THE ASYLUM CITY / ... The New Jerusalem ...

VI -  Our Lady In The Asylum City

August 27, 1992 -That day, somewhat grieved, I sat down at my good friends' home in the usual chair facing the patio doors looking on the back garden and adjoining forest, and facing towards the geographical center of The Asylum City, city whose circumference was traced out on map in fire by St. Theresa of Lisieux, during a dream-vision in September 1989 (A1, cf. Section V), to skirt in a perfect circle the foundations and confines laid in 1984 by Our Lady during a visit in our area through her statue of Our Lady of Fatima, in tears, for the disfigurement of the miraculous statue would closely follow, the visit hardly over. An event which prevented its crowning in Rome by the Holy Father scheduled for May 28, 1984, in St. Peter's basilica under the auspices of The Army of Mary of Quebec, thus depriving this Marian Work of its great action for the Church as announced to the foundress, Marie-Paule Giguère, by Heaven; an event which, moreover, came to interrupt the establishment in progress of The City of the Immaculate in Quebec, with all the tragic consequences for the Church and the world that this victory of the Enemy could entail had Our Lady not intervened in tears in order to minimize the damage and obtain from the Eternal Father, after three days of petition at the foot of the throne of the Blessed Trinity, the incredible grace of the resumption of Heaven's plans through the foundation of The Asylum City in these Latter Days, to replace The City of the Immaculate, refuge for the 144,000 from the 12 tribes of Israel dispersed throughout the nations, and called to form The New Jerusalem, where will reign Our Lady of All Peoples, and Marie-Paule, as the "servant", is called to reside in this New Jerusalem!

Now, on that day of August 27, 1992, recalling to my mind with sadness all that had occurred in 1984 and since, I had implored Our Lady to continue her help in these tragic times, little realizing that my plea was indeed opportune for it was the feast of Our Lady of Consolation and Joy. And Heaven to respond by sending Our Lady of Lourdes! (A21, cf. Section V)

Yes, as an answer to my prayer, I suddenly saw in an inner vision Our Lady descend near a white birch in the adjoining forest, in the direction I was facing. She appeared so young and beautiful beyond any artist's conception. Her garments were of the deepest white and of a material not of this world. Around her waist was a large blue ribbon whose ends floated at her side as She descended. With her hands She was pushing aside her white mantle and appeared to be looking for something at the foot of the white birch.

Needless to say my total surprise to thus see Our Lady suddenly in a vision which lasted for a while, long enough to have imprinted in my mind a number of details clear enough to enable me to find the tree in question on the following September the 15th, prompted by an inner pull to go and look for the emplacement. I was led to the tree to the utter amazement of my companions. We were following a trail when suddenly I veered into the bush at a particular point. The foliage was still dense, and my companions sat down on stumps to wait. I suddenly called out to them, "That's it!" They arrived and they too were surrounded by an aura of profound peace. We touched the tree which felt warmish despite the ambient coolness.

This was beyond the ordinary to be able to pinpoint a tree among so many in the thick forest, and to have the certainty that it was the one which corresponded in detail and setting to the one I was shown.

Why come as Our Lady of Lourdes? Did She not seem to indicate it when She came back on October 7, 1993, on the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, accompanied by an angel of great stature who poured a jet of water from a large urn? Does She want a sanctuary? In her time assuredly, for the land is not yet acquired, and the generosity of the people may be the sign that all be done, accordingly, before or after the great calamities, now at hand according to the different messages by Heaven for our times and the dream-vision which occurred on April 30, 1992, when I saw St. Michael come down in full speed with armor and charged sword while a voice thundered, "854 ...!" (A11)

What will happen if a reprieve is not given?

In February, 1993, an explanatory bulletin was published on the manifestations by Heaven pertaining to The Asylum City and the reason it came about. And an article on the Rosa Mystica - whose statue wept in our chapel from November 17 to December 7, 1992 - was providentially sent to the magazine Leaves, thus providing us enough names to mail out the bulletin. But the demand was so great that soon the number of bulletins printed ran out. We, therefore, have to depend on the generosity of the people for reprints and thus meet the demand. We cannot send in numbers, but only individually to those with an open mind and heart, in order to avoid any loss as it happens when left at the back of the church. We are living in the very times of the war of the spirits, and we cannot throw the good grain on barren and rocky ground. The time has come when Heaven's messages and the holy doctrine are no longer tolerated.

Section V printed in February, 1993, was presented directly to the Holy Father during a private audience on December 9, 1993, a meeting absolutely providential, for it had not been foreseen. I had brought some copies of the bulletin during a pilgrimage-trip to Rome, and then Heaven unexpectedly intervened to arrange a meeting with the Holy Father.

Br. John meets with the Holy Father in Rome on December 9, 1993.       
John/Albert meets with the Holy Father in Rome, on December 9, 1993. It was revealed to John/Albert, during a dream-vision, just before the election of John Paul II, that the new pope would have an 18-year reign ... or about. The motto of the new pope, according to St. Malachy, was shown on the right beside the motto of John Paul I who had just died. A voice said,  "They are like twins, two sides of the same coin." I later realized I had come close to know the name of the new pope.

Regarding if and when one should move to places of protection, the call will be felt in your heart.

If the animals* knew when to enter Noah's ark, all the more will the small remnant "hear the sound of the trumpet and start on their journey."

*But not all the animals entered Noah's ark, only representatives of species. And so it is with humanity's representatives in these Latter Days: the 144,000 called to re-evangelize, will enter The Asylum City; the others called to form the "remnant" will be protected "everywhere." (Cf. Preface, last paragraph.) So no one should worry how to heed Jeremias' call (cf. A7, Section V), if they abide by God's Laws ... and not all presently within the confines of The Asylum City are assured to remain. The sorting will be general.

Josef Van Der Velden, The Unicorn, of Holland, was shown, in a vision during his visit to The Asylum City, in 1992, how the 144,000 were "brought", and how they sat closely together within the relatively small enclosure that makes up The Asylum City.


Our Lady came to the Birch Tree in The Asylum City, on August 27, 1992 for the first time as Our Lady of Lourdes. She will come a last time on September 30, 1997, as Our Lady of Revelation. She came during the 5 years of apparitions as Our Lady of Fatima as well as Our Lady of All Peoples. Other personages also came among whom St. Peter and St. Thérèse of Lisieux.

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