THE ASYLUM CITY / ... The New Jerusalem ...


- Part I -

The Coming Chastisement

of a World That Refuses to Listen
by Luis Dufaur


The appearance of the Blessed Virgin Mary at Fatima, Portugal, in 1917 was not an isolated event.

In an ecclesiastical procession or similar solemn rites, a cortege with an ascending array of dignitaries precedes the principal celebrant. Similarly, a series of increasingly prominent messages from Heaven foretold the preeminent message of the Mother of God.

At Fatima, Our Lady denounced a depravity that called for a chastisement of unimaginable proportions. Such decadence resulted from a process that began at the end of the Middle Ages, an epoch in which "the philosophy of the Gospel governed the states ... (and) the influence of Christian wisdom and its divine virtue permeated the laws, institutions, and customs of the people."1

The Spirit of Darkness that animates this corruption trumpeted his diabolic design through such heralds of iniquity as Luther and Calvin, Danton and Robespierre, Marx and Lenin, the anarchists of the Sorbonne, and today's purveyors of the myriad evils and scandals with which we are all too familiar.

Since the onset of this tendential revolution, saints, popes and other counter-revolutionaries have not failed to sound the alarm. Such providential warnings have even issued from Heaven itself.

Among the portents meriting our attention are the little-known writings of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora.2

On the left: painting of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora. On the right: brick building in Rome, known as the Selvaggi Palace, where Blessed Elizabeth lived during the first years of the apparitions.

Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora.

Elizabeth was born in Rome on November 21, 1774, the daughter of Tomas Canori, a prominent landowner, and Teresa Primoli, an aristocrat. In 1796, at the age of 21, Elizabeth married Cristoforo Mora, an attorney. She gave birth to four daughters, two of whom died in infancy.

The untimely deaths of her children were not the only tragadies to befall Elizabeth. Cristoforo, seduced by an immoral woman, abandoned his wife and remaining children. He was arrested by the Pontifical police and sent first to jail, then to a convent. He swore to amend his life but, on returning home, he repeatedly tried to kill his wife. Elizabeth, for her part, offered countless sacrifices for her husband's conversion.

Only after Elizabeth's death, on May 2, 1825, did Cristoforo return to the Faith, leading a life of prayer and penance. He was eventually ordained and died a priest - as Elizabeth had foretold.

"The Justice of God will chastise you."

On Christmas Day, 1813, Elizabeth was transported to a place bathed in light. There, numerous saints surrounded a humble manger, from which the Holy Child beckoned her.

I saw my beloved newborn Jesus bathed in his own blood. At that moment, I understood why the blood of the newborn Divine Infant had been spilled - the bad conduct of many priests and religious who did not behave according to their state, the poor education given children by their fathers and mothers.3

The angels conducted Elizabeth to secret lairs where clerics conspired to topple thrones and destroy the remnants of Christian civilization.

I saw many ministers of the Lord who renounced one another, furiously ripping from their person the sacred vestments. I saw the holy altars torn down by the very ministers of God.4

I saw the Sanhedrin of wolves that surrounded the Pope and two angels weeping. A holy boldness inspired me to ask the reason for their sad lamentations. Contemplating the city of Rome with compassionate eyes, they replied, "Miserable city, ungrateful people, the justice of God will chastise you."5

"The entire world was in chaos."

The angels showed Elizabeth the destruction that God has in store for a world that refuses to heed his words.

Thunderbolts of divine justice flamed about me. Buildings fell into ruin. Cities, provinces and countries - the entire world was in chaos. One heard nothing save voices weakly begging for mercy. The number of dead was incalculable.6

What most impressed Elizabeth was the sight of God as a giant.

His omnipotent hands were filled with bolts of lightning. His face was resplendent with indignation. His gaze alone was enough to incinerate the world. Neither angels nor saints accompanied Him - only His indignation.7

Of this vision, Elizabeth wrote, "Had it lasted more than a moment, I surely would have died."8

On the left: His gaze alone was enough to incinerate the world. On the right: Saint Peter's square on the day of Blessed Elizabeth's beatification, on April 24, 1994.

"The Mother of God did not implore God for mercy."

On June 13, 1917, Our Lady showed Lucia, Francisco, and Jacinta her Immaculate Heart, surrounded by thorns, symbols of the wounds inflicted by our sins. Elizabeth was also shown how grievously our sins offend the Blessed Virgin. Seeing the sorrow in Our Lady's eyes, she asked her why she grieved.

"Contemplate, O daughter," Our Lady replied, "Contemplate the great impiety."

Hearing these words, I saw brazen apostates boldly seeking to wrench her Holy Son from her most pure bosom. In face of this outrage, the Mother of God did not implore God for mercy, but instead called for justice. Robed in inexorable justice, the Eternal Father turned his indignant gaze toward the world. At that moment, nature convulsed and the world lost its bearings as it sank beneath a misery beyond imagination.9

"Woe to those who embrace the condemnable philosophies of our day."

On July 6, 1815, God again revealed to Elizabeth the chastisement brought down on mankind by "rapacious wolves in sheep's clothing, bitter persecutors of Jesus Crucified and his bride, the Church."

The whole world was in convulsion, especially the city of Rome. At the Sacred College, some had been dispersed, others humiliated and still others ruthlessly assassinated. The clergy and nobility suffered similar fates.10

On June 28, 1820, the feast of Saints Peter and Paul, Elizabeth beheld the Prince of the Apostles descending from Heaven in pontifical vestments and escorted by a legion of angels. With his crosier, St. Peter drew an immense cross upon the Earth; on each of its ends verdant trees appeared enveloped in brilliant light. Here the godly - religious and lay alike - found refuge from the torment.

Yet woe to those religious who scorned the holy rules, because all will perish under the terrible scourge. This applies to all who embrace licentiousness and the condemnable philosophies of our day.11

"With a wave of his right hand, He will punish them."

Elizabeth continued her account of her fearsome vision:

The firmament was covered with a tenebrous blue, a terrifying sight. The wind's impetuous breath was felt everywhere as its violent roar - like that of a ferocious lion - echoed across the globe.

Terror will reduce men and beasts to utter fear, and they will kill one another without pity. The avenging hand of the omnipotent God weigh down on these miserable souls, and He will chastise their shameless pride and impudent temerity.

With a wave of his hand, He will punish them, setting loose from Hell legions of demons to scourge the world, executing the demands of Divine Justice.

Because they surrendered their souls to Satan and allied themselves with him to strike against the Holy Catholic Church, God will permit these iniquitous men to be chastised by ferocious demons who will devastate every place where man has affronted and profaned Him.12

"I will reform my people and my Church."*

Thanks be to God, the similarity of these supernatural manifestations a century apart does not end with their depiction of the catastrophic chastisement awaiting those who mock God and his laws. Like the consoling promise of the triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary given us at Fatima, the message of Blessed Elizabeth offers the faithful cause for hope.

After the purification described above had been accomplished, Elizabeth saw Saint Peter descending from Heaven on a majestic pontifical throne. He was followed by Saint Paul, who "traversed the world to imprison those malignant infernal spirits and bring them before the holy Apostle Saint Peter who, with authority, confined them to the dark netherworld from which they had been released. Then a beautiful radiance shone above the Earth, announcing the reconciliation of God and man"13 and the remnant of faithful Catholics were led from their place of refuge to the throne of Saint Peter.

The Saint chose the new Pope, and the Church was reformed to the precepts of the Gospel. The religious orders were reestablished, and every Christian home was permeated with such zeal for the glory of God that all acclaimed the triumph and honor of the Holy Catholic Church.14

Thus Our Lord would fulfill what He had confided to Elizabeth in 1821:

I will reform my people and my Church. I will send zealous priests to preach the Faith. I will form a new apostolate. I will send the Holy Ghost to renew the earth. I will reform the religious orders with holy men and women who possess the spirit of my beloved son Ignatius. I will give a new Pastor to my Church who, with holy zeal, will reform the flock of Christ.15

"Finally, my Immaculate Heart will triumph."

Blessed Elizabeth dies nearly a century before Our Lady's appearance at Fatima in 1917. Yet her visions and revelations - only touched upon here - are even timelier in the twenty-first century. Like Fatima, they warn us of the coming chastisement of a world that refuses to listen to God and his Church.

Also like Fatima, they console us with the promise that the glorious Reign of Mary, which Divine Providence has been preparing for centuries, is forthcoming; that Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph!
1.Pope Leo XIII, encyclical Immoratale Dei, Nov. 18, 1885.
2.Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora was raised to the altars by Pope John Paul II on April 24, 1994. The theological censor had pronounced her writings free of error on May 11, 1990. (See below.)
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Editor's note:
This article was adapted from, "Um século antes de Fátima a Providència já anunciava" by Luis Dufaur in the Brazilian magazine Catolicismo of May 2002.

Official judgment of the writings of Blessed Elizabeth.

On May 11, 1990, the ecclesiastical censor entrusted by the Holy See with the examination of the manuscripts of Blessed Elizabeth Canori Mora issued his formal judgment. He affirms, "In all the writings of the Servant of God Elizabeth Canori Mora there is nothing contrary to the Faith and good customs, nor is therein encountered any altered or deviant doctrine, or doctrine foreign to the common and customary sentiment of Holy Mother Church."

He does, however, observe that objections might be made as regards "certain visions and revelations that refer in particular to greater and lesser prelates of Rome, which include rather gloomy descriptions and are of such dimensions that they would seem more suited to cause scandal to the faithful and to offend pious ears."

In order to dismiss this eventual objection, the ecclesiastical censor clarifies, among other things, that "lamentations of this kind, at times expressed in even more vibrant language, are nothing new in the writings of the Servants of God in which, if it be sad to witness corruption among the people, it is even more deplorable to witness it among the ministers of the sanctuary."

After explaining how difficult it would be to attempt to prove the visions of Blessed Elizabeth false and how easy to show their authenticity, he concludes, "The words of the Servant of God, rather than being offensive to the ears of the pious, ought to be considered very useful, especially to priests who read them."

The zealous censor also expressed his desire that "the autobiography of our Venerable Servant of God might be published as soon as is possible and convenient," for these pages "will not fail to be equally advantageous to many souls of good disposition not inclined to slight the marvels of God in his saints." (From Sacra Ritum Congregatione, Beatificationis et canonizationis Ven. Servae Dei Elizabeth Canori Mora. Rome: Typographia in Instituo Pii IX, 1914.)
* The reformation of the Church depicted above to Blessed Elizabeth, the 25-year period of peace of La Salette, The Warning and Miracle of Garabandal will not occur now due to the increased malice of man (cf. 10-point résumé of March 8, 2004, in Section XII.) Instead will now take place, as of the Feast Day of St. George, on April 23, 2004, the beginning of God The Father's Permissive Justice, a period heralded in a vision to John/Albert on May 14, 2003 (cf. Section X.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

UFO's, Lemuria, Noah, the Bermuda Triangle, Time Travel and the Virgin Mary

On Saturday March 22, 1986, William Kamm had a session with "Our Holy Mother" who told him to publish the session she had with another seer, Michael from the US, and issue 87 of "Our Lady Comes to Australia", published May 24, 1986, says, "Below is a message given by Our Lady to the seer, Michael of the USA. Our Lady requested that this message be printed and given out to the world immediately."

"My child in the past I told you that there were 5 arks that escaped from the destruction of Atlantis and Lemuria. The total survivors of the lost continent were numbered 160 in all. This Lemurian race after intermingling with Noah's race some 700 years later had constantly been trying to move the technological developments of your world up to where they are at the point of this present day. They had need for the equipment made in your present time era. The plan of the descendants of Atlantis and Lemuria was and still is ... to use present technology to build great ships - your world calls U.F.O.s to bring the Atlantian/Lemurian descendants back to the days prior to Noah; in an attempt to stop the events which caused the continent to sink below the ocean waters. However, since it is impossible to change the time events as they have already passed, they have failed so far. Many people from your time era have vanished from your time by being brought aboard these ships. Some aircraft had to be destroyed because they flew too close to the Atlantian(Sic)/Lemurians while they were going into a time window."

Then Our Lady goes on to describe how the time windows works,

"The time windows are all caused by the relation of the magnetic lines of the earth in its position in the solar system. Any magnetic or electrical impulse of great voltage is enough to open a time window in the triangle. All that is needed for proof is to look at the fact that the watches on every passenger in a plane will on occasion be up to 10 or 15 minutes slow at touchdown of a plane while at liftoff they were all accurate. A time window would affect these clocks."

* * *

This is the message of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Theresa, on June 13, 1986 - Friday at 5:30 a.m., feast day of Saint Anthony of Padua. (Given to a privileged soul, Michael).

OUR LADY: "My child and my children, We have come this night to bring you Theresa's Poetic Message for the world. Yes, my son, the words will be automatically translated for you."


"The Atlantians come, and the Atlantians go;
They hope that mankind does not learn what they know.

It is the Bermudan Triangle from whence they are coming;
It is the Bermudan Triangle from whence they are going!

In the dark of the night they hover;
The Vast Triangle they cover.

They travel in lines of ‘displaced time';
These words are clear in form of rhyme.

I tell you of fact, within the rhyme;
Radar cannot penetrate through the Windows in time.

And into these windows the Atlantian craft do climb;
Your radar will lose them within ‘years' of time.

The Atlantians are clever - united with one theme;
To stop Atlantis from sinking, has been their scheme.

Thus the ships and planes will disappear;
Near Atlantis, ‘years-ago' they will reappear.

The men are hypnotized - and then are taught;
To destroy a bomb-control, they try - but are always caught.

Time cannot be within their grasp to change;
It is out of even the Atlantian's range!"

OUR LADY: "My child, this is the message for this night. You will now say a Hail Mary and then sleep will come at once for you have a long day yet ahead of you shortly. Be at Peace-of-Soul, my child. Good bye for now."

SEER: With this, Our Lady rose through the ceiling of my room and, in the absence of the Light She made with her presence, I said a Hail Mary and, as She said, fell asleep as soon as I said, ‘Amen'.

Workers of Our Lady Of All Holy Titles
P.O. Box 528139
Chicago, IL 60652

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Vision 2004, by Fr. Benjamin Jaworski, a stigmatized priest-seer - see photo below - was made known by the publication "Ave Maria" of England (Cf. note at the end of article).


Volume 11, No. 3


July/August 1995

(Gottfried von Werdenberg)


An extraordinary seer is living in Austria. All that he has prophesied to date has happened. Very many people bear witness to this fact. He sees himself in a situation whereby he experiences the coming years, the Third World War, the cosmic events, and the first few years of the coming epoch of Genesis. He saw all of it like a film before his eyes. The seer's name will not be given;* he shies publicity and does not want visits from curiosity seekers.

Even the period given was correct. We can, therefore, assume with certainty that all of his other visions will also come true during the next few years. We do not publish excerpts from the book to frighten our readers but to warn and prepare them.

Those who did not want to believe the prophets of the Old Testament (and in our century the messages of Our Blessed Lady and Our Lord, Jesus Christ) but preferred to continue their sinful life, found out the hard way what it meant to ignore God. We live in a world worse than theirs. Satan is taking God's children to Hell.

Some advice: be careful with whom you wish to discuss this. One will think of you as being demented or crazy. One will laugh at you and think of you as being a very gullible person. You may become an object of ridicule. Do remember that most of the people, including our priests, do not believe in private revelations, not even in Fatima and, therefore, prophecies will have no bearing on their life-style and on their actions. Those who will insist on ridiculing the prophecy will experience the truth of it quicker than they think.

When one considers the idiotic forecasts for the years 2000, 2020, and 2050, of how many people will inhabit the earth, one can only smile. It is complete madness to tell us how many tons of food and energy mankind will consume, the thousands of miles of roads to be built and the pollution that will be created. Nothing of this kind will happen. God creates His own future for mankind.

We are living in the age of the Apocalypse. It commenced in 1945, the year of the first atomic bomb. Even the Vatican considers that year as the beginning of the end of time. The early part was 1945 to 1986 (Chernobyl explosion); the peak period is from 1988 to 1999. Thereafter comes the late period, the era of harmony and love for one's neighbor.

It is interesting to note that even animals anticipated major disasters. For example: the horses refused to pull the carriage of the Crown Prince of Austria when he and his wife departed for a visit to Sarajewo in 1914. The horses could not be made to move. Finally, one managed to obtain an automobile to get the Prince to the station on time. During the visit, he and his wife were assassinated by the Serbs. The First World War was the consequence.

Another case: the Palace of Justice in Vienna was destroyed by fire in 1927. Three days before, all the pigeons which used the Palace as their "home", had deserted the place.

They say that London will sink into the sea when the crows at Tower Bridge will disappear. One would not laugh if one knew how close this event is.


There will not be an energy crisis, political or otherwise, in the near future in Middle and West Europe. However, do not depend on oil or gas. Coal and wood will celebrate a comeback. Before the Third World War begins, Russia will cut supplies of gas and oil to other nations. In addition, there will be a second military conflict in the Saudi Arabian region before WW3 (World War 3). There will not be another Chernobyl disaster before WW3. The energy crisis will come, however, before WW3.


Small farm holders should not sell. They will be safe. Today's policy of "chemical" farming will not last long. Only those living in the country will survive the War. Happy are those who will have a small farm.


Germany, France, Italy but also England have many foreign subjects. Many countries will experience public unrest, a kind of civil war. Shortly before the outbreak of WW3, many people from East Europe and South East Europe will pour into West Europe. Islamic members will grow in strength and confront Christianity.


Germany's economic power will come to an end. The "economic miracle" will be finished forever. Germany will not recover economically before WW3. She will bleed. She cannot cope with her position as the treasurer for the whole world, the cost of her reunification, and the recession to come. Taxation will become unbearable for her people; the standard of living will fall, and the economy will become desolate.


The Czech and Slovac countries will remain stable until WW3. They will not suffer events like those currently going on in the former Yugoslavia. However, they will suffer very much during WW3.


The current civil war will finish shortly before WW3, probably with the help of foreign participation.


Poland will suffer a grave, armed conflict in the near future, probably in the South. The reason is not known. It might be connected with the civil unrest in neighboring nations, e.g. in Germany. Political stability and peace have finally ended.


From the mid-90's onwards, inflation will rise in Europe, but there will not be a complete currency collapse. The economic and monetary bankruptcy will come before the civil wars and merge without problems into WW3.


Russia will remain politically stable, materialistic, and atheistic. People who keep saying that Russia is beginning to be converted, as Our Blessed Lady stated at Fatima, show complete ignorance and a confused mind. Together with other global powers, Russia will remain godless. Even the increasing number of Christians will not change this fact. The real conversion of Russia comes after WW3. This is the only true meaning of the message of Fatima. Military leaders will take over power in Russia before WW3.

The youth in Western Europe has no interest in joining the armed forces. This will have grave consequences in the coming war. Governments should provide powerful and effective defenses, efficient protection against pollution, and a restrictive policy for foreign subjects. US Forces will withdraw completely from Europe, thus making matters easier for the Russians. The chaos will be perfect.

The decade of the 90's belongs also to Satan. The destruction of children and youth by an awful school system, drugs, pornography, sex education, etc. will continue. Immorality is flourishing, family values are ridiculed, bad examples (e.g. pop and film stars) are idolized. Socialism will gain strength again, especially the influence of the extreme left will grow.


China is the only exception economically. She will continue to grow. A clever leadership will use the one billion people. Their demands are very modest; cheap labor in agriculture and industry combined with modern Western technology provide huge profit for China which she will use to strengthen her armed forces with modern weapons. China will become a superpower and, like Japan, it has a homogenous population which is very beneficial for a nation, unlike the Western nations and Russia where many foreign nationals and ethnic minority groups live.


There will be a cosmic event most definitely before WW3. It will be a beautiful summer's day in Austria; no cloud to be seen in the sky. People in the village are excited; they look towards the sun which begins to darken. It is approximately 10 o'clock normal time, not summer time. Whilst the sun is getting darker, dusk is covering earth. It is not the usual solar eclipse but a kind of fog in the universe far outside of our atmosphere.

The sky is getting darker. At first there are only a few stars, then more and more appear. One is able to see them at first in the west, then in the north. There are no stars in the east and in the south where the sun was last seen. There is no moon. It is a normal clear sky illuminated by the light of the stars. One is still able to identify the ground, but one cannot read any writings.

Suddenly the stars disappear. Complete darkness is covering the earth. A few minutes pass; now it is getting brighter. One is able to see the surrounding area. There is no sun. Billions of white dots can be observed in the east. It is like a rain of glowing fire moving from east north-east to west south-west very quickly. It is hitting the ground like a heavy fall of hail. The glow turns from white to yellow then to glowing red before hitting the ground. They fall in distances of 50 m. (165 ft.) to 100 m. (330 ft.) apart; they make no noise.

When they hit the ground they look like dust particles or grains of sand. Some are as big as a child's fist. The villagers do not seek cover; they do not appear to be afraid. The time between the sighting of the particles in the north east and their hitting the ground is a matter of seconds, maximum a minute or so.

Once the particles hit the ground, it becomes bright again. A fierce storm begins to blow now from the east and creates fire; it drives before it the fierce fire. The grass is burning; forests are burning; fields are burning; barns, sheds, and farm buildings are on fire; houses and factories are burning, too. The sun will not shine again on this day.

The cause of the rain of glowing fire might be a comet, directly or indirectly responsible for it. The seer is unable to tell. The time of year is the summer, probably the first half of August. The year is not given but it could be any year from 1995 onwards.


The destruction of New York will not be part of World War Three. It will happen beforehand.

The seer cannot give the year (God has his own reason). New York is destroyed by the hatred of Islamic-Arab circles. It is probably connected with the US engagement in the second - and still to come - Middle East war; but in any case it is done in reply to something that the Americans have done to the Arabs. The seer has seen the destruction of New York in all details.

It is beautiful early summer weather in Austria. It could be noon. The year is not known, but it is speculated (based on indications) that it could be 1998, plus or minus one year. But remember, this is only speculation.

New York will be destroyed by several small nuclear devices, one of them could be a small atomic bomb. The main nuclear device is probably launched from a ship; the missile will fly in a curve and explode behind a large building facing the sea. Buildings will not collapse immediately. The waves created by the nuclear explosion, will shift whole buildings; some may lean a few degrees. However, the result is that they will break up at the base. If one watched the spectacle from the sea, it would seem as if the skyscrapers were walking towards the sea but slowly disappearing into the ground.

Manhattan will be flattened completely. New York's suburbs will not be harmed, only New York's center will be destroyed.

Radio and televison in Europe will report the event. Words will not be minced. People will say that what the Americans did to the Arabs was abominable, but to destroy New York is going too far.

The destruction of New York will have no consequences for Europe, where no eminent signs of a forthcoming war are visible.


The rain of glowing fire can be considered a warning that World War Three is close. The same applies to the destruction of New York. Even the armed conflict in the Middle East which will take place on Arabian soil and include Saudi Arabia, but does not involve nuclear weapons, is a sign of a major war to come. The USA will invade Saudi Arabia's oil area but will be defeated.

Prior to WW3 there will be war in Africa, from the north to the south. The fate of South Africa is not known, but people are warned not to emigrate to South Africa. Only the west of the African continent will survive relatively unscathed.

Before WW3, power in Europe is held by the radical left. Bolshevism and Communism celebrate a renaissance. Christendom and Church suffer persecution by leaders of the extreme left, especially in Italy and France.

The multi-national society will show its multi-national crimes. Attacks, theft, murder, drugs, rape will be daily occurrences. There will be civil war in France, Italy, and England. Germany will suffer a similar situation, also countries in northern Europe. Bohemia (the Czech and Slovac nations) will remain stable.

The energy crisis will reach its peak before WW3.

Shortly before the outbreak of WW3, millions of people from the east and south east of Europe will flood West European nations.

The chaos in Europe begins approximately at the same time, or shortly after, the American forces have completed the greater part of their withdrawal from Europe.

One cannot rely on the USA during WW3, only on the Chinese. Immorality, the absence of love for one's neighbor, and a refusal to serve in the armed forces will reign supreme. War in West Europe is the punishment for it all.

Russia will be ruled again by an authoritarian red regime. They will reassure the West of their "peaceful co-existence", and many West Europeans will be blinded by it.


There will be no war in Central Europe (Germany, Austria, Switzerland) until mid-1997. It is possible that the war could start in the late summer of 1997 - which is unlikely - or in 1998. Most likely it will be 1999.

First it will be Austria's turn, then Germany's, then Switzerland's; this is certain. The military conflict will be finished at the turn of the century. Cosmic events, like the fall of comets, and earthquakes may last a little longer.

The military conflict will last approximately 2 years; somewhat less in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. The Russians will first occupy Austria for her strategic importance. There will be very little resistance by the Austrians. The USA will not intervene. The Russians will steal what they can so as to keep their troops fed. Any resistance will be useless. When the civil war in Italy reaches its peak, Russia will invade it.

Approximately at the time of the Russian occupation of Austria, civil war will rage at its worst in Italy and France ruled over by godless extreme left-wing governments. The clergy is being persecuted. There will be mass murder and violent plunder.

The social outcasts, the mob, are a danger for all countries which share borders with France and Italy. These murdering and plundering hordes show no mercy. They will also destroy Rome and Paris, set alight by the mob, will burn like a torch. In any event, due to the war, large cities and towns will be destroyed more or less. Survival is only possible in the country and in small villages.

The first nuclear weapon will be used in Europe in the Mediterranean. Many nuclear bombs will be exploded high in the sky above the Adriatic Sea, from the north to the south. The consequences are, of course, major flooding in that area. Shock waves can be felt in Austria and Germany.

The nuclear attacks by the Russians in the Adriatic Sea and later in the North Sea, are meant solely for the destruction of enemy ships operating there. There will also be a war in the Balkan countries, from Albania to Bulgaria to Turkey. However, the Russians will lose the battles.

China will help Europe, indirectly and with great reluctance. Chinese troops will fight the Russians in Central Europe. On their way to Europe, the Chinese will conquer South Russia, and their many, small tanks will be superior to the Russian tanks. The Russian troops will be defeated.

The European population is suspicious, but they do not hate the Chinese; they hate the Russians.

At first, the Chinese and Russians will fight each other with conventional weapons in Lower Austria and in the Czech Republic, north of the Danube. The front will be broken three times. Many, many people will die as a result of the tank battles which will destroy the whole area. No stone will be left unturned in Lower Austria and in the Czech Republic.

A similar fate will be experienced by other nations worldwide. The USA and Canada will be devastated. Forget your emigration plans!

As the war progresses, Russian troops will invade Western Europe. The latter has no real resistence to offer against the Russians. The total defeat of Germany by the Russians is avoided only with the aid of Germany's space vehicle. It is able to remain suspended in space, and is equipped with a revolutionary engine, electromagnetic guns, and a machine that can fire lighting bolts. This space vehicle is superior to what the Russians have, and can destroy even the most modern missiles.

By now, half of Europe and half the world is a heap of rubble. Now the American decide to help Europe. Gigantic battles will take place with the most horrific weapon systems. At least one nuclear battle will take place in the North Sea. All countries bordering the North Sea, will be affected. Gigantic waves will flood England, Belgium, Holland, North Germany and Denmark. The sea waves, caused by a Russian nuclear explosion in the North Sea, are more than 250 feet high. They spread quickly and grow even more. Their power is fierce, and they do not only destroy London but also large parts of Southern England.

Back to Central Europe. The Czech Republic is a neutral nation. Nevertheless, Russia will occupy her, and the nuclear battles will destroy the whole nation. Hell reigns in the western part of the Czech Republic. Nuclear and neutron bombs are used by the Russians and the Chinese in their first encounter. The second battle is even worse. The Chinese are trying to encircle the Russian forces, which are trying to escape to the north. The vibration of the multiple nuclear explosions can be felt everywhere in Central Europe. Whole mountain ranges are removed and flattened, in order to defeat the enemy. One cannot describe the satanic brutality of the war. A sulphur-yellow glowing fire rises above the west of the Czech Republic; it is perhaps the result of the exploded neutron bombs. Then follows a short, powerful, white-yellow explosion which throws fire high into the sky. The fleeing Russians may have detonated their nuclear weapons stored in the Czech coal mines. This is the last explosion in the Czech Republic, for now the crust of the earth splits open. The first eruption high into the sky shows the Crucified Lord, animated, with His wounds. The world will shout: "There is a God!" Our Lord remains suspended in the sky, then slowly He takes on the form of a birch tree (this has a special meaning, as a prophecy was made in Germany centuries ago in connection with a birch tree; Ed.) Now tons and tons of lava, stones, and debris are ejected into the air covering areas more than 100 km. (63 miles) away from the center. The city of Prague will be covered completely by it, and nobody will be able to say in the future where Prague once stood.

Immediately after the earth crust splits open, the most gigantic earthquake in human history will shake the whole planet for a whole day. Nothing will remain standing on earth, but God will preserve some homes.

Immense quantities of poisonous gas are freed. It will rise into the atmosphere and biosphere and create three, and more, days of darkness. The air is poisoned for days, but winds will drive the poisonous clouds to the east.

However, the war is not yet over, although one is fighting now with moderate means. The Russians are now on the run. European countries form a new army made up of volunteers. The Russians are hated for this holocaust which they started. Discipline and moral are gone in the Russian forces. They are wiped out completely. Not one Russian will see his homeland again.

Russia collapses. The Communist leaders are being killed, and their historic guilt is now washed in the blood of millions of innocent dead people.

Survivors worldwide have nothing left. Of six billion people on earth, approximately 600 million will be chosen to survive. This is more than enough for our devastated planet.


After the war, there will be no hatred between nations. Old historic borders will be established again, peacefully, so as to form homogenous nations. The multi-national society is finished. The Pope will give Germany an Emperor. She will be given back all German-speaking countries and German lands in the north, south, east, and west. Even Austria and Switzerland will voluntary belong to the new German Empire. Poland will return parts of Poland to Germany but will be given back her land in the east from Russia. The Chinese will be given part of Siberia, and Italy - after a battle which she will lose - must return South Tyrol to Austria.

All religious sects will be united in a cleansed and renewed Christendom; it will unite all nations in peace but without merging them and their cultures.

The Church will no longer be a worldwide, powerful institution. Popes will no longer exist in the future. Christendom, in its purest form, will enter the hearts of the survivors, and will not be used as an excuse for oppression and exploitation.

Due to cosmic events - a collision between earth and another space body - the north pole and the south pole will move to a new position. Earth will not be stable for some time to come because of minor earthquakes.

The Austrian seer has seen all this very clearly. His is the only prophecy to date with so much detail. The whole world will be in uproar. It will be useless to search for a safe haven abroad. Even New Zealand and Australia, and some South American countries cannot be recommended. The law of the jungle will reign there, too, apart from a possible Chinese occupation of New Zealand and Australia.

In conclusion, the seer saw quite clearly the second Middle East conflict; the wars in Africa; civil war in European countries (France, Italy); similar unrest in England and Germany, also in other countries; a nuclear battle over the Adriatic Sea and vast flooding as its consequence; a nuclear battle in the North Sea and gigantic flooding in the countries that border the North Sea; the burning of Paris; wild, lawless hordes from Italy and France threatening Austria, Switzerland, and Germany; the occupation of Austria, Italy, and the Balkans by Russia; war in the Balkans; great destruction in Hungary; battles in Central Europe; the invasion of Germany and Western Europe by Russia; Russian and Chinese battles; two nuclear battles in the Czech Republic; its escalation; the earth crust splits open; darkness on earth; final battles in Germany and Poland; complete destruction of the Russian forces; Germany becomes an empire and is reunited with all her former lands; Austria regains South Tyrol; Russia collapses; just to mention the most important events to come, not necessarily in that order.

It is important to note that World War Three will be a chaotic event, less disciplined and organized. Civil wars are interspersed with the international war. All this leaves one with the impression that everybody will be fighting everybody. Do forget the nonsense of esoteric groups and other sects that people from earth will be evacuated into space by aliens. Can you imagine an evacuation of six billion people into space?

Compared with World War One and World War Two, God will select the survivors Himself. All bad and evil people will die; but even the good ones will die. Yet they have nothing to fear as their life will continue in Heaven. The seer himself was clinically dead once, and can confirm life hereafter.

God is going to cleanse His earth which, after all, is part of His Kingdom. Only 600 million will survive, one in ten. How much radioactive dust and poison will remain on earth after WW3 has not been revealed. Fact is that, after the war, there will only be healthy people on earth including those cured by God during the chastisement. No one will speak of nuclear poison. So one must assume that God will also cleanse the earth from all poison so that the survivors can be engaged in farming and handicraft. The people will be very happy, but their standard of life will be put back to the standard of around 1800 A.D., i.e. no electricity, gas, oil, industry, television and radio, telephone, newspapers, motorcars, etc., etc. It would not be possible without God's help to toil the soil and survive, for mankind will have poisoned the earth for years to come.

The climate will change, too, in Central Europe. It will become warmer, similar to the current climate in the North of Italy. In the valleys, survivors will be able to grow citrus fruits. Snow will only be on mountain tops.

The world will move apart again. Distances become important again. There will be no aircraft that will carry passengers to other lands. Tourism is dead for some time to come. There just is no public transport. It is back to horse and carriage.

The golden era has begun. People will live in harmony and on a higher spiritual level than before.

Incredible to think that all this will happen during the next nine years!

* * *

(The book "Vision 2004" was published in the German language at the beginning of this year by Mediatrix Verlag, Gloriette 5, A-3423 St. Andrae-Woerdern, Austria, at a price of DM 48 (£stg 21; US-$38). During the past 6 months, the first two editions were quickly sold out, and the third edition is also selling fast. Mediatrix Verlag in Austria is Europe's largest publisher of good, solid Catholic books, albeit in the German language.

* * *

"AVE MARIA" is published bi-monthly by Pax Christi Publishing; Editor: Josef D. Schiffer, 109 Medhurst Crescent, Gravesend, Kent DA12-4HH, England. Annual subscription: UK £5.00; Ireland and EU countries £stg 7.00; all other countries, US $12.00 surface mail. Do photocopy and distribute "AVE MARIA", so as to reach others. We are not associated with the Pax Christi Peace Movement.

* Restriction lifted by Heaven.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

So it will not be the end of the world but the end to this reign of Satan ... Signs and Warnings, (cf. Section V of The Asylum City).

... So again the whole earth will be affected to be purified, before the Advent of the Bud of Justice (Jr.33: 15-16), the "Lion of the Tribe of Juda," and the establishment of His Kingdom, hence the entrance of the Church of Philadelphia (Apoc.3: 7-13), where the Will of God will at last be done on earth as it is in Heaven ...

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Dear John/Albert,

Peace and God's blessings to you! I am writing to you to relate my experiences from 1988 - long before I was aware of the Asylum City or any of the Marian apparitions, mystics or events later than Fatima in 1917, which at that time I was familiar with only by name. Forgive me that this is not brief!

I must begin by explaining that I was born and raised in the modern Church with the Novus Ordo mass. The holy rosary was largely ignored as being an old fashioned novelty and no longer a part of modern worship. The Eucharist was received by hand, standing. I did, however, learn to pray the rosary as a young adult and it became the mainstay of my prayer life. I married in 1984 and in 1988, on a visit to my in-laws I borrowed a book, the first ever published, on Our Lady's apparition in Medjugorje, Yugoslavia. The effect that book had on me was twofold. On one hand I was jubilant! It convinced me that God really did care about what was going on on Earth and through Our Holy Mother He was communicating His thoughts and desires. On the other hand I was terrified to my depths, having believed fervently all my life in the God of the Old Testament, Who did not hesitate to be heavy-handed when mankind was wicked. I was thunderstruck with the realization that mankind's proverbial head was on the chopping block and I was alive and part of it!

November 17, 1988, shortly after I had finished reading that book, I had this dream vision: I am in my home and there is a knock at my door. I open the door very wide and a man walks in. He has shaggy blonde hair and is dressed in an ornately knit white wool sweater which falls to his mid-thigh. He is wearing worn blue jeans and worn athletic shoes. Because he has entered so quickly I did not see his face but his garb made me mistake him as a dear school friend from my youth. He did not speak as he entered. I closed the door and turned to face him but he embraced me so swiftly the only thing I was aware of instantly was that it was Our Lord! His embrace was joy beyond all joy; eternal sweetness; peace and contentment. I felt his spirit consume me yet leave me whole and separate from Him. Without words He communicated to me, welcoming me home.

At that time I had no idea what this meant, but I know now that that book placed my feet on the road that would lead me to the Asylum City, something Our Lord wanted very much. It was in anticipation of this event, still years away, that Our Lord wished to express His pleasure in my belief. Without it I would never have come to where I am today. It still overwhelms me when I meditate on this dream vision, how Our Lord rushed to express Himself, so humbly, so graciously, when I was yet still so unfit for the work, so caught in sin and ignorant of how to live in a manner pleasing to Him. My only virtue, was that I loved Him and I believed - apparently it was enough to start.

Indeed, Heaven wasted no time! Only four days later, November 21, 1988 I was taken in bi-location to Medjugorje! You must understand that I had no idea what was happening to me! I was rocketing through the sky, the ocean racing by beneath my feet! When I finally come to rest I am in a dry and arid place. It is hot and dusty and only dried out plants like tumbleweeds, sage and bare bushes dot the steep slopes. The hillsides are covered with shale, thin flat stones, which make it difficult to walk. I climb until I am on a ridge facing a flat valley and a large hill. It is mid afternoon and a stiff wind is blowing. The sun is bright and the sky is blue. There is much activity around me but I do not see it, I am only aware of it. (It was not until some time after this vision that I was able to see photos of Medjugorje which confirmed where I knew I was).

Suddenly my eyes are drawn to the sky and I begin to see visions, revealed in fire. The "wind" is now roaring in my ears but it is not a terrestrial wind, it is the power of the Holy Ghost and it deafens me. It is as though I am immersed entirely in it and I am filled with fear to my very depths. I am transfixed by the visions - I cannot look away! I see cataclysms and catastrophes, not knowing if they are past or present. I only know I am terrified and I am alone. The sky is filled with visions, all drawn in fire - I do not know how much time passes.

Now, in the sky I see the crucifixion, all displayed in fire! It is horrible to me to see my Beloved in torment! On His right and on His left I see the two thieves also in pain. Our Lord's agony comes from the very depth of His person. His pain reaches out to me and I am deeply moved. I fall to my knees and I pray aloud, "Hail Holy Queen...". I feel terrified - not panic but frightened to the depths of my soul by the immensity of God's Power. This mighty wind continues to roar, engulfing all. I continue to pray, fumbling over the words. Now I hear the voices of people as they run to hide from all this. There is chaos and confusion all around but I do not see it, I am only aware of it.

Slowly, the crucifixion begins to fade, but Our Lord on the cross transforms into a birch tree. I can hardly believe my eyes! I am thinking how incorrect it was to see, that he should have become a towering oak, much more symbolic of His enduring sacrifice and His love, but He remains a birch tree. I am confounded. The three crosses turn into 3 shining white cruciform clouds which are slowly blown away by the roaring wind. Another image begins to form but I feel the calloused, work worn hand of my mother on my right shoulder. It is her left hand. I do not see her but her touch alone tells me it is my mother. "Get up," she says, "We must go!" but I am determined not to move - I am praying for strength, "Hail Mary...". Swiftly I am drawn out of myself and suspended in the air a short distance behind myself. I see myself kneeling and praying, yet to my utter amazement I see that the familiar work worn hand is not that of my biological mother but it is Our Lady, standing behind me, dressed in the blue gown and white veil of Our Lady of Grace. She has used that familiar touch to show how truly she is my mother and that I should forever after remember it. She had come immediately to my aid when I called for her and I should forever after remember that also!

Now I hear the voices of criminals from Medjugorje who are planning to run to Mexico to hide. Abruptly I am no longer seeing the place of the visions, I am seeing Mexico, a tropical country. I hear Our Mother's voice say there is nothing left there. She is right, for all I see is barren and dry. The ground is cracked as though there has been a drought there for many years and all formerly living things are dead and gone. For all eyes to see, it appears as a land cursed and forsaken by God. I have stopped praying now, and am still, inside. I am rising into the air. I say nothing, I think nothing, simply trying to absorb the shocking sight that is before me. I see desert everywhere, not sand desert but dead earth desert. I am high in the sky over where the ocean should be, almost like looking at a map but it is the entire earth - dry, dead and hot - as far as my eyes can see! The wind is still roaring in my ears. I am completely overcome! I am so absorbed with what I have seen that I barely notice the return trip home. In fact is consumes my thoughts for days.....

It was many years before much of this vision made much sense to me. Make no mistake, the experience of the all-consuming power of God made an impression on me that is still fresh and raw, to this day! Even after I came to know you and joined the Asylum City I did not make the connection to this vision. It was not until I read the excerpts of the writings of Fr. Jaworski that I came out of my stupor with regards to my experience. I was thunderstruck to read his account of his own vision of the crucifixion where he saw Our Lord transform into a birch tree! We had both seen in vision, a deliberate reference to the Asylum City and it's intimate union with the Body of Our Lord, as fruit of His sacrifice for the salvation of mankind! Fr. Jaworski's vision occurred decades before St. Theresa came to trace the ring of fire around it, mine less than a year. Neither of us had any understanding of what was being referred to by what we were seeing. Neither of us was aware of the Asylum City yet both clearly and independently received confirmation of it!

To comment further on my own vision, it also reveals that those who destroyed the message of Medjugorje through contamination by the Charismatic Movement are seen as criminals by God. It is impossible for them or any of the destroyers and perverters of the many apparitions to ‘escape' somewhere to avoid His just judgment.

I understand now, also, that what I saw was the earth after the final cleansing; after Mars recovers its waters and Venus scorches it, recovering its volatile elements; before its rebirth as a mansion of heaven, home of the New Jerusalem. It was to emphasize the degree of culpability of mankind. The devastation I saw was indeed just punishment for the united transgressions of mankind!

I remain your little sister in Christ, a child of Mary, 


* * *

- Part II -

Morning Offering in the Divine Will

Dear Guardian Angel, please help me pray my Divine Will prayers to Jesus and Mary with all the love and respect possible that is due to Them.

To honor You today, Mother, I give You my will, my pains, my anxieties, my doubts and fears, placing them all in your maternal arms so that, as my Mother, You can hold them ‘on deposit' in your motherly heart as pledges of your child so that You can give the precious pledge of the Divine Will. (Lesson 8, pg. 37 relative to Virgin Mary Kingdom Book.)

Come, Dear Jesus, with Mary and united to your Humanity I fuse myself into your Divine Will. In this state of immolation I want to offer to the Sacrosanct Trinity in the Divine infinitude every second, as many acts of your praise, adoration, homage, love, reparation and thanksgiving through Mary as there are stars, galaxies, drops of water and creatures in the oceans, grains of sand on the earth, flowers, blades of grass in the meadows, leaves on the trees, herbs, weeds, insects, birds, animals, rain drops and snow flakes that ever fell and will fall until the end of time along with each Rosary ever prayed and will be prayed until the end of time.

I intend to offer these many acts in unison with my every breath and heartbeat today/tonight, in the name of every person throughout the day/night past, present and future in order to give the Sacrosanct Trinity the honor and glory They deserve for all time. Remembering in such a way, I am giving nothing of my own, but desire to return to God all the glory that is due from that which He Himself has done.

Living in the Divine Will is a sacrament and surpasses in a wondrous manner all the other sacraments put together.

* * *

On November 20, 1994, the official Church opened the cause of the beatification for Luisa Piccarreta (1865 - 1947), the little Daughter of the Divine Will. She was bedridden some 64 years with almost total abstinence from food nourished solely with the Holy Eucharist until her death at the age of 82, on March 4, 1947, in Corato, Italy.

* * * * * * * * * * * *
(Morning Offering Prayer)



Day after day, my children, say that in your mind. That will be the way you will say your FIAT to your FATHER. And I, your FATHER, will open my arms like this (and He stretched out His arms) and I everyday will gather you in my arms and I will hold you and I will rock you as your BELOVED MOTHER (Blessed Mother) rocks each baby in her arms. For yes, you are my children. Remember the FIAT of each day as you live.

As you do this from the beginning of the day, I promise you, my children, I guarantee you I will cover you in my arms. I will send you my angels with St. Michael to protect you and all the saints of your devotions to be with you during the day to guide you and assist you.

I promise you, you will feel the power of my great LOVE for you that I will send you day in and day out. But you have to offer me - everyday - as you get up in the morning - that FIAT.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

December 3, 2003 - A short biography of Mother Eugenia who received the Chaplet of the Father:

John/Albert, Our Lady asked me to give you a few notes to add to the message, "The Fiat of the Eternal Father":

"First, is a short biography of Mother Eugenia's competence as a little soul chosen by Heaven to introduce for mankind the Fiat of the Eternal Father.

"Mother Eugenia was born on September 4, 1907, in Bergamo, Italy, and died on August 10, 1990.

"In twelve years of missionary activity she opened over seventy centers, each with infirmary, school and church, in the remotest spots of Africa, Asia and Europe.

"It was she who discovered the first medicine for the cure of leprosy, extracting it from the seed of a tropical plant. Known as the Apostle of Lepers, during the period of 1939 to 1941, she conceived, planned and brought to fruition the project for a "Lepers City" at Azopte, Ivory Coast. This was a vast center covering an area of 200,000 sq. m. for the care of leprosy sufferers. It remains even today one of Africa's and the world's leading centers of its kind.

"In recognition of this achievement, France conferred the highest national honor for social work on the Congregation of Missionary Sisters of Our Lady of the Apostles, of which Mother Eugenia was Superior General.

"Second, is a particular message in God the Father's Chaplet, in the 5th mystery, revealing publicly by the Holy Ghost, through John/Albert, the clue to the controversial argument by the doctors of the Church, not permitted to understand the separation of The Intermediate Coming from The Last Judgment up to this time." Mary.

Joseph Re

* * * * * * * * * * * *

The Chaplet of the Eternal Father

given to Mother Eugenia Ravasio
in 1987, at L'Aquila, Italy
Imprimatur: With ecclesiastic approbation, November 23, 1988
W Giuseppe Casale - Archbishop of Foggia, Italy

"Do not think of Me as frightening old man whom men depict in their pictures and books! No, no I am neither younger nor older than my Son and my Holy Ghost.

"Because of this I would like everybody, from the youngest to the oldest, to call Me by the familiar name of Father and Friend. For I am always with you, I am making Myself similar to you so as to make you similar to Me. How great would be my joy to see parents teaching their children to address Me often by the name of Father, as indeed I am! How I would like to see infused into these young souls a trust and a filial love for Me! I have done everything for you; will you not do this for Me?"

* * *

Personal intention: "My Jesus, I offer You this Chaplet of The Father, through Mary, as an act of Divine Will multiplied to the Divine Infinitude as often as your Omnipotence can count."


O God, come and save me. Lord, come soon to my help. Glory be to the Father ...

My good Father, I offer myself to Thee, and angels of God, my dear guardians, to whom his love commits me, ever this day and night be at my side, to enlighten and guard, to rule and guide. Amen.

In the 1st MYSTERY, we contemplate the triumph of the Father in the garden of Eden when after the sin of Adam and Eve He promises the coming of the Lord.

And the Lord God said to the serpent: because thou hast done this thing, thou art cursed among all cattle, and beasts of the earth: upon thy breast shalt thou go, and earth shalt thou eat all the days of thy life. / I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel (Gen. 3:14-15).

One Hail Mary, ten Our Fathers, Glory be to the Father ... My Good Father ... Angels of God ...   Ave Maria of Fatima ...


In the 2nd MYSTERY, we contemplate the triumph of the Father  at  the  moment of Mary's  Fiat  during  the Annunciation.

And the angel said to her: Fear not, Mary, for thou hast found grace with God. / Behold thou shalt conceive in thy womb, and shalt bring forth a son; and thou shalt call his name Jesus. / He shall be great, and shall be called the Son of the most High; and the Lord God shall give unto him the throne of David his father; and he shall reign in the house of Jacob forever. / And of his kingdom there shall be no end (Lk. 1:30-33).

One Hail Mary, ten Our Father, Glory be ... My Good Father ... Angels of God ...   Ave, Ave, Ave Maria ...


* * *

In the 3rd MYSTERY, we contemplate the triumph of the Father in the garden of Gethsemani when He gives all His power to the Son.

Father, if thou wilt, remove this chalice from me: but yet not my will, but thine be done. / And there appeared to him an angel from heaven, strengthening him. / And being in an agony, he prayed the longer. / And his sweat became as drops of blood, trickling down upon the ground (Lk. 22:42-44).

One Hail Mary, ten Our Father, Glory be ... My Good Father ... Angels of God ...   Ave, Ave, Ave Maria ...


* * *

In the 4th MYSTERY, we contemplate the triumph of the Father at the moment of every particular judgment.

And rising up he came to his father. And when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him and was moved with compassion, and running to him fell upon his neck, and kissed him. And the son said to him: Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, I am not now worthy to be called thy son. / And the father said to his servants: Bring forth quickly the first robe, and put it on him, and put a ring on his hand, and shoes on his feet: / And bring hither the fatted calf, and kill it, and let us eat and make merry: / Because this my son was dead, and is come to life again: was lost, and is found. And they began to be merry (Lk. 15:20-24).

One Hail Mary, ten Our Father, Glory be ... My Good Father ... Angels of God ...   Ave, Ave, Ave Maria ...


* * *

In the 5th MYSTERY, we contemplate the triumph of the Father at the time of the intermediate coming of his Son to inaugurate the 1,000-year reign of peace (the 3rd millenium of the Church, the Church of Philadelphia, or the 7th millenium of humanity as asked at La Salette) and the restoration of the Earth as a Celestial Home.

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth. For the first heaven and the first earth was gone, and the sea is now no more. / And I John saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband. / And I heard a great voice from the throne, saying: Behold the tabernacle of God with men, and he will dwell with them. And they shall be his people; and God himself with them shall be their God. / And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes: and death shall be no more, nor mourning, nor crying, nor sorrow shall be anymore, for the former things are passed away. (Apoc. 21:1-4).

One Hail Mary, ten Our Father, Glory be ... My Good Father ... Angels of God ...   Ave, Ave, Ave Maria ... Salve Regina ...


* * *

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Excerpts from the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, "The Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in the Midst of Creatures ... The Call to the creature to return to the order, to its place and to the purpose for which it was created by God.

I - Book of Heaven, vol. 23 - September 21, 1927, (2)

Asking for the Kingdom of the Divine Will in created things. Each created thing contains an office, they each contain one of God's qualities. Certain proof that it is Jesus who is speaking to Luisa. A manifested truth is more than a miracle, it brings the permanent Divine Life with it and has the virtue of renewing all the world. The manifestation of the Divine Will truths to the world - restoring God's image to the creature.

I was going around in all of Creation, and asking for the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat in each created thing. My adored Jesus, moving in my interior, said to me:

"My daughter, since all created things are fixed in God, as you ask for the Kingdom of my Divine Will in each one of these, thus created things move themselves in God and ask for my Kingdom. Each one of these forms its wave of supplication, the incessant motion to ask for what you want. And since created things are nothing other than acts gone forth from my Divine Will, It giving an office to each act, thus as you ask for my Kingdom in each created thing, you put all of the offices of the acts of my Supreme Volition into motion around the Divine Being, and you make Our Goodness, Our Power, Our Justice, Our Mercy, Our Love and Our Wisdom ask for the Kingdom of Our Will. (This is so) because each created thing contains one of Our qualities, and We feel waves one after the other - of Goodness, of Power, of Justice, of Mercy, of Love and of Wisdom, which with divine ways, supplicate, pray, and implore the Kingdom of the Divine Fiat in the midst of creatures. And We, in seeing Us being prayed to so much by the very acts of Our Divine Volition, We ask: ‘Who is she that moves such a great Will with all of Its innumerable acts to ask Us to give Our Kingdom to creatures?' And Our acts respond to Us: ‘It is the little daughter of the Eternal Volition. She is the daughter of all of us, who, with so much love, moves our acts to ask for what we all want.' And, in the excess of Our love, We say: ‘Ah! It is the little daughter of Our Volition! Let her do it. To her it has been given to penetrate everywhere. Let her be free in her steps, because she will do nothing nor ask for anything - other than what We want.' "

After that, I was thinking about everything that my adored Jesus had told me about his Divine Will, and as if I wanted other proofs more certain that it was Jesus who was speaking to me. And Jesus, coming out from my interior, said to me:

"My daughter, there is no other proof more certain and sure and that can do more good, as much to you as to the others, than having manifested to you so many truths. The truth is more than a miracle. It brings the permanent Divine Life with it, and it bilocates the truth together with its Life, where it reaches and in the one who listens to it, to give itself to who wants it. Therefore, my truths are perennial lights, not subject to extinguishing themselves, and Life that never dies. What good can one of my truths not produce? It can form the Saints, it can convert souls, it can make the darknesses flee, and it has the virtue of renewing all the world. Therefore, I do a greater miracle when I manifest one of my truths than when I give other proofs (to show) that it is I who go to the soul, or when I do other miraculous things, because these things are shadows of my power, transient light, and since it is transient, it does not bring the miraculous virtue to everyone, but it reduces itself to the individual that received the miracle, and many times the one who has received the miracle does not even become a saint. Instead, the truth contains Life, and as Life, it brings its virtue to whoever wants it.

"Be certain, my daughter, that if I, in coming upon the earth, had not said so many truths in the Gospel, even though I did miracles, the Redemption would have been blocked, without development, because creatures would not find anything, nor teachings, nor the light of truth to learn the remedies for to find the way that conducts to Heaven. In the same way would it be with you if I had not told you so many truths, especially about my adorable Will, which has been the greatest miracle that I have done in these times: what good would bring your such great mission entrusted to you, of making known the Kingdom of the Supreme Fiat? Instead, by having told you so many truths about It, my Divine Will can be known in the world, and the order, the peace, the light, and the lost happiness can be restored. All of these truths will bring man into the womb of his Creator for to give one another the first kiss of Creation and for the image of He who created him to be restored. If you knew the great good that all the truths that I told you will bring to creatures, your heart would explode of joy. Nor can you fear that the infernal enemy could dare to manifest to you one sole truth about the Divine Will, because he trembles and flees before Its light, and each truth about my Will is one more hell for him. And because he didn't want to love It nor do It, It changed for him into torments that will never end. Before just the word ‘Will of God', he feels himself scalding so much, that he rouses in fury and hates that Holy Will that torments him more than hell. So, you can be sure that ‘Will of God' and the infernal enemy are never in agreement, nor together, nor near one another. Its light eclipses him and hurls him down in the hell pits of hell.

"Therefore, what I recommend to you is that you do not make any truth or simple word about my Divine Volition get lost, because everything must serve to fulfill the chain of the perennial miracles, to make the Kingdom of my Divine Volition known and to restore the lost happiness to creatures."†

†            †            †

II - Book of Heaven, vol. 28 - February 26, 1930 (2)


It is necessary to desire a good. If the people of the Divine Will are not formed, the Divine will cannot have Its Kingdom. Whoever lives in the Fiat is owner; who does Its Volition is a servant.

I was thinking about the great interest that my always amiable Jesus has - to make his Holy will known. I said to myself: "He loves, sighs, and wills that his Kingdom come. And then, He delays so long to make It rise in the midst of creatures. If He wanted, He can do everything, He does not lack the power. In one moment, He can overturn Heaven and earth. Who can resist his power? No one. Even more so, in Jesus, to will (something) and to be able to do (something) are the same thing. Then, why does He delay until now?" But while I was thinking this, my sweet Jesus, moving and making Himself be heard in my interior, said to me:

"My daughter, to long for, desire, and want a good is to dispose oneself to receive it. When one receives a good that he has longed for so much, he loves that good, appreciates it, takes care of it, and welcomes the bringer of that good that he was longing for. Furthermore, this is another excess of Our love: That We make the creature long for the good that We want to give, because We want that the creature put forth something of its own, at least its sighs, its prayers, and its will to want that good, so We can say to it: ‘See, you have merited it, because for your part, you have done what you could to obtain it. And with all of Our Heart, We give it to you.' In reality, it is all the effect of Our Goodness. This is the reason why We first make known what We want to give to creatures. It can be said that We send it correspondence, sending it Our letters of love. So, We dispatch Our messengers, making them say what We want to give. And all of this is to dispose them, to make them long for the great gift that We want to give. Didn't We do the same for the Kingdom of the redemption? There were four thousand years of waiting. The more the time neared, the more pressing the notices were, and the letters were more frequent. And all of this was to dispose them.

"So it is for the Kingdom of my Divine Will. I delay, because I want that they know about It, pray for It, long for It to come to reign, and understand the great Gift of It, so I can say to them: ‘You have wanted It, merited It, and It is already coming to reign in your midst. By knowing It, praying for It, and longing for It, you have formed Its elect people where It can dominate and reign.' Without a people, a Kingdom cannot be formed. And that is the other reason why it must be known that my Divine Will wants to reign on the earth: So that they pray, long for, and dispose themselves to form Its people - of where to descend in the midst of them and form Its royal palace, Its seat, Its throne. Therefore, don't be marveled that while you see so much interest by my part that I want my Will to reign, and then see that I delay. They are the dispositions of Our unattainable Wisdom, that disposes everything with order. The delay serves to put Its knowledges into flight, that will make themselves like letters, telegraphs, telephone calls, messengers, to form the people of my Divine Will. So pray, and may your flight in It be Continuous."

After that, I continued my round in the Divine Fiat. And arriving to Eden, I lingered in the thought about the exchange of love between God and innocent Adam. How the Divinity, not finding any impediment on man's part, poured forth torrents upon him. With His love, the Divinity rapt man to Himself with sweet attractions, making man hear His completely soft voice that said to him: "Son, I love you, I love you." And, throwing himself in the arms of his Creator, Adam held himself so tightly to Him, that Adam didn't know how to detach himself because his Creator was the only love that he knew, and his reason for living was only to love Him.

While my mind was lost in this exchange of love between God and the creature, my sweet Jesus, all goodness, said to me:

"My daughter, what a sweet memory is the creation of man. He was happy, and Us also. We felt the fruit of happiness of Our work. We felt such pleasure in loving him and in being loved by him. Our Divine Will conserved him fresh and beautiful. And bringing him between Its arms of light, Our Will made Us contemplate him - how beautiful the work created by Us was, Our dear son. We held him as a son in Our house, in Our interminable goods. As a consequence, being Our son, he was like the owner. It would have been against the nature of Our love not to make the one who We loved so much and who loved Us, like the owner. In true love, there is not ‘yours and mine', but everything is in commune. And then, no bad came to Us by making him like the owner. Rather, We rejoiced. He made Us smile; he amused Us; and he gave Us the beautiful surprises of Our own goods. Furthermore, how can he not be the owner if he possessed Our Divine Will that rules over everything and dominates everything? By not making him owner, We would have had to put Our Will in slavery, which could not have been. No slavery exists where Our Will reigns, but everything is ownership. Therefore, for as long as man lived in Our Divine Fiat, he didn't know slavery. When man sinned, withdrawing himself from Our Divine Volition, he lost the ownership and reduced himself in slavery. What a change! From son to servant! He lost the command over created things and became the servant of everything. By withdrawing from Our Divine Fiat, man felt himself shaken to the foundation, and he felt his very person vacillating. He experienced what weakness is, and he felt himself to be a servant of passions, that made him be ashamed of himself. And he arrived to the point of losing his dominion. So, strength, light, grace, and peace were no longer in his power like before. He had to beg his Creator for them with tears and prayers. Do you see then, what it means to live in my Divine Volition? To be owner. Whoever does his own will is a servant."

Surprised by what Jesus had said, I said to Him: "My Love, for however consoling it is to hear You speak about your Divine Volition, it is equally painful to hear about the evil of the human will."

Jesus added: "My daughter, if it is necessary to speak to you about my Divine Fiat that will serve as an invitation, attraction, and as soft, sweet and strong voices to call everyone to live in the Royal Palace of my Divine Will so that they are no longer servants but owners, so too, it is necessary to speak to you about the evil of the human will, because I will never take away man's free will. Therefore, in the Kingdom of my Divine will, it is necessary that I make the guardsmen mount, these noble sentinels that make creatures be attentive, making creatures know the great evil of the human will so that they are attentive; and so that abhorring the human will, creatures love the happiness and the ownership that my Divine Will gives them."†

†            †            †

* * * * * * * * * * * *


AT THE TIME OF THE ACCOMPLISHMENT, NO GREATER LOVE AND PRAISE - Jesus to Luisa Piccarreta: "Book of Heaven". (Prayers every apostle, disciple and Little One ought to say.)

In Your Will I find God and all creatures; and making all things of the creatures my own. I give them back to God because the Divine Will owns them all. I place at the feet of the Divinity the good acts to bring It honor, and the evil acts to redeem them with the Holiness and Power of the Divine Will.

I take the thoughts of all creatures enclosed in my thoughts, in my eyes the glances of everyone, in my words, in my movements, in my affections, in my desires, all those of my brothers and sisters. Thus I repair these acts, and gain for creatures Light, Grace and Love. (Page 77, 78).

Jesus, help me to transform myself in You and be made one with You. Make Your Life my own, Your sighs of Love, Your sorrows, Your heartbeats of fire. Let me consume myself for You.

By merging myself in You, I want to repeat that which You did and continue to do. Make my life in You, by embracing together with You all creatures, all reparations.

* * *

As many acts that I do in Your Will so many more Hosts do I make in order to give You love. I want to always come into Your Will to undergo all the Consecrations that You undergo, so that in every Host You will find my life given in response to Yours. Your Will, Your Prayers, Your Reparation and Your Sacrifices which I took as my own I give back to You as if they were my own.

Jesus, I unite myself with You to make Your thoughts, heartbeats, breaths and all Your movements one alone with mine. While in the interminable ocean of Your Will I am consequently in all creatures. And embracing everything, praying and repairing for everyone I enclose within myself all the Love You have for everyone.

Help me to become a Living Host and thereby have continual Communion.

I unite myself with You and want to be attuned to what You are doing in order to do it together with You. As I perform Your own acts and give You nourishment, You will be happy.

* * *

Since I am unable to give You anything of my own that is worthy of You, let me take Your Love and make it mine, so that I'll be able to say, "I love You" with Your immense and eternal Love, with a Love that has no limits or end. And let me take Your actions as my own to imitate the way You did them; and to please You, I give them to You. I give back to You Your Mercies You have given me, Your Patience, Your Desires.

I love You, Jesus, in Your Love. I adore You with Your adorations, pray in Your prayers and thank You in Your Thanksgivings, etc. Fill me with Your Prayers and do all that which I ought to do for You. Holy Virgin Mother, make it grow and develop to It's fullness until I truly become the image and likeness of the Incarnate Word.

The purpose of my life is to live in Christ what He Himself lived and allow Him to live in me. Help me to empty myself and live Your Life and pray as You prayed.

* * *

Jesus, let a sun be formed in me. For as many more times I merge myself in You, so many more suns I'm forming. Rain down Your Graces in abundance in a way that they can form greater suns. Vol. 12 - page 9.

I send my pains to Your Cross as retinue to Your pains and as relief for You. When they burn in the same fire, and be consumed together see my pains as Yours. You will then give them the same value; and they will perform the same office that You did on The Cross before Your Father and towards souls. Rather I come myself to The Cross.

Everything that I did and suffered is ever-present as an ongoing act. To give evidence of my love for You I take my previous acts, prayers and sufferings, which are an ongoing act, and give them to You to duplicate my love and reparations toward You. (Page 88).

Help me to destroy my own will with it's weakness and all that is human and live on Divine Strength.

* * *

Prostrate before Your Supreme Majesty I offer Your adoration, Your homage, Your praise in the name of everyone, with the Power of Your Will which adores You, with the Wisdom of Your Will which glorifies You, and with the Love of Your Will which loves You and praises You.

Since the Power, the Wisdom, and the Love of the Three Divine Persons are in communication with the intellect, memory and will of all creatures, You feel my adoration, homage and praise flowing in all the intelligences of creatures who, elevating themselves between heaven and earth, make You, Adorable Blessed Trinity, feel the echo of Your own Power, Wisdom and Love which adores You, praises You and loves You in these acts recognizing the reciprocal Love of The Three Persons. I understand that You cannot receive greater adoration. I thank You, Supreme Majesty for this prayer in the name of everyone, past, present, and future.

* * *

Jesus, please fuse me to Your Living Will. As I receive You, united with Your Humanity, to Your Divinity, and in Your Will I give to The Father on behalf of each soul who is not receiving today, the satisfaction and the glory as if all had received Communion. I imitate Your actions from the Last Supper. It brings good to all. I also give You the love that each of Your creatures should give You, even from those in Purgatory and also those souls who are lost and cannot love You. I offer this love - on their behalf so that You will receive the pleasures as though all love You.

Jesus, I pray to conquer myself and to prove my faithfulness under every circumstance. I don't want to aim at perfection as an end but only as the Divine Will of God. Inspire me to always discern Your Will. Whatever You want to do, I do it with You.

* * *

When You, Jesus, are sacrificed, I, who live with You in Your Will, is sacrificed with You; not only in one Mass, but in all Masses, from the first to the last. Since I live in Your Will, my soul is consecrated in all the Hosts. Therefore, since I have need of something, such as to hear Mass, I enter into Your Will and find as many Masses as I wish, as many Communions as I wish, as much love as I wish. Nothing is lacking in Your Will. Not only will I find all things, but I will find them in a divine and infinite manner.

I want to give you, Jesus, my nothingness which I unite to the All that You are. Help me to love my nothingness and inability to do great things. Help me to forget my health, myself, and where I am spiritually. You, please, act through me in everything I do, think or say and let me feel Your nearness.

I give You the food I eat, the rest I take. Work with me today, washing and dressing myself, even every movement of my hands, mind, heartbeat, voice, feet, every movement. Help me to forget my past sins.

* * *

Jesus, please let me enter into Your Living Will and merge myself in You. You want to pray so I pray together with You, and in Your Will. For Your intentions I offer to You this day through Mary and in union with The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass. If it is Your Holy Will, offer this day with all my prayers said together with You and with Your Will for everyone and all will participate in their effects as if they had been offered for one soul only.

Jesus, I place at Your feet the adoration and recognition of the entire human family. I place in your heart a kiss from all. On Your lips I place my kiss, and with this kiss I consummate the kiss of all generations. With my arms I embrace You with the arms of all creatures, to offer and give You the glory of all creatures and of all their acts and works.

Help me to value suffering. One who values suffering, values God - and by valuing You one can never displease You!

* * *

Jesus, although we are all debtors to You, You desire to be the debtor. You want to pay us even for our breathing, for our least desire, our heartbeats. You say that the stronger our demands are, the greater the pleasure we will give You, and the more You will give to us. (Vol. 8, page 82).

You even tell us to leave our human spoils, take the Divine. You want everything to be taken. You want us to take Your Love. Make Your Power ours, make Your beauty ours. However much more we take, so much more is Your Contentment. (Vol. 12, page 138).

Oh Jesus, we ask of You souls. As I breathe, my breaths ask souls of You. With incessant cries the beats of my heart asks souls of You. The motion of my arms, the blood that circulates in me, the blinking of my eyes, the movement of my lips are asking for souls. I ask this united with You. This is what You did while on earth. Not even a breath or a heartbeat escaped that did not ask for souls. (Vol 12, page 100).

* * * * * * * * * * * *

First Sorrow

How great was the shock to Mary's heart at hearing the sorrowful words, in which holy Simeon told the bitter Passion and death of her sweet Jesus, since in that same moment she realized in her mind all the insults, blows, and torments which the impious men were to offer to the Redeemer of the world. But a still sharper sword pierced her soul. It was the thought of men's ingratitude to her beloved Son. Now consider that because of thy sins thou art unhappily among the ungrateful, and casting thyself at the feet of the Mother of Dolors, say with sorrow:

Virgin beloved,* who didst feel so bitter pangs of soul at seeing the abuse which I,* wretch that I am,* would make of the Blood of thy dear Son,* obtain for me, I pray thee, by thy riven heart,* that in time to come I may better correspond to God's mercies,* profit by His heavenly grace, * receive not in vain His lights and inspirations,* and so be among the blessed number of those who are saved by the bitter passion of Jesus.* Amen.

Second Sorrow

Consider the sharp sorrow which Mary felt when, St. Joseph being warned by an angel, she had to flee by night in order to preserve her beloved Child from the slaughter decreed by Herod. What anguish was hers, in leaving Judea, lest she should be overtaken by the soldiers of the cruel king! How great her privations in that long journey! What sufferings she bore in that land of exile, what sorrow amid that people given to idolatry! But consider how often thou hast renewed that bitter grief of Mary, when thy sins have caused her Son to flee from thy heart. Wherefore repent, and turn to her, humbly saying:

Sweetest Mother,* once and once only Herod obliged thee to fly with thy Jesus,* to escape the slaughter which he had commanded;* but I, how often have I forced my Redeemer,* and thee with Him, to fly from my heart,* when I have admitted into it accursed sin,* hateful to thee and to my loving Lord.* With tears and contrition I humbly sue for pardon.* Mercy, dear Lady Mine, mercy!* and I promise thee that, for the future,* with the help of God,* I will ever maintain my Saviour and thee in complete possession of my soul.* Amen.

Third Sorrow

How dread was the grief of Mary, when she saw that she had lost her beloved Son! And as if to increase her sorrow, when she sought him diligently among her kinsfolk and acquaintance, she could hear no tidings of Him. No hindrances stayed her, nor weariness, nor danger; but she forthwith returned to Jerusalem, and for three long days sought Him sorrowing. Great by thy confusion, O my soul, who hast so often lost thy Jesus by thy sins, and hast given no heed to seek Him at once, a sign that thou dost make of very little or of no account the precious treasure of divine love. Weep then for thy blindness, and turning thee to that Lady of sighs, thy Mother, say with compunction:

Virgin most afflicted,* obtain that I may learn from thee to seek Jesus,* when I have lost Him by giving ear to my passions* and to the evil suggestions of the devil;* obtain that I may find Him again,* and when I possess Him once more,* that I may ever repeat the words of the Spouse,* "I found Him whom my soul loveth;* I held Him,* and I will not let Him go."* Amen.

Fourth Sorrow

Come, O ye sinners, come and see if ye can endure so sad a sight. This Mother, so tender and loving, meets her beloved Son, meets Him amid an impious rabble, who drag Him to a cruel death, wounded, torn by stripes, crowned with thorns, streaming with blood, bearing His heavy cross. Consider, my soul, the grief of the blessed Virgin thus beholding her Son! Who would not weep at seeing this Mother's grief? But who has been the cause of such woe? It is I, who with my sins have so cruelly wounded the heart of my sorrowing Mother! And yet I am not moved; I am as a stone, when my heart should break because of my ingratitude.

O Virgin most holy,* I crave pardon for the sorrows I have caused thee.* I know and confess that I deserve it not,* for it is I through whom thy Jesus was so treated;* yet do thou call to mind that thou art the Mother of mercy.* Show mercy, then, to me,* and I promise to be more faithful to my Redeemer in the time to come,* and thus to console thee for the many sorrows I have offered to thine afflicted heart.* Amen.

Fifth Sorrow

Look, devout soul, look to Calvary, whereon are raised two altars of sacrifice, one on the body of Jesus, the other on the heart of Mary. Sad is the sight of that dear Mother drowned in a sea of woe, seeing her beloved Son, part of her very self, cruelly nailed to the shameful tree of the cross. How every blow of the hammer, how every stripe which fell on the Saviour's form, fell also on the disconsolate spirit of the Virgin. As she stood at the foot of the cross, pierced by the sword of sorrow, she turned her eyes on Him, until she knew that He lived no longer and had resigned His spirit to His Eternal Father.

O Mother of Sorrows,* who wouldst not leave Calvary until thou hadst drunk the last drop of the chalice of thy woe,* how great is my confusion of face,* that I so often refuse to take up my cross,* and in all ways endeavor to avoid those slight sufferings* which the Lord, for my good, is pleased to send upon me.* Obtain for me, I pray thee,* that I may see clearly the value of suffering,* and may be enabled, if not to cry with St. Francis Xavier,* "More to suffer, my God! ah, more!"* at least to bear meekly all my crosses and trials.* Amen.

Sixth Sorrow

Consider the most bitter sorrow which rent the soul of Mary, when she saw the dead body of her dear Jesus on her knees, covered with blood, all torn with deep wounds. O mournful Mother, a bundle of myrrh, indeed, is thy Beloved to thee. Who would not pity thee? Whose heart would not be softened, seeing affliction which would move a stone? Behold John not to be comforted, Magdalen and the other Mary in deep affliction, and Nicodemus, who can scarcely bear his sorrow.

And I.* Shall I alone be tearless amid such grief? Ingrate and hard am I!* Grant, dear Mother,* that my heart may be pierced with the same sword that pierced thy sorrowful soul,* that it may be softened,* and may indeed lament those my heavy sins* which were the cause of thy cruel suffering.* Amen.

Seventh Sorrow

Consider the sighs which burst from Mary's sad heart when she saw her beloved Jesus laid within the tomb. What grief was hers when she saw the stone lifted to cover that sacred tomb! She gazed a last time on the lifeless body of her Son, and could scarce detach her eyes from those gaping wounds. And when the great stone was rolled to the door of the sepulchre, oh, then indeed her heart seemed torn from her body!

O Mother most desolate,* who didst indeed in body depart from the sepulchre,* but didst leave thy heart where was thine only treasure,* obtain that all our desires, all our love may rest there with thee.* Surely our hearts must melt with love to our Saviour,* who has shed His Blood for our salvation.* Surely we must love thee,* who hast suffered so much for us.* Oh, by all thy sorrows,* grant that the memory of them may be ever imprinted on our mind,* that our hearts may burn with love to God,* and to thee, sweet Mother,* who didst pour out all thy soul in sorrow for the Passion of Jesus:* to Him be honor, glory, and thanksgiving for ever and ever.* Amen.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Excerpts from the writings of Luisa Piccarreta, "The Hours of the Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ."

Introduction: from a letter of Luisa.

"Behold, I finally submit to you the written Hours of the Passion, and all for the glory of Our Lord. I also inclose another little page which contains the effects and Jesus' beautiful promises for whoever does these Hours of the Passion.

"I believe that, if whoever will meditate them is a sinner, he will convert; if he is imperfect, he will become perfect; if he is tempted, he will find the victory; if he is suffering, he will find in these Hours strength, medicine and comfort; and if his soul is weak and poor, he will find a spiritual mirror where he will continually look at himself in order to embellish himself and make himself similar to Jesus our model.

"The satisfaction which blessed Jesus feels from the meditation of these Hours is such that He wishes that there were at least one copy of these meditations for souls to practice for each city or town; because then what happens is that in those reparations Jesus feels reproduced his own voice and his prayers, which He raised to his Father in the twenty four hours of his painful Passion. And if this were practiced by at least some souls in each town or city, it seems to me that Jesus makes me understand that the Divine Justice would be partly placated, and his scourges would be partly stopped and, as it were, extinguished in these sad times of torment and of bloodshed.

"Wherefore I also tell you that the purpose of these Hours of the Passion is, not so much that of recounting the story of the Passion, because there are many books which treat this pious subject, and it would not be necessary to make another one; but the purpose is the REPARATION, uniting together the different points of the Passion of Our Lord with the diversity of so many offenses and, together with Jesus, make worthy REPARATION, redoing for Him almost all that which all creatures owe Him. From this comes the different ways of making reparation. In these Hours, that is, in some passages one blesses; in others one compassionates; in others one praises; in others one comforts suffering Jesus; in other one compensates; in others one begs, prays and asks."

* * * * * * * * * * * *

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