drawling his words and sly laugh.

"With whom? With Satan. The mind of the proud man fornicates with Satan against God and against love..... You are not a wise rabbi because you do not know the true essence of this universal sin, the trine fruit of Evil. As the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit are the Trine Form of Love. O scribe, lust is disorder and violence against natural laws, against justice and love for God, for ourselves, for our brothers. All lust: the lust of the flesh as that aiming at the riches and power of the Earth..." Our Lord, "Poem of the Man-God", Volume 4, p. 457-458.

So many, many other seers and mystics; Franz Keiler, Mary Jane Even, Sherman Bridges and Brian Alves, of the US, Thérèse Mallette, of Quebec, Sinner Saint (Robert Hartman), of the US, the Two Patricks, of Ireland, to name only a few, ALL succumbed to this infernal pride! All of Heaven's plans turned to ashes by their collective disobedience!

And then came March 9, 2007, the date of the first universal call to prayer for the Church of John: this act of unity marking the beginning of the resurrection of the True Church. Hope is dawning with an apparent whisper that will soon turn to thunder and the glorious Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

Let the cleansing come, Oh God! We are yearning for your embrace! 

Your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,

Monica Wilcott, Sturgis, Sk.


P.S. Please extend my heartfelt thanks to Maurice and Jeannine DeGrechie who located the most important passage from Poem of the Man-God for me! May God bless them abundantly!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 3, 2007 - A letter* to Our Father, on the feast day of the apparition of Our Lord to Our Lady and the Apostles in the Upper Room ...

Dear Father,

As on the day You created me, the while allowing me to watch your procedure by letting me rest my two little hands on your right shoulder, as I stood behind looking at your every gesture in the choice of the fibres needed, two in particular with distinct particularities different from all the others, let me again rest my two little hands on your shoulder while You are still sitting at your table of creation of billions and billions of souls, this time begging You to let your Justice guide your hand in order to serve your most loving Mercy for the past, present, future souls, but mostly the past souls especially those who ignore your Justice forever in operation, especially in this period of humanity which is about to pass into the last era of its history, the 7th millenium, in order to awaken the few that ignore your mercy to place themselves exclusively under justice thus rejecting what You have done for them, by forcing Our Lady say, "If they want to remain in their incredulity, so be it." For them, then, all that remains is your Divine Justice, that no endeavor on our part can succeed in to awakening them.

Again with my two little hands on your shoulder in order to comfort You, my Father, I beg You to pursue your magnificent work, forever going forward, and hasten to ask You for the present good souls the "New Heavens and the New Earth" so they can take their place in Creation and forget the primitive past, and that You can pursue without any further delay your wonderful work of creation, Dear Father, with Justice opening the way and serving all your attributes, and not allowing, as in the primitive times for Earth, that other Adams or Eves come onto the scene to upset the justice, as some disconnected angels and souls have done, thus refusing to lean on You, the Father, and not be able evermore of doing so, having made their selfish choice, making Our Lord say, "Less I shorten these days ..." cf. Matt. 24:22, because many of these souls would endeavor as Eve did, and was again ready to do to entice another sister soul as it was done when I received last week a call from "Adam"**; however God's justice intervened to forbid me to pick up the receiver and He instilled such a dread in my soul that I had to flee even from the house, less I be tempted to stay behind and answer a next call.

Had I not been enticed already when "Adam" had told me that he had started a compilation of The 3rd Testament? Now, who in his right mind, for example, would think of making a compilation of any of the testaments, whether the first, the second or the third? He would have to be foolish, to say the least.

This is what was said to me, in a "matter of fact" manner, yet revealing in the conversation, also in a "manner of fact" that he had been severely reprimanded for his 14-page compilation he had sent me. (Cf. July 12, 2005, Section X).


* Awakened during the night to write.
Yet to all those souls remain the grace of the 4th mystery of the Chaplet. If only they would do as the prodigal son and also the exorcism given by the Father to those who apostasize for human considerations.
** Joseph Re of Cincinnati, OH.

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May 13, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Martyrs, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

Please re-read the résumé of The Third Testament given on February 28, 2007, especially where is mentioned the date of May 14, 2003, and the account of the actual end of the Church on Earth with the coming of the Anti-Christ on that date, as I witnessed where I was attending Mass ... an event which brings to mind the great grace of the establishment of The Asylum City (please read The Third Testament), as otherwise we would not know about the coming destiny of mankind and the continuation of the Church despite what has taken place, continuation assured by the Community of St. Joseph of The Asylum City.

Oh, what is the responsibility of those who have rejected the great grace given to humanity in these Latter Days! No wonder it is said that so few will be saved ... "Unless those days had been shortened, even the elect would have been lost." (Cf. 2nd Testament).


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May 17, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Tears, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

As the phrase "Rome will lose the faith" was pressed on my mind over and over as I had gone to bed, I felt I had to get up and perhaps start a short paragraph to explain (or comment on) the severe pronouncement by Our Lady, but as I did not have the strength, I could not do so, apologizing and promising that this would be done the next day. Now what happened to compensate is that it was given to a member of Our Community, Jeannine DeGrechie, to tell me today to put the story of La Salette in The 3rd Testament, and I knew then that this would fulfill Our Lady's wish to make known the apparition at La Salette through the Bulletin, now known as The 3rd Testament.


of the
on the Mountain of
the 19th of September, 1846.


Only the witness herself, Melanie, can, along with Maximin, give an account of the apparition. After giving it by word of mouth an incalculable number of times, she decided to write it all down in 1878. It was published at Lecce on the 15th of November 1879 - with the "Imprimatur" of Bishop Zola - and reprinted "ne varietur" at Lyon in 1904, a few months before Melanie's death. This slim booklet is now a rarity.
The text is followed exactly here.

Published by the Shepherdess of La Salette
with Imprimatur by Mgr. Bishop of Lecce.
"Well my children, you will pass this on to all of my people."

Simple reproduction without commentary or controversy of the original edition of Lecce in 1879.


The original text of the Message and Secret of La Salette, approved by the Catholic Church, are published in their entirety here for the first time in the English Language.

We sincerely thank Mr. Joseph Corteville, President of the Association of the Children of Notre Dame of La Salette and of Saint Louis Marie Grignion of Montfort, and Director of L'Impartial, a Marian revue to have graciously supplied us with this manuscript and for authorizing us to publish same.

In our turn, we authorize all people, journalist, editor or association to republish this faithfully in whole or in part.

It is essential that these prophetic messages be wide spread more than ever in all of the world and as quickly as possible. It is an order from the Mother of God. "Well my children, you will pass it on to all of my people."

We are counting on the support and initiative of all people of good will to attain our goal. We ask Our Lady's blessings on this apostolate and its supporters.

The Editors


of the
on the Mountain of
the 19th of September, 1846


"On the 18th of September (1846), the eve of the Holy Apparition of the Holy Virgin, I was alone, as usual, watching over my Master's cows. Around eleven o'clock in the morning, I saw a small boy walking towards me. I was frightened at this, for it seemed to me that everyone ought to know that I avoided all kinds of company. This boy came up to me and said:

"Little girl, I'm coming with you, I'm from Corps, too". At these words, the natural evil in me soon showed itself, and taking a few steps back, I told him: "I don't want anybody around. I want to be alone." But this boy followed me, saying: "Go on, let me stay with you. My Master told me to come and watch over my cows together with yours. I'm from Corps."

I walked away from him, gesturing to him that I didn't want anybody around, and when I was some distance away, I sat down on the grass. There, I used to talk with the little flowers or the Good Lord.

A moment later, I looked behind me, and there I found Maximin sitting close to me. Straightaway he says to me: "Keep me with you. I'll be very good."

But the natural evil in me will not hear reason. I jump to my feet, and run a little farther off without saying a word and again I start playing with the little flowers of the Good Lord. In an instant, Maximin was there again, telling me he would be very good, that he wouldn't talk, that he would get bored all by himself, and that his Master had sent him to be with me, etc. This time, I took pity, I gestured to him to sit down, and I kept on playing with the little flowers of the Good Lord.

It wasn't long before Maximin broke the silence by bursting into laughter (I think he was making fun of me). I look at him and he says to me: "Let's have some fun, let's make up a game". I said nothing in reply, for I was so ignorant I didn't understand what games with other people were, always having been alone. I played with the flowers, on my own, and Maximin came right up close to me, doing nothing but laughing, telling me that flowers didn't have ears to listen to me and that we should play together instead. But I had no liking for the game he told me to play. I started talking to him, however, and he told me that the ten days he was to spend with his Master would soon be over and then he would go home to his father in Corps etc...

While he was talking, I heard the bell of La Salette, it was the Angelus. I gestured to Maximin to lift his soul up to God. He took off his hat and was silent for a moment. Then I said: "Do you want to have dinner?" "Yes, he replied, let's eat." We sat down and I brought out of my bag the provisions my Master had given me. As was my habit, before breaking into my little round loaf, I made a cross with the point of my knife in the bread, and a little hole in the middle, saying: "If the devil's in there. may he leave, and if the Good Lord is in there, may he stay:" and I rapidly covered up the little hole. Maximin burst into laughter and kicked the loaf out of my hands. It rolled down the mountainside and was lost from sight. I had another piece of bread which we shared. Afterwards, we played a game. Then, realizing that Maximin must still be hungry, I pointed out a place on the mountainside covered with all kinds of berries. I urged him to go and eat some and he went straight away. He ate a few berries and brought back his hat full of them. In the evening we walked back down the mountain together and promised to come back the next day and watch over our cows together.

The next day, the 19th of September, I met Maximin on the way up. We climbed up the mountain side together. I discovered that Maximin was a very good, simple boy, and would willingly talk about what I wanted to talk about. He was also very flexible and had no fixed Opinions. He was just a little curious, for, when I walked away from him, as soon as he saw I had stopped, he would run over to me to see what I was doing and hear what I was saving to the flowers of the Good Lord. And if he arrived too late, he would ask me what I had said.

Maximin told me to teach him a game. It was already late morning. I told him to gather some flowers for the "Paradise". We set to work together. Soon we had a number of flowers of various colors. I could hear the village Angelus ringing, for the weather was fine and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. Having told the Good Lord what we had learned, I said to Maximin that we ought to drive our cows on to a small plateau near the gully, where there would be stones with which to build the "Paradise". We drove our cows to the selected spot and then had a small meal. Then we started collecting stones to build our little house, which comprised of a so-called ground-floor which was where we were to live, and then a storey above which was to be, as we called it, "Paradise."

This storey was decorated all over with different-colored flowers, with garlands hanging from flower stalks. This "Paradise" was covered by a single large stone which we had strewn with flowers. We had also hung garlands all the way round. When we had finished, we sat and looked at the "Paradise". We began to feel sleepy and having moved a couple of feet away, we went to sleep on the grass.


When I woke up I couldn't see the cows, so I called Maximin and climbed up the little mound. From there I could see our cows grazing peacefully and I was on my way down, with Maximin on his way up, when all at once I saw a beautiful light shining more brightly than the sun.

"Maximin, do you see what is over there? Oh! my God!" At the same moment, I dropped the stick I was holding. Something inconceivably fantastic passed through me in that moment, and I felt myself being drawn. I felt a great respect, full of love, and my heart beat faster.

I kept my eyes firmly fixed on this light, which was static, and as if it had opened up, I caught sight of another, much more brilliant light which was moving, and in this light I saw a most beautiful lady sitting on top of our Paradise, with her head in her hands.

This beautiful Lady stood up, she coolly crossed her arms while watching us, and said to us:

"Come, my children, fear not, I am here to PROCLAIM GREAT NEWS TO YOU."

These soft and sweet words made me fly to her, and my heart desired to attach itself to her forever.

When I was up close to the Beautiful Lady, in front of her to her right, she began to speak and from her beautiful eyes tears also started to flow.

"If my people do not wish to submit themselves, I am forced to let go off the hand of my Son. It is so heavy and weighs me down so much I can no longer keep hold of it.

I have suffered all the time for the rest of you! If I do not wish my Son to abandon you, I must take it upon myself to pray for this continually. And the rest of you think little of this. In vain you will pray, in vain you will act, you will never be able to make up for the troubles I have taken over for the rest of you.

I gave you six days to work, I kept the seventh for myself, and no one wishes to grant it to me. This is what weighs down the arm of my Son so much.

Those who drive carts cannot speak without putting the name of my Son in the middle.

These are the two things which weigh down the arm of my Son so much. If the harvest is spoiled, it is only because of the rest of you. I made you see this last year with the potatoes, you took little account of this. It was quite the opposite when you found bad potatoes, you swore oaths, and you included the name of my Son. They will continue to go bad, at Christmas there will be none left."

At this point, I was trying to interpret the word "potatoes" (pommes de terre): I thought I understood it to be "apples" (pommes)[1]. The Beautiful and Good Lady, reading my thoughts, repeated thus:

"You do not understand, my children. I will tell it to you another way.

"If the harvest is spoiled, it does not seem to affect you. I made you see this last year with the potatoes. You took little account of this. It was quite the opposite when you found bad potatoes, you swore oaths, and 'you included the name of my Son. They will continue to go bad and at Christmas, there will be none left.

If you have corn, you must not sow it. The beasts will eat all that you sow. And all that grows will fall to dust when you thresh it. A great famine will come. Before the famine comes, children under the age of seven will begin to tremble and will die in the arms of those who hold them. The others will do penance through hunger. The nuts will go bad, the grapes will become rotten."

At this point, the Beautiful Lady, who was entrancing me, for a moment did not make herself heard. I could see, however, that she was continuing, as if speaking, to move graciously her kindly lips. At this moment, Maximin was receiving his secret. Then, turning to me, the Most Holy Virgin spoke to me and gave me a secret in French. Here is this secret in its entirety as she gave it to me:


"Melanie, what I am about to tell you now will not always be a secret. You may make it public in 1858.

The priests, ministers of my Son, the priests, by their wicked lives, by their irreverence and their impiety in the celebration of the holy mysteries, by their love of money, their love of honors and pleasures, the priests have become cesspools of impurity. Yes, the priests are asking vengeance, and vengeance is hanging over their heads. Woe to the priests and to those dedicated to God who by their unfaithfulness and their wicked lives are crucifying my Son again! The sins of those dedicated to God cry out towards Heaven and call for vengeance, and now vengeance is at their door, for there is no one left to beg mercy and forgiveness for the people. There are no more generous souls, there is no one left worthy of offering a stainless sacrifice to the Eternal for the sake of the world.

God will strike in an unprecedented way.

Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! God will exhaust His wrath upon them, and no one will be able to escape so many afflictions together.

The chiefs, the leaders of the people of God have neglected prayer and penance, and the devil has bedimmed their intelligence. They have become wandering stars which the old devil will drag along with his tail to make them perish. God will allow the old serpent to cause divisions among those who reign in every society and in every family. Physical and moral agonies will be suffered. God will abandon mankind to itself and will send punishments which will follow one after the other for more than thirty-five years.

The Society of men is on the eve of the most terrible scourges and of gravest events. Mankind must expect to be ruled with an iron rod and to drink from the chalice of the wrath of God.

May the curate of my Son, Pope Pius IX never leave Rome again after 1859; may he, however, be steadfast and noble, may he fight with the weapons of faith and love. I will be at his side. May he be on his guard against Napoleon: he is two-faced, and when he wishes to make himself Pope as well as Emperor, God will soon draw back from him. He is the master-mind who, always wanting to ascend further, will fall on the sword he wished to use to force his people to be raised up.

Italy will be punished for her ambition in wanting to shake off the yoke of the Lord of Lords. And so she will be left to fight a war; blood will flow on all sides. Churches will be locked up or desecrated. Priests and religious orders will be hunted down, and made to die a cruel death. Several will abandon the faith, and a great number of priests and members of religious orders will break away from the true religion; among these people there will even be bishops.

May the Pope guard against the performers of miracles. For the time has come when the most astonishing wonders will take place on the earth and in the air.

In the year 1864, Lucifer together with a large number of demons will be unloosed from hell; they will put an end to faith little by little, even in those dedicated to God. They will blind them in such a way, that, unless they are blessed with a special grace, these people will take on the spirit of these angels of hell; several religious institutions will lose all faith and will lose many souls.

Evil books will be abundant on earth and the spirits of darkness will spread everywhere a universal slackening in all that concerns the service of God. They will have great power over Nature: there will be churches built to serve these spirits. People will be transported from one place to another by these evil spirits, even priests, for they will not have been guided by the good spirit of the Gospel which is a spirit of humility, charity and zeal for the glory of God. On occasions, the dead and the righteous will be brought back to life. (That is to say that these dead will take on the form of righteous souls which had lived on earth, in order to lead men further astray; these so-called resurrected dead, who will be nothing but the devil in this form, will preach another Gospel contrary to that of the true Christ Jesus, denying the existence of Heaven; that is also to say, the souls of the damned. All these souls will appear as if fixed to their bodies ).[2]

Everywhere there will be extraordinary wonders., as true faith has faded and false light brightens the people. Woe to the Princes of the Church who think only of piling riches upon riches to protect their authority and dominate with pride.

The Vicar of my Son will suffer a great deal, because for a while the Church will yield to large persecution, a time of darkness and the Church will witness a frightful crisis.

The true faith to the Lord having been forgotten, each individual will want to be on his own and be superior to people of same identity, they will abolish civil rights as well as ecclesiastical, all order and all justice would be trampled underfoot and only homicides, hate, jealousy, lies and dissension would be seen without love for country or family.

The Holy Father will suffer a great deal. I will be with him until the end and receive his sacrifice.

The mischievous would attempt his life several times to do harm and shorten his days but neither him nor his successor will see the triumph of the Church of God.

All the civil governments will have one and the same plan, which will be to abolish and do away with every religious principal, to make way for materialism, atheism, spiritualism and vice of all kinds.

In the year 1865, there will be desecration of holy places. In convents, the flowers of the Church will decompose and the devil will make himself like the King of all hearts. May those in charge of religious communities be on their guard against the people they must receive, for the devil will resort to all his evil tricks to introduce sinners into religious orders, for disorder and the love of carnal pleasures will be spread all over the earth.

France, Italy, Spain and England will be at war. Blood will flow in the streets. Frenchman will fight Frenchman, Italian will fight Italian. A general war will follow which will be appalling. For a time, God will cease to remember France and Italy because the Gospel of Jesus Christ has been forgotten. The wicked will make use of all their evil ways. Men will kill each other, massacre each other even in their homes.

At the first blow of His thundering sword, the mountains and all Nature will tremble in terror, for the disorders and crimes of men have pierced the vault of the heavens. Paris will burn and Marseille will be engulfed. Several cities will be shaken down and swallowed up by earthquakes. People will believe that all is lost. Nothing will be seen but murder, nothing will be heard but the clash of arms and blasphemy.

The righteous will suffer greatly. Their prayers, their penances and their tears will rise up to Heaven and all of God's people will beg for forgiveness and mercy and will plead for my help and intercession. And then Jesus Christ, in an act of His justice and His great mercy will command His Angels to have all His enemies put to death. Suddenly, the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all those given over to sin will perish and the earth will become desert-like. And then peace will be made, and man will be reconciled with God. Jesus Christ will be served, worshiped and glorified. Charity will flourish everywhere. The new kings will be the right arm of the holy Church, which will be strong, humble, pious in Its poor but fervent imitation of the virtues of Jesus Christ. The Gospel will be preached everywhere and mankind will make great progress in its faith, for there will be unity among the workers of Jesus Christ and man will live in fear of God.

This peace among men will be short-lived. Twenty-five years of plentiful harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the troubles on this earth.

A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Savior of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God.

The earth will be struck by calamities of all kinds (in addition to plague and famine which will be wide-spread). There will be a series of wars until the last war, which will then be fought by the ten Kings of the Antichrist, all of whom will have one and the same plan and will be the only rulers of the world. Before this comes to pass, there will be a kind of false peace in the world. People will think of nothing but amusement. The wicked will give themselves over to all kinds of sin. But the children of the holy Church, the children of my faith, my true followers, they will grow in their love for God and in all the virtues most precious to me. Blessed are the souls humbly guided by the Holy Spirit! I shall fight at their side until they reach a fullness of years.

Nature is asking for vengeance because of man, and she trembles with dread at what must happen to the earth stained with crime. Tremble, earth, and you who proclaim yourselves as serving Jesus Christ and who, on the inside, only adore yourselves, tremble for God will hand you over to His enemy, because the holy places are in a state of corruption. Many convents are no longer houses of God, but the grazing-grounds of Asmodeas and his like. It will be during this time that the Antichrist will be born of a Hebrew nun, a false virgin who will communicate with the old serpent, the master of impurity, his father will be B. At birth, he will spew out blasphemy; he will have teeth, in a word, he will be the devil incarnate. He will scream horribly, he will perform wonders, he will feed on nothing but impurity. He will have brothers who, although not devils incarnate like him, will be children of evil. At the age of twelve, they will draw attention upon themselves by the gallant victories they will have won; soon they will each lead armies, aided by the legions of hell.

The seasons will be altered, the earth will produce nothing but bad fruit, the stars will lose their regular motion, the moon will only reflect a faint reddish glow. Water and fire will give the earth's globe convulsions and terrible earthquakes which will swallow up mountains, cities, etc...

ROME WILL LOSE THE FAITH and become the seat of the Antichrist.

The demons of the air together with the Antichrist will perform great wonders on earth and in the atmosphere, and men will become more and more perverted. God will take care of his faithful servants and men of good will. The Gospel will be preached everywhere, and all peoples of all nations will get to know the truth.

I make an urgent appeal to the earth. I call on the true disciples of the living God who reigns in Heaven; I call on the true followers of Christ made man, the only true Savior of men; I call on my children, the true faithful, those who have given themselves to me so that I may lead them to my divine Son, those whom I carry in my arms, so to speak, those who have lived on my spirit. Finally, I call on the Apostles of the Last Days, the faithful disciples of Jesus Christ who have lived in scorn for the world and for themselves, in poverty and in humility, in scorn and in silence, in prayer and in mortification, in chastity and in union with God, in suffering and unknown to the world. It is time they came out and filled the world with light. Go and reveal yourselves to be my cherished children, I am at your side and within you, provided that your faith is the light which shines upon you in these unhappy days. May your zeal make you famished for the glory and the honor of Jesus Christ. Fight, children of light, you, the few who can see. For now is the time of all times, the end of all ends.

The Church will be in eclipse, the world will be in dismay. But now Enoch and Eli will come, filled with the Spirit of God. They will preach with the might of God, and men of good will will believe in God, and many souls will be comforted. They will make great steps forward through the virtue of the Holy Spirit and will condemn the devilish lapses of the Antichrist. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth! There will be bloody wars and famines, plagues and infectious diseases. It will rain with a fearful hail of animals. There will be thunderstorms which will shake cities, earthquakes which will swallow up countries. Voices will be heard in the air. Men will beat their heads against walls, call for their death, and on another side death will be their torment. Blood will flow on all sides. Who will be the victor if God does not shorten the length of the test? All the blood, the tears and the prayers of the righteous, God will relent. Enoch and Eli will be put to death. Pagan Rome will disappear. The fire of Heaven will fall and consume three cities. All the universe will be struck with terror and many will let themselves be led astray because they have not worshiped the true Christ who lives among them. It is time; the sun is darkening; only faith will survive.

Now is the time; the abyss is opening. Here is the King of Kings of darkness, here is the Beast with his subjects, calling himself the Savior of the world. He will rise proudly into the air to go to Heaven. He will be smothered by the breath of the Archangel Saint Michael. He will fall, and the earth, which will have been in a continuous series of evolutions for three days, will open up its fiery bowels: and he will have plunged for eternity with all his followers into the everlasting chasms of hell. And then water and fire will purge the earth and consume all the works of men's pride and all will be renewed. God will be served and glorified."


Then the Holy Virgin gave me, also in French, THE RULE OF A NEW RELIGIOUS ORDER. When She had given me the Rule of this new religious Order, the Holy Virgin continued the speech in the same manner[3]:

"If they convert, the stones and rocks will change into wheat, and potatoes will be found sown in the earth. Do you say your prayers properly, my children?"

We both replied: "Oh! no, Madame, not so much."

"Oh! my children, you must say them morning and evening. When you can do no more, say a Pater and an Ave Maria; and when you have the time to do better, you will say more.

Only a few old women go to Mass; in the summer, the rest work all day Sunday and in the winter, when they are at a loose end, they only go to mass to make fun of religion. During Lent, they go to the butcher's like hungry dogs.

Have your ever seen any spoilt wheat, my children?

We both answered: "Oh no, Madame."

The Holy Virgin turned to Maximin, saying:

But you, my child, you must have seen some once near le "Coin", with your father. The farmer said to your father: "Come and see how my wheat's gone bad!" You went to see. Your father took two or three ears in his hand, rubbed them, and they fell to dust. Then, on your way back, when you were no more than half an hour away from Corps, your father gave you a piece of bread, and said: "Take it, eat it while you can, my son, for I don't know who will be eating anything next year if the wheat is spoiled like that!"

Maximin replied: "It's quite true, Madame, I didn't remember."

The Most Holy Virgin brought her speech to an end in French.


The most beautiful Lady crossed the stream, and after two more steps, without turning back towards us, who were following Her (for we were drawn to her by her brilliance and even more by her kindness which elated me, which seemed to melt my heart), she repeated to us: "AND SO, MY CHILDREN, YOU WILL PASS THIS ON TO ALL MY PEOPLE."

Then, She walked on up to the place where I had gone to see our cows. Her feet touched nothing but the tips of the grass and without bending them. Once on the top of the little mound, the beautiful Lady stopped, and I hurried to stand in front of Her to look at Her so, so closely, and try and see which path she was most inclined to take. For it was all over for me. I had forgotten both my cows and the masters I worked for. I had linked myself forever and unconditionally to my Lady. Yes, I wanted never, never to leave Her. I followed Her with no other motive and fully disposed to serve Her for the rest of my life.

In the presence of my Lady, I felt I had forgotten paradise. I thought of nothing more but to serve Her in every way possible; and I felt I could have done everything she could have asked me to do, for it seemed to me that She had a great deal of power. She looked at me with a tender kindness which drew me to Her. I could have thrown myself into Her arms with my eyes closed. She did not give me the time to do so. She rose imperceptibly from the ground to a height of around four feet or more; and, hanging thus in the air for a split second, my beautiful Lady looked up to Heaven, then down on the earth to her right and then her left[4] , then She looked at me with Her eyes so soft, so kind and so good that I felt She was drawing me inside Her, and my heart seemed to open up to Hers.

And as my heart melted away, sweetly gladdened, the beautiful face of my good Lady disappeared little by little. It seemed to me that the light in motion was growing stronger, or rather condensing around the Most Holy Virgin, to prevent me seeing her any longer.

And thus light took the place of the parts of Her body which were disappearing in front of my eyes, or rather it seemed to me that the body of my Lady was melting into light. Thus the sphere of light rose gently towards the right. I cannot say whether the volume of light decreased as She rose, or whether the growing distance made me see less and less light as She rose. What I do know, is that I was a long time with my head raised up, staring at the light, even after the light, which kept getting further away and decreasing in volume, had finally disappeared. I take my eyes from the firmament, I look around me.

I see Maximin looking at me, and I say to him: "Maxi, that must have been my father's Good Lord, or the Holy Virgin, or some other great saint"[5]

And Maximin throws his arms into the air and says: "Oh! If only I'd known!"


The evening of the 19th of September, we went back down a little earlier than usual. When I arrived at my master's farm, I was busy tying up my cows and tidying up in the stable, and had not yet finished when my mistress came up to me in tears and said:

"Why, my child, why didn't you come and tell me what happened on the mountain?"

Maximin, not having found his masters who were still at work, had come over to mine and recounted everything he had seen and heard. I replied:

"I did want to tell you, but I wanted to get my work finished first." A moment later, I walked over to the house and my mistress said to me:

"Tell me what you have seen. De Bruite, the shepherd (that was the nick name of Pierre Sel­me, Maximin's master), has told me everything."

I began, and towards the middle of the account, my master arrived back from the fields. My mistress, who was in tears at hearing the complaints and threats of our sweet Mother, said: "Ah! You were going to harvest the wheat tomorrow (Sunday). Take great care. Come and hear what happened today to this child and Pierre Selme's shepherd-boy." And turning to me, she said:

"Repeat everything you have said."

I start again, and when I had finished, my master said:

"It was the Holy Virgin or else a great saint, who has come on behalf of the Good Lord, but it's as if the Good Lord had come Himself. We must do what this Saint said. How are you going to manage to tell that to all Her people?"

I replied:

"You tell me how I must go about it, and I will do it." Then, looking at his mother, wife, and brother, he added:

"I'll have to think about that". Then everyone went back to their business.

After supper, Maximin and his masters came over to see my masters and to recount what Maximin had told them, and decide what was to be done.

"For, they said, it seems to us that it was the Holy Virgin sent by the Good Lord. The words which She spoke convince us of this. And She told them to pass it on to all Her people. Perhaps these children will have to travel the world over to make it known that everyone must observe the commandments of the Good Lord, lest great misfortunes come upon us."

After a moment's silence, my master said to Maximin and I:

"Do you know what you must do, my children? Tomorrow, you must get up early and both of you go and see the priest and tell him everything you have seen and heard. Tell him carefully how it all happened. He will tell you what you have to do."

The 20th of September, the day after the Apparition, I left early in the morning with Maximin. When we reached the presbytery, I knocked at the door. The priest's house keeper came and opened the door and asked us what we wanted. I said to her (in French, and I, who had never spoken French),

"We would like to speak to Father Perrin." 

"And what have you got to say to him?" she asked.

"We wish to tell him, Miss, that yesterday we went up to watch over our cows on Baisses Mountain, and after dinner, etc... etc. We recounted a good piece of the Most Holy Virgin's words. Then the church-bell rang: it was the final call for Mass. Father Perrin, the parish priest of La Salette, who had heard us, flung open his door, he was in tears and was beating his chest. He said to us:

"My children, we are lost, God will punish us. Oh! Good Lord! It was the Holy Virgin who appeared to you! And he left to say Holy Mass. We looked at each other, Maximin, the housekeeper and I. Then Maximin said to me:

"Me, I'm off home to my father at Corps", and we parted company.

As my masters had not told me to return to work immediately after speaking to Father Perrin, I saw no harm in going to Mass. And so I was in church. Mass begins and after the first reading from the Gospel, Father Perrin turns to the congregation and tries to recount to his parishioners, the story of the Apparition which had just taken place, the day before, on one of their mountains, and he urges them to stop working on Sundays. His voice was broken with sobs, and all the congregation was greatly moved. After Holy Mass, I went back to my masters to work. Mr. Peytard, who still today is the mayor of La Salette[6], came to question me on the Apparition, and when he had made sure that I was speaking the truth, he went away convinced.

I stayed on in the service of my masters until All Saint's Day. Then I was boarded with the nuns of Providence, in my home town of Corps.


The Most Holy Virgin was tall and well-proportioned. She seemed so light that a mere breath could have stirred Her, yet She was motionless and perfectly balanced. Her face was majestic, imposing, but not imposing in the manner of the Lords here below. She compelled a respectful fear. At the same time as Her Majesty compelled respect mingled with love, She drew me to Her. Her gaze was soft and penetrating. Her eyes seemed to speak to mine, but the conversation came out of a deep and vivid feeling of love for this ravishing beauty who was liquefying me. The softness of Her gaze, Her air of incomprehensible goodness made me understand and feel that she was drawing me to Her and wanted to give Herself. It was an expression of love which cannot be expressed with the tongue of the flesh, nor with the letters of the alphabet.

The clothing of the Most Holy Virgin was silver white and quite brilliant. It was quite intangible. It was made up of light and glory, sparkling and dazzling. There is no expression nor comparison to be found on earth.

The Holy Virgin was all beauty and all love; the sight of Her overwhelmed me. In her finery as in Her person, everything radiated the majesty, the splendor, the magnificence of a Queen beyond compare. She seemed as white, immaculate, crystallized, dazzling, heavenly, fresh and new as a Virgin. The word LOVE seemed to slip from Her pure and silvery lips. She appeared to me like a good Mother, full of kindness, amiability, of love for us, of compassion and mercy.

The crown of roses which She had placed on Her head was so beautiful, so brilliant, that it defies imagination. The different colored roses were not of this earth; it was a joining together of flowers which crowned the head of the Most Holy Virgin. But the roses kept changing and replacing each other, and then, from the heart of each rose, there shone a beautiful entrancing light, which gave the roses a shimmering beauty. From the crown of roses there seemed to arise golden branches and a number of other little flowers mingled with the shining ones. The whole thing formed a most beautiful diadem, which alone shone brighter than our earth's sun.

The Holy Virgin had a most pretty cross hanging round Her neck. This cross seemed golden, (I say golden rather than gold-plated, for I have sometimes seen objects which were golden with varying shades of gold, which had a much more beautiful effect on my eyes than simple gold-plate). On this shining, beautiful cross, there was a Christ, it was Our Lord on the Cross. Near both ends of the cross there was a hammer, and at the other end, a pair of tongs. The Christ was skin-colored, but He shone dazzlingly; and the light that shone forth from His holy body seemed like brightly shining darts which pierced my heart with the desire to melt inside Him. At times, the Christ appeared to be dead. His head was bent forward and His body seemed to give way, as if about to fall, had He not been held back by the nails which held him to the Cross.

I felt a deep compassion and would have liked to tell His unknown love to the whole world, and to let seep into mortal souls the most heartfelt love and gratitude towards a God who had no need whatsoever of us to be everything He is, was and always will be. And yet, O love that men cannot understand, He made Himself man, and wanted to die, yes, die, so as to better inscribe in our souls and in our memory, the passionate love He has for us! Oh, how wretched am I to find myself so poor in my expression of the love of our good Savior for us! But, in another way, how happy we are to be able to feel more deeply that which we cannot express!

At other times, the Christ appeared to be alive. His head was erect, His eves open, and He seemed to be on the cross of His own accord. At times, too, He appeared to speak: He seemed to show that He was on the cross for our sake, out of love for us, to draw us to His love, and that He always has more love to give us, that His love in the beginning and in the year 33 is always that of today and will be for ever more.

The Holy Virgin was crying nearly the whole time she was speaking to me. Her tears flowed gently, one by one, down to her knees, then, like sparks of light, they disappeared. They were glittering and full of love. I would have liked to comfort Her and stop Her tears. But it seemed to me that She needed the tears to show better Her love forgotten by men. I would have liked to throw myself into Her arms and say to Her:

"My kind Mother, do not cry! I want to love you for all men on earth." But she seemed to be saying to me:

"There are so many who know me not!"

I was in between life and death, and on one side, I saw so much desire by this Mother to be loved, and on another side, so much cold and indifference... Oh! my Mother, most beautiful and lovable Mother, my love, heart of my heart!

The tears of our sweet Mother, far from lessening her air of majesty, of a Queen and a Mistress, seemed, on the contrary, to embellish Her, to make Her more beautiful, more powerful, more filled with love, more maternal, more ravishing, and I could have wiped away Her tears which made my heart leap with compassion and love. To see a mother cry, and such a Mother, without doing everything possible to comfort her and change her grief into joy, is that possible? Oh! Mother, who is more than good, you have been formed with all the prerogatives God is able to make; you have married the power of God, so to speak; you are good, and more, you are good with the goodness of God Himself. God has extended Himself by making you His terrestrial and celestial masterpiece.

The Most Holy Virgin had a yellow pinafore. What am I saying, yellow? She had a pinafore more brilliant than several suns put together. It was not of tangible material, it was composed of glory, and this glory was scintillating, and ravishingly beautiful. Everything in the Holy Virgin carried me firmly and made me kind of slide into the adoration and love of my Jesus in every state of His mortal life.

The Most Holy Virgin had two chains, one a little wider than the other. From the narrower one hung the cross which I mentioned earlier. These chains (since they must be given the name of chains) were like rays of brightly shining glory, sparkling and dazzling. Her shoes, (since they must be called shoes) were white, but a silvery brilliant white. There were roses around them. These roses were dazzlingly beautiful, and from the heart of each rose there shone forth a flame of very beautiful and pleasing light. On Her shoes there was a buckle of gold, not the gold of this earth, but rather the gold of paradise.

The sight of the Holy Virgin was itself a perfect paradise. She had everything needed to satisfy, for earth had been forgotten. The Holy-Virgin was surrounded by two lights. The first light, the nearer to the Most Holy Virgin, reached as far as us. It shone most beautifully and scintillatingly.

The second light shone out a little around the Beautiful Lady and we found ourselves bathed in it. It was motionless (that is to say that it wasn't scintillating) but much more brilliant than our poor sun on earth. All this light did not harm nor tire the eyes in any way.

In addition to all these lights, all this splendor, there shone forth concentrations or beams of light and single rays of light from the body of the Holy Virgin, from her clothes and from all over Her.

The voice of the Beautiful Lady was soft. It was enchanting, ravishing, warming to the heart. It satisfied, flattered every obstacle, it soothed and softened. It seemed to me I could never stop eating up Her beautiful voice, and my heart seemed to dance or want to go towards Her and melt inside Her.

The eyes of the most Holy Virgin, our Sweet Mother, cannot be described in human language. To speak of them, you would need a seraph, you would need more than that, you would need the language of God Himself, of the God who formed the immaculate Virgin, the masterpiece of His omnipotence. The eyes of the majestic Mary appeared thousands of times more beautiful than the rarest brilliants, diamonds and precious stones. They shone like two suns; they were soft, softness itself, as clear as a mirror. In her eves, you could see paradise. They drew you to Her, She seemed to want to draw and give Herself.

The more I looked, the more I wanted to see; the more I saw, the more I loved Her and I loved Her with all my might.

The eyes of the beautiful Immaculate One were like the door to God's Kingdom, from which you could see all than can elate the soul. When my eyes met those of the Mother of God and of myself, I felt inside me a happy revolution of love and a declaration that I love Her and am melting with love. As we looked at each other, our eyes spoke to each other in their fashion, and I loved Her so much I could have kissed Her in the middle of Her eyes, which touched my soul and seemed to draw it towards them and make it melt into Hers. Her eyes set up a sweet trembling in all my being; and I was afraid to make the slightest movement which might cause her the smallest displeasure.

Just the sight of the eyes of the purest of Virgins would have been enough to make the Heaven of a blessed creature, enough to fill the soul with the will of the Most High amid the events which occur in the course of mortal life, enough to make the soul perform continual acts of praise, of thanksgiving, of atonement and expiation. Just this sight focuses the soul on God, and makes it like a living-death, looking upon all the things of this earth, even the things which seem the most serious, as nothing but children's playthings. The soul would want to hear no one speaking unless they spoke of God, and of that which affects His Glory.

Sin is the only evil She sees on earth. She will die of grief unless God sustains Her.



MARIA OF THE CROSS, Victim of Jesus
nee MELANIE CALVAT, Shepherdess of
La Salette

Castellamare, 21st of November 1878.

"I anticipate with great pleasure the "Secret" circulating at full extent the more it spreads the more it will arouse salutary fear and numerous returns to God. Mary will bless those who help at the diffusion as she absolutely wants this passed on to all of the people. WE ARE PUNISHED FOR HAVING NEGLECTED THIS ABSOLUTE ORDER FROM THE MOTHER OF GOD."

Extract from a letter of Melanie relating to the Secret of La Salette.

[1] Neither Melanie nor Maximin understood French. The beautiful Lady now continues her speech in "patois".

[2] In a letter to Father Combe, dated October 7th, 1899, Melanie corrects these words in parenthesis which are her own, she says, and which she judges to be unclear and inaccurate. "That is to say", she writes, "that in those days, which only seem like twenty years ago, some perverted people (Italian: malvages) had given themselves over to devotion to the demon of magic. These people would cause to appear in the eyes of the curious, acquainted and theirs who had not led a Christian way of life.

These supposedly resurrected individuals appeared in heavenly glory. People known to have lived in the fear of God appeared to be in horrible suffering, and urged their friends and acquaintances not to follow in their footsteps, and they preached a Gospel opposed to that of Our Lord Jesus Christ. It seems that these bizarre occurrences may be put down to the fashion for spiritualistic evocations and for certain spiritualistic and demoniac practices which no doubt will one day be brought to light through a thorough examination of the Luciferian archives of Free-Masonry."

In the same letter, Melanie takes care to explain that where it is said that people will be transported from one place to another, it must be understood as to be in rare cases only.

[3] In patois.

[4] "In which direction had the Holy Virgin turned when she rose?"— "That way (she pointed to the East)... I know that Rome is in that direction."(Conversation with Melanie, Miss des Brûlais, 8th Sept. 1849.)

[5] My Father's Good Lord: this is the Crucifix, this living crucifix which the beautiful Lady wears round Her neck, and which seemed to talk to Her. The Holy Virgin... Melanie does not seem to have doubted for a moment that it was Her, this comes out in the account, however, she does not dare to be the first to state it: it is for the Church of Jesus Christ to do so, she has this intuition. In effect, the next morning, it is the parish priest of La Salette who cries out, at the account of the two children:

"It was the Holy Virgin who appeared to you", and from the pulpit, will announce this to his parishioners, and to all the faithful ones among them.

[6] Today: 21st of November 1878, when this account was written.

* Much of what has been foretold in the above text by Our Lady and even in scripture regarding the events of The Latter Days has been changed - Who is like unto God? - because of the malice of man and the fury of hell. "Unless those days had been shortened, even the elect would not be saved."


* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 21, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Sick ...

Dear Reader,

The time has come to bring to your attention the parallel between the relationship that existed at the time of Christ, that is at the beginning of the New Testament, between Christ and his apostles, as one can read in "The Poem of the Man-God", Vol. 5, p. 744, and this time when the 7th Millenium, the Church of Philadelphia, is about to begin, and the situation existing among the apostles, almost similar as when Christ established his Church. It is quite revealing to be able to understand what took place almost parallel to what is also taking place on the eve of the 7th Millenium, or the establishment of the Church which will again descend with Our Blessed Mother as the new Magisterium, with twelve new apostles, among whom there are only two true ones left: John, Albert Arseneau of The Asylum City, and Thomas, Maurice DeGrechie, also of The Asylum City.

Yes, many apostles have been called like before, but many have desisted, save John/Albert and Thomas who despite the battle still remain, but with all the others, they have come and gone through incredulity and obstinacy, thus victims of the Evil One who does not want at any cost the establishment of the Church with its new Magisterium for the last millenium of humanity, to form what will be known as The Third Testament.

In order to illustrate the above, please read the following passage from "The Poem of the Man-God" ... "I had twelve apostles. And I loved them with all My Heart. I had chosen them and like a mother I took care to bring them up in My Life. I had no secrets for them. I told them everything, I explained everything, I forgave everything. Their humanity, their thoughtlessness, and their stubbornness ... everything. And I had some disciples. Some rich and some poor disciples. I had women with a gloomy past or of a delicate constitution. But the apostles were the favourite ones.

My hour came. One betrayed Me and handed Me over to the executioners. Three slept while I was sweating blood. All of them, with the exception of two, ran away cowardly. One denied Me out of fear, although he had the example of another one, who was young and faithful. And, as if it were not enough, among the twelve I had a desperate suicide and one who doubted my forgiveness so much that only with difficulty and through maternal words he believed in God's Mercy. So that, if I had looked at my group, if I had looked at it with human eyes, I should have said: ‘With the exception of John, faithful out of love, and of Simon (Peter), faithful to obedience, I no longer have disciples".


P.S. The two apostles who remain in The Asylum City, are John/Albert and Thomas, with Thomas who still collaborates despite the battle but will, as the Thomas of old, become fully active after the Rapture. The other apostles have left, yes, even Joseph Re of Cincinnati, who aspired to be what he was not to be, a pillar of granite (cf. The 3rd Testament, Section V, A17), thus making Moses ask God the Father, as I heard in the dream-vision of July 26, 2005, "What is to become of him?" We now know his fate, he is no longer an apostle and has dragged in his fateful wake a number of people who will not now be counted among the 91's but among the 854's, having to undergo the full brunt of the cleansing at our door, to occur when Mt. St. Helen erupts to signal the submerging of the whole of California, right to Denver, Colorado, and with the risk of now becoming an apostate with those who follow him, as all the former apostles have become, with one in particular forming his own Church, in San Jose, CA, as pastor of the "Church of Thomas."

This separation of Joseph Re of Cincinnati from The Asylum City had been foretold through visions by the mystic, Christiane Houpert, of Paris, on February 9 and11, 2006, (cf. The 3rd Testament, Section X), and his writing on his own a booklet to vent his false aspirations out of which came out a huge snake as given John/Albert to see during a prayer gathering (cf. July 12, 2005, The 3rd Testament, Section X), and receiving a dire warning from Heaven, seen in the sky above The Asylum City on November 2, 2003. In short, Joseph Re, asked through Ann Delp, not realizing what he was asking, that John/Albert made a list of his shortcomings which precipitated his fall ... they are numerous indeed, but he is being blinded.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 23, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Laus ...

Dear Reader,

The distinction between the 3rd millenium and the 7th millenium must be applied wherever necessary throughout The 3rd Testament. The expression 3rd millenium refers to the millenium following the two millenia after the death of Christ, while the 7th millenium refers to the 7th and last period of mankind ending with the Last Judgment, and its re-entry into the original state before its fall, with the Earth having become a mansion of Heaven, along with Mars and Venus, also become mansions of Heaven, and the three on the same orbit in a triangular pattern.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 25, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the New Jerusalem ... a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

Please read the account of the coming of the Antichrist as given in The 3rd Testament on May 14, 2003.*

Yes, his reign was shortened, given the situation of the Church through the malice of man as prophesied by Our Lady at La Salette.

So the advent of the Antichrist came on that fateful day as you can read in the bulletin (The 3rd Testament), the true Church being raptured with John Paul II, on the following July 7th of the same year, only to be present on Earth in the heart of the handful of faithful remaining. The rest of humanity did not heed that warning and thus became apostates in an Apostate Church.

What a tragedy, but to be corrected by the great cleansing soon to take place, at the signal of the 3 days of Darkness heralded by the eruption of Mt. St. Helens, an eruption which will cause the submerging of California, as now mentioned over and over, but with the people continuing in their disbelief. "So be it", Our Lady has reacted to this state of obstinacy.


* As yet Joseph Re still had his mission, his fall having officially occurred on May 21, 2007 (cf. The 3rd Testament), a fall which endangered his prayer group, in Cincinnati, OH.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 1, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Star, of Joy and of the Cenacle ... an e-mail to William Kamm, of Nowra, Australia ...

Dear William,

I am writing this e-mail on the feast day of Our Lady of the Star, of Joy and of the Cenacle ...

Sharon Ludwig called me the other day to give an account of their quick stop at Nowra during her and Alan's recent trip to Australia, and mainly stressed upon the desolation they saw, what with the multiple small living units mushroomed all over the place, and what they came upon on entering the chapel, a ceremony of consecration of a new bishop by Broussard and Duffy.

The account of the desolation shocked me as it reminded me that this was a result of Fr. Blais' effect upon all the places he affected with his ideas of what should be a community ... What did he not do wherever he went?! No wonder I did see him all black once, in L'Avenir, QC, when he yelled like a wild man with both arms directed towards the sky, "I am above all seers and mystics," and then turned into a black panther, as he lunged at me from the platform where he was speaking to the people gathered before they left and I had stayed a bit behind to further observe his appearance, yelling at the top of his lungs in a rage, "I will get you!"

No wonder, William, you have become so different from the person I once was glad to meet and respect ... you associated with him!

Having said the above, I now implore you to quit the Apostate Church of Benedict XVI* and join the only remnant of Catholic authenticity left anywhere on the whole planet Earth after the rapture of John Paul II, in July of 2003, after having been sequestered by Ratzinger,* his former humanist friend, influenced by the humanist philosopher Jacques Maritain** who put human values above all else, from 1996, i.e. after an 18-year reign as I had been told he would have, at Lourdes, in 1978.

If you say the following exorcism, "If I have offended You, my God, I ask forgiveness and I renege the Synagogue of Satan, and I believe in The Asylum City and The 3rd Testament of Our Lady," you could be back on track and re-establish your tie with the true Church, raptured with John Paul II, but still present on Earth in the handful of faithful left in The Asylum City, awaiting Rapture also ... but hurry as time is short and the chariots are waiting to carry the remaining true 91's. But not all will embark as their obstinacy is deep.

I have talked with Raymond Jones a couple of times recently, as I have done so with James Duffy, and I have invited Raymond to visit me if they come my way. But I cannot, though, visit him, as much as I would like to , as it would mean my stepping on contaminated grounds on account of his affiliation with the Apostate Church, foretold in 1846 at La Salette by Our Lady, and something I saw taking place officially, on May 14, 2003, when I saw the Antichrist, Maitreya, (cf. The 3rd Testament) stand beside the altar at the church where I was that morning and I heard him say in a loud voice, "I am now the one who is presiding."

William, please leave the Apostate Church, and you will see that Heaven will hasten your deliverance. And you would give Heaven the chance for you to become one of the new Apostles that Our Lady is preparing for her soon coming reign and magisterium of the Church in the New Jerusalem in The Asylum City after the great cleansing about to occur with much more thorough results than at the time of the Deluge. The signal is the eruption of Mt. St. Helens on the west coast of North America. See the internet, the code is on orange! And we are in the month of the two moons, the month of the Rapture as foretold by Don Bosco.

There are now officially only two apostles: John (myself), and Thomas (Maurice). The others are yet to be officialized although some were named by Joseph Re (i.e. non-valid designation as Joseph Re has fallen).

I now leave things to you, with the constant prayer that you will heed me, William. I am not talking about Bernard, Andrew, and others as I feel that you are the only one with some opening still left for you, the others having cemented themselves in deep obstinacy, like Marie-Paule in Lac-Etchemin.

Again, I plead with you William, to say the exorcism which will liberate you and you will be able to retreat from the Apostate Church, and you will be surprised how fast Heaven will accelerate your freedom, and think of the great number of people all over the globe you will influence. Please heed the call from your brother, John/Albert, the Guardian of Mary, as he was called on September 13, 1990 (cf. The 3rd Testament), after having been given the name John, on March 18, 1990.

Please pray and give me a response as soon as possible ... it is urgent.


* The False Prophet who will be thrown into the Abyss with the Antichrist, as seen by Christiane of Paris on December 30, 2004, thus making the "present" Ratzinger, who became Benedict XVI, an impostor pope.
** An influence from which I was spared when I fell sick at the Paulist seminary in Washington, DC, and had to leave. Having studied the philosophy of St. Thomas Aquinas, at the Eudist college, I could not digest this so-called neo-thomism denying what St. Thomas had taught. The Apostate Church has fully endorsed this philosophy!! and now see in what state they are those who adopted this humanistic philosophy!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 5, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Deliverance, an e-mail to William Kamm ...

Dear William,

Here is an extremely important passage in the message of Our Lady given at La Salette, "Rome will lose the faith ..." Did you ever wonder if this has not already occurred? The answer as given by Our Lady of The Asylum City is a resounding "Yes," accompanied by the vision I was given on May 14, 2003, when I saw Maitreya, the Antichrist, standing beside the altar at the church where I had gone that morning to attend Mass, and who said, "I am now the one presiding."

All this to say, William, that because of the malice of man, everything has been pushed forward with much, which had been foretold whether in the scriptures or in messages, having been altered. "Who is like unto God?" While no one may or can change an iota of God's words, He alone can do so, for did He not say, "Unless I shortened these days, no flesh would survive and even the elect would be swept away"?

Yes, we are now at the finish line. Was it not told Don Bosco that the Great Chastisement would occur during the month of the two full moons. Well, this June is the month of two full moon, on the first and on the 30th.

Yes, William, everything could happen this month, but of course everything lies in the Father's hands, as much as it has been said above, much has been changed. But do you not find it peculiar that I am "pushed" on this day of Our Lady of Deliverance to write to you?

Please send your response to all the above, as I saw you arriving at my door as it was given me to see in a past dream-vision.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 5, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Deliverance ... a letter to Alban Haché, member of the Marian Movement for priests, founded by Don Gobbi ...

Dear Alban,

To well read the included e-mail.

In it is mentioned the abolition of the sacrifice as one can read in Daniel 12:11, and also as said by Our Lady to "Her sons of predilection" on December 31, 1992, abolition which has already occurred on May 14, 2003, a fact already brought forth ahead of its time due to the malice of man - a fact which now annuls the 5th sign given by Our Lady in her message of the 31st of December (to read well, for things are moving forward fast.)

Thanks for your kind welcome.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 7, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Marienthal, a letter from a woman disciple ...

Dear John/Albert,

I am forwarding to you this letter as I have again been compelled by Heaven to write. It is directed primarily to the readers of The Third Testament.

I am instructed to defend Our Holy Mother's work, "The Asylum City" by shedding some light on the recent events concerning the scandalous fall of Joseph Re and the circumstances leading up to it.

This is of great importance for many would ask, "If The Asylum City is Our Lady's work then how can a seer associated with it, apparently working for Her, fall?" It is like asking how a man, intimately associated with Jesus Christ for three years, eating with Him, travelling with Him, instructed by Him, could freely choose to betray Him and then add suicide to deicide. To elucidate, I shall recount what I know.

My first contact with Joseph Re was in the late 1980's. I received a leaflet, with his address and phone number on it, under the title "Faithful and True of the Midwest." Over the next few years I got to know him quite well through phone conversations. He gave me contact information for Andrew Wingate, John/Albert Arseneau, Natalie Martel of "Faithful and True of New Hampshire", William Kamm and the "Marian Work of Atonement" as well as Fr. Blais. However, Joseph Re's favorite topic of conversation was always himself. Seldom did we speak without he mentioning his work of pioneering the Constant Vigil of Prayer, going on speaking tours of Catholic Schools promoting the rosary as well as his Faithful and True Newsletter which he mailed out monthly. He spoke of his work at the Shrine in Necedah, Wisconsin, with great relish as well as his work promoting seers. There was no question of Joseph Re's zeal. He was more or less a one-man-show promoting his faith.

During the course of time, a dear friend of mine, Ernest LaMadeleine, of Radio Rosary in Connecticut was very instrumental in filling in the gaps in what I did not know about Joseph Re. Ernie had suffered a debilitating back injury at work and was forced to live on a disability pension. Suffering had become a way of life for him. He promised Our Lady that if he could walk, he would work for her, doing whatever She inspired and enabled him to do. Little did he know what She had in store!

His apostolate began simply as a radio spot on Sundays, with the recitation of the rosary. Over the years, Ernie's non-profit group of volunteers made hundreds of thousands of brown and green scapulars and mission rosaries as well as supplying the parts to make them to other groups. Everything was sold for what it cost to make. Eventually Ernie ran several printing presses, using them to make leaflets for the scapulars as well as other inspirational reading and prayer sheets. Joseph Re frequently purchased scapulars from Ernest as well as having him print leaflets for his various projects.

Since my only contact with either of these men was over the phone, it took some time for me to realize there was some serious friction between these two.

What made Ernest such a dear friend was that he had the heart of a lion but he was tough with me and always brutally honest. At one point he told me we would no longer be in contact because of my friendship with Andrew Wingate. He and some friends had been investigating Andrew, to the point of paying him a visit in 1995. That encounter left no doubt in their minds that he was promoting heresy and not operating within the Church. "When you are through with that clown, give me a call," was all Ernest said. In 1996 I severed contact with Andrew. When I phoned Ernie to tell him, he wept as he congratulated me. He had been praying for me all that time to see the truth!

He was anxious to know what work I was involved in so I told him as much as I knew about "The Asylum City." He was very interested until he found out Joseph Re was involved. Needless to say I was stunned. Ernest had known Joseph Re for a lot longer than I had, with many mutual acquaintances. He told me of a number of incidents and pointed out things I could not deny, as I had spent quite a bit of time on the phone with Joseph Re. He said, "Joseph Re is always trying to ‘sell' you on something. And no matter what, he is NEVER wrong. He could argue until the cows came home and walk away furious, but he was never wrong, regardless of the truth." He always had a topic on the go that made him a "cut above", something he knew that you did not know, and that he needed to "teach" you.

Very much a superiority thing. It was a trait that made him as appealing as sandpaper, in Ernest's opinion. Joseph Re's relationship with Andrew had been a sore spot between them for a long time. When Joseph Re finally separated from Andrew in 1996, the latter would not acknowledge Ernest's well intentioned "I told you so", in fact it made Joseph Re angrier.

Ernest went on to tell me how Joseph Re claimed to be the only one promoting the Church's teachings on modesty in dress, especially for women. (I know he told John/Albert the same thing). I could hardly believe my ears! How could Joseph Re claim such a thing? Joseph Re was aware that Ernie, Jan Ferrier and myself co-edited and updated an old book on the subject and had it republished under the title "The Mary-like Standards of Modesty in Dress." It was eagerly adopted by Seton Home schooling and included in their curriculum for all grades. The other incongruity Ernie pointed out, was that Joseph Re was the last guy he expected to see promoting that topic. He assumed that in light of Our Lady's instructions at Necedah for the Shrine, Joseph Re saw promoting it as another opportunity for notoriety.

My own opinion runs much deeper. Joseph Re has been fettered by carnality most of his adult life. Promoting modesty among women was like a way to blame women for his weakness, because of their shamelessness. Strangely, his own wife refuses to follow the Church's guidelines for clothing and taught her daughters to do the same. And how did that affect his sons? The school of thought that women are really only good for one thing is well entrenched in his own home! Worse, he excuses them all saying that the devil is to blame for their transgressions as retribution for his work for Our Lady! I shall add here that he was asked by Heaven to be MaryAnn's successor at Necedah, a request he turned down due to pressure from his wife and family! Where was his authority as head of the family?

What I am trying to convey here, is the picture of a man who perceives the truth yet cannot overcome himself in order to personally embrace it. Joseph Re did not start out as an evil man, but a weak man who allowed his weaknesses to rule him through his own wife and through his own ego. His obsession with preaching to others is a tainted combination of zeal for the faith and ambition and vanity. I am trying to show that this was the path he walked long before he came to "The Asylum City."

Remember, he was asked by Heaven to sequester himself on a remote farm in Indiana to take instruction from Our Lady in order to prepare for his second-chance mission with "The Asylum City", yet he eventually refused, preferring the voice which told him it was simply a test and he did not really have to do it. Why? Because he could not face not being the center wheel of his large family, although all his children were grown and living on their own.

His love of Our Lady and his passion for being solo on center stage was a raging seesaw battle inside him for the entire duration of his collaboration with John/Albert, right from the very beginning! When John/Albert went to Joseph Re's home in February, 1998, in Cincinnati, to show slides on "The Asylum City", Joseph Re was running the slide projector, yawning most of the time. John/Albert was standing at the front of the room, speaking, when it became apparent the slides were not being moved ahead any more, it seems Joseph Re was so bored he had gone into the kitchen to eat a piece of cake, leaving John/Albert humiliated and stranded in front of all the people! If Joseph Re was not the one at the front of the room receiving the attention, how important could the situation be?

This is a snapshot of the working relationship under which much of the questions and answers were produced for The Third Testament. I have been witness to the fact it has been a purgatory for John/Albert due to Joseph Re's obstinacy, caprice and deceit. The more important the work, the greater the battle against it by the infernal enemy. If Joseph Re had fortified himself ahead of time with the practice of self-denial and abnegation he might have been better prepared for the intensity of the battle, but since he had not learned to conquer himself he was ill-equipped for what lay ahead.

Opportunity after opportunity had been extended to Joseph Re to recant, to humble himself after self-examination and admit he had been had by the Evil One and made many mistakes, both deliberate and unwitting. John/Albert had permitted himself to be humiliated again and again in the hope that Joseph Re could be reformed and compliant to Heaven's wishes, yet over and over he preferred the voices telling him it was John/Albert who was intolerant, impatient and lacking in charity and understanding for it reinforced his own pettiness. What a volume of condescending messages he has produced berating and scolding John/Albert, but never any pointing to his own faults!

When John/Albert asked Our Lady himself (not going through Joseph Re) if The Third Testament would need to be edited her reply was to send him a dream-vision of the bound volume with a single page falling out of it. The only distinct writing on the page was the date: November 21, 2001. John/Albert did not know the significance of this date but when I looked it up, (at that time) it was the date of the very first entry Joseph Re made to The Third Testament, a page with his letterhead of "Faithful and True of the Midwest." Needless to say Joseph Re vetoed this vision being entered into The Third Testament and to placate him, John/Albert yielded. This was not the first nor the last time Joseph Re censured entries in The Third Testament, taking especial aim at anything with content from Christiane Houpert, a mystic in Paris, and I. Many of my letters have yo-yoed in and out depending on whether Joseph Re was working with John/Albert or silent in one of their ruptures. He maintained the idea that both Christiane and I had some subversive ambition to supplant him. To him any entry from either of us constituted "diabolical interference" and needed to be cauterized.

It was Joseph Re who insisted John/Albert retain the prefix "Br." (brother) to his signature when there had been no instruction from Heaven to do so. It was Joseph Re who insisted he and John/Albert be called prophets. It was Joseph Re who named himself "Simon the Zealot" and then produced confirmation of it from Our Lady. It was Joseph Re who named all the new apostles except John Paul II (Peter), Albert (John) and Maurice (Thomas). It was interesting how all the apostles he named were his friends and past collaborators. He always named them first and produced confirmation later.

He has never publicly recanted his claim of being a "Channel of Divine Wisdom" between John/Albert and God the Father (June 8, 2005), instead, he claimed Our Lady said it was all a misunderstanding of John/Albert's.

He was angry with Maurice, for the illustration of June 8, 2005, saying that there should have been TWO pillars there, not one. The fact that Heaven had only shown John/Albert as a pillar of granite did not blunt his ambition!

This is how far astray Hell can lead someone, no matter how sincere, when there is no humility produced by death to self. Consider how he was given a second chance to be instructed by Our Holy Mother, to convalesce spiritually in "The Asylum City", even having his ticket paid for, yet he could not leave fast enough, desperate as he was to return to his possessive wife and hostile family! Ironical is it not that Joseph Re so vigorously promotes living in the Divine Will when he has so consistently chosen his own will! God must be served on God's terms, not ours. True love of God puts God first, others second and self last. Heaven demanded heroic virtue in the apostles, produced by suffering and contempt of self. It is the hallmark of saints.

It is my prayer that this letter will give the reader material for meditation. It is not a tirade to condemn, but a map of Joseph Re's road. Anyone who thinks the mission of a seer of mystic is anything but a living purgatory is dreaming. Any seer or mystic who tries to live differently is deceiving himself. The "chosen" are called to imitate the Master and his life was not pleasure and ease but complete self-immolation even unto death. Physical and spiritual agony daily according to the Will of God. Despised by the world and the worldly, held in contempt by the self-proclaimed wise of this world. I cannot describe this road in more truthful terms. This is why so few freely choose this road and why so many of the chosen have fallen. I repeat, God must be served on God's terms, not ours! It is the hardest road!

Peace and God's blessings to you!

Your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary
Monica Wilcott, Sturgis, SK

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 8, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady Seat of Wisdom, a fax from a disciple ...

Dear John/Albert,

I am writing to you as a follow-up to our conversation this morning. We were discussing my very difficult situation and you asked me if I thought my marriage was valid. Without pausing for thought I said, "I do not know." Instantly I felt my Guardian Angel drawing my attention, much the same way as one discreetly draws attention by clearing one's throat. He quickly reminded me I did know the answer to that question, as I will relate.

In 2000 my marriage had reached a point of true crisis. I had discovered my husband had returned in force to some disreputable activities. He had been deceiving me, barefaced lying and sneaking around for some time. I believed things had reached a point of no return and began to investigate seriously what constitutes a valid marriage. I was concerned about the scandal to my children as well and thought it might be better for everyone if Robert and I parted ways.

However, Heaven intervened with this dream-vision, I found myself in a very small room. Facing me was God the Father, who appeared under the image of my dad. Also in the room was Robert with his back to both of us, looking at the floor, kicking idly at it with his toe. It was as if neither God the Father nor I even existed to him, so indifferent was his attitude. Robert behaved as if he were all alone. I was stunned by his demeanor, yet had to acknowledge it was the painful truth in real life!

I fixed my attention on the Father, who held his hands in front of Himself, cupped, holding a single sheet of parchment. It represented the marriage contract made by the three of us. He looked down at the paper and then looked penetratingly at me. His gaze was fierce and I trembled. I could have melted into a puddle on the floor, I was so terrified. His eyes pierced me through to my soul. He did not speak a word but the understanding thundered into me as if He had bellowed it! He was holding ME to the very letter of the contract, irrespective of Robert - period! As far as the Father was concerned I had sealed the contract with Him, God the Father.

This was by far the most frightening vision I have ever had. It would be a pathetic understatement to say it abruptly ended the question of whether or not my marriage is valid!

Peace and God's blessings to you!

Your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 9, 2007 - On this day of Our Lady Mother of Grace ...

Dear Reader,

Just as I have said to Andrew Wingate, of Courtland, MN, USA, once known as The Trumpeter, I now come to you all to sound the same alarm, as I did to him, in order to wake you to the fact that you all have fallen asleep and you are now unaware of where we are at in the events facing the world, asleep because you obstinately want to remain in your incredulity toward what has been foretold about the situation that would face humanity in the End Days, the time of the passing of humanity into the 3rd millenium, the Church of Philadelphia (see Apocalypse of St. John), or the 7th millenium in the history of humanity. And Our Lady has recently said, "If you so wish to remain in your incredulity, so be it", and thus The Father is now plunging incredulous humanity in a state of blindness and indifference, completely unaware how far we now have come in the accomplishment of the prophecies regarding the End Times.

As I said sternly to Andrew, the former Trumpeter of the End Times, who has now also fallen into a state of complete lethargy and indifference, making him believe his own fantasies completely at odds with reality, I again say to you all, "Wake up, we are now at the door of the general cleansing of the Earth heralding the worse calamities ever seen in order to do away with the incredulous and to catapult what will be left of humanity, the remnant, into the New Era just ahead of us."

But no, humanity is now asleep rocked softly by the Evil One to accept falsehood that everything is well although everything is passed the accomplishment of the great prophecies, by Daniel, by Our Blessed Mother at La Salette, at Fatima, and to all the great mystics and seers that Rome would lose the faith (La Salette) and that the sacrifice of the Mass would be abolished (Our Lady to Don Gobbi of the Marian Movement).

When did this take place, that Rome would lose the faith and that the sacrifice of the Mass would be abolished? On May 14, 2003, when I saw Maitreya, the Antichrist, appear beside the altar at the church where I had gone to attend Mass, and he declared, all dressed as a judge, "I am now the one presiding." And his gaze, I understood, embraced the whole planet.

And thus we can say that nowhere is the true Church on the whole planet which was immediately raptured and what was left was the Apostate Church with apostate priests all over and no pope, the last one, John Paul II, having been raptured on July7, 2003. And this apostasy, sad to say, has extended to practically all the mystics and seers except those who believe in The Asylum City and The 3rd Testament of Our Lady, as given to John/Albert the new head of the College of Apostles to direct the renewed Church with Our Lady at the head of the Church to form the New Magisterium.

John/Albert, the new Prince of the Apostles

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 10, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Cranganor, India, whose church was built by one of the three Magi ...

Dear reader,

If you refer to the account of the dream-vision of the rapture in chariots of the Little Ones of the 91's, there was mentioned that the Rapture is taking place at the beginning of the Three Days of Darkness.

The time of the departure thus marked a change we perhaps did not notice. As before we were supposed to leave on the day of the eruption of Mount St. Helens and the submergence of California, it is now to take place, as said above, at the beginning of the Three Days of Darkness to occur later.

In between the two events, the re-edition of The Third Testament, and its translation into the major languages, by the angels, as told by Our Lady, will then be put on the internet in all the languages and dialects concerned.

And more so, during the period between the two major events, the California disaster and the Chastisement, (The Three Days of Darkness), major calamities will take place such as wars, invasions, etc., in order to frighten humanity into an awakening leading it to turn to God, and believe in The Third Testament now on the internet.

All this does not mean that the Rapture will be pushed back considerably, as events will happen in quick succession. As to the time and the hour, we must remember that only God the Father knows.

And this period of events between the California disaster and later the Chastisement, perhaps a good number of the 854's and the consecrated ones will finally put aside their obstinacy and accept the apparition of Our Lady in The Asylum City as related in The Third Testament. The 854's, we must remember, are composed of all the seers and mystics who, despite the great graces received, still cling to the Apostate Church with a false pope at its head.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 11, 2007 - On the anniversary of the birthday of Francisco of Fatima, an e-mail from Wouter Pauw, a soul under Joseph Re's guide ...

I once watched a video of John/Albert's slideshow presentation of The Asylum City. I can safely assure you the slides were changed throughout the presentation.* I have copies on DVD and on VHS if anyone is interested.


Wouter Pauw

* Yes, but thanks to Kevin, Joseph Re's priest-son, who had to step in to replace his father who had gone to the kitchen to eat cake at a crucial time. This departure affected the two Patricks of Ireland who thus lost interest and left without comments.

Things of late came to a head between Joseph Re and me. So must I again remind the reader of Moses' question re Joseph Re, "What is to become of him? (Cf. July 26, 2005, February 11, 2006, and May 21, 2007). I hope a reconciliation is possible, after Joseph Re was seen by Christiane of Paris being shown the door of his former home by his daughter Peggy.

Perhaps Joseph Re will then reconsider not having followed Our Lady's request to leave quite some time ago. Many things would be different today.

I do have to cling to the cross as shown to me in a dream-vision (cf. photo below), otherwise I could be swept away in the onslaught launched by the Evil One through former apostles and friends!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 12, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Forest at Cambrai ...

Dear Reader,

From what I heard this morning on the CNN television, I could not help but conclude that China is the Red Menace now the world has to face, particularly the USA, notwithstanding the California disaster, and thus perhaps what could signal a massive missile attack on the whole of the North American continent.*


* Had Maurice, the apostle Thomas, not seen in a dream-vision missiles bouncing off the protective dome of The Asylum City, formed by the mantle of Our Lady? (Cf. Section V, of The 3rd Testament, A7, A8 and A12.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 22, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady fo the Cape opens her eyes (1888) ...

Dear Marie-Paule,

From a woman in France, I received news of your ceremonies ...

More precisely she informed me through this other person that the only thing now left for you was to meet "John."

Now if you look closely at the two photos below you will certainly recall having met your "John", on October 10, 1976, to whom, I must say, you gave a nice reception.

Do you now remember? If you have the least doubt, please write to Sister Guadalupe, of Guatemala, or else read well her message in The 3rd Testament of Our Lady, of March 18, 1990.

Here is Sr. Guadalupe's address: Hermana Guadalupe, 9a Avenida 6-71, Zona 7, Colonia Quinta Samayoa, Guatemala, or else see another message directly received during a dream-vision, on September 13, 1990.

So, there is your "John" who is awaiting to meet again soon the "Servant" of Our Lady of All Peoples, a title given through Ida Peerderman, at Amsterdam during a pilgrimage "John" had participated in.

With the pleasure to see you again,


P.S. Our Lady of the Cape opens her eyes (1888) ... the "Servant" opens her eyes (2007) ...

Why the similarity in gaze and features? Saint John had come to see me with his brother Saint James when I was but a child (cf. Section VII).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 27, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help ... a letter to Joseph Re, of Cincinnati, OH, in response to what he wrote on June 24, 2007 ...

Dear Joseph Re,

After rereading your shortened form of your letter of apology, as I had requested, I again came upon this phrase, "The Divine Will is first ... the Asylum City is second ..."

This is blasphemous. You are pitting God against God. What has become of you, Joseph Re? "What is to become of him?" Moses could again ask.

What do you think The Asylum City is? Is it not the site of the greatest apparitions ever? The site of the New Jerusalem which is to be the abode of the Queen of Heaven, with her twelve new apostles to form The New Magisterium of the Church, the home of The Third Testament? Yes, The Old and The New Testament, now plus The 3rd Testament, plus all the writings of the saints, foremost amongst which are the writings of Luisa Piccarreta will be the heritage given mankind by The Father.

So now, what does come first? What you have written is not from Heaven, but a ploy by the Evil One to confuse you and anyone foolish enough to listen to him through you.

Joseph Re, I believe the time has come for us to part company. I am vulnerable as much as anyone, and I do not wish to be dragged down by a former apostle who has betrayed his calling to help John/Albert, not to drag him down into quicksands as I was so many times warned about in dream-visions.

John/Albert, Prince of the Apostles
and Guardian of Mary, now
and in The New Era for
the New Magisterium of
The Church

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 11, 2007 - Our Lady of the Way, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

After a full day of fever and an increase in the pain in my right side, suddenly in the evening I had the sensation that Joseph Re had suddenly let go, i.e. had abandoned all contact, following the above fax I had sent to which he was not giving any answer. I felt as if the bottom had fallen off.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 12, 2007 - Our Lady of Refuge of Sinners, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

This morning I phoned Christiane of Paris to tell her of my experience of the previous day, regarding the sudden sensation of a scission between us and Joseph Re, and she answered, to my surprise, that she too had received the same sensation, but accompanied with the words, "He is dead." I was certainly taken aback by what had happened to her concurrently with what I had experienced.

In any case, before reacting too rashly, I then decided to wait a while for perhaps I would receive sometime during the day an answer to the events. In the meantime I phoned Ann Delp, of Joseph Re's group, to ask whether she had any particular news. As she said she had none, I decided to recontact her after their afternoon group-meeting for more definite news.

I did recontact Ann Delp this evening and she gave me the following unbelievable information that Wouter Pauw and Joseph Re had re-paragraphed Volume I of The 3rd Testament and were about to be finished with Volume II!!

I am completely speechless as this "supposed re-editing" was to be left to the angels. I asked Ann to try her best to stop what was going on. She said she did try but to no avail.

In retrospect there is here a parallel between what happened with The Old and the New Testament. They were rewritten with books left out or changed by heretics, a fate now attempted for The 3rd Testament.

May the Lord have mercy on them!


No wonder I never received an answer to my fax of August 11, 2007. Do they not know that Heaven has granted me the gift of sensing, at a distance even, when something is wrong!?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

August 20, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Rock, a letter from a disciple ...

Dear John/Albert,

Since this morning I have been overcome with an increasing sense of dread, building and building until it reached the point where I simply had to phone you to discuss it.

You thus told me that since yesterday you too have been overcome with a sense of dread, the pain from the wound in your side having also increased to the umpteenth degree. Feverish and exhausted you had retired very early last night.

It seems your visit to the UN has stirred a hornet's nest to the extent that it has triggered an offense to God that has propelled events forward with lightning speed.

As we discussed this dire situation, you told me you had neglected to mention yesterday that you had seen Our Holy Mother seated on her throne during your Sunday prayer meeting and Mass of St. John.*

John/Albert, I can scarcely express the effect this had on me! My knees went weak and I could not stand. Involuntarily I began to weep and tremble! I could scarcely speak, I was so breathless! I know you were surprised by my spontaneous reaction but it is because I had not fully disclosed to you my understanding in my previous letter, concerning Our Holy Mother's ascent to her throne.

My understanding was that as long as she was in her ascent there was still the possibility of there being some time left for the progress of Heaven's plans concerning The Asylum City, the re-editing and publication of The Third Testament and all three Testaments together, even up to her reaching the throne.

Once she was seated, however, it marked the final end. Complete finality! No more time!

When you told me of your vision, I was overcome by the severity and suddenness of the event. I was and still am devastated by the decree of judgment now passed against this wicked generation! There is only the Justice of the Wrath of God before us now! The present calamities will increase and increase. There will be no more respite or mitigation.

You phoned me a short time later to relay to me the vision Christiane experienced this same day, confirming everything. She was unaware of our present affliction as you had not spoken to her since Sunday. Christiane related she found herself engulfed in a supernatural darkness. All around her were bursts of raging flame which soared from below kilometers upwards. All this was permeated with the roar of the thunder of God's Wrath! Her understanding was that what she saw were features of the Three Days of Darkness and that the event is very, very close!

Her vision mirrors your own ** of the events taking place on the earth at the time of the departure of the 91's in the Rapture, which she has not read, being unable to, since she is blind.

Terrible, terrible days there will be indeed as foretold by St. John's Apocalypse!

The demons will be visible and permitted to inflict torture on unrepentant mankind. People will desire to die, to the extent of trying to kill themselves but it will not be permitted until each and every soul acknowledges the event is the Just punishment of the Most High God.

Is it any wonder we are engulfed in mortal dread? Coupled to that dread is the deep sorrow of our God, Perfect Love deeply wounded, which we also bear!

How can we begin to console our Beloved in the face of this?

My soul cries out with the psalmist, "Let the mountains fall on us and the hills cover us! For it is the Day of the Lord and who can bear it?"

I remain, your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


* During the prayer meeting of Sunday, August 19, 2007, I received twice, at the beginning of the prayers and towards the end, the vision of Our Lady seated on a throne in full glory. The visions were brief, more like flashes of light, to the point I was left wondering whether everything had been real. John/Albert.
** Cf. vision of the Rapture in 5 chariots, at the time of the Three Days of Darkness, February 7, 2007, Section XI.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 3, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd, a letter* to all the prelates and Marie-Paule...


With all due respect, I shall nevertheless come to ask you point-blank, "Do you really know Marie-Paule Giguère, foundress of The Army of Mary?"

Without waiting for your answer, I shall give you one, that is, "No!" And this is why is taking place under your eyes what you are responsible for in great part. Assuredly the worm is in the apple, or should I say as it is so well portrayed in the sketch of a dream-vision which occurred in April 1980 (cf. The Third Testament, Section VIII), the old serpent is strangling at the very base.

And to say that all this could have been avoided and would not continue to unfold its full tragedy under our eyes if we had heard a bit of the cries addressed to the Church by the instrument chosen by Heaven to help the Church and the world for these End Times which are ours.

We did not want to help the instrument tormented by the same angel which came to torment Our Lord in the desert just before his evangelization, the same angel called "the little Michael" imposed on her by prelates even, despite the wish from the instrument to be freed. Read what has been written by this instrument, and this from the very start, and you will be made aware of the full tragedy.

We are now at the time when the landlord, God the Father, is on the eve of asking accounts from both sides, as much from the prelates as from all those who have surrounded the instrument as vulgar courtiers who unfortunately were listened to and have put her on a pedestal so to speak, thus operating from the inside to better destroy a work wanted from On-High.

Yes, I belonged to the movement and wanted to quit it one day, but the Father intervened in broad daylight to say, "You would lack charity towards Me and the Church!" I certainly stopped, and if I left, one day, it was that the courtiers showed me the door for they had seen in me the one who would unmask them one day. What I am indeed doing now by contacting you and asking you to read attentively my website under the title "The Third Testament", on

Why come and contact you in these times? It is because there is "no more time." The planet is in peril when everything will topple! What can you do? While waiting "the great conclusion" which will come about suddenly as in the time of Noah, read well all that has been written, as well by the instrument as by your humble servant who has come to sound the "last ring of the bell." And I did come at the indicated time, but not by myself.

You are alerted: it is up to you to act. I have sent a word to all the prelates of the country. And I say before ending, "It is of no use to contact me before you read everything and thoroughly, after having asked to be enlightened from On-High, for I do not wish to engage in an oratory joust. And whether you see me as a crank it is of no importance. I only seek the best for my brethren, at the "time" announced at La Salette, to Don Gobbi also (message #485), and which was shown me (cf. The Third Testament, on May 14, 2003, Section IX).

John/Albert, Prince of the Apostles
and Guardian of Mary, now
and in The New Era for
the New Magisterium of
The Church

P.S. Before quitting the Synagogue, say "If I have offended You, Lord, I ask You forgiveness. I renege the Synagogue of Satan. I believe in The Asylum City and in The Third Testament of Our Lady." 

Next start saying the mass of St. John or the mass of The Cenacle, in all its simplicity, with just an alb and a stole, as it was published in 1944, by Msgr. Forget of Saint-Jean, QC, and also start to say the Chaplet of The Father (see The Third Testament).
* If neither of the above correspond to the Father's plan, so be it. They will have brought forward God's Justice upon themselves.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 8, 2007, (1) - On the feast day of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

During a dream-vision on this feast day, I saw myself in what seemed like a church, where a bishop was about to say Mass, and I said to him, "It is the Mass of St. John you must say." After having said that, I turned around and I saw Albert, John, who was just coming in. He was dressed as a clergyman and had a stole in his hands, and I heard myself say, "He does not have an alb."* He made the genuflexion and I said to him, "But the Blessed Sacrament is not there", to which he answered with a word or two, but either I did not hear or I did not understand. I know that I did not go to communion.

I awoke and I knew that it was now in the early hours of the morning, and so I went back to sleep, and lo! I fell back into the dream-vision and I noticed that we were now about eight or nine persons sitting in a circle discussing. There was John/Albert, and also the bishop seen before, now together with another priest whose name I did not know. I finally woke up and I saw that it was around 3:00 a.m.

Noëlla Comeau

* The place having been decontaminated, I knew that it would be the Mass of St. John that would be said and that there would be an alb available. It was the chapel of Spiri-Maria, in Lac-Etchemin, QC, as confirmed later by Christiane Houpert, a mystic of Paris.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 8, 2007, (2) - On the feast day of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

The pronouncement for Joseph Re by Moses meant that possibly now he would not be raptured* to "The New Heaven and the New Earth", but he would have to await for 1,000 years in purgatory.


* A thought that suddenly flashed in Jeannine DeGrechie's mind, one of the women disciples, while we talked this evening of Joseph Re's possible predicament from now on following his "P.S." in his yesterday's letter, "I am sorry, John/Albert, I cannot continue in conscience without the proper discernment process ..."

A pronouncement that would affect him as the 854's whom St. Michael at one time wanted to come down, in all haste, to slay (cf. A11, The Third Testament, Section V). The pronouncement would bring, as said above, 1,000 years of purgatory.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 10, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Joy, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

Around 11:30 this morning I telephoned Christiane, in Paris, to return her call, and it is while I was recounting the dream-vision Noëlla had on the feast day of The Nativity of the Blessed Virgin that she tells me, "I have just seen myself go to help you following Our Blessed Mother's request, ‘Quickly go and help John/Albert.'" It was in fact to help pull Marie-Paule out from the mess made by her entourage, and Christiane to continue her account of the bilocation and tell me that she had gone to Marie-Paule at the very moment that I was recounting Noëlla,'s dream-vision, and once arrived she had to force her way in through a crowd of people who were blocking her passage, and to continue to say that she had succeeded to push aside these people and go in to see Marie-Paule, close the door and stay with her.

Christiane went on to say that from what she understood it was indeed in the chapel of Spiri-Maria that Noëlla had seen me, and that I still had much opposition to face, and she went on to say that during her bilocation she did not walk but glided over the floor for the place was still contaminated.

Around 12:15 p.m., Christiane to telephone me again she had come back from Lac-Etchemin all frozen and tired*, and once back she had become again the demons' prey who started to beat her up.

As to the results of her bilocations she could not tell me more, other than her visit had been brief, meaning that things had moved. So we must wait; however, Christiane to say that she had sensed that Marie-Paule's entourage had started to boil up against her.


* I too felt extremely tired at about the same time, from a bilocation also, as witnessed by Noëlla.
One may perhaps asks oneself, "Did all the above occur or does it presage something to come about later?"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 15, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

To commemorate the 15th anniversary of the finding of the Birch Tree in The Asylum City where Our Lady of Lourdes first came on August 27, 1992, our prayer group of the Community of St. Joseph held a special meeting.

Little did I expect to be again favored by a beautiful fragrance of flowers which surrounded me for quite a while before it left. At first I thought it was of natural origin as there was a fresh bouquet of flowers placed at the foot of the altar at the back of the livingroom where our prayer-group of the Community of St. Joseph usually gather for our prayers, but it is only in the evening, after I had mentioned the fragrance, that I was told that the flowers that had been used did not emit much fragrance, if any. I went to check and indeed they did not have the fragrance I had smelled during the prayer meeting.

I took this as a consolation for I was downhearted as I did not feel that Marie-Paule was not about to answer Heaven's pleas because of her obstinacy prompted by her entourage.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 26, 2007 - On the feast of St. John de Brebeuf and companion martyrs, patrons of Canada, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

I have to relate here a most unusual phenomenon for which I had absolutely no clue at the time and which left me completely stunned at its sight.

I had just arrived home from the DeGrechie's, at sunset, and I was about to climb the steps of my backporch when I caught sight of what was left of a faint rainbow we had just had. I then turned to the west expecting to see a bright sunset. But lo! I was left speechless at what I saw, a completely white sun in a white sky devoid of any color! even the few fleecy clouds passing in front of the setting sun were but fleecy wisps of colorless vapor.

There was absolutely no color either to the sun nor to its surroundings. The sun appeared like a piece of white marble with well-defined roundness just about to set. The sight was indeed eerie, and I stood as if transfixed on the spot. Never in my seventy-seven years of life had I witnessed such a sight!

At the time of the phenomenon I had no clue* as to its meaning. Just imagine a completely round white setting sun with no color which you see without blinking an eyelid as there were no rays to hurt the eyes.

I was at the DeGrechie's where I had witnessed the first apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes coming down at the Birch Tree on August 27, 1992, when I suddenly felt the urge to get back home ... to most probably witness the phenomenon from my home while I would not have been able to witness it from the DeGrechie's place which is surrounded by trees, being more inland than my house which is adjacent to the Bay of Chaleur.

Of course this phenomenon reminded me of a dream-vision I had been given years back during which I saw a whitish sun with the naked eyes, but this I was given to see the aftermath of the Earth after the general cleansing and it was during the New Era, and the sun had rays although white and smaller.


* A clue to the meaning of the phenomenon was given to me by Christiane of Paris later, who said upon hearing my tale, the completely white sun meant the "white anger" of God at humanity's obstinacy to remain in its incredulity ... something which could now bring about sooner the events of The Latter Days such as the Great Cleansing.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

October 24, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of All Power, a letter from a woman disciple, Monica ...

Dear John/Albert,

What a dream I had last night! I was in a place that was unfamiliar to me, inside a brightly lit room. There was a group of us saying the Mass of St. John, or rather, trying to say it! My field of vision was rather restricted as I could only see directly in front of me. Going from left to right, my daughter Angela, my sons Aaron and Jonah, my daughter Anna-Maria and an elderly man with his head bowed, whom I did not recognize. They were all facing me, seated on a sort of bench. Each of us had the prayer book of St. Joseph's Community which we use for Sunday prayers.

We were praying aloud but we were not all saying the same words! It was becoming cacophonous, so I finally said, "All right! That's enough of that!"

"Well you know," said the old man in a quiet, enticing voice, "There are many errors and inaccuracies in this book.* If you like I would be happy to explain them all to you." As he spoke he slowly raised his head so I could see his face, which at first was elderly and benign. But as he continued to speak, it slowly transformed into a calm, smiling Joseph Re.

It took a moment for his words to sink in. As I understood what he was saying I was immediately filled with such rage! "Go to hell!!" I bellowed as loudly as I could! Instantly he vanished, as did Aaron and Jonah. For a moment I was startled. My two daughters were sitting with their mouths open as they had witnessed the old man's disappearance and did not know what to make of it.

"Where are Aaron and Jonah?" I asked. Angela raised her hand and pointed behind me, saying, "Right where they've been all along." I turned to my left and indeed they were seated on a bench behind me which had been out of my line of vision. It was then I realized that my daughters had not seen the two fake brothers who had been sitting between them. These two had been demons who had been reciting the altered words along with the old man, taking on the image of my sons to further encourage me to consider learning the altered words and the ideas behind them. When I had cried out they too were compelled to depart.


* A reference here to what in fact Joseph Re of Cincinnati, OH, had done lately, compiled prayers and messages for the prayer group of The Community of St. Joseph in Cincinnati, all this on his own, thus putting aside John/Albert, the instrument chosen by Heaven to head the community.

How will all this end? Again for an answer we have to refer to the conversation between God the Father and Moses as witnessed in a dream-vision by John/Albert, on July 26, 2005.

Inasmuch as he had opened his collaboration in his letter of March 13, 2002 (cf. The 3rd Testament, Section IX), a gesture accepted by Heaven, he has now ended this collaboration in the "P.S." to his fax of September 7, 2007, giving clearly the reason for his departure.

So be it, but it is sad. However, it is his decision, one that had been brewing for a long time and announced by many warnings received by John/Albert from Heaven in unending dream-visions.

A good collaborator could not wish to "process" words as given by Our Blessed Mother, for they have to be accepted verbatim or not at all. Only the "Guardian of Mary" was abilitated to discern directly and not through a "process."

A final warning had been given by Our Blessed Mother, but it was not heeded and, now, only Heaven can judge this departure. If he remains it will be as a simple member ... the doors are not closed, but ...!!?

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 2, 2007 - On the feast day of the Commemoration of the dead holy souls ... an e-mail to Marie-Paule ...

Dear Marie-Paule,

First I am sending you my condolences on the occasion of the death of Grégoire, a person I much estimated. I learned of his demise but yesterday on reading the paper, "The Kingdom" I had just received - and I would also say how much I had appreciated Marc Bosquart's article, he who recognizes that Benedict XVI (a presumed pope) did sign the act of your excommunication.

Regarding that, I would now wish to tell you that the excommunication on the part of an impostor does in fact mean nothing, that the excommunication from an Apostate Church means nothing!!

Now I ask when will you comprehend all this? Stop sitting on the fence with, as support, a foot in the Church of Peter, bygone or underground, and the other towards the Church of John, but not as yet established, but soon to be.

However do make the complete jump, in the meantime, by quitting the Apostate Church. As far as I am concerned, I am but a poor instrument, and I have understood this as it was shown to me in a full vision in broad daylight, on a May 14, 2003 (cf. The 3rd Testament, Section IX). Now it is true that one is never a prophet among his own. Example, a René Laurentin will give me as an answer, "It's too fantastic to be true", all the accounts I had sent him on the apparitions of the Blessed Virgin at the Birch Tree, in The Asylum City.

Please do not act as a René Laurentin, and finally make the move towards the Church of John without looking backward. And know that John Paul II was the last of the popes! and it will be Mary with 12 new Apostles who will form the new Magisterium in the Church of John.

Will you continue to look at me without saying a word!? I have been calling on you during all these past years, but no answer. Is it that they do not give you my messages? Or is it that you still consider me as an enemy? Which I am not! And you know it. Then?

Yes, the most solid article, the most realist in the last issue of your paper was assuredly the one by Marc Bosquart. So I gave my appreciation to Susie, his wife, whom I called last night.

Look at The 3rd Testament* of The Asylum City head on ( for once, and do it fast, for do you wish to see come about what it was given me to see last September 26th. They can translate the account for you. I still shudder from the sight.

With my best wishes,


* Which will soon be translated in 70 tongues and dialects. And will you understand, Marie-Paule, that you were the one who was right in rejecting "the little Michael", and not Van Lierde, nor Kabongo who imposed him on you! Also, Marie-Paule, go back again to April 1980, in The 3rd Testament, to the account of the tree strangled by an immense snake, account that you, yourself, qualified as a true dream-vision!!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 10, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lay of a Happy Death ... a letter to Marie-Paule Giguère, founder of The Army of Mary ...

Dear Marie-Paule,

To follow my last e-mail ... I was saying that John Paul II had been the last of the popes in the Church of Peter, with a reign of eighteen years as I was told at Lourdes in 1978, reign which ended in 1996, in a first phase when he was sequestered in his apartments and replaced by an impostor, and then definitely when he was raptured in July 2003.

Now, about sequestration I cannot ignore that you too have been in fact sequestered, cut from the world, by a masonic entourage I was shown in a dream-vision which designated such and such a person. I send you mail, it is returned! I even go to Lac-Etchemin to see you, on Heaven's directive, my road is blocked. And moreover, if you receive permission to see someone, for example a former spiritual director, you have to be accompanied by at least two persons. It is not permitted that you receive alone.

Now the jailers will soon have the surprise of not seeing you anymore on the premises, for Heaven, as with John Paul II, will have taken you and this in a short while. Will they not be at a loss? This is why I come to warn them and ask them to make amend fast, before the "Three Days of Darkness" engulf them in all their horrors. We do not laugh at Heaven!

Maybe we will understand then that you were a chosen instrument, betrayed by her very own.

With best regards,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

Le 11 novembre 2007 - Carte de meilleurs voeux au lecteur ... November 11, 2007 - Best wishes card to the reader ... (ci-dessous - below)

(couverture avant - front cover)

(couverture arrière - back cover)

Jean / John

1125 Rte 134, CP/PB 3021
Petit Rocher, NB E8J 3E7, Can


* Le 3e Millénaire - The 3rd Millenium

(intérieur - interior)

Notre Dame de tous les Peuples au Bouleau Blanc
Our Lady of All Peoples at the Birch Tree
Cf. Juillet/July 9, 1993, Section VIII, 3e/3rd Testament

(intérieur - interior)

Notre Dame de Lourdes et l 'ange au Bouleau Blanc
Our Lady of Lourdes and the angel at the Birch Tree
Cf. Avril/April 16, 2002, (1), Section IX, 3e/3rd Testament

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 12, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Tower ... letter to the reader regarding Marie-Paule of Lac-Etchemin, QC ...

Dear Reader,

I could entitle this letter "Marie-Paule's denial" ... concerning her foremost mission of establishing the City of the Immaculate in Lac-Etchemin. Something we hope is not from her but from a diabolical entourage stemmed from masonry, which would have had as effect to leave them to themselves and be under the very attacks of an apostate Church. Now, in Hell there is but anarchy; so between enemies of the true Church, there is but anarchy. And so they are in a terrible situation which, we must not be surprised, is bringing down the sun of justice without the least gleam of color, but of a sepulchral whiteness of white granite.

What will be the outcome? The reign of "the little Michael" imposed on Marie-Paule ended on December 30, 2004, when all the demons of the earth (the only ones capable of possession) were thrown into the abyss, and then came down on earth the demons of the air to replace them, demons who cannot possess but obsess with a virulence even unequalled by the demons of the earth, the reason why they had been relegated to the air and the cosmos where they spilled their hatred by laying bare worlds after worlds.

This is why their stay on earth must be shortened, and the why of the sudden great devastation on earth to cleanse it, this preluded by the submersion of the whole American west coast right to Denver, Colorado, submersion for which the alert will be given by the sudden eruption of Mt St Helens volcano.

These are the consequences which are on the eve of happening. We do not laugh at Heaven, especially regarding the tears of Mary, especially to qualify them as untrue! as it was said in The Army of Mary - an absurdity* which can only be explained by the intervention of the infernal angel, "the little Michael" imposed on Marie-Paule.

Yes, we shall be able to say that Marie-Paule will have endured all these years an unheard of martyrdom which an entourage perpetuates now obsessed by the demons of the air. It is Hell on earth: apostates vs apostates; demons vs demons. And what are you doing there Marie-Paule? Get out!! If not, it will be your downfall! Things are at that stage!

John/Albert, the Guardian
of Mary, the new head
of the Apostolic College
under Mary, the New

* Especially after Marie-Paule had spoken about it as being true in her paper at the time; as well as in the 2nd booklet of a series of 15; was even photographed with the seer, Bernard Parks of Saint John, NB, cf. November 27, 1984, section VIII, whose name she wanted to squash in that 2nd booklet we have just mentioned, whose cover picture is below.

"Paul-Marie" is not an error in translation. It is a ruse by "the little Michael" to mislead the reader.
Marie-Paule has never given a reason for this inversion although she made quite a fuss about it - it makes no rime.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 7, 2007 - On the eve of the feast day of the Immaculate Conception ... a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

There is nothing that a sincere exorcism cannot fix. So make this leap of faith for this great feast day of Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception which is tomorrow, on which we shall hold a day of prayer. Even a Marie-Paule can be inspired to make a complete about-turn and finally come to accept The Asylum City. Imagine the great miracle this would be, that a Marie-Paule and others in her situation would correspond to Heaven's wish. This could bring about Our Lady's victory even at this late date.

Time is running out, so let's make haste, in complete surrender to Our Dear Father in Heaven, on this great feast day of our Dear Mother. A great part of her buildings* in Lac-Etchemin could be transited to the site of The Birch Tree ... yes, even in wintertime. And even a William Kamm, an Andrew Wingate, etc. would correspond.


* This removal of part of what now constitutes "Spiri-Maria" buildings in Lac-Etchemin was shown to the great mystic in Paris, Christiane Houpert. She was shown that what would not be transited would be destroyed. This is to restore The City of the Immaculate whose existence was denied by Marie-Paule in her paper "The Kingdom", by the very instrument chosen to establish it for the honor of The Weeping Madonna of Canada whose statue wept in Saint John, NB, at the seer's place, Bernard Parks, from July 27, 1976, up into the 80's, and was to be enthroned in The City of the Immaculate, in Lac-Etchemin, a plan later destroyed under an order by Marie-Paule under the influence of freemasonry, although she had officially recognized the Weeping Madonna and written about Her in her paper and other publications. Thus Our Lady will prevail despite Satan's plan, whose "little Michael" was imposed on Marie-Paule for years by two cardinals of Rome, Van Lierde and Kabongo.

What is to be the fate of all these personages? God's mercy now dictates that Marie-Paule leave Lac-Etchemin for The Asylum City. Will she comply? Let's pray to her saintly parents, Ernest and Laura Giguère, for this great grace. Poor Marie-Paule! She outrightly denied that there was ever question of The City of the Immaculate. The story is long and not yet over. The outcome will unravel in the New Church.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 9, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Conception, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

I have been given to understand last night that if there is to be any transition of buildings this would not be restricted only to Marie-Paule's buildings in Lac-Etchemin but that now it would also entail the house of Nazareth now in a church building in Loreto, Italy, that would be brought to The Asylum City on the land belonging to the Guardian of Mary, and later near The Birch Tree, after the purchase of that land.

This is no happenstance.* Do you know what feast day is tomorrow? The Transition of the Holy House of Loreto (1291).


* This event was also shown to Christiane of Paris.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 27, 2007 - On the feast days of Our Lady of the Scepter and Saint John the Evangelist ... a letter to the reader...

Dear Reader,

As given in the wee hours of the morning, to continue later while I sat in the chair at the DeGrechie's where I was shown, as said previously, the descent of Our Lady of Lourdes at the Birch Tree, the scenario of things to come between now and the day of the Rapture is quite laden with events.

The thought that we now had to pray for the arrival of John Paul II*, from his place in the Garden of Eden after his rapture, on July 7, 2003, was quite prevalent. He is now being called to soon come for the passation of powers from Peter to John/Albert, in order to bring about the installation of the Church under the Magisterium of Our Lady to govern with her twelve new Apostles.

This event would also mark the beginning of the New Era, where those called to be Apostles, along with the women disciples to be raptured, will go back in age, an age that would be retained througthout the 3rd Millenium without knowing death at the end.

This scenario would also herald the transfer of many people out of The Asylum City, with those not chosen to remain because of their stubborn incredulity to leave. In turn, they would be replaced by the incoming of the 854's and the 144,000's. In other words there would be quite some in-and-out traffic of people*. All this to be completed before the Three days of Darkness and the encounter of Earth with Mars and Venus come to cleanse it.

As said above, The City of the Immaculate as a name would replace that of "Spiri-Maria" now applied to the buildings erected in Lac-Etchemin, but soon to be removed.


* This traffic of people was shown to me in a dream-vision when I saw a neighbor go out of his house in fury and plant on his lawn a sign "For Sale", while saying, "I am not staying here with all these incoming fools."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 28, 2007 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Providence, a letter by Monica, a woman disciple, to John/Albert...

Dear John/Albert,

I am forwarding to you two dream-visions I had. The first occurred in August of 1996. In this vision I was out of doors, I suspect in late springtime, as the leaves on the trees were not full size yet, and the grass was still fairly short.

I saw Karol Wojtyla, the former Pope John Paul II. He had just passed through a doorway of light not far from where I was standing. He wore a simple ankle-length white robe, not the typical white papal robes with short cape and yarmulke. The robe was gleaming white. His entire body was rejuvenated and he appeared to be about 30 years old.

He began to walk briskly and I walked along with him. "Oh, I'm SO glad you're here!" I cried, "I'm SO happy! It's so wonderful that you've finally come!"

He looked at me with a gentle, kind smile, but that smile was only for me. I could see his countenance was otherwise fierce and the fire in his eyes was entirely Divine Justice. Even his stride, the very way he stepped, was eloquent with determination and firmness. He wore (to my surprise) army boots and in a flash I was given to understand that he had indeed come to "put the boots" to everyone. Yet, even this harsh reality could not dampen my deep joy of seeing him and my thrill at having the privilege of walking beside him.

The second vision took place on November 13, 1990.

In this vision, I was standing inside a darkened old church. It was the old-fashioned kind with a high altar and two smaller side altars. The interior was finished in very cheap materials, not in keeping with the historical tradition of Catholic churches. The pressboard paneling was stained from years of candle soot and incense. It was being cleaned out, emptied entirely, because a new church had been built.

Fr. Frank Frazik, o.m.i., a truly holy priest, and I were standing in the stripped down sanctuary, surveying the tattered remains.

There were some beautiful old religious pictures that needed to be washed and re-framed. "These will all need new frames", I said.

"Well, take them home to work on them. Use them for as long as you like and return them", Fr. Frank said.

I remember smiling at how easily he trusted me. There was great peace between us as always, in this place.

Now, I am transported and facing the front of the new church, then taken right inside the front doors. It is gleaming white inside and out. There is a gleaming white metal grate inside the front doors which reminds me of a cloister church. The people who were slowly coming in were hushed, but excited. They were happy because the church is for the restored liturgy.

Inside there were neat rows of pews and a beautiful circular wrought iron communion rail for the people to kneel. The interior is flooded with great light and peace permeates all.

The first vision is referring to the return of Karol Wojtyla to discipline the 854's and refine the education for the 144,000's.

This will not be a round table discussion but a masterful dictation! And this even has yet to occur.

In the second vision, the darkened old church symbolizes the Church of Peter, which, at its height gloried in the Tridentine Mass, yet in the last 50 years was trivialized and degraded by the destruction of the Mass, traditions, doctrines and prayers.

This is the meaning of the symbolism of the cheap panel board and tarnished finishings. All this is abandoned and cleared away because the new Church, the Church of John has been prepared by heaven as the fulfilment of God's plan for humanity.

I must admit that at the time I received this vision, I had no knowledge of the Church of John, so the concept of a restored liturgy puzzled me. I knew it was not the traditional Tridentine Mass because it was clearly abandoned in the darkened old church. I had no idea what this all referred to. I did understand that the white grate referred to the strictness of respect for the Mass being restored and perfected, that nothing impure or disrespectful would enter in. This is reinforced by the demeanor of the people entering the church slowly and quietly even though they are filled with joy.

The religious pictures symbolized Our Holy Mother, the Saints and Angels whose assistance would be "framed" differently in the New Church, since Our Holy Mother will be the New Magisterium, and, as they are resurrected, the saints will walk amongst the living.

The gentle command to "Take them home" was an order to depend entirely on them in a deeply personal way in the interim time between the end of the Church of Peter, on May 14, 2003, when "the abomination of desolation" began, and the formal establishment of the Church of John, which has yet to take place when Karol Wojtyla will return from the Garden of Eden and lay hands on John, Albert Arseneau and formally invest him with the Divine Authority as Head of the College of Apostles.

Such great events yet to unfold!

Your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 31, 2007 - On the feast day of the Holy Family, a fax from a woman disciple, at 1:30 a.m. ...

Dear John/Albert,

You asked me for some more information about Fr. Frank Frazik, o.m.i., so I oblige with this letter.

I could easily fill many pages with anecdotes from the short years he served St. Patrick's parish in Sturgis. He took the inspiration for his Order seriously and was unreservedly devoted to Mary Immaculate. His seminary education was the pre-Vatican II traditional doctrines and dogma and he defended them with all his heart. He took very seriously his moral responsibility for the souls entrusted to his care.

He was born in Poland and served as a chaplain in World War II. He recounted how, on several occasions, his life was miraculously spared, he was convinced, by Our Lady's intervention. He was posted in many different places by his Order. He had been transferred to the Mother House for the Oblates, in Canada, which is in Winnipeg, Manitoba, and he was eventually posted to the Sturgis district to take care of four parishes. His superior, a man in his early 30's, told me, at Fr. Frank's funeral, that he had been sent to Sturgis because they felt he could do "as little damage as possible" in such a small out-of-the-way place.

Let me contrast this callous diabolical comment with Heaven's opinion of Fr. Frank, revealed to me in a dream-vision before I had ever met him, before I even knew his name.

Since I was raised in the modernist Church-of-what's-happening-now, I did not come to the knowledge of the true teachings of the Church until I was an adult. Once awakened to the truth I was enflamed with a great zeal for it, and longed to have dependable spiritual guidance, but everywhere I searched was tainted with modernism and liberalism. I prayed and prayed for this intention.

In July of 1990, Heaven answered my prayers with a dream-vision in which I saw a priest with dark-rimmed glasses distributing communion only on the tongue and only to people who were kneeling. The sanctuary of the church had been transformed with the tabernacle behind the main altar in the place of highest honor. This priest was vested in white. Watching him filled me with great hope and joy.

Not three weeks later, to my shock and amazement, this same priest walked into our parish as our new resident pastor! The distribution of communion and placing of the tabernacle in my dream had been Heaven's way of indicating that his beliefs and his priorities were as they should be and I could trust him not to mislead me. Indeed this was the truth!

Suffice it to say parishioners from all four parishes continually complained about him to the local bishop for his traditional beliefs and teachings. The bishop eventually barred him from speaking in one parish in particular where the Deanery Catechetical Coordinator was so enraged by his teaching that she stood up in the middle of one of his sermons and shouted her disagreement! During the week following his disbarment, that church was struck with a bolt of lightning that literally blew a huge hole through the roof.

Fr. Frank told me, with a chuckle, that he felt vindicated!

Throughout the years he was with us, Fr. Frank kept a secret. The reason he had been transferred to Canada was because he needed a kidney transplant, and although he received one, it did not work well and he had to go to Winnipeg regularly for dialysis. But instead of going every ten days like his doctor had ordered, he would stretch out the time between sessions to two weeks, as the drive was five hours one way, and he often felt he could not justify being away from his parishes for days at a time. It was his priority to maintain the schedule of daily masses and weekly confessions in every parish.

At one point there was a massive uproar in the main parish, a significant conflict among parishioners and Fr. Frank told me he feared there were souls in peril. He remained in the parish to restore order to the best of his ability and more or less succeeded.

Unfortunately this required a delay of three weeks, and, when he finally reached Winnipeg for his dialysis, he lapsed into a coma, and in October of 1992 he died.

He had put the good of souls ahead of himself and it had cost him his life, everyone in the parish was shocked for he had not breathed a word about his affliction to anyone, not even to me.

In April of 1993, I had written a letter to Franz Keiler*, asking him to ask Our Lady if Fr. Frank was in heaven. Our Lady's reply was , "Please pray for him."

You cannot imagine my dismay at the thought that this loyal soldier of the Immaculata was suffering in atonement! I immediately contacted the two other women from our rosary group and we decided to pray a novena, asking that he be released on the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity, the first Sunday after Pentecost.

Trinity Sunday came and went, but I was very concerned because we had only prayed for six days, rather than the full nine days of the novena, so I resolved, on Monday, to continue the prayers until the full nine days had been satisfied.

Family life being what it is, I did not get the lengthy novena prayers said, and Monday night I was very sorrowful. Heaven, however, intervened with the following bilocation on Monday during the night.

I found myself being carried at light speed through the cosmos. The stars and planets are nearly a blur; I am moving so fast. The moving air is cold against my face and I am astonished by what I am seeing. I seem to travel in this manner for quite some time, at least thirty minutes. Soon, I find myself coming up to a road paved with cobblestones which runs along a very high wall over which I cannot see. As I land, I feel the stones cool and smooth under my bare feet.

I begin to walk in the direction I am facing, even though there is very little light. It is like taking a stroll in the evening just after sunset.

As the road begins to widen, I become aware that I am actually being escorted by two beings walking slightly behind me to my right and to my left. I am not permitted to look directly at them, only to know that they are there walking with me. I realize that I must be going somewhere very important for my escorts are creatures of such great nobility that they must indeed be princes. My steps became lighter at this realization and I skipped along like a little child, so happy and excited to be in the company of such regality.

Finally we come to a deep alcove in the wall. On either side there are three cubicles with curtains, like changing cubicles. I could see, down to the end of the alcove, a set of massive heavy double doors. We stopped outside the alcove and I understood we were waiting to meet someone. More rightly I sensed that someone was waiting for me.

To my right a curtain moved and I saw a brilliant flash of emerald green. Up to this point, because of the dimness, everything had been like a monotone painting, shades of gray and brown. In a burst of light, out of the cubicle stepped Fr. Frank gloriously vested in green, gold and white! His face was youthful, his smile wide and welcoming! His chasuble was the most incredible three-dimensional fabric. It looked to be about an inch thick, yet seemed to be made of solid light! The designs, which were ornate symbols of the Trinity and the Eucharist, and other things I cannot recall, all seemed to float within it. I was dazzled beyond words! I was delighted and awed all at once!

Immediately he stepped towards me and embraced me! Oh ecstasy beyond words! To be penetrated to the depths of your soul with that foretaste of the Divine love! So indescribable!

I asked him if he was now happy in heaven and he answered in the affirmative. He embraced me a second time and I told him I had been so worried that we had not prayed long enough and he said, "Because you prayed with fervor they accepted my coin."

He embraced me a third time and then he turned to go. He took a few steps and the huge doors opened a crack. The most incredible white light streamed out. He moved slowly towards them and I remember thinking fondly, as I watched his back, that the workman was finally receiving his wages. People from heaven are so dignified and calm. They are never in a hurry and they do not waste words.

As for the trip back, I was lost in contemplation and hardly noticed it. I was so filled with joy and the remembrance of the touch of the Divine.

The three embraces were for each of the three women who prayed the novena for him. The colors of his chasuble, emerald green, white and gold, were symbolic of the Feast of the Most Holy Trinity on which he was released. His words of explanation meant that he owed a great debt for his sins and that the substance and duration of our prayers had not been sufficient to satisfy that debt. The love and fervor with which we prayed for his soul, however, had moved the heart of God to generously forgive it all, like the widow's mite in the parable. It was a very moving lesson in the abyss of God's generosity!

As I feared, this letter is not brief, but, oh if you only knew how much I have omitted from the story of his holy life! I remember every day to invoke his intercessions and invite you to do the same.

I remain your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


Fr. Frank Frazik, o.m.i.**

* Who was Franz Keiler? See his reply from the Beyond, following a request to Heaven: "Yes, John/Albert, thank you for thinking of me. I shall pray for your intention. Behind the veil I recognized instantly my mistakes. Pray for me as I now intercede for Mary Jane."
** Fr. Frank Frazik's story typifies the situation prevalent in the Church of Peter following the changes fomented after Vatican II.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 16, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Refuge of Sinners ... a letter from Monica, a woman disciple...

Dear John/Albert,

Peace and God's blessings to you!

At Heaven's prompting I am again compelled to write concerning the vicious battle being waged over our friend Joseph Re.

At long last the full scope of the mission he is called to is laid out before us by the understanding you were given just two days ago. A monumental task to personally canvas members of the 854 in order to reclaim them for Heaven and set their feet back on the right path, just moments before the descent of the Wrath of Divine Justice. It is a work he is well suited for and has proved successful at, years before, during his work in the Constant Vigil of Prayer.

Heaven's choice of his son Kevin as a traveling companion and new Apostle is a perfect match, as his Holy Orders give him the ability to celebrate the restored Mass of St. John (or of The Cenacle), drawing down yet more abundant graces to assist them in their most necessary and merciful work, all this dependent on his own conversion and consent to work for Our Holy Mother's Asylum City.

But alas! Such obstacles impede this mission, the roots of which can be traced to before the autumn of 2001!

Let me begin by explaining that, when Joseph Re was called to be an Apostle, he asked Our Holy Mother which Apostle he was. Our Lady told him Judas of Simon. But Joseph Re's pride could not bear this and in his usual fashion he surmised She must have meant Simon the Zealot.

Fool that he was, he would not believe Her. He refused to see that what She told him was the truth so he could avail himself of the full depth of the treasury of graces that are hers to distribute in order to prevent a repetition of history! She wanted to save him from the road he was on, a road he has obstinately maintained to the point that he now faces this present crossroad. A road he refused to see for what it was and still is - a lifestyle fraught with temptations and bad habits leading to sin.

In the Poem of The Man God the first sword to pierce Our Holy Mother's Immaculate Heart was mankind's rejection of her Son as God and Redeemer. The second sword to pierce her Immaculate Heart was the loss of Judas of Simon. So terrible was her agony over him whom She loved as her son, She was prepared to suffer any torture to save him but in vain. So now, in the End Times, She is faced with the second Apostle, Judas of Simon, and determined to prevent his demise She intervenes years in advance in a loving maternal attempt to prevent the unthinkable.

Did She not ask Joseph Re to separate himself from his situation back in 2001? Did She not even show him the small house in Kentucky she wished to have him retire to in order to assist and teach him?


Because both Judases are deeply attached to their sins. First, pride; the love of adulation, self-importance and second, the refusal to harness the flesh. True, the first Judas was single and the second is married but anyone who says there is no lust in marriage is a liar and a fool.* Whether it is the same woman or many, lust is lust.

Make no mistake, there is a parallel in virtue here too!

How many times does Maria Valtorta relate incidents when Judas passionately and heroically defended Our Lord to the extent of receiving many serious wounds from the stones of those who objected to Our Lord's teachings? How many times did Judas expend great effort and expense to give Our Holy Mother special gifts and assistance as a means of expressing his love for Her! How many weeks did he spend submitting to her instructions and living in her home?

Judas's fall was NOT a predestined fate but a massive battle played out over years, as is the battle for the heart and soul of Joseph Re!

The infernal Enemy exploits every possible weakness and vice without rest! This is why Our Holy Mother has been so earnest in her repeated efforts to reach out to Joseph Re! Even Our Lord, in His continuing attempts to help Judas, when sending the Apostles out to evangelize, consistently paired him with John, just as He has again today. How eloquently did Moses express it in your vision, "What is to become of him?"!

The outcome of this war is yet to be decided but time is running short!

The purpose of this letter is not to condemn nor hold up to ridicule - it is an appeal of the most sincere kind! Humility! This parallel is not for shame but the supreme opportunity for heroic virtue which is Joseph Re's alone to seize! The opportunity to crown the Victory of the Immaculate Heart by having the second Judas do what the first did not - comply with the appeals of the Blessed Mother unto his own salvation and the salvation of many!

It has been her most loving yet forceful desire for me to spell out in black and white the choice which is now before Joseph Re, serious to the enth degree. It is her most sincere desire that Joseph Re consider only the message, not the poor messenger.

Serving her through the Asylum City must take precedence over everything, even over family, cenacles or other interests. Did not Our Lord say, "He who prefers father or mother, son or daughter to Me , is not worthy of Me."? If only he would put all else second. She promises he will stagger under the deluge of graces She has prepared for him.

There will be no glory like the glorious victory of the second Judas overcoming himself in deference to Her! He need only say the word. All of Heaven is listening with great hope.

I remain you little sister in Christ, a child of Mary, 


*Correspondence, March 10, 2007: "Oh! My friends! Do you know along which path Satan comes? Generally three are the beaten paths, and one is never missing. Three: sensuality, money, pride of the spirit.

Sensuality is the one which is always present. Courier of the other concupiscences, it passes spreading its poison and everything flourishes with satanic flowering. That is why I say to you: "Be masters of your flesh". Let that control be the beginning of everything else, as that slavery is the beginning of everything else. The man enslaved by lust becomes thief, swindler, cruel, murderer, in order to serve his mistress. The very thirst for power is also related to the flesh. Do you not think so? It is so. Meditate on that and you will see whether I am mistaken. It was through the flesh that Satan entered man and through the flesh he goes back into man, and he is happy if he can do so. He, one and sevenfold, enters with the proliferation of his legions of minor demons." Our Lord, Poem of the Man-God Volume 4 pg. 37.

This is what St. Paul referred to when he wrote, "Marriage is good; no marriage is better".

How many couples preparing for marriage are instructed that their bodies now belong to each other and that the passage, "Wives give way to your husbands, as you should, in the Lord" means they must submit without objection to every sensual advance?

What a pernicious lie sown in the minds of the clergy by the infernal enemy! Continence is holy! It is the crowning glory of marriage and a martyr palm of victory over concupiscence! It is the sweet scent of virtue which permeates the entire family and edifies beyond words the fortunate children of such praiseworthy and rare parents! Monica.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

January 23, 2008 - On the feast day of the Espousals of Mary, an exposé by Monica ...

Dear John/Albert,

Peace and God's blessing to you! Heaven again compels me to write. My last letter was sufficient for Our Holy Mother's intention with regards to her proposal to Joseph Re. However, since his outright refusal, I am now called upon to delve much deeper into the events of recent years with regards to you John/Albert, Joseph Re and The Asylum City for the sake of the Reader.


As an introduction, I must begin by repeating this statement from my letter of December 9, 2006: "The Asylum City is not expected." In the same manner, Jesus Christ was not expected. Jesus was indeed the Savior but not as the world expected, nay, demanded. The nature of the Asylum City also is not as the world of modern day seers and mystics expect and demand it to be, nor is the second John, the Guardian of Mary to whom has been entrusted this work entirely belonging to the Queen of the New Jerusalem.

The First Testament and the Second Testament are filled with repetitions. God continually repeats actions and lessons. Abraham's son Isaac carrying the wood for the sacrifice on his back up the hill being the arch-type of Christ carrying His cross up Mount Calvary. The Ark of the Covenant fashioned by Moses at the command of God to carry the word of the Law written on tablets of stone being the arch-type of the true Ark of the New Covenant, the Virgin Mary, Who would carry the Living Word of the Eternal Law, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. The Cities of Asylum dictated in Deuteronomy 19 and Joshua 20 are arch-types of the final Asylum City. I could fill a volume outlining all the parallels contained in these two texts! Again and again, living persons fulfill God's desire to have these same types and events carried out over and over. It is the mark of Divine continuity necessitated by the constancy of fallen human nature.

Moses was sent by God to save the Israelites from slavery in Egypt; Jesus the Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity came to save mankind from slavery to sin. The Israelites rebelled against Moses repeatedly, necessitating a forty-year sojourn in the desert until all the rebels yearning for Egypt had died. Only then were they permitted to enter the Promised Land, except for Moses himself, who had sinned by disobedience. His punishment was to die on mount Nebo with the land of Milk and Honey in his view. Deut 34:1. The descendants of these same Israelites rebelled against the teachings of Christ, True God and True Man and crucified Him. In the economy of God's plan, His Most Precious Blood flowed as a lavacre opening the gates of Heaven and made possible the reconciliation of God and man; however, the infant Church instituted by Christ had been abandoned by all the Apostles save one, and he and the holy women hovered around the Blessed Virgin for guidance and consolation.

Today, this same spirit of rebellion is repeated by all of mankind, rejecting the salvation won by the suffering and death of Jesus. Even the Catholic Church instituted by Christ is in full blown rebellion against his true teachings. In response to all this, God's intended savior was the unity of the 854, working as a seamless network, but rebellion bloomed here too with full force: with Marie-Paule of The Army of Mary, of Lac-Etchemin, QC, who having fallen under the power of Satan through "the Little Michael" imposed on her by two masonic cardinals in Rome, Van Lierde and Kabongo, became possessed and started control through hypnosis (suddenly grabbing the subject by the shoulders insisting that he looked directly at her glazed eyes); Bernard Parks, of St. John, NB, and Quebec City, QC, who too, as Marie-Paule who gave a direct order to one of her priests to outrightly disfigure The Weeping Madonna of Canada, demanding a complete cleansing afterwards, followed suit with the habit of putting make-up on the restored statue ever-so deftly (with the help of Gail Stevens, a woman esthetician friend, about whom Heaven had warned John/Albert by saying, "She's trouble"; Alban Haché, of Robertville, NB, and South Tetagouche, NB, named individually in a loud voice by St. Michael zooming down with sword forward (cf. A11, The 3rd Testament, Section V), ready to slay the 854, along with Alban, (but who was stopped by Our Lady) as Alban practised the "black arts", and had tried to poison John/Albert; Willliam Kamm, of Nowra, Australia, now imprisoned for molesting young girls under his delusion of being the New Abraham, and repopulate the Earth after the calamities; Andrew Wingate, of Courtland, MN, whose brain was shown to John/Albert, as a labyrinth, while a "voice" cried, "Don't go in! You'll never get out", meaning that Andrew was full of exotic thoughts bordering the weird which made him believe he had to be ordained despite being married, this under the influence of a false Eastern Church sect bishop, Athanasius, who was shown to John/Albert, in a dream-vision, as an agent of hell; Joseph Re, of Cincinnati, who did not comply with Heaven's request to leave Cincinnati, his house having been contaminated after having been taken over by a pentecostal daughter, Peggy, who had a deep influence on his wife Margaret; etc. The Children of God rebelled yet again - Christ was crucified again.

By the grace of the Divine Mercy, Our Holy Mother intervened to prevent a global holocaust due to the Divine Justice, so great is the offense of the current apostasy! She also intervened to prevent St. Michael from dispensing Divine Justice and slaying all the 854 as seen by John/Albert in his dream vision of April 30, 1992 (cf. The 3rd Testament, Section 5). Because of all this, the Church is an abandoned infant again, the holy women and the lone Apostle hovering around the Blessed Virgin for guidance and consolation.

The purpose of this letter is to focus on two principle characters. Of course I am speaking of John and Simon because they are the two central Apostles involved with the Asylum City. As there has been so much discord and scandal caused, in order to heal, it is necessary to illuminate the parallels between events which took place in both infant Churches. In this manner, there is to be no doubt left as to the truth of these events. I do not imply that these events transpired in the manner that God desired, for indeed they did not! God gives no one license to sin! Ecclus 15:21. I can only show that, as with so many other rebellions, sadly, human nature remains constant, thus the repetition.

The Nature of John 

To describe the nature of John the Beloved Apostle, mirrored in John/Albert, I offer these quotes: 

"The first essential condition to have God with us is to bear no illwill and to forgive. The second condition is to admit that we, or those who belong to us, are sinners as well. We must not see only other people's faults. The third condition is to remain grateful and faithful, after receiving grace, out of justice to the Eternal Father." Our Lord, Poem of the Man-God, vol. 2, ch. 233, p. 505.

"Another thing that the Apostle must absolutely practice is love. Clear love.... Love is the incombustible fabric that protects you against the blaze of wicked passions. Love is the saturation of preserving essences which prevent human-satanic putrefaction from entering you." Our Lord, Poem of the Man-God, vol. 2, ch. 233, p. 506.

"Satan can do no harm to people like John. He terrorizes them but he cannot take away the grace that God continually grants them." Our Lord, Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 356, p. 464. 

(Our Lord, speaking) "Afraid of what, boy? It would not infect you. It is easier to be infected by those men who have hell within themselves and exhale the stench and poison of hell. But only those are contaminated who are inclined to become so by themselves."

"Could I be contaminated?" (asks John). 

"No. Not even if you were among a crowd of demons." 

"Why not? What has he got which is different from everybody else?" asks Judas of Kerioth at once. 

"He is pure in every way and thus he can see God." replies Jesus and Judas laughs maliciously." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 355, p. 456.

"Jesus replies to both of them, ‘Not everybody understands that properly. Some in fact prefer to remain single to be free to indulge their vices. Some to avoid the possibility of sin, not being good husbands. But only a few are granted to understand the beauty of being free from sensuality and also from the honest desire of woman. And they are the holiest, the freest, the most angelical on the earth. I am referring to those who become eunuchs for the Kingdom of God. Some men are born such. Some are made such. The former are monstrosities to be pitied, the latter are abuses to be repressed. But there is a third category: the voluntary eunuchs, who without any violence against themselves and thus with double merit, comply with God's request and live like angels, so that the forlorn altar of the earth may still have flowers and incense for the Lord. They deny their inferior part satisfaction so that their superior part may grow greater and bloom in Heaven in the flower-beds closest to the throne of the King. And I solemnly tell you that they are not mutilated, on the contrary they are gifted with what most men lack. They are thus not the object of foolish sneering words, but of great veneration. Let those understand that who should understand it and respect it if they can. Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 356, p. 468.

In respect to this most holy state of life, this passage speaks clearly of both John and John/Albert, who in fact, years ago broke off his friendship to a beautiful catholic woman in order to be obedient to the summons of the Father to follow Him perfectly. Such a sacrifice of his entire life for the love of God! Our Lord refers to the sneering foolish words directed at those who live in chastity for the love of God. Indeed it has been John/Albert's lot to suffer much from the derision of many of the 854 precisely because of his celibacy!

When John/Albert saw God the Father creating him, in a dream-vision, the kinked fibers he saw Him use were those quirks of his nature which enabled him to focus only on the good in others, laying aside their imperfections and seeing only mutual love of God.

"Dear Mother, John/Albert asked, one day, when I was given to witness my creation by God the Father in a dream-vision, I saw Him choose my fibers that went to build me, and I am now wondering why the Dear Father chose two fibers, with a kink in them, if I may ask?

Jesus, "These two kinked fibers signify rare qualities of character necessary for your mission: 

a) unquestioning reverence and devotion; 
b) blind faith necessary to persevere against your adversaries."

Such a depth of faith indeed was required to abandon himself completely to the Divine Will which preserved him from corruption, confirming him in grace again and again as expressed in the above passages, regardless of the multitude of attempts made by the infernal enemy through so many, many channels!

The Nature of Judas (or anyone now of the 854's)*

As I said in my last letter, the fall of Judas was not predestined fate but a battle played out over a long period of time. Let us examine the following quotes which give us significant insight into his character and his nature.

Judas had zeal for his faith and desired ardently that our Lord succeed in his mission. Unfortunately it was misguided zeal with a powerful self-interest. 

"Eh! It's His farewell. I am right. He is really moving towards his throne!" exclaims Judas of Kerioth. 

"Throne! H'm! I think He refers to persecutions rather than honors!" remarks Peter. 

"Not at all! The time of persecutions is over! Ah! I am happy!" shouts the Iscariot. 

"You are lucky! I would like to be back in the days when we were not known, two years ago... or at the Clear Water... I tremble thinking of future days..." says John. 

"Because you are faint-hearted... But I! I already see the future... Processions!... Singers!... People prostrated!... Homage by other countries!... Oh! It's time! Camels will really come from Midian and crowds from everywhere... and there will be a multitude... not just the three poor Wise Men... Israel as great as Rome... Greater than Rome... The glory of the Maccabees, of Solomon... all glories will be exceeded... He... the King of kings... and we... His friends... Oh! Most High God! Who will give me strength for that hour?... I wish my father were still alive!..." Judas is elated. He is bright evoking the future which he dreams of living." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 398, p. 722.

Clearly Judas loves Israel with zeal! He longs for the days when his people will be restored to freedom. He is ever mindful of the practices of his faith and following Mosaic Law. He sees in Jesus a restorer only in a worldly sense not a Savior of souls. Many times Our Lord spoke to him privately trying to help him understand His true purpose.

"Come," says Jesus. "Have you given the money to the poor?" 

"Yes Master, we have." 

"To the last coin? Remember that what is given to us is not for us, but it is to be given in charity. We are poor and we live on the mercy of other people. Miserable is the apostle who exploits his mission for human ends!"

"And if one day we are without bread and we are accused of infringing the Law because we imitate sparrows, eating grains of corn as they do, what shall we do?" 

"Have you ever lacked anything, Judas? Anything essential since you have been with Me? Have you ever fallen exhausted along the road?" 

"No, Master." 

"When I said to you, ‘Come' did I promise you comfort and riches? And speaking to those who listen to Me have I ever said that I will give ‘My Disciples' profit on the Earth?" 

"No, Master." 

"Well, Judas? Why have you changed so much? Do you not know, do you not realize that your dissatisfaction and your indifference grieve Me? Do you not see that your discontent affects also your brothers? Why, Judas, my friend, are you forsaking Me now, whereas you have been called to so great a destiny and you came to my love and to my light with so much enthusiasm?"

"Master, I am not forsaking You. I am the one who takes the most care of You, of your interests, of your success. I would like to see You triumph everywhere, believe me." 

"I know. You want that in a human way. It is a great thing. But I do not want that, Judas my friend.. I have come for something by far greater than a human triumph and a human kingdom... I have not come to give my friends the crumbs of a human triumph. But I have come to give you a great, substantial, abundant reward, a reward that is no longer a reward, as it is so complete: it is participation in my Eternal Kingdom, it is union in the rights of the children of God... Oh! Judas! Why are you not elated by this sublime inheritance, which one achieves through renunciation, but which knows no decline?" Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 404, p. 762-763.

But Judas is not elated. He refuses to accept Jesus' Kingdom on Jesus' terms. Renunciation is not to his liking. He finds it distasteful to live the austere life sacrifice and inconvenience of the disciples. 

Judas is moved, he is really moved, he is not simulating. With trembling lips and voice made shaky by his emotion, looking pale, he asks: "Do you really know what I have done?" 

"I know everything Judas. Do you want me to tell you or shall I spare you the humiliation?" 

"I... cannot believe it..." 

"Well, let us go over the past few days and tell the incredulous apostle the truth. This morning you lied several times. With regard to the money and to where you spent the night. Last night you tried to suffocate in lust your feelings, your hatred, your remorse. You..."

"That's enough! That's enough! For pity's sake, no more! Or I will run away from your presence!" 

"On the contrary, you ought to cling to my knees and ask to be forgiven." 

"Yes, forgive me Master! Forgive me! Help me! It's stronger than I am. Everything is stronger than I am." 

"Except the love you ought to have for Jesus... But come here, that I may help you to resist temptation and relieve you of it." And He takes Judas in his arms shedding silent tears on his dark-haired head." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 339, p. 351-352.

"Believe Me, We are the only ones to love you thus, without limit. There are Three Who love you in Heaven: the Father, the Son, the Holy Spirit, Who have contemplated you and Who are awaiting your decision to make you the jewel of redemption, the greatest prey snatched from the Abyss; and three on earth: your mother, My Mother and I. Make us happy, Judas! Both Us in Heaven and us on the earth, who love you with true love."

"You have said it: only three love me, the others do not...". 

"Not as We do. But they love you so much! Eliza defended you. The others were worried about you. When you are away from us you are in everybody's heart and your name is on everybody's lips. You are not aware of all of the love that surrounds you. Your oppressor conceals it from you. Believe My word."

"I believe You. And I will try to please You. But I want to do it by myself. I went wrong by myself, by myself I must recover from evil." 

"God only can do by Himself. Your thought is a thought of pride. In pride there is Satan. Be humble Judas. Grasp this hand that is offered to you in a friendly way. Take shelter in this heart that opens to protect you. Here with Me Satan could do you no harm."

"I have tried to be with You... I have descended lower and lower... It is useless!" 

"Do not say that! Do not say that! React against discouragement. God can do everything. Cling to God. Judas! Judas!" 

"Be quiet! Lest the others should hear..." 

"And you are worried about the others, but not about your spirit? Poor Judas!" Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 573, p. 279-282. 

Here we see clearly expressed, the tug-of-war raging in Judas' soul; a weak yet emotional longing to be good against a comfortable history of habitual indulgence in vice. His devotion to Our Lord comes in a poor second to his love of concupiscence and his base appetites. With regards to the salvation of Judas, however, Our Lord spares no pains to try to achieve it.

(Jesus speaking to Simon Peter) "No. I cannot please you. Do not insist. You, because you are what you are, will go to evangelize. He (Judas) because he is what he is, will stay here. My brother also mentioned it to Me, and although I love him so much, I replied, ‘No' also to him. I would not yield even if my Mother should ask Me. It is not a punishment, but a medicine. And Judas must take it. If it does not help his spirit, it will help Mine, because I will not have to reproach Myself for having omitted anything that might sanctify him." Jesus is severe and authoritative in saying so. Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 553, p. 123.

Our Lord Himself fasted and suffered privately for Judas. One notable occasion, in a cold damp cave near Achzib He petitioned the Father:

"Oh Father! Oh Father! I love him... I still love him. He is a man... He is one of those for whom I left You... save him, because of my humiliation... grant Me to redeem him, Most High Lord! I offer this penance more for him than for anybody else! Oh! I am aware of the incongruity of what I am asking, because I know everything! ... But Father, do not consider Me, Your Word, for a moment. Look only at the humanity of the Just One... let Me be for a moment only the ‘Man' in Your grace, the Man Who is not aware of the future, Who can deceive Himself... the Man, Who not being aware of ineluctable fate, can pray with absolute hope, to wring a miracle out of You. A miracle! A miracle of Jesus of Nazareth, for Jesus of Mary of Nazareth, our Eternal Beloved One! A miracle that violates what has been set down and cancels it! The salvation of Judas! He has lived beside Me, he has drunk in my words, has shared food with Me, has slept on my chest... No, do not let him be my Satan! ... I am not asking You not to be betrayed... That must happen and will happen... so that all falsehood may be canceled by my sorrow of being betrayed, as all avarice may be expiated by my grief for being sold, as amends may be made for all blasphemy through my torment at being cursed and faith may be given to those who are and will be without faith, through my torture at not being believed and all the sins of the flesh may be cleansed by my being scourged... But I beg You: not him, not Judas, my friend. My Apostle! ....since I am to die by the hand of man, Father, do not let him whom I called friend and I loved as such, be my Traitor. Increase my torment, Father, but give Me Judas' soul... I am putting this prayer on the altar of My victim Person... Accept it Father!" Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 316, p. 220-221.

Let us look deeper into his perplexing condition. What is most outstanding is Judas's determination to cling to his own will. In each of the following passages Our Lord is confounded in his efforts to convert Judas because he refuses to bridle it. Again and again Jesus implores to no avail. Again and again explaining to Judas He cannot force his free will.

"But can You forgive me, Jesus?" (Judas says) 

"And would I speak to you like this if I could not? How little you still know Me! I know you. I know that you are like one who is seized by a giant octopus. But if you wanted you could still free yourself... You are ill. Passover is not compulsory for sick people. No one is more sick than you are. You are like a leper. Lepers do not go up to Jerusalem while they are such..."

"Why do You not purify and cure me then?" asks Judas and he already sounds hard and indocile. 

"I will not cure you! When a man is ill he seeks cure by himself, unless it is a child or a fool who are devoid of willpower..." 

"Treat me as such. Treat me as a fool and see to it, without my being aware of it." 

"It would not be just because you can use your willpower. You know what is good and evil for you. And my curing you would be of no avail without your will to remain cured." 

"Give me such will as well." 

"Give it to you? So should I impose a good will on you? And your free will? What would it become? What would your ego of a man, of a free creature be? Dominated?" 

"As I am dominated by Satan I may also be dominated by God!" 

"How you hurt Me, Judas! You pierce my heart! But I forgive you what you do to Me... Dominated by Satan, you said. I did not mean such a dreadful thing..." 

"But You were thinking of it because You know that it is true, and because You are aware of it, if it is true that You can read the hearts of men. If it is so, You know that I am no longer free to do what I like... he has seized me and..."

"No. He approached you, tempting you, testing you and you received him..." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 573, p. 279.

But what eyes Jesus has! He does not say one word. But when He sees a kind of picklock stick out from the belt of Judas' tunic, He has a fearful outburst of rage. He raises his arm with its clenched fist as if He wanted to strike the thief and his lips begin to utter the word, "Cursed or curse" - But He controls Himself. He stops his arm that was about to strike and He breaks the word at the first three letters. And with an effort of self-control that makes his whole body tremble, He unclenches his fist and lowers his raised arm to the level of the bag that Judas has in his hand and He snatches it and throws it to the floor .....

In a low dreadful voice Jesus repeats to him, "Thief! Thief! Thief!" and He ends saying, "A thief today. A murderer tomorrow. Like Barabbas. Worse than him." He breathes that word on his face, as they are now very close to each other....

Judas takes a breath and replies, "Yes. A thief. Through your fault. All the evil I do is attributable to You and You never get tired of ruining me. You save everybody. You give love and honors to everybody. You accept sinners, prostitutes do not disgust You, You treat thieves, usurers and Zacchaeus' procurers in a friendly way. You welcome the spy of the Temple as if he were the Messiah, You fool! And You have appointed an ignorant man as our chief, an excise-man as Your treasurer, a fool as Your confidant (referring to John). But with me, You ration even farthings, You do not leave me a coin, You keep me close to You as a galley-slave is tied to the rowing bench, You do not even want us, I say us but it is I, only I who must not accept the offerings of pilgrims. Because You do not want me to touch money, You ordered everyone not to take money from anybody. Because You hate me. Well, I hate You too! You were not able to strike me and curse me a little while ago. Your curse would have reduced me to ashes. Why did You not lay your curse upon me? I would have preferred that, rather than see You so inept, so enfeebled, such a finished defeated man..."

"Be quiet" ................ 

"Jesus remains still, with His arms stretched out, with His eyes always fixed on the apostle, with a look of sorrow and prayer. And Judas, like one coming out of a delirium, rubs his forehead and sweaty face with his hand... he thinks, he recollects and remembering everything he collapses on the floor....

Jesus lowers his eyes and arms and in a low but clear voice He says, "Well? Do I hate you? I could strike you with my foot, I could tread on you calling you ‘worm', I could curse you, as I freed you from the power that makes you rave. You thought that my impossibility to curse you was weakness. Oh! it is not weakness! It is because I am the Savior. And the Savior cannot curse. He can save. He wants to save... You said, ‘I am the Strength that hates You and will defeat You.' I also am the Strength, nay, I am the only Strength. But My strength is not hatred. It is love. And love does not hate and does not curse, never.

The Strength could also win single battles, like this one between you and Me, between Satan, who is in you, and Me, and remove your master from you for good, as I did now by transforming Myself into the sign that saves, the Tau that Lucifer abhors. It could win also these single battles as it will win the oncoming one against incredulous murderous Israel, against the world and against Satan defeated by Redemption. It could win also these single battles as it will win the last one, remote for those who count by centuries, close at hand for those who measure time with the measure of eternity. But of what avail would it be to infringe the perfect rules of my Father? Would it be justice? Would it be merit? No. It would be neither justice nor merit. It would not be justice with regard to guilty men, who have not been deprived of the freedom of being so and who on the last day could ask Me the reason for their damnation and reproach Me for my partiality for you alone. Ten thousand and one hundred thousand people, seventy times ten thousand and one hundred thousand people will commit the same sins as yours and will become demons through their own wills and they will be offenders of God, the torturers of their fathers and mothers, killers, thieves, liars, adulterers, lewd and sacrilegious people and in the end deicides, killing the Christ materially on a day close at hand, killing Him spiritually in future times. And each of them could say to Me, when I will come to separate lambs from billy-goats, to bless the former and curse, then, yes, to curse the latter, to curse them because there will be no further redemption then, but glory or damnation, to curse them once again after cursing them individually at their death, first and at their individual judgment. Because man - and you have heard Me say so a hundred, a thousand times - because man can save himself while he is alive, up to his last breath. An instant, a thousandth of a minute is sufficient for a soul to say everything to God, to ask to be forgiven and obtain absolution... Each of them, I was saying, each of those damned souls could say to Me, "Why did you not tie us to Good, as You did with Judas?" And they would be right.

"What have you done with your free will? What with your intellect? Have you kept for your spirit the freedom that belonged to it? Have you used the intelligence of your mind intelligently? No, you have not. You who do not want to obey Me, I do not say Me-Man, but not even Me-God, you have obeyed Satan. You have used the intelligence of your mind and the freedom of your spirit to understand darkness. Voluntarily. .........

After seeing and hearing Me, after coming freely to the Good, realizing with your intellect that that was the only path of true glory, you have rejected the good and you have freely given yourself to evil. But if through your freewill you wanted that, if you have always more and more rudely rejected my hand that was offered to you to pull you out of the vortex, if you have always moved farther and farther away from the harbor to plunge into the raging sea of passions, of evil, can you say to Me, to Him from Whom I come, to Him Who formed Me as Man to try to save you, can you say We have hated you?

You reproached Me for wanting what is evil for you... Also a sick child reproaches the doctor and his mother for the bitter medicines they make him drink and for the things he wishes to have and they deny him for his own good. Has Satan made you so blind and mad that you do not understand the true nature of the action I took on your behalf and that you call malevolence and a wish to ruin you, what is a provident cure of your Master, of your Savior, of your Friend to restore you to health? I kept you close to Me... I took money away from your hands. I prevented you from touching that cursed metal that drives you crazy... But do you not know, do you not feel that it is like one of those magic potions that bring about an unquenchable thirst and produce in the blood a fierce heat, a fury that leads one to death? You - I can read your thoughts - reproach Me thinking, ‘Why then for such a long time You allowed me to be the administrator of the money?' ‘Why? Because if I had prevented you from touching money earlier, you would have sold yourself and you would have stolen earlier. You sold yourself just the same because there was little you could steal... But I had to try to avoid that without doing violence to your freedom. Gold is your ruin. Because of gold you have become lustful and treacherous ....

You would like Me to reject you. You do everything, you say, to achieve that. Such reason does not justify your actions. Because it is not necessary to commit sin in order to part from Me. You can do that, I tell you. I have been telling you since Nob, when you came back to Me, one pure morning, filthy with lies and lust, as if you had come out of hell to fall into the mud of a pigsty, or on the litter of libidinous monkeys and I had to struggle against Myself not to repel you with the point of my sandal like a revolting rag and to check the nausea that was upsetting not only my spirit but also my bowels. I have always told you. Even before accepting you. Even before coming here. Then, I made that speech just for you, only for you. But you always wanted to stay. For your own ruin. You! My greatest grief! But you, o heretical founder of a large family that will come after you, you think and say that I am above sorrow. No. I am only above sin. I am only above ignorance." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 565, p. 223 -229.

How persistent and heartfelt are Jesus' pleas! How is it so difficult for Judas to give in to Our Lord's loving entreaties? That he closes his rational mind and seeks only to conceal his conduct from the others not correct it? It can only be expressed as the Mystery of Iniquity. No human mind can truly fathom it!

Now let us look at how this resistance translates into actions with regards to the missions of both past and present Judases. 

Spiritism and Diabolical Interactions 

"We always hear someone talk of magicians, necromancers, evoked spirits... I wanted to see if whether I could discover anything... I would like to know how it is done... I think that since we are destined to amaze people in order to attract them , we should be, somehow, necromancers too. You (Jesus) are You and You do things by means of your power. But we must ask for power, for help in order to perform exceptional deeds, which are necessary... I thought that by coming here a little of that magic of gone by days would assume possession of me and make me greater. In your interest, believe me." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 2, ch. 188, p. 248-249.

(Jesus speaks) "Son, do not stretch your hand towards forbidden fruit. It is imprudent even to go near it. Do not be curious to know ultra mundane things, lest its satanic poison should conquer you. Avoid the occult and what cannot be explained. One thing only is to be accepted with holy faith: God. But avoid what is not of God and cannot be explained by man's reason or cannot be done by man's power, so that the sources of wickedness may not be opened for you and you may realize that you are "naked". Naked: repellent in your humanity mixed with satanism. Why do you wish to amaze people with by means of obscure prodigies? Amaze them through your holiness... Who does not obey the voice of the Lord, loses the Lord. And the Lord has forbidden occultism, necromancy, satanism in all its forms." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 2, ch. 188, p. 248.

"You, Judas of Kerioth, stay with Me." They remain alone and in the twilight they proceed close to each other, in dead silence. 

At last Jesus says, as if He were speaking to Himself, "And yet, even if we lose God's favor by infringing his Law, we can always become what we were, by renouncing sin..." Judas does not reply. Jesus resumes, "And if one understands that it is not possible to have the power of God, because God is not where Satan is, one can easily remedy, by preferring what God grants to what our pride desires." Judas is silent.

They have now reached the first house of the village and Jesus, still speaking to Himself says, "And to think that I did severe penance that he might mend his ways and go back to his Father..." 

Judas starts, raises his head, looks at Him... but does not say anything. Jesus also looks at him... and then He asks, "Judas, to whom am I speaking?" 

"To me, Master. It is because of You that I no longer have power. You took it off me to increase it in John, Simon, James, in everybody except me. You do not love me, that's what it is! And I will end up by not loving You and cursing the hour when I did love You and I ruined myself in the eyes of the world for a cowardly king, who is overwhelmed even by the populace. I was not expecting this from You!"

"Neither I from you. But I have never deceived you. And I have never forced you. So why do you remain with Me?" 

"Because I love You. I cannot part with You. You attract me and You disgust me. I desire You as much as I desire air to breathe... and You frighten me. Ah! I am cursed! I am damned! Why do You not drive the demon out of me, since You can?" Judas' face is livid and upset, he looks like a madman full of hatred and fear. He reminds me, although faintly, of the satanic mask of Judas on Good Friday.

And Jesus' face reminds me of the scourged Nazarene, Who sitting on an upturned tub in the courtyard of the Praetorium, looks at his sneerers with all loving pity. He says, a sob already in his voice, "Because there is no repentance in you, but only hatred against God, as if He were guilty of your sin." Judas utters a horrible curse between his teeth..." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 337, p. 344-345.

Jesus speaks calmly, in a natural tone... And yet there must be something in Him that upsets Judas, who changes color for a moment. Jesus embraces him as if He wanted to kiss him... And while his cheek is against Judas', He whispers to him in a low voice, "You wretch! What have you done with your soul?"

"Master... I..." 

"Go away! You stink of Hell more than Satan himself! Be quiet! ... And repent if you can." 

Judas... I would have run away at full speed. Not he! He impudently says in a loud voice, "Thank-you Master. But I beg You, before I go, may I speak to You privately for a moment?" All the others move a good distance away.

"Why, Lord, did You say those words to me? You grieved me...". 

"Because it is the truth. Who deals with Satan, smells like Satan.". 

"Ah! is it because of the necromancy? Oh! You frightened me! That was a joke! Nothing but the joke of a curious child. And it helped me to approach some Sadducees and to lose all desire to meet them again. So You can see that You can absolve me without any worry. They are things of no importance when one has your power. You were right. Come on, Master! My fault is a very light one!... Great is your wisdom. But who told you?".

Jesus looks at him severely but does not reply. "But have You really seen the sin in my heart?" asks Judas somewhat frightened.

"And it disgusted Me. Go away! And say no more." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 333, p. 319-320.

From these three passages we see the importance Judas puts on external wonders, sadly, not for God's true glory but for his own aims with regards to expanding his influence on behalf of Our Lord. In spite of the admonitions and anguished appeals from Our Lord Himself, Judas will not master his insatiable appetite for prestige in the eyes of men through this means.

Like Judas, Joseph Re* also desires to expand the influence of the faith, promoting prayers and devotions, making Jesus and Mary better known and loved. But the Evil One crept in, inflaming his zeal and cultivating in him an appetite for conversions through preaching, always to his own ideas, biases and inclinations. Even the messages from Our Holy Mother were not exempt from his need to modify and improve things, modeling them after his own understanding and desires. Thus the conflict over "processing" and "illumined imagination" which he claims are necessary filters for Our Lady's words. He justifies it by lengthy pontifications quoting documents and saints, all of it verbosity to cover his error.

He too, craves and basks in the attention and homage paid him by those in awe of his gift of communication with the supernatural. The abundance of "answers" solicited by Joseph Re on behalf of virtually any one who asked bears witness to his appetite to ‘play oracle'. He has, on his own, amassed reams of messages covering various topics and situations. All this, in spite of the fact that his true mission was to assist John/Albert by obtaining confirmations and answers at his request only. Is it any wonder that Hell hastened to comply with Joseph Re's demands for supernatural answers at will? He has completely abandoned discretion in favor of renown. Every means must be utilized to further his personal crusade.

Joseph Re's state has not been ignored by Heaven. Warning upon warning have been given him both directly and by others, all with the sole intention to wake him up to the deep danger he was embracing. He could bring himself to pay only lip service to the warnings and admonitions from Heaven but would not subjugate his appetite for the demonic supernatural which is the true source of most of his voluminous ‘private' messages as well as the charismatic "speaking in tongues" so intertwined with his beloved family.

Out of the many warnings sent to Joseph Re, two stand out in dramatic fashion. The first, October 30, 2003 the sky "bled" over the Asylum City as a result of his abandonment in a phenomenal display of red rays with the Holy Trinity in the center (see The 3rd Testament, Nov. 3, 2003 - a fax by John/Albert). The other most frightening, July 12, 2005, John/Albert saw a fiery red serpent come up out of the floor from a manuscript of supposed messages Joseph Re had sent. (The 3rd Testament, July 12, 2005)

Yet still Joseph Re concedes priority to pentecostal messages supported by his wife Margaret, coming through his daughter Peggy. In October of 2003 they believed, because of a charismatic message, that Joseph Re would die of a heart attack if he traveled to the Asylum City, even believing the false message that he had suffered a slight heart attack on his last visit when such had not been the case.

Our Lady told him Herself, "Joseph, again Satan is trying to work his way into your group, mixing true messages with the false." This, when he and his group were faithfully reading the messages of Denise Estrada, a known charismatic.

Again in "messages" of January, 2008, insisting on the veracity of a supposed warning of a natural disaster spoken by Joseph Re's charismatic sister on her deathbed with the word "Barva" and then "Jarva", and this to the extent of claiming confirmation from Our Holy Mother. Is it any wonder She tried to extricate him from such an environment so many years ago in order to rescue him from the influence of people who indulge in such dangerous diabolical practices?

Two Outstanding Parallels

There are two more parallels between Judas and Joseph Re which I must make manifest, so clearly do they link the two:

"Judas is silent for a little while... Then he takes Jesus' hand and kisses it, remaining bent over it, ‘Last night I exceeded the limit. I insulted You Master. I told You that I would end up by hating You... how much I blasphemed! Can I ever be forgiven?".

"The greatest sin is to despair of God's Mercy... Judas, I said: "Every sin against the Son of Man will be forgiven." The Son of Man has come to forgive, to save, to cure, to lead souls to Heaven. Why do you want to lose Heaven? Judas! Look at Me! Wash your soul in the love emanating from My eyes... ".

"Do I disgust You?". 

"Yes, you do... But love is stronger than disgust. Judas, poor leper, the greatest leper in Israel, come and invoke health from Him Who can give it to you...". 

"Give it to me, Master." 

"No. Not that way. There is no true repentance or firm will in you. There is only a faint effort of surviving love for Me and for your past vocation. There is a hint of repentance, but it is entirely human. That is not entirely bad. Nay, it is the first step towards good. Cultivate it, increase it, graft it into the supernatural, change it into real love for Me, make it a real return to what you were when you came to Me, at least that! Make it not a temporary, emotional, inactive throb of sentimentalism, but a true active feeling attracting you to Good." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 339, p. 351.

When Joseph Re fled the Asylum City, in November of 2003, desperate to return to the bosom of his family, John/Albert was shocked to see him at the airport, turn white with leprosy! There could be no other possible explanation for this manifestation than the exclamation of Our Lord in the preceding passage: Joseph Re's stubborn attachment to his family and all the temptations and pitfalls so rooted in them which he preferred over God's call.

"Oh! Mother! Have you come to pray with Me? What joy and relief you bring to Me!" (says Jesus). 

"What is it, Son? Is your soul anguished? Are You sad? Tell your Mother!". 

"You have said it, anguished and tired. Not so much because of work or of the miseries I see in hearts, as for the immutability of my friends. But I do not wish to be unfair to them. Only one worries Me: Judas of Simon...".

"Son, I have come to speak to You of him...". 

"Has he wronged you? Has he grieved you?". 

"No, but I feel sorry for him just as I would feel sorry if I saw a very infected person... poor son! How ill his soul is!". 

"And You feel sorry for him? Are You no longer afraid of him? You were once...". 

"Son, my pity is even greater than my fear. And I would like to help You and him to save his soul. You can do everything and You do not need Me. But You say that everybody must cooperate with Christ in redeeming... and that son needs to be redeemed so badly!".

"What else can I do for him in addition to what I already do?" 

"You cannot do any more. But You could let Me do. He asked Me to let him stay in our house because he thinks that he will be able to get rid of his monster there... You are shaking your head? You do not want? I will tell him...".

"No Mother. It is not that I do not want. I am shaking my head because I know that it is useless. Judas is like one who is drowning and although he realizes that he is drowning, he rejects out of pride the rope that has been thrown to him to draw him to the shore. He has no will to come to the shore. Now and again he is in terror of drowning and he seeks and invokes help, he clings to the rope... and then, seized once again by pride, he refuses help, rejects it, he wants to be independent... and he becomes heavier and heavier because of the muddy water that swallows him down. But as I wish to leave no stone unturned, let that be done as well, poor Mother... Yes, poor Mother, as You are subjecting yourself for the love of a soul, to the pain of having near You... one who frightens you." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 2, ch. 261, p. 675.

How clearly this passage mirrors Our Lady's sweet call to Joseph Re, in 2002, to come away from all the turmoil and temptation in his family where he holds a position of prestige and influence and submit himself to her tutelage. His initial consent must have given Her such joy - alas! When it came time to actually leave his wife, he balked, claiming it was only a ‘test' and that he did not actually have to do it. How his refusal crushed her Immaculate Heart!

Is it any wonder that on September 25, 2004 - and many times thereafter - John/Albert was shown Joseph Re sinking in quicksand? Just like Our Lord's description, refusing the hand extended to help him, instead, trying to pull John/Albert in to sink with him?

The Relationship Between John and Judas

"But the loving heart of John, whose eyes have often been shining with tears during the blasphemous dispute of Judas, compels the apostle to turn around shortly afterwards, just in time to see Jesus press his forehead with his hands, with a gesture of sorrow and bend forward like one in great pain. Jesus does so thinking He was unobserved in the little lonely street, which is also dark owing to the many arches across it. Fair-headed John leaves his companions and goes back to his Master.

"What is the matter, my Lord? Are You suffering once again as when we found You at Achzib?" 

"It is nothing, John! Help Me with your love. And do not say anything to the others. Pray for Judas." 

"Yes, Master. He is very unhappy, is he not? He is in darkness and does not know. He thinks that he has attained peace... Is it peace?" 

"He is very unhappy." says Jesus dejectedly. 

"Don't be so sad, Master. Think of how many sinners have become good, although they were hardened in sin. Judas will do the same. Oh! You will certainly save him! I will spend the night praying for that. I will tell the Father to make me capable only of loving, I do not want anything else. I was hoping to give my life for You or to make your power shine through my work. Now no longer so. I renounce everything, I choose the most humble and common life and I will ask the Father to give what is mine to Judas... to make him happy... so that he may turn to holiness... Lord... I should tell You something... I think I know why Judas is like that."

"Come tonight. We will pray together and speak." 

"And will the Father listen to me? Will He accept my sacrifice?" 

"The Father will bless you. But you will suffer..." 

"Oh! No! It is enough for me to see that You are happy... and that Judas... and that Judas..." 

"Yes, John. look, they are calling us. Let us run." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 355, p. 458-459.

We see from this passage that John is not hesitant in the least to sacrifice himself in Judas' interest. He thinks only of Judas' salvation and the joy it will bring to Our Lord. He does not consider what sins of Judas's may be an impediment to it but places all his hope in God's generosity and the graces which may be won by self-sacrifice. In like manner, John/Albert has remained constant in his good will towards Joseph Re, in spite of his unorthodoxy, praying for him, working with him, yet remaining firm in his faithfulness to the truth.

"After some minutes John enters quietly and stops for an instant at the door. He is white as death. He then runs towards Jesus and embraces Him imploring, "Do not weep Master! Do not weep! I love You also for that wretch..." .... Jesus embraces him and the two fair-haired heads, close to each other, exchange tears and kisses. But Jesus soon controls Himself and says, "John, for my sake forget what happened. I want that. ..... Be at peace. Forget all about this hour. Nothing. It was nothing... A dream..."

"But it is your sorrow! Oh! How changed You are Master! Tell me this, only this: has Judas at least repented?" 

"And who can understand Judas, son?" 

"None of us. But You can." Jesus replies only with fresh, silent tears streaming down His tired face. 

"Ah! He has not repented!..." John is terrified..... Jesus goes out and John remains to tidy up the place. Then he goes out as well.... At about one hundred meters from the house there is Jesus sitting on a rock. Upon hearing the steps of the apostle he turns around. His face is pale in the evening light. John sits on the ground close to Him and rests his head on his lap, raising his face to look at Him. He sees that there are still tears on Jesus' cheeks.

"Oh! Do not suffer any more! Do not suffer any more, Master! I cannot bear to see You suffer! 

"And am I not to suffer because of that? My deepest grief! remember that, John: this will be for ever my deepest grief!" Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 565, p. 234-235.


Even in the face of such obduracy, John does not think of himself. He does not lament that his sacrifices and prayers for Judas have been for naught, nor denounce or curse Judas. He only grieves with Our Lord over the state of Judas' soul and suffers deeply to see Our Lord in anguish. It has been the same for John/Albert, suffering greatly seeing Our Lady slandered by Joseph Re reputing false messages to Her, bearing humbly the constant assault on her dignity and her work and defending Her to the fullest extent possible.

What Purpose was Served with This Battle? 

This protracted struggle between John/Albert and Joseph Re, John and Judas, has been permitted by Heaven. Very public in its discourse, it has caused scandal and uncertainty among the faithful and much suffering.

Its purpose has been twofold. It has been permitted as a tool to sift the faithful, demanding blind faith and perseverance. Like God sifting Gideon's army, (Judges ch. 7), only the most determined and loyal have remained, worthy to receive the prize.

"It does what your good will does. It destroys tepidity, apathy, vain conceit. It compels you to be vigilant. What makes you worthy of the prize? Struggle and victory. Can you win if you do not fight? The presence of Satan compels continuous vigilance. Love, then, Who loves you, makes his presence not necessarily harmful. If you keep close to Love, Satan will tempt but he will be rendered unable to cause real damage..." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 409, p. 796.

Secondly, as is clearly shown in so many of the passages quoted, the salvation of souls is at stake. Heaven is determined to exhaust every possible opportunity to prevent the loss of even one! Did not Our Lady appeal even to Judas only moments before he went out to hang himself?

"Mary calls him with a voice that should have converted a demon. "Judas! Judas! Stop! Stop! Listen! I am telling you in his name: repent, Judas. He forgives..."... Judas has run away." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 601, p. 578.

This, in fact, was the nature of my last letter - Our Lady pleading yet again for Judas/Joseph Re to give in to Her and serve our Lord, a most desperate appeal to one who has already made his decision to refuse!

As for why Heaven has permitted, nay, welcomed the sufferings engendered by this long siege against the Asylum City, consider this conversation between Our Lord and Simon Peter:

"I think that what I ask You, other people may ask of me. Because the thoughts of men are all alike. Yesterday, You said that innocent people and holy people will always suffer, nay they will be the ones who will suffer on behalf of everybody. I find it difficult to understand that, even if You say that they will wish that themselves. And I think that as it is difficult for me, it may be so also for other people. If they ask me, what shall I tell them? In this first journey a mother said to me, "It is not fair that my little girl should die with so much pain, because she was good and innocent." And as I did not know what to say, I repeated Job's words, "The Lord has given. The Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." But I was not convinced myself. And I did not convince her. The next time I would like to know what to say...".

"It is just. Listen. It seems an injustice, but it is a great justice that the best should suffer on behalf of everybody. Now tell Me, Simon. What is the Earth? All the Earth?" 

"The Earth? A great, great expanse, made of dust and water, of rocks, with trees, animals and human beings." 

"And then?" 

"Then, nothing else... Unless You want me to say that it is the place of punishment and exile for man." 

"The Earth is an altar, Simon. A huge altar. It was to be the altar of everlasting praise to it's Creator. But the Earth is full of sin. Therefore it must be the altar of endless expiation and sacrifice, on which the victims are consumed. The Earth, like the other worlds with which Creation is strewn, ought to sing psalms to God Who created it...

"Consider this, Simon. What benefit does God get from Creation? What profit? None. Creation does not make God greater, it does not sanctify Him, it does not make Him rich. He is infinite. He would have been such even if Creation had never existed. But God-Love wanted to have love. And He created to have love. God can get only love from Creation, and that love, which is intelligent and free only in angels and in men, is the glory of God, the joy of angels, the religion for men. The day that the great altar of the Earth should omit praises and entreaties of love, the Earth would cease existing. Because once love is extinguished also expiation would cease, and the wrath of God would destroy the Earth that had become an earthly hell. So the Earth must love in order to exist. And also, the Earth must be the Temple that loves and prays with the intelligence of men. But which victims are always offered in the Temple? The pure, spotless, faultless victims. Those are the only victims agreeable to the Lord. They are the early fruits. Because the best things are to be given to the Father of the family and the first fruits of everything and choice things are to be given to God, the Father of the human family.

"But I said that the Earth has a double duty of sacrifice: that of praise and that of expiation. Because mankind that has spread over the Earth sinned in the First men and continuously sins by adding to the sin of estrangement from God the other countless sins of its consent to the voices of the world, of the flesh and of satan. A very guilty Mankind, that, although it has likeness to God, having its own intelligence and divine help, is more and more sinful. Stars obey, plants obey, elements obey, animals obey and they praise the Lord as best they can. Men do not obey and do not praise the Lord enough. Hence the necessity of victim-souls that may love and expiate on behalf of everybody. They are the children who, innocent and unaware, pay the bitter punishment of sorrow for those who can do nothing but sin. They are the saints who willingly sacrifice themselves for everybody ...."

"One more question, Master. Is it right for me to say to someone who suffers, that sorrow is not a punishment but a ... grace, something like... like our vocation, beautiful, even if toilsome, beautiful even if it may seem an unpleasant and sad thing to people who do not know?"

"Yes, you can say that Simon. It is the truth. Sorrow is not a punishment, when one knows how to accept it and use it rightly. Sorrow is like a priesthood, Simon. A priesthood open to everybody. A priesthood that confers great power on the heart of God. It is a great merit. Sorrow that was born at the same time as sin can appease the Justice. Because God can use for good purposes also what Hatred created to give sorrow. I did not choose any other means to cancel the Sin. Because there is no means greater then this one." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 5, ch. 553, p. 123-126.

To this profound teaching on the purpose of the sufferings of the faithful few, I can add only this quote:

"I asked Jesus, ‘Is there anything You want to tell me?' As that thought had come to me He answered, "Nobody has suffered like my son John/Albert." Later He added, "I send My blessing to him."

This priesthood of suffering was to be lived by all the 854. They were to be a luminous example to the whole world, inspiring conversions and strengthening the faithful. Instead, there is nothing I have written here about Judas and Joseph Re that could not equally be applied to all of them.

The greatest tragedy of the present day Judas is that he is not running off to murder and damn only himself, but, blaspheming that what he does is at the command of the Blessed Mother, drags a trusting cohort of his own personal followers with him. All 854 Judases will have to answer for the multitude of souls they have misled, scandalized, demoralized and led to damnation! In the following passage, it seems Our Lord is speaking of them:

"A short time ago I was wondering in how many people, in future, the man of Kerioth will be reviving with all his faults. And I was thinking that anyone, who were not Jesus, would reject that faulty being. But I will not reject him. I am Jesus. ........ How many Judases, oh Mother, in future centuries! And how many will be like half-wits who cannot understand, or like blind and deaf people who cannot see or hear, or like cripples and paralytic people who cannot come... Mother. Let them all be under your mantle! You alone can and will be able to change the punishment decrees of the Eternal father for one soul or for many of them. Because the Trinity will never be able to deny its Flower anything." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 4, ch. 453, p. 240-241.

Indeed the Flower of the Trinity has worked slavishly in her appeals to this obdurate lot, begging, pleading, weeping to move the 854 to comply with the Divine Will! What has been their response? Cold repudiation!

Let us pray fervently that at the end of all, they may not hear these horrifying words of Our Lord: 

"I have been sent to shape hearts according to Truth and Salvation. I have had in My hands hearts made of iron, lead, tin, alabaster, marble, silver, gold, jasper, gem. Hearts that were hard, wild, too tender, inconstant, hearts hardened by sorrows, precious hearts: hearts of all kinds. I worked at every one of them. And I molded many according to the desire of Him Who sent Me. Some hurt Me while I was working at them, some preferred to break into pieces rather than be completed. But they will always have a recollection of Me, even if it may be a hateful one.

It is not possible to work on you. Nothing is of any avail with you: warm love, patience in teaching you, severe reproaches, chisel work. As soon as I move My hands away from you, you become again what you were. There is only one thing you should do to change: to abandon yourselves entirely to Me. But you do not do that. And you never will do it. The desolate Workman leaves you to your destiny." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 336, p. 338.

As a fitting summary I wish to relate the parable of The Two Wills, given by Our Lord as his farewell speech to the people of Kerioth:

"A perfect father had two sons. He loved both with the same wise love, he directed both towards the right ways. Although there was no difference in the way he loved and taught them, there was a remarkable difference in the two sons. One, the first-born, was humble, obedient; he did his father's will without discussion, he was always joyful and happy in his work. The other one, although younger, was often unhappy, he argued with him and within himself. He always pondered, with deep human meditation, on the advice and orders he received. And instead of carrying them out exactly as they were given, he took the liberty of modifying them completely or partially, as if they had been imparted by a fool. His elder brother used to say to him, "Don't do that. You are grieving our father!". But he would reply, "You are foolish. A great big strapping man such as you are, first-born over and above and grown up, Oh! I would not remain in the place where father put you. I would like to do more. I would impose myself on the servants, so that they might realize I am the master. Owing to your perpetual meekness you look like a servant yourself. Can't you see that no one pays attention to you notwithstanding your primogeniture? Some even laugh at you...". The second-born son, tempted by Satan, or rather, a disciple of Satan, whose advice he carried out diligently, tempted his brother. But the latter, faithful to the Lord and respecting his Law, was faithful also to his father, whom he honored with his perfect behavior.

Years went by and the younger brother, annoyed at not being in a position to rule, after imploring his father several times saying, "Authorize me to act in your name, for your own honor, instead of letting that fool do so, as he is meeker than a lamb." and after trying to urge his brother to do more than the father ordered, to impose himself on the servants, on fellow-citizens and neighbors, said to himself, "Oh! That's enough! Our good name is at stake! Since no one else wants to do it, I will do it myself!". And he began to do things his own way, yielding to pride and falsehood and disobeying without the slightest hesitation. His father used to say to him, "Son, listen to your brother. He knows what he does." Or he would say, "I have been told that you have done such a thing. Is it true?". And the younger son, shrugging his shoulders would reply to his father's questions, "He knows, he knows! He is too shy and irresolute. He misses the opportunity to take command." Or he would reply, "I did not do such a thing." His father used to say to him, "Don't seek help from this one or that one. Who do you think can help you more than we can, to give fame to our name? False friends influence you so that later they may laugh at you behind your back." But the second-born son replied, "Are you jealous because I am the one with spirit of enterprise? In any case I know that I am doing the right thing."

Time passed. The elder brother was growing more and more in justice, whilst the younger one fostered evil passions. At last the father said, "It's time to put an end to this. You will either comply with what I order, or you will lose my love." And the rebel went and told his false friends. "Are you worried about that? Don't! There is a way to make it impossible for a father to prefer one son to the other. Hand him over to us and we will see to it. You will be free from material blame and your property will flourish because, after removing him who is too good, you will be able to make it famous. Do you not know that forcible action, although painful, is better than inertness, which is harmful to property?" they replied. And as the younger son, by now sated with wickedness, gave assent to the conspiracy.

Now tell Me. Can the father be blamed for educating his sons in two different ways? Can we say that he was an accomplice? No, we cannot. Why, then, was one son a saint and the other wicked? Is the will of man perhaps given in advance in two different manners? No, it is not. It is given in one way only. But man is free to change it, and he who is good makes his will good and who is wicked makes it wicked.

I exhort you, people of Kerioth - and this is the last time that I exhort you to follow only your good will. Almost at the end of My ministry I repeat to you the words that were sung at my birth, "There is peace for men of good will." Peace! That is, success, victory on the Earth and in Heaven, because God is with those who are willing to obey Him. God does not look so much at the high-sounding deeds that man does on his own initiative, as at the humble, prompt, faithful obedience to the work which He proposes." Poem of the Man-God, vol. 3, ch. 393, p. 705 - 706.

I remain, your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary,


* Who also has the chance to come back, fully yet, along with the others of the 854's, with a full compliance and exorcism! John/Albert

St. Michael zooming down to slay the 854's,
as seen in a dream-vision, on April 30, 1992.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 4, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the pillar, a telephone from Christiane of Paris ...

Dear Reader,

I, Christiane of Paris, certify that the Mass of St. John does really come from Heaven.

In fact, on August 2, 2005, I am awakened and I suddenly hear words being spoken. I opened my eyes and in front of me was Jesus saying the words said at the Cenacle. Our Lady, Our Blessed Mother, was kneeling on my right. St. Joseph was kneeling on my left.

They were saying the words of the Consecration in French, and I joined in, saying the words.

While ago, I recalled the whole scene while saying my prayers, and thought I should attest this fact, and I heard the words from Heaven, "Do it."

All this to say that the Mass of St. John is true and comes from the Eternal Father who, at different times, sends Jesus to say it at my place, always with Our Blessed Mother and St. Joseph.

Christiane of Paris
mystic and Woman Disciple
member of the Community
of St. Joseph
of The Asylum City

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 20, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Tears, a letter to Pierre Poulain of France ...

Dear Pierre,

It is a must for you to seize that Heaven wants us to return to the simplicity of the Mass of the Cenacle (or of St. John), the only Mass that now counts.

Let us come out of these centuries which have weighed down the first Mass said by Our Lord through all kinds of rituals. "Now all those who want to remain in their incredulity, let it be so", has said Our Mother.

Sending your Mass booklet was not a coincidence, now Heaven wants you to go forward towards the New Era that will bring back the simplicity of the first Mass said at the Cenacle. Even the priest vestments were made heavier in the course of the centuries. All that must, therefore, be abandoned. There will only be an alb and a simple stole needed; the number of consecrated hosts will have to correspond exactly to the number of communicants.

The Lord, in a first endeavour at the Cenacle, had broken with the weight and complexity of the rites of the Synagogue. He wants to make a second try, which this time will be successful in The New Era. So let us follow Him. Is this not the why of the exorcism the Father has given us: "If I have offended You, my Lord, I ask You forgiveness, and I renege here the Synagogue of Satan.* I believe in The Asylum City and in The 3rd Testament of Our Lady." An exorcism that has to be said before the Mass to eliminate possible contamination from new members, etc.

That is the true Restoration. You will certainly want to be part of it as a member of the New Apostolic College, with Our Blessed Mother as the Magisterium, and John/Albert guiding the Apostles as Guardian of the Virgin Mary.

Now it will still be the Church as founded on Peter for the first two thousand years, but the 3rd millenium has reserved to John/Albert the place at the head of the Apostolic College.

Follow in John/Albert's footsteps and you will thus fully participate in the work of Restoration to which you have always been called. At the beginning all had not be revealed to you. Now you know. So make a leap of faith, if necessary, in order to follow these footsteps. Do not allow it be told you that it is impossible. With God we can accomplish all. And start right away to work with John/Albert by making known The 3rd Testament of Our Lady of The Asylum City. Certainly it has to be translated and re-edited by the angels, and this should now not await longer, as we are advancing towards the New Era. The 3rd Testament must be translated in 70 tongues and major dialects.

Talk about this to those you know to be authentic. Will they not tell you the same? Also, do you not work in France, the eldest daughter of the Church? When the Earth will be renovated after the Great Cleansing (see The 3rd Testament) the continents will be brought together and Brittany will touch Acadia where lies The Asylum City, in Nigadoo, in New France, on the shores of Chaleur Bay where Jacques Cartier threw anchor, in 1534. Now there will be no seas nor mountains anymore, as it is said in the Apocalypse. (See the meditation of the 5th mystery of the Chaplet of the Father given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio to accompany the Rosary given to St. Dominic. There are 5 mysteries in this new chaplet, one Hail Mary, followed by 10 Our Father's, as it is the age of the Father). Do you want our prayer booklet of the usual prayers for the cenacles of the Community of Saint Joseph of The Asylum City? We shall gladly send it to you.


* Also what has become the Church officially, on May 14, 2003.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 23, 2008 - On the feast day of St. Polycarp, a letter to Clement Filion, priest in Ottawa ...

Clement Filion,

According to her, it was to Beatrice and not to Alban that Lionel Labbé would have given the mission to spread the messages of the Virgin Mary to the Priests her beloved Sons. Thus a surprising mission given to a woman! So Alban took things in hands, and seized the occasion to promote his own messages. Something Mr. Labbé, nor you, could have grasped; also he preferred to promote the "said" Cross of Dozulé as promoted by J.N.S.R., a non-authentic mission as we later learned.

This is the why we did not continue to follow the meetings organized by Alban Haché; also as Heaven had intervened to found the Com. of St. Joseph of The Asylum City for the New Era.

All things considered, Alban had rejected authentic messages of the Blessed Virgin to put his forward. He too had his mission, he would say. Now before coming to settle in New Brunswick, he had belonged to a group which was engaged in spiritism in Montreal, and Alban boasted of being able to do whatever he wanted with people. He had let this out in a moment of inattention; something he would have liked to keep secret.

Neither Mr. Labbé nor you could have known this state of things.

Never at any time would Alban have quoted a passage from the book "To the Priests, Our Lady's Beloved Sons", for, according to him, he did not want to scare people. He preferred to entertain them with "the charismatic illusions" that do not frighten, as promoted by David Boudreau and Lemire, Capuchins in Bathurst.

We understand why he so often said that it was his mission he was promoting.

We do not ask of you to investigate, but to pray for these two people, Alban and mainly Beatrice, who are now in a critical state of health and who risk much in having to answer for having falsified what Heaven had asked of them.

You will now know how to act concerning all the groups they have organized in northern New Brunswick, groups which have nothing to do, as I have said above, with The Marian Movement of Priests.

I repeat, Alban made the promotion of his mission, of his interpretations, something he had always wanted to do and could at last put in effect in New Brunswick and not in Montreal.

If all that got going, it is that his wife Beatrice's family, that had been an obstacle to him up till now, was no more in his way, after having been deceived by the movements to which it had adhered such as The Army of Mary, etc. Once their adherence to these movements fallen, the road was opened to Alban, to make his promotion!


P.S. No wonder St. Michael came down with a charged sword yelling "Alban"* and that the number 854 was also shown in this dream-vision on April 30, 1992 (see photo): 854 designating the large number of persons falsifying or putting aside Heaven's true messages as Alban did.
* See The 3rd Testament, 

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 12, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Miracles, a letter to Marie-Paule Giguère, founder of the Com. of Our Lady of All Peoples ...

Dear Marie-Paule,

Yes, you are the servant of Our Lady, and as such you are the one who will receive the wound of the serpent as Our Lady's heel* (Cf. The 3rd Testament).

Already you have been wounded, Marie-Paule, and this at the very start of your mission, something we must all comprehend, in order to fully seize the why of all that has happened in the course of time, bite that will continue as long as your true mission will not be complete. And in order to fully understand completely this mission, it is essential to seize that it also comprises the recognition of The Asylum City and the New Magisterium of the Church, with its New Apostolic College for The New Era.

Yes, you are the servant of Our Lady as it was said in Amsterdam through the seer of Our Lady of All Peoples. I was there for that solemn moment and heard it all, although I did not then certainly comprehend fully the extent of that declaration. The comprehension of your great role will only be given to me much later, comprehension which to this day is still developing progressively along with the battle that continues its course with the days and which will continue as long as there will not be in the picture of the great apparitions the one of Our Lady of Lourdes at the White Birch in The Asylum City, on August 27, 1992, which took place at the very geographical center of the circle that St. Thérèse of the Infant Jesus had come to trace beforehand (Cf. The 3rd Testament), and as long as will not be accepted the return to the Mass of John (or of the Cenacle) in order to fully plunge us into the Church of the New Era that will only arrive, alas, after the great cleansing of the Earth, but which the small remnant must ALREADY put in practice and acknowledge as existing, this since the event of May 14, 2003, when the Antichrist came in person to make Rome lose the faith and abolish the ancient sacrifice**, as it was foretold at La Salette and to Don Gobbi, for what is now presently on course is a Church that has become The Synagogue of Satan with an impostor at its head, Church from which we must leave in haste if we want to fully enter the Church of John of the New Era. Already, in order to be in step, the celebrant must therefore go back to the simplicity of the Mass of the Cenacle: simple alb and stole, with, however, the words of the consecration as said by Our Lord, without keeping consecrated hosts, and after having first said the exorcism to remove all contamination from the Synagogue of Satan, brought during the Church of Peter.

So then, still before you is the full extent of the struggle to pursue. But why not ask Heaven if this is all the extent of the struggle (even among your own, alas)? This way I would not be alone to make you know all what has happened. Yes, I am the guardian of the Blessed Virgin (Cf. The 3rd Testament), and this is probably why I have the comprehension of your great role. However, everything will certainly be clearer in time.

In the meantime, do not only listen to John/Albert's enemies, alas more numerous with the years. And as the servant of Our Lady give him a hand. Already, what a victory for the Mother to see this agreement.

I am nothing however, Marie-Paule, and I need much support, for already at the first skirmishes aroused by the Evil One, I wanted to leave The Army of Mary where I had just entered on October 10, 1976. Fortunately the Father did intervene, and this in broad daylight at home, in my livingroom, an afternoon, to tell me, "If you leave, you will lack charity towards Me and towards the Church!"

After such words I certainly retraced my steps, but the Evil One nevertheless continued the struggle, to the point of having me believe that you were the one at fault in the disfigurement of the statue of The Weeping Madonna of Canada, the while it was its very guardian who had perpetrated the act***. Fortunately I kept in my heart my adhesion to an authentic work ... which goes hand in hand with the arrival of The Asylum City.

No, Marie-Paule, it is not I, a poor earthworm, who could have invented such a thing, the apparition of Our Lady, I repeat, at the White Birch. This must be understood. The salvation of a great many is at stake. What would then have happened to the 854's that St. Michael was coming down in full speed to put to death, had it not been for the intervention of Our Lady Who stopped him in full descent with a charged sword at the end of his arm, and who yelled with a voice to fill the heavens, "Alban", a person in our midst who slyly performed the work of the Evil One? All of which was seen in a dream-vision and told in what Heaven now calls The 3rd Testament**** of Our Lady and which must figure next to the First and the Second Testament.

All of this is a lot to say, but what I have just written, especially that "you would be wounded as the heel of Our Lady", suddenly came to mind as I was reading the meditation of the first mystery of the Chaplet of the Father given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio, in 1987, at L'Aquila, Italy, chaplet that now accompany the rosary of St. Dominic. We are in the time of the Father!

May Heaven see to it that we understand one another. Also, I dare hope a word from you, either to have me come, or either send to me Fr. Denis whose all expenses I would pay.


* For the Virgin cannot come in direct contact with the Evil One. She thus needs an intermediary person who is you, Marie-Paule ... so a role of an ever unheard of importance.

** John Paul II, the last pope of the Church of Peter, having been taken up, July 7, 2003, and replaced by impostors. Father Mastropietro could certainly represent Peter in the new apostolic college. There would be no pope anymore, the Blessed Virgin being the New Magisterium. John/Albert, however, would be at the head of the apostles under the command of the Mother. This would now be the new structure of the Church for the New Era of a thousand years, the 3rd millenium of Christianity, or if you wish, the 7th millenium (or day) of humanity asked with insistence by the Blessed Virgin at La Salette.

*** What had not been specified precisely but lately, in fact yesterday!

**** Which must be translated in 70 tongues and major dialects, after its re-edition, for much dross has slipped into it through the action of a collaborator who deviated from his path, in order to interpret his own way the data given from Heaven. That is another story whose end has already been presaged during a dream-vision in which I heard the Father in conversation with Moses (Cf. The 3rd Testament). The internet site for The 3rd Testament is, I remind:

Photos of Our Lady of All Peoples and of the Servant, Marie-Paule, both in tears (cf. The 3rd Testament, Sect. V), at the home of the guardian of The Weeping Madonna of Canada, Bernard Parks, in St. John, NB.

Photo of Our Lady of All Peoples, in tears at different occasions in her statue, between 1983 and 1985.

Photo of Marie-Paule Giguère, the Servant of Our Lady, also in tears at the same epoch, more precisely on December 24, 1983.

Why all these tears? Because of the successful manoeuvres of the Evil One in order to stop The City of the Immaculate. But Heaven is watching and greater plans were put in place: The Asylum City, in the area where resides John/Albert, guardian of the Virgin, the New Magisterium of the Church for The New Era, and Spiri-Maria, in Lac-Etchemin, where resides the Servant.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 15, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Underground, an e-mail to Marie-Paule, the servant of Our Lady of All Peoples, through Denis Laprise ...

Dear Marie-Paule,

Between two decades of my chaplet of the Father, today, it suddenly came to mind, following all that I have written to you lately, like an unfolding of all the ceremonies that you had on last May 31st at Spiri-Maria, in Lac Etchemin, of which one could read the review in the paper "The Kingdom", ceremonies mainly centered on the passage of the Church of Peter to the Church of John, with the coronation of Pierre Mastropietro, and suddenly it dawned on me that this crown worn by Peter would serve for the induction of John/Albert at the head of the new apostolic college.

Marie-Paule, am I wrong? There would then soon be a ceremony at your place for the transfer of titles from Peter to John/Albert. Does all this go beyond the credible, something you knew but which was not yet time to divulge?

I do not really know what to think. What do you think, you, of all that? You are the Servant, thus Heaven would have already informed you beforehand, is it not, but time having not yet arrived to divulge everything, you went ahead without much explanations? As the "Servant" you could represent Our Lady, even in dress?

It is probable that therein lies the why I contacted all bishops of Canada lately by e-mail, and will again, to tell them specifically that Marie-Paule is far from being a heretic, even if we have to pass from the Church of Peter to the Church of John, thus leaving behind what is fitting to call The Synagogue of Satan that Rome has become, as announced by the Virgin at La Salette and to Don Gobbi, and out of which one must now make haste to depart, for there is no pope anymore and that what remains refuses to give the Virgin her 7th day.

Oh, there will still be struggles and even desertions for John/Albert is a stumbling block, and this from the beginning, but there must be no more delay if we wish to be part of the remnant of the 91's called to cross over without dying.

Oh, how many more mysteries still remain to be divulged? I am out of breath just to think of it and am starting to comprehend the why there was so much struggle. The Evil One had the presentiment that something was up and this is why he put so much effort to destroy John/Albert.

But who am I? A nothing, except what Sr. Guadalupe of Guatemala, who had come to my place, said that I was John, and except the dream-vision where I saw myself as a pillar of granite (Cf. The 3rd Testament, A17, Sect. V).

I am sending this e-mail to Father Denis with the instruction not to speak about it to anyone before having spoken to you about it. If you let me know that I am losing it, I shall accept Heaven's verdict.


P.S. Would you not have told someone down here, during a trip in the ‘70's, that you had seen someone "arise"? What did these words mean, which a Marie DeGrechie still recall? And Pierre Mastropietro would be the new Peter in the new apostolic college?

Dream-vision given on September 13, 1990, during which I am told,
"You are John, Guardian of the Virgin Mary," with the comprehension
that I must become the Virgin Mary's protector and defend Her in her
titles (that I saw file on the horizon) and to see myself as a granite pillar.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 17, 2008 - On the feast day of the Office of Our Lady Instituted, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

What happens when someone with a major role or mission goes off track? Incredible to say, Heaven has to intervene, and this is what happened to a collaborator of John/Albert's for the editing of The 3rd Testament.

The photo below will illustrate in a dramatic fashion the intervention of The Father, Who came to express his deep chagrin over the defection of this collaborator, who more than once insisted on following his own will, despite his deep knowledge of The Divine Will exposed by the great Italian mystic, of Corato, Italy, Luisa Piccarreta.

This is tantamount to treachery and becomes part of the Mystery of Iniquity.

This insistence of doing "his own will" was an open door for the Evil One to give that collaborator misinformation upon misinformation in such a subtle way to even fool the best.

And although advised of this intervention by The Father, that collaborator still insisted to express his righteousness, even to the extent of saying he could not make a mistake as "he was a direct channel of wisdom" between The Father and John/Albert, guardian of Mary, and the instrument chosen for the establishment of The Asylum City and the Community of St. Joseph, called to work in unity with Marie-Paule, the Servant of Our Lady of All Peoples, in Lac-Etchemin, QC.

From the start this collaborator was told by Heaven to leave his home, in Cincinnati, OH, contaminated by his daughter steeped in pentecostalism, who came to own her father's house, and seek refuge as far as possible, elsewhere, in order to be free from any ill-effects. But he stubbornly refused, thus giving free entry to the Evil One to introduce his falsehood in the answers that Heaven was giving him. This falsehood was so wily that it took the intervention of The Father in conversation with Moses, and numerous other dream-visions to John/Albert, in order to alert him, showing the collaborator in quicksand with the extreme danger of being completely sucked in also.

The extent of the contamination, that crept in the information forwarded by the collaborator, now demands a complete revision of The 3rd Testament by the angels who will at the same time translate it into 70 tongues and major dialects.

So this is the sad story of an apostle gone astray.


Photo of the dream-vision given to John/Albert on July 26, 2005, during which he saw himself brought up into the clouds and come upon a conversation going on between God the Father and Moses in which much concern was expressed regarding Joseph Re, a collaborator to The 3rd Testament, expressed in these terms which ended the conversation, "And what is to become of him?"

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 22, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of Citeaux, a letter to the reader ...

Dear Reader,

As St. Augustine so well said, "Mary is the only city of refuge and the unique hope of sinners", and to add we could say "... the unique asylum city ...

And precisely it is in The Asylum City that Mary came in what could be her last coming in this world below as it is, on this 27th of August, 1992, as Our Lady of Lourdes. (Cf. The 3rd Testament)

And this morning, in the wee hours of this 22nd of March, I am awakened with the well precise sentiment that there did not remain as authentic on the whole planet but The Asylum City, where Our Lady came at the White Birch.

And the feeling was deep of finding oneself so isolated on a whole planet where all that was genuine and authentic is now fallen, with certainly the greatest fall was that of the Church itself, on this 14th of May, 2003, when Maitreya, the Antichrist in person, dressed as a judge in court (see The 3rd Testament), came to say, as it was shown to me, John/Albert, in the church of Robertville, NB, just before the celebrant would go up to the altar, "It is I who is now presiding."

A terrible vision whose full portent I could only seize but with the course of the hours that followed even to the next day, one has to say. What a vision! which in fact conveyed the full meaning of the words said by Our Lady at La Salette, in 1846, "that Rome would lose the faith", as also to Don Gobbi, in "To the Priests Her Beloved Sons", "that the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass would be abolished." An end foreboded when I was told interiorly in Lourdes, in 1978, when the death of John Paul I was announced, that the next pope, who would be the last, would have an eighteen-year reign, therefore till 1996, when he would be then sequestered and replaced by impostors, before being finally "taken up" on a 7th of July, 2003, with still an impostor in place on the already vacant throne of Peter.

To seize the full impact of this situation meant, in the deep comprehension that I was given in the wee hours of this morning of the 22nd of March, that outside "The City of Refuge", "The Asylum City", there was nothing authentic anymore, and that the Church was indeed underground, entombed in the heart of the small remnant throughout the world and that all the rest was contaminated, fallen under the influence of The Synagogue of Satan.

All this then means that The Great Cleansing of the planet is not for off anymore, for this is an intolerable situation in the sight of the Eternal Father. One must then expect that the world, as in the time of Noah, undergoes The Great Deluge, but this time a deluge of fire, for the world is worse now than in Noah's time. (Cf. The 3rd Testament, Section V -

Also, given the fact that God the Father wants to remake the Earth as a Celestial Home, as He had conceived it before the Fall of Adam, this then tells us how deep and total the cleansing will be. Suffice to read the meditation of the 5th mystery of the Chaplet of the Father, given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio, in 1987, in L'Aquila, Italy, meditation taken word for word from the Apocalypse of St. John. (Apoc. 21:1-4).


- Vision of Maitreya, the Antichrist, dressed as a magician, standing beside the altar saying, "I am now the one presiding", on the morning of May 14, 2003, in Robertville, NB, thus concretizing what had been foretold by Our Lady at La Salette, in 1846, and to Fr. Gobbi, on December 31, 1992.

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March 31, 2008 - On the feast day of Our Lady of the Holy Cross, around 4:00 a.m., while I was in meditation, the Father came to tell me, "CLOSE THE ARK OF NOAH" and to comprehend that everything had been said in The 3rd Testament, as I was in the process of putting together under one format three so-called Bulletins making up the full contents of The 3rd Testament up until now.


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