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X - With the Days, the Years ... 2004 - 2006

January 5, 2004 - Copy to Marie-Paule of Lac-Etchemin, QC, of Marie DeGrechie's e-mail response to Jeanne White's e-mail sent to John/Albert on January 1, 2004.

Dear Jeanne,

After having read your e-mail of January 1, 2004, you sent to John/Albert, I immediately understood your disarray, and that I could have been in the same confusion as yours had I not been witness to many things.

And who is Albert, your cousin? Someone you do not know and whom you have never known!

Now I shall tell you.

For years John/Albert has been receiving from Heaven visions, dream-visions and messages from the Eternal Father, Jesus, the Blessed Virgin, St. Joseph, etc., sometimes in our house even.

The Eternal Father, in his great mercy and kindness, has asked him to put in writing and on the internet all he receives so the world knew where we are at - in the Apocalypse - in order to get ready for the great events.

Marie-Paule, being the servant of Our Lady of All Peoples has a great role to play towards the accomplishment of the New Era.

How I wished that you and Daniel were close by so we could talk. So many things are there to say in order to dispel much misunderstanding.

By the way ... better yet, download The Third Testament from the internet and you will understand it all and you will not regret it.

You say you have the impression of never have been able to do anything good. Well what do you think when you and Daniel acquainted me with Marie-Paule and her work, just at the time where I was about to fully join the charismatic-pentecostal renewal with Fr. David Boudreau? All of which is taking place in our churches now. Do you see me in pants serving at Mass in the sanctuary and giving communion, and luring my family to do the same! I cannot thank you enough, as well as Marie-Paule for having warned us in her paper.

I am not writing you to open your eyes, not necessarily (for you have free will), but to defend a work by the Eternal Father for our times and for our benefit (it is not John/Albert's work).

The Eternal Father also wants a community of St. Joseph. It is not yet established. It will probably be after the Warning which is near.

One of the last messages received by John/Albert from the Blessed Virgin says, "You lack charity towards God and towards yourselves, because it is the work of the Eternal Father.*

To quote the words of the Blessed Virgin, "There is no other means now than The Third Testament to help my poor children."

It is also necessary to read La Salette which gives us much enlightenment.

Dear Jeanne, do not make the error of Lucy of Fatima's "cousin" who drew upon herself a purgatory till the Last Judgment for having calumniated against the apparitions. Once again, Jeanne, read The Third Testament in its entirety after having asked enlightenment from Above.

Act quickly as time is getting short.

Marie Degrechie

* When we criticize.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 4, 2004 - ...

As desired by Our Blessed Mother, here is the account of what took place in our parish of Petit Rocher, NB, in the diocese of Bathurst, on a certain Saturday in the late 70's during the episcopate of Msgr. Edgar Godin (now deceased) and the office of the parish priests, Frs. Edmond Richard, the one in charge, and Robert Légère the assistant.

As I was climbing the stairs of the church the next morning for Sunday Mass, I noticed police cars on the grounds, and I asked Fr. Légère, who was going up the stairs with me, what was the reason for the police's presence. He then began to recount what had taken place the night before in the sacristy of the church where a gang of young vandals had broken in, forced the tabernacle door open and strewn all over the floor the hosts on which they had trampled, and then had written on the walls with human excrements lewd insults against God.

I was stunned to hear this, but more so later, during the homily when the parish priest made light of the desecration by saying that the police was making too much of what had taken place, for "after all, these young vandals were no more than tabernacle key collectors," never referring to what had really occurred.

Back home after Mass, I recounted the whole thing to my elderly mother who was appalled and thus decided to telephone the bishop to ask if he had been notified of what had taken place. Again I was stunned to hear that more than twenty-four hours after the desecration he had not been made aware of it. But then I became even more than stunned when he went on to casually say, after I had asked him if there would be a ceremony to reconsecrate the church as was the custom after such a vile act, that this was not done anymore and to go on to minimize the whole thing as "a prank."

Getting nowhere with the local authorities, and given the seriousness of the matter, I decided to write to the Congregation for the Faith and Morals in Rome. This was late May and was only to hear the result of my presentation but at the beginning of the following school year in September when someone came to the door of my classroom to inform me I was being asked to the phone by the bishop.

I went to the phone and I was immediately assailed with a barrage of indignation that I had put him in a mess with Rome and that I had to go and see him immediately!!

Confronted with such surprising rage I made him promise not to drag into the matter anyone else but me, as he intimated that I could not have acted alone. He somewhat knew I belonged then to The Army of Mary of Quebec City, founded by Marie-Paule Giguère. He promised, and I told him to expect me once the classes were over, at a certain time.

So after class I went to the bishop's office and I had no sooner stepped in, that the barrage of indignation again started, the bishop even throwing in my face a copy of the letter he said he had sent Rome to deny all my allegations of scandal.

He made me sit in a chair where I had the full sun in my face, a thing that reminded me of the technique sometime employed by those questioning a suspect. But despite the light I could not help but notice a certain movement behind some long drapes hanging on the left side of a tall window. And lo out came the young parish assistant, Fr. Robert Légère, whom the bishop summoned to come out and deny everything I had recounted about the desecration in my letter to Rome, which the young priest did in a voice full of fear, and totally decomposed features.

The bishop was livid with fury, but I calmly responded that I would go down to my tomb repeating what the young assistant priest had told me on the stairs of the church that Sunday morning in May. I did not pick up the letter he let fly at me saying I could do "whatever I wanted to do with it." He went on to say he had answered Rome denying everything. And I walked out.

Never again would the bishop deign look at me wherever we met afterwards. And then, after his death, at a commemorative service for the repose of his soul which I attended I was given to comprehend the length of time the bishop had been given in purgatory. I shuddered. And to this day Fr. Légère has never been the same in composure.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 20, 2004 - ...

Cf. Section VI. The reader can see me with John Paul II. I am handing him a copy of The Third Testament of The Asylum City then but a leaflet. Our exchange of words was very short indeed, with the pope only to tell me vehemently, after taking the envelope, giving me a rosary and understanding that I was from Canada, from the Atlantic provinces, "They came here! They came here!" pointing to the floor and speaking in a mixed angry-sad tone. I knew why he was upset because in fact our bishops had just come for their ad limina visit to Rome and had "Expressed their concerns" as my diocesan bishop in Bathurst, NB, Bishop André Richard answered when I called him afterwards to ask what they had said to upset the pope. Sadly I knew, recalling his words on a radio interview prior to their leaving for Rome. They were to ask the pope for the "marriage for priests" and the "priesthood" for women! A little wonder then why John Paul II was upset to the point of tears. Not long afterwards, Archbishop Chiasson was relieved of his post. The bishops had made their request under his guidance as head of the Atlantic Bishops Delegation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 27, 2004 - Question to Our Lady by John/Albert through Joseph Re ...

  1. Was the dream-vision I had in the wee hours on this feast day of Our Lady of Perpetual Help a true vision which reflected the situation regarding the last proposed prayer booklet?*

    "The dream-vision was true."

  2. Did Heaven inspire me to insert in the last section of The Third Testament, the booklet about Our Lady of the Seven Sorrows?

    "Yes, John/Albert, not enough attention has been given to my Seven Sorrows during these End Times."

Thank You, Dear Mother,

Joseph Re

* What was shown was an unrolling of a parchment covered with an elegant italic reproduction of the material that had been e-mailed to me of the proposed new prayer booklet meant for The Third Testament. But all was written in a continuous text with no paragraphing, a thing that seemed strange, but stranger still was this merriment around the parchment of a horde of demons dancing and chatting with glee. Soon parts of the text started to fade and, most curious, the letters were becoming smaller and smaller ... until the whole thing vanished. I woke up with the dreadful feeling that an infernal attack had been tried to discredit The Third Testament. The copy that had been e-mailed to me was immediately burned in my wood-stove. (See above Our Lady's recommendation regarding the booklet. My comprehension was that many parts had been used pell-mell with no credit line, some even taken from books that had not yet been openly released. This dream-vision subsequently led to uncover the satanic line introduced in many volumes of Luisa Piccarreta's books.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

A Message to the Little Ones

John/Albert's explanation of the gratitude due Heaven concerning current mysteries unfolding almost daily to the Little Ones who believe in the mission of The Asylum City and desiring to live in the Divine Will.

This grace given to little prayer groups and the rest of the believing 91's are the first to be given the picture and knowledge through John/Albert of the flag of the Great Monarch riding on the white horse as given in Apoc. 19:11. This flag or banner is the flag of The New Jerusalem. These special graces given always lead to another and greater grace, similar in part to the graces and new mysteries to be unfolded to the Little Ones desiring to live in Divine Will, while still living on earth, that of a new mystery unfolding each moment for all eternity in Heaven (cf. Book of Heaven, vol. 36 by Luisa Piccarreta). Many mysteries given to John/Albert are still hanging waiting for the moment to be unfolded.

John/Albert explained to me what The Little Pebble's part was to be in these events and how they were changed basically because of his self-will and indifference belittling the mission of The Asylum City as the means necessary for his guidance.

It was the evening of February 23, 1989, that John/Albert was given, in revelation, to see The Little Pebble at a meeting in Canada, by God the Father, and at the same time hear God the Father weep continually for 5 hours through the next day February 24 into the early hours of the morning.* At a time when The Little Pebble destined to be Peter the Roman, as given in the prophecy of St. Malachy, was also given the mission to work with the Great Monarch in the original plan of God the Father, destroying the Father's plan to lead the flock as the last pope and usher in the 25-year reign of peace which has now been cancelled along with the Great Warning and Miracle prophesied at Garabandal because of the malice of men; did not The Little Pebble play a big part in this by a false interpretation of a message given to him concerning his part as the New Abraham and the 12 princesses to accompany him in the plan of the new generation, a spiritual concept misconstrued to be a physical one. Even when it was in progress and The Little Pebble was forgiven because of his misunderstanding by a new message explaining his error which he rejected, now to become full-blown lust encouraged by a misguided egotistic spiritual director? It would be none other than intellectual dishonesty to believe Heaven would approve this sinful conduct for anyone seeking the truth.

This grave error perpetrated by The Little Pebble and company was in part the cause of God the Father to withdraw the grace of being The Monarch Restorer from Pierre Poulain and given to St. Louis of France, the great Monarch on the white horse with the true flag of France, also as stated previously as the flag of The New Jerusalem. All this and many other mysteries are unveiled in Our Lady's 3rd Testament of The Asylum City intended as a guide for the faithful through these last days of the Antichrist's reign of 3 ½ years which began on May 14, 2003.

Joseph Re

* Cf. A10, Section V.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 10, 2004 - Questions to Our Lady by John/Albert through Joseph Re ...


The banner on the left I had seen in 1990 in a dream-vision, but without the three hearts. It represents the flag or banner of The Great Monarch for The New Era. On the right is the habit for the Apostles and Disciples in the New Era (cf. January 21, 1989, Section VIII). The stole will be added for the celebration of the Mass of St. John. The habit for the women disciples has not yet been drawn although it was made known that the habit would be lavender in color with a long white veil. The cincture to be worn will be gold, as the trim at the collar and at the wrists. A gold button would be worn at the neck. The cordon for the men would have seven knots. There would also be three hearts on the women's habit, as well as the beads at the cincture like the one for the men.

  1. Does the banner above shown to me in 1990 represents the emblem or flag of The Great Monarch in The New Era?

    "The banner as you had seen in the dream-vision is to be as shown with this exception, the three hearts will be inserted where you had depicted but one."

  2. Is the habit, above, that of the priests celebrating Mass in The New Era?

    "Yes, it is a habit of great dignity and humility."

Thank You, Dear Mother,

Joseph Re

* * * * * * * * * * * *

September 23, 2004 - Questions to Our Lady by John/Albert through Joseph Re ...

  1. Would it be just coincidence that Noëlla Comeau show me this morning at breakfast, excerpts from "Life of Love" pertaining to the harassment exerted on Marie-Paule by the "Little Michael", the fallen angel imposed on her by prelates and priest collaborators?

    "It was to help those of good will but confused however, not those who are hardened by indifference and are consequently victims of hate blocking the grace of understanding truth given by the benevolent Father."

  2. Would it be in Heaven's design to have this résumé of Noëlla's put in The Third Testament, in order to help some souls, and in which section?

    "Yes do so. It will help some."

Thank You, Dear Jesus and Mary,

Joseph Re

* * *

Dialogues in "Vie d'Amour" (Life of Love) by Marie-Paule Giguère, of Lac-Etchemin, QC, between she and the "Little Michael", the Fallen Angel, as compiled (from the French version) by Noëlla Comeau.*


P. 359:
My attention goes to the little angel who is at my side and who entertains me with so many things.

P 360:
And so, the little angel acts the same way with John and Maria.

To give more strength to his order, the little angel unveils himself further to my eyes. His aspect surprises me. I am accustomed to see dignified angels, respectful and wearing long dresses. Now with this one, it is the first time I "see" such an angel - he is of the height of a fourteen year old adolescent. His hair is bound tight around the face and is kind of tousled at the back of the head; his short skirt, to me is dirty, for it is not white; the upper legs and knees are bare. Moreover, he holds a sword, ready to be brandished. His movements are quick and not gentle. Therefore I am on my guard. He talks to me a lot about the "Garden of Mysteries." Not accustomed to smooth talk, this intrigues me.

The next day, at the Vatican, reporting the angel's talk and describing him, I said to Bishop John I had sent the little angel very far.

"You did not sent him to the devil, at least," said Bishop John surprised by my attitude.

"Yes, I sent him to the devil, for I have never "seen" an angel of this kind; and moreover he does everything with astonishing rapidity, while all those I have "seen" until now, were calm, well dressed and clean."

"But no," said Bishop John, "do not do that. It is the angel Saint Michael who is assisting you and training you for your mission. God has his views. Wait, I beg of you."


P. 19:
This little angel I "see" more and more often, surprises me by his attitude, rudeness and his rapidity. He looks so little like the one I have "seen" at home, tall, respectful, distinguished and reserved.

This one is of medium height with an oval face, hair tight around the face and tousled behind the head, and wears a short colored skirt, "AMBER", says the angel to me.

I dare not believe him, and I think that his skirt is dirty. Moreover, his talks surprise me, so much so that on one occasion, I sent him "to the devil." Nevertheless what he told me became reality in a surprising way. But in short, I do not want to see the little angel again because I doubt his origin, and this because of his skirt which seems dirty.

But Heaven being attentive to the Work will not leave me long in anxiety.

During the night, the Holy Virgin intervenes following the angel. She draws my attention on her nice white dress whose soft flaps She lifts up left and right, and which falls down to the ground.

She no doubt wants me to forget the impression that gives me the skirt of the angel which seems dirty. She invites me to follow carefully the angel and She explains to me certain details referring to the "Garden of Mysteries." Further on She said, "TELL JOHN TO EXECUTE THE REQUESTS OF THE ANGEL."

P. 50:
I see, above the dome of Saint Peter's basilica, in a dark sky, an angel all white and very tall, who is carrying someone, and I "know" it is I. One would say he is lightly holding a child by the neck with his right hand.


The sight is marvelous! and this angel who is so dignified, who surprises me by his height, who is he?

It could not be the little angel who has become my teacher. What a difference in height, attitude, and gentleness! Yet, on hearing him, the little angel, and the other, the very tall angel, they would be the same angel!

The tall angel is wearing a nice white, long and elegant dress. His long outstretched wings make him even more imposing. He works calmly and his movements are poised, whilst the little angel, who has a short skirt which comes to the knees - that skirt of "amber" color that I thought dirty because it was not a dazzling white - has thick hair done in a strange way, and is so quick in his movements.

P. 57:
During Mass, a surprising fact has drawn my attention: above the head of the guests, placed in the first rows toward the right, there stood the angel of white.

This angel was so tall that he filled the space, between the head of the guests to the dome where his stretched wings touched. What dignity in this angel who is holding in his hands a large brilliant sword of golden color.

P. 59:
It is the white angel, tall and dignified who returns that night.

P. 217:
And when the angel gives me orders, because the hour is tragic, and asks to act at once, it is because he does not want me to take advice, for he knows too well that it will always be stopped, "IT IS MAN WHO BREAKS MY PLANS", said the Lord.

P. 242:
I am looking for an image when this one falls in my hand. What a joy! I recognize my "LITTLE ANGEL" who gave me courses in Rome. With his short skirt, of amber color - it is he who had specified to me the color of his dress when I had told him his dress seemed dirty and who had made me doubt of his celestial origin for I thought that an angel was always clothed in white, sometimes in pink or in blue.

Yes, I recognize my LITTLE ANGEL and I am moved when I think of having snubbed him and I regret to have doubted him.

P. 270:
On this day of June 25th I receive from Sr. Jeanne d'Arc two images of Saint Michael. There is my little angel: the exact replica of the one I had "seem" in Rome; his hair, his sword, his short dress, but what a surprise in seeing the demon he is crushing, in the shape of a man whose yellowish skin has the color of those that I had "seen" at the door of my room! My God, this is upsetting!

P. 354:
And at night, the little angel returns to instruct me yet more. The angel is preparing everything for John's visit.

P. 357:
"YOU MUST WRITE ON ‘54' ", commands the angel with severity.

P. 359:
Suddenly I think of the angel's multiple demands when I hear, "THE MORE YOU WILL ACCEPT, THE MORE YOU WILL BE GRATIFIED IN YOUR REQUESTS."


P. 10:
The thought of my collaborators confirm the order of the angel.

P. 19:
Now, the short note does not please the angel who says, while I am writing it, "NO, IT IS YOU WHO IS RIGHT."

Give me proofs if I am in the truth. Foretell me something else which will happen so that I know that it is really you, the good angel, who is talking to me.


P. 34:
As asked by the angel Saint Michael.

P. 50:
And so, when the bishop said in his homily to ask an angel for the Army of Mary, I immediately "heard", "YOU ALREADY HAVE HIM: SAINT MICHAEL WITH HIS SWORD."

P. 65:
Why am I alone in the crystal ball? The angel says to me, "ME, I LOVE YOU, LET HIM GO, I SHALL TAKE CARE OF YOU, I WILL FOLLOW YOU STEP BY STEP."

P. 69:
I am suffering from the pain that I am causing John by obeying the angel's strict orders.

P. 101:
Having lived an impressive experience here, Bishop John asks me, "Is it always like this? Does the angel always intervene in this way?"

"No," I say. "Maybe he has manifested himself more during your visit to bring about his predictions, in order to reassure you of his presence and his interventions."

"You," answers Bishop John, "always follow your angel."

P. 121:
The angel asks me to renounce to so many things.

P. 137:

P. 233:
For a few days, I delay to execute the order from the angel and sometimes I doubt the authenticity of that order. Saturday night on December 4th, I execute his request and I seek to know if I shall always remain faithful. But the angel says nothing. The next day I "see" in front of me the little angel who is dancing with joy. I learn that he dances out of satisfaction because I followed his instructions. I want to obey, but the demands of the angel weigh me down so much.

P. 269:

P. 300:
"There," says the angel who manifests himself at my right in a little white dress he has been wearing for the last few weeks.

At once, with fear, I "see" above the desk, more exactly above my little statue of Mary Queen of the World, an immense demon. "But of what stature!", I say to myself.

"HE IS FORTY-FIVE FEET IN HEIGHT", says the little angel who has placed his left hand on my right hand.

I remember at once the tall angel with his sword, during the Mass of the twenty-fifth episcopal anniversary of Bishop John. The angel had said of himself that he was forty feet in height. And the devil starting to triumph, assumes a stature taller yet than that of the angel. What a monkey trick!

But then, this hideous monster sneers and hurls a strident phrase, "You see, he has not broken with that woman." He stamps or dances a few steps above the little Madonna and disappears. During all that time, the little angel always held my hand.

P. 303:
The angel manifests his presence on this Christmas night; he is wearing a long white dress.

P. 304:

P. 326:
Everything is fulfilled according to the angel's indications.

P. 327:
Who is that spiritual director of whom the Church speaks so well and about whom I talk at the end of my text? It is the angel Saint Michael that Heaven has given me and who guides me constantly.

P. 361:
Each day, I see God's and the angel's orders being fulfilled.


P. 159:
The devil wanted, above all, to keep me away, for he knew that if I penetrated in Bishop John's life, I could remove the devil comfortably installed because of a bad interpretation of certain messages received by the bishop.

P. 232:
Bishop John has been inspired by the good angel, and at the same time, by Lucifer.

P. 268:
Then, if the angel's order forwarded to Bishop John had been followed, it would have been LIFE, the climb back in beauty for humanity.


P. 324:
And there will not be a man on earth who will make me fail in my fidelity toward God and toward the angel.

P. 342:
It is the angel who is directing this Work; I must not intervene according to my thought, nor refuse to obey his orders.

P. 370:
And the orders of the angel who is holding the sword, are not to be transgressed. No matter what it costs me, I have no choice. I must obey.

P. 453:
For the first time I "know" who is projecting "this film." It is Saint Michael. To be reassured I say to him, "Is it you, Saint Michael, who has projected this film?"


"I fear the devil's intervention so much."


P. 488:
"Well, it will be you, in your time, to show where the truth is. For me, the best proof of the authenticity of your action with me, is the request that you made to me to answer to bishops even before their letter had been written."
* Noëlla Comeau was suddenly inspired of late to make the above compilation, inspiration that was later confirmed by Joseph Re of Cincinnati, OH, an apostle for The New Era.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Rubbio (Vicenza, Italy); August 15, 1991
Solemnity of the Assumption
of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven

The New Era

Blessed Mother:

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 7, 2005

A dream-vision of the Holy Ghost was given to John/Albert of The Asylum City in a wondrous manner, even in the most minute detail, along with his description of the Father and Jesus as three distinct persons, yet one God.

Joseph Re, was ordered to write an account of this vision of March 3, 2005, as told by John/Albert:

"In this vision, I saw the Holy Ghost dressed in a beautiful white tunic made of fabric with half sleeves. He appeared as a younger person although He is of the same age as the Father and the Son. He seemed of an all-embracing spiritual love and at the same time He was solid in substance and so manly. His face was fascinating, so good-looking, that it was incredible. He had no beard. His hair was reddish-brown, shorter than the Father's, almost tousled yet distinguished par excellence in appearance. His face was less tanned than the Father and the Son, seen in past visions. His gaze was penetrating yet playful. I felt like I wanted to play tag with Him. He had a very normal and natural composure.

I felt I would like to get in that Heart of his. He would just smiled. However, I felt, if He did permit it, I would be plunged into the Blessed Trinity and I would not have felt like to come out. My comprehension of the power coming out from Him was so intense it was like all fire. A fire of purification and I felt like I wanted to be drawn into that fire for purification. I was so taken in by his face I said, ‘You are a real person and we have a special relationship with You, and as the other persons, He wants to give, give, give all the time."

Now I would like to make a comparison of the Father and Son at this time from past visions given to John/Albert.

"The Father has an all-encompassing, comfortable sensation of His love. He is more majestic in appearance with a beautiful face. His hair is shorter than God the Son's. I would say short. He is the image of a great King. He is very serene and yet so humble.

"He is a loving Father always wanting to share his love with his children, a fatherly love.

"Some time ago, in a dream-vision, I saw myself standing behind the Father with my hand on his right shoulder which felt very solid. My comprehension was He was in the process of constructing my individual soul.

"As I watched over his shoulder what He was doing, He seemed to be humming while working, then patiently He took a fiber from one of the many stacks in front of Him and carefully chose one by one. If it would not fit, He would choose another, and still another, until the right one chosen would fit my make-up. However in one instance, choosing two dented ones and after different attempts, He fitted them in me. I often wondered what those two fibers represented.

"At another time I was plunged into the Son's Heart, taken up in a universe floating on an ocean of red blood from his Heart. I did not want to return to earth. I thought to myself, ‘No one can tell me the universe is infinite,' as God's presence went far beyond that. I realized just recently that I had been taken into the Divine Will when I recalled this experience of ecstacy.

"The Son is like a brother to us: so humble with brotherly love.

"Jesus' hair is light brown, rather blondish, extending down to the shoulders.

"His face is beautiful, both majestic and serene, yet different from the Father's emanating a brotherly love.

"Of the three persons of the Blessed Trinity, where they all are good-looking, the best looking is the Holy Ghost because He looked younger and more playful.

"Some time ago, I was taken in vision to the garden of Eden, which is still in existence, and also into the New Era revealing to me the difference of the two.

"When I was taken into the New Era, Our Lord was there beside me and He said, ‘They are waiting for you over there where the birch tree stood.' St. Joseph was remodeling my whole house with a beautiful cedar wood finish. My present house had been transported to where the birch tree was. I audibly heard Jesus, St. Joseph and the people at the house speak.

"Where was once a bay, there was a crystal clear, unsalted small lake fed by two small rivers. The sun had a whitish glow to it compared to the sun now which has a yellow glow. The air was very soft, warmish, and scented. It never varied in degree day or night. In short, everything was completely changed: air, sky, sunshine, etc.

"The New Earth resembled the Garden of Eden of old, with no mountains and no sea, restored to its former beauty.

"Man will have the preternatural gifts to teleport here and there.

"It would be too much to go into details concerning the Garden of Eden. It has already been recorded in the Life of Christ by Catherine Emmerich for those interested."

Thank You, Dear Mother, for helping me along with John/Albert, with this information of John/Albert's dream-vision as you requested. Joseph Re.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 16, 2005 - A premonitory dream-vision by Monica Wilcott, a disciple, of Sturgis, SK ...

Last night I had the most unusual dream. I stepped inside a little house to visit Margaret Re. The room I entered was about 8'x10'. It had a large picture window with sunlight streaming in which lit up the whole room. There was next to no furniture in it: a tatty stuffed chair and an old work table with some large house plants on it. It had tired old cheap ‘felted' carpet, and the whole place gave the impression of not having been cleaned in some time, just very grubby, in need of a good wash.

Margaret was busy fussing with one plant, putting it on a miniature padded couch and talking about it, in front of an unseen cameraman, like a person doing a cable TV show. This show was soon over, and then the two of us were alone. She was very chatty and cheerful but I was a little taken aback by her appearance. She wore a tight fitting, cropped lime green t-shirt and lime green capri pants, both in a rather tired, worn state.

But the strangest part was that she had three legs, all identical. The outside leg on the right side was carried in midair about waist height. I do not know how this was possible, but I could hear Joseph Re's voice saying she had a bad leg and could not walk on it so she walked on a prosthetic leg - but I was puzzled because all three legs looked alive and identical to me.

Several legs had band aids on them from shaving. I remonstrated with her over her attire, especially because she had appeared on TV in such immodest clothing, but she remonstrated right back at me, insisting that she was certain the cameraman had only filmed her from the waist up, so no one would know she was wearing pants. She was stubbornly insistent, yet all the while being cheerful and pleasant. In addition, as she spoke to me, she transformed into a black t-shirt and her hair became black, longer and curly and thick-lensed dark rimmed glasses appeared on her face. She almost did not look like Margaret anymore.

Margaret was telling me that since I was staying for a visit, my room was that way, and she pointed to a doorway which I walked through and was immediately plunged into near darkness.

Of course, I stopped walking. As my eyes adjusted to the dim, I could see that this room, the same size as the other was even more desperately in need of a good cleaning! The same cheap felted carpet with bits and pieces of dirt on it - at least what could be seen of it.

The entire room was crammed with people, her relatives and children. They were all laying about, some in sleeping bags on the floor, some on tatty couches, all either sleeping or dozing.

As I looked around this room an understanding washed over me, that "my parents" were coming, and that John/Albert was coming too. How glad I was to think I would see him again, even if it was here! A great feeling of relief washed over me as well, because I knew in no uncertain terms that there was going to be a showdown, a final confrontation to bring Margaret on side and that this was ONLY because of the state of the first room, in which I encountered her.

I put the term my parents in quotation marks because often in dreams it is an impression of my parents I am given, meaning God and His perfect standards, personified by my parents, as in, their iron parental authority.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

November 24, 2005 - E-mail to William Kamm through Fr. Broussard ...

Fr. Broussard,

We all want to have William's lot alleviated and this is the reason we have made a mailing for him through you ... so we hope you passed it on to him.

William's adherence to The Father's plan is primordial. He thus cannot bypass the importance of The Asylum City, the greatest apparition site ever, for it prepared the site of The New Jerusalem, a recognition which will bring him untold blessings.

Read The Third Testament of The Asylum City, The New Jerusalem and you will better discern William's role.

Thanks for your update, as we have always considered William's special role among the twelve, to form with Our Lady and the other apostles, the new Magisterium to govern the Church, Our Lady as the head figure. We have moved from the Church of Peter to the Church of John.

Please keep up with the times! We are already passed so many events, on the verge of entering the 3rd Millenium!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

EPILOGUE ... to mysteries (cf. PROLOGUE, March 13, 2002, Section IX.)

June 8, 2005 - On the feast of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, the Seat of Wisdom. Question to Our Lady by John/Albert through Joseph Re ...

Testing of Spirits: "I am Mary, the Immaculate Conception, the Mother of God."

  1. With no offense intended towards Joseph Re, Dear Mother, should he understand necessarily every question, and more so the answer, before he passes them on, or must he rely strictly on faith as need be?

    "I have inspired this question keeping my promise to protect you both.

    "Again, do not doubt my answers as it is an attempt by the evil ones to weaken the faith of everyone.

    "You should be willing to discuss certain questions with Joseph Re to begin the process of discernment, enabling the God of providence to act directly on the imagination of Joseph Re who is in the hands of God as a chosen vessel carrying the light of divine wisdom to you,* John/Albert, for the benefit of mankind.

    "Other questions and similar ones, not as complex, could only require ‘yes' and ‘no' answers. These are the questions for which Joseph Re relies strictly on faith.

    "These methods of delivery have been discussed before as you recall and are explained in the Encyclical of Pope Leo XIII, ‘Providentissimus Deus', and St. Thomas Aquinas.

    **"Discussion concerning a complex question is necessary and also begets confidence with mutual essential trust in each other necessary for working together. As given before, as a reminder, Jesus wants charity and love to prevail providing the proper disposition for enlightenment to carry on your missions.

    "I prefer now that you pray more in the way you choose; however, daily meditation on the passion of Jesus is first, followed by reading parts of the Divine Will volumes and practicing living in act, the Divine Sanctity, that is, calling Jesus and Mary in all your acts to console an outraged God, the Dear Father, and assisting Him in the salvation of souls for their eternal happiness and your increased glory which is contained in as Divine Will, the fiat of the Father, the purpose for which you were created. I love you all. Your Mother Mary. Be at peace."

Thank You, Dear Mother,

Joseph Re

* This cunning line was graphically shown to John/Albert to illustrate the tragic and dramatic attacks launched towards the very end against the Pillar of Granite, John/Albert, the Guardian of Mary, by a close associate claiming, by his very words, to "have been given Divine Infused knowledge of wisdom," a prerogative given to Our Lady only, the Seat of Wisdom. This line wrapped in a more cunning "sophism"** in order to be made more palatable.

The column of granite (above) shown in a flash crossing my mind during the 1 hour prayer session, on May 29, 2005, shown as resisting a huge wave of evil thrown at it by the diverse ensuing attacks by imps. (Cf. A17, Section V.)

* * * * *
* The letter of introduction of March 13, 2002, Section IX, is in fact a prologue to "854" referring mainly to the number of people (not days as portrayed at the time in A11, Section V) about whom The Eternal father had expressed, in February 1989, his desolation in a 5-hour soliloquy of anguish, anger and sadness (cf. A10, Section V) over those He had prepared for The End Times but would betray, a prologue to introduce the associate Heaven would send John/Albert to help him in his long trek, marked with so many complexities in his journey, a prologue already preluded by the appearance on the scene of a personage, Fr. Yves-Marie Blais, o.m.i., of L'Avenir, QC (cf. photo below, of the priest leaning against a post on a platform) whose influence extended, at the end and still does, to the five continents, and who turned to me, John/Albert, after the crowd had dispersed, and asked my impression, completely not at all in accordance with his expectancy, and snarled**, "But I am above ALL seers and mystics, having received direct Divine infused knowledge!" - a cry later paralleled on May 29, 2005 by an associate, Joseph Re, saying "he was in the hands of God as a chosen vessel carrying the light of Divine wisdom to John/Albert, for the benefit of mankind*."

Fr. Yves-Marie Blais, o.m.i. of L'Avenir, QC, leaning against a post on a platform of a building, and giving a speech following the departure of Andrew Wingate, of Courtland, MN, USA.
** Cf. August 1, 1988, 11th paragraph, and photo at the end of letter, Section VIII.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

June 9, 2005 - Joseph Re's manifesto - by Monica Wilcott, of Sturgis, SK, associate member of The Asylum City ...

How do I begin to express my thoughts on this deft maneuver of the Evil One, who declares himself to be "the God of Providence" and reveals that he acts "directly on the imagination of Joseph Re"?

And if I am dumbstruck in the face of this evil declaration, how can I begin to address the much more malevolent revelation that Joseph Re is "a chosen vessel carrying the light of divine wisdom to you, John/Albert, for the benefit of mankind"? To .... usurp not only Our Lady's title, but to brusquely push her aside entirely and presume to take over her role as Seat of Wisdom is a blatant act of treason! O treachery most foul! Overthrow the General and take command of the army! And not joint command with John/Albert, either! The order that questions be "discussed" means that Joseph Re, not the Holy Ghost through John/Albert, will be the final author of their content and since he provides the answers, he will have total control. Or rather, he believes he will. The reality is that the Evil One will be the merciless master tyrant working through him.

Since when has Divine Revelation been in need of discussion "to begin the process of discernment? Discussion concerning a complex question is necessary and also begets confidence". Why? Because Our Holy Mother is not bright enough to answer unless Joseph Re understands and can explain it to her? Or rather that the answers are formulated by himself and he needs to be very clear on the subject matter before having the confidence to formulate an appropriate answer? It is a clear admission of her absence. No wonder her voice has fallen silent! She has been forced away by blind jealousy and insatiable ambition, coupled with weak human will, all fanned, as a flame, by their original author.

"Jesus wants charity and love to prevail" a redundancy spoken by Our Holy Mother? Unthinkable! Or does this imply that they are two entirely different but complimentary dispositions?

"I prefer now that you pray more in the way you choose" carte blanche. Simple suggestions aside, the door is now thrown open to personal freedom of expression, no more defined routine or divinely composed prayer. It is permission to throw the Community of St. Joseph prayer book out the window. Instead, echoes of the whispers to Eve of choosing for yourself what is good and what is evil. And at the end, the root is revealed: "Thanks to my little victim soul Margaret". Indeed! He is grateful to the second Delilah. He will broach no criticism of her for any reason. He kisses the hand of the co-author of his demise and goes down as a willing participant.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 1, 2005 - On the feast of the Precious Blood of Jesus Christ ...

Dear Joseph Re, 

Read well the following of November 3, 2003 ... 

November 3, 2003 - A fax by John/Albert ...

  1. Joseph Re, you do agree to the importance of the message as portrayed in our skies, but since you do not want to see it as applying to the predicament you are presently in, and confirming my apprehension that there was a rending apart of our relationship making Our Lady and Our Lord's Hearts bleed as portrayed in the phenomenon in our skies (on October 30th) at the very time of our controversy, then you perhaps need not come to The Asylum City as everything is over and out - a most unsuspected ending "reflecting" itself in bloodred because of the dire consequences for humanity by hastening the events. Would you not therefore place yourself on the same level as Marie-Paule, Andrew and William?

  2. Who would have ever thought that "Appendix" would have meant all the above, and more, and be written in such a way ... in blood!

  3. Am I dramatizing? No, I have seen it coming for the past two to three years ... and that is why Heaven wanted you away on your own ... but the Evil One always succeeded in counteracting Heaven to cancel Its counsels and put you back under evil influences. Now I understand the many turnabouts!

  4. And the Evil One succeeded on putting the leash on you when you kept putting your family and wife before God.

  5. Joseph Re, perhaps have you forfeited your mission and joined the many other apostles who have defected.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

... and you should NOW understand in what predicament you are in, a predicament of finality, alas, as forwarned by Heaven's silence and concretized since by the sequence of what transpired afterwards ... 

No wonder Heaven kept silent! 

What is left for you to do? Recite the exorcism, "If I have offended you, Dear God, I ask forgiveness. I hereby renegue the Synagogue of Satan and I believe in The Asylum City and Our Lady's Third Testament."

But there is no comeback, though, only that you have placed yourself among the 854's. 


P.S. It might also be useful to read the few preceding messages starting with October 29, 2003. 

See portrait of phenomenon of blood in the sky shown for November 8, 2003, a graphic answer to all the questions of November 3rd, 2003.

How could you betray Heaven in such a dire way!! I now understand, and so should you, why you pronounced words as Fr. Blais did in 1988!!! 

Please kill that arrogance by saying the exorcism over and over and over!!

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 12, 2005 - Flash vision ...

As we all took our places in the livingroom-chapel for our prayer session of the day, suddenly I saw in a flash the huge lava-red snake, shown above, shoot through the floor right in front of where I sat to disappear through the ceiling.

The strange comprehension flooded my mind instantly that this was no coincidence, as Thomas had just downloaded the long e-mail from Joseph Re, of Cincinnati, entitled "Unpublished Messages" which was a repetitive mixture of unrelated twaddles meant to convey to the reader some sort of picture of the situation John/Albert would be in.

Given the nature of the e-mail and the timing of its arrival to coincide with the flash of the hideous serpent, we had no choice but to burn the script. Hell must be in deep fury to be exposed!!!


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 13, 2005 - On the feast day of the Rosa Mystica ...

It was only today, as I sat in the chair from which I saw the apparition of Our Lady of Lourdes at the birch tree in The Asylum City, that I suddenly received the full comprehension as to why hell was in such fury, as shown in the above picture of July 12th, and a huge serpent took flight from the e-mail script that had been downloaded from the computer downstairs, traversed the floor, right in front of me, in the livingroom-chapel and fled out through the ceiling.

The comprehension received on this day was that I finally understood the difficulties of acceptance for me laid in all the latest messages sent by Joseph Re, whenever he insisted, supposedly through words by Our Lady, that I entered in "discussion" with him who had illumined  infused knowledge, a situation of confusion where I felt manipulated.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 14, 2005 - On the feast of Our Lady of the Ardent Bush ...

As I sat in my reclining chair this morning in front of a picture of the Holy Trinity, I suddenly felt urged to ask the Father to inspire all those He wished to be spared the coming cleansing of the earth and perhaps to be raptured, to up and leave, as the people of old often did, and come to The Asylum City, the refuge for the Latter Days, where they would receive in our local arena instruction from the apostles and disciples soon to be raptured to the Garden of Eden.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 15, 2005 - On the feast of St. Bonaventure, baptized under the name John ...

We all had barely sat to begin the prayer session addressed to the Father that in a flash I saw the bright luminous white light of the Father on the ceiling, as shown above, in the livingroom-chapel in the Degrechie's house facing the birch tree of the apparitions. I first saw it interiorly as I closed my eyes, but then with my very eyes as I opened them to see if I was mistaken. Lo, it was still there and would only disappear after I had closed my eyes in respect to reopen them again.

I understood this was in answer to my request of yesterday's.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 16, 2005 - On the feast of Our Lady of Mercy ...

As usual lately, as soon as we began the prayers for the daily prayer session to the Father, in our livingroom-chapel, Our Lady suddenly came in a mental vision ... in an attitude which gave me to comprehend that She was pleading with the Father for the Rapture. She remained but briefly, leaving a scent of lavender.

No answer was given as to the announcement of the Rapture ... as perhaps the events intervened to change Heaven's plans.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 17, 2005 - On the feast of Our Lady of Victory ...

Again in a flash-vision, Our Lady came at the very beginning of our prayer session, this time as shown in the photo above.

Her majesty speaks for itself ... She came as the Sun of Divine Wisdom conferred on Her by the Blessed Trinity. And her visit was most appropriate and consoling in response to the attacks levied directly at The Asylum City and the Guardian of Mary, John/Albert, symbolized by the red serpent (cf. July 12, 2005) using words parallel to Fr. Blais used at L'Avenir, QC,  "being in the hands of God as a chosen vessel of Divine Wisdom to John/Albert for the benefit of mankind" ... thus deceivingly using a prerogative belonging to Our Lady. But Satan's ploy was divulged, thus the victory of Our Lady over a most treacherous and covert attack.*


* A recipient of the script, became momentarily cut off from reality while "probing" at some part of the script and had to be exorcized on the spot through the phone to awaken her from her confusion and momentary mesmerism during which she could not hear my voice beckoning to her.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 20, 2005 - From Christiane ...

The phone rings and Christiane to relate to me that at the beginning of their prayer session, five hours before ours, said that she was beckoned by Our Lady to go to her room. Once there, Christiane hears Our Blessed Mother tell her , "Pray for Joseph Re for he is on the road of losing his soul."*

And the comprehension floods her soul that this former apostle is now bent on destroying The Asylum City and its members.

No wonder then that the following occurs:

  1. at 2:30 a.m., my time, I hear protesting screams of demons unwilling to enter my room for they are immediately thrown down into the abyss after my calling on St. Michael;

  2. Marie-Françoise's sudden temporary blindness while mending for Christiane;

  3. the sudden sinking of her front door, hinges and all, below the level of where the locking bolt shoots in;

  4. a bizarre car accident on my way to pick up Noëlla, when my car is hit from behind by a car who swerved into the lane to hit me, but loses its back bumper, instead of mine who got no scratch, only in front!! Quite a coming puzzle for the insurance people!!


* Given the onslaught of the demons of the air who know their time is short, Christiane was assuredly led to believe the message was true.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 21, 2005 - A letter from new members ...*

Dear Thomas,

I am enclosing $100 for the 4 St. Joseph Cenacle prayer booklets you sent and for 5 more, since others have joined the Church of John.

This is the introduction I wrote for the new members:

Thanks, and God bless all of you,

Joseph Re


"I have revealed to you the only source of truth left confirming the warnings in the gospels, ‘If those days were not shortened, even the elect would be led astray.' " (Mary)

When Christ died on the cross the veil of the temple was rent, and angels were heard saying, "Let us go hence." God abandoned the temple, and the apostles and disciples had to make a radical change to also abandon the temple and embrace Christianity.

When the angel Gabriel told Mary that She was blessed among all women and would be a mother, She was afraid, but with the grace of God She said her Fiat.

When Abraham was told to sacrifice his son, he went so far as to raise his knife, in a heroic act of faith.

If faith was easy, there would be no merit, and no graces obtained for others. Being weak, unworthy human beings, we cannot expect heroism, or faith or fidelity from ourselves, but we can pray daily to follow his Will and his Grace, and that is the way we will follow Him.

Our Lady says, "The present official Church is no more, the true Church, having been completely taken over by Freemasonry. Man's Church is now an abomination." God has left this apostate Church and is starting over with the Church of John, the mystical** Church. He is starting with a clean slate, so that there is a new holy Mass of St. John, and even the sacramentals, that were a gift to the Church of Peter, are now canceled, such as medals and scapulars, holy water and relics. We have instead spiritual graces, in accordance with his Divine Simplicity and Authority. The rosary is now replaced, for the latter days, by the Chaplet of the Father. We are now in the Church of the Catacombs. Mary says, "My Divine Son and I have left the Church of Man, and Jesus, the Pillar, is with the Church underground, appointing Me, the Mother of God, as the Magisterium as promised by Him in the gospels, ‘Behold, I am with you all days even to the consummation of the world.' "

The sequence of events has also been changed a lot. Everything depends on the response by mankind. God has given us extra time for more to be ready, but the sins of man have become so great that we are going to go straight to the disasters and wars, leading up to the Chastisement (3 days of darkness) followed by the Reign of Peace. This will make things much shorter, and leaves out the Warning and the Miracle. The Second Pentecost will be after the Chastisement. People have been given graces and self-knowledge similar to the Warning. Our Lady says, "The elect and the damned have already been separated, awaiting the Father's permissive justice. I shall protect my own." And, "The time of justice means what it says."

This is an important quote from Mary:

"I am offering you a means to obtain a Divine Sanctity, a purification of love which will merit you a rapture in the Garden of Eden shortly, where you, upon request, will be welcomed by Jesus, Mary and Joseph with open communication with the saints and your loved ones and all the splendor of the heavenly hierarchy.

Three things are required of you: 

Feel free to ask any questions you may have.


"Sovereign mistress of the angels, Thou Who from the beginning hast received from God the power and mission to crush the head of Satan, we humbly beseech Thee to send Thy holy legions, that under Thy command and by Thy power, they may pursue the evil spirits, encounter them on every side, resist their bold attacks and drive them into the abyss of eternal woe. Amen.

Joe Deitering, Arizona

* To replace those who left.
** But the actual Church during the Millenium.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 26, 2005 - On the feast day of St. Anne ...

At about 1:30 a.m., I awoke from what I believe is a dream-vision of which I have but little comprehension.

I saw myself brought far up among beautiful fluffy clouds, of pink, blue and white in color, after having talked briefly, to welcome them, to the new group from Tucson, Arizona, to thank them for having joined the Community of St. Joseph of The Asylum City.

Up there among the beautiful clouds, there were God the Father, Moses and I in huge size, with The Third Testament of Our Lady standing open in front of us and in beautiful book form with golden fringe against one of the magnificent clouds.

The conversation that went on was between God the Father and Moses, with me standing in a figure as large as that of the Father's and Moses' mainly as a bystander, listening to a conversation concerning The 3rd Testament and Joseph Re's fate, as to what it would be, phrased in this question by Moses, the only words heard, "What is to become of him?


* * * * * * * * * * * *

July 28, 2005 - Dictated to John/Albert by Christiane of France ...

In a dream-vision which occurred on July 18th or thereabouts, I see myself kneeling in my room after having gone to get some paper to write on, and having asked Our Lady, "Please, Mother, could You give me the name of the Apostles so that John/Albert may have the list of all of them."

I received but three names, with their spelling as I had asked: Albert Arseneau, John; Maurice DeGrechie, Thomas, and ... I stopped at the third name*, although I knew it started with a "W", but then I continued, Karol Wojtyla,** Peter, after John/Albert himself gave me the spelling by phone.

Christiane of France

* So the number of Apostles of the New Era has perhaps been reduced to three?

** The last of all popes, having been raptured to the Garden of Eden on July 7, 2003, after having been sequestered in the Vatican and replaced by an impostor, under order by Cardinal Ratzinger, as the head of the Illuminati, the highest level of Freemasonry. Card. Ratzinger who thus had become the False Prophet with Maitreya, the Antichrist, was thrown with the latter into the Abyss, with all the other demons on earth sent down, on December 30, 2004, and replaced on earth by the demons of the air mentioned by St. Paul, namely in his epistle to the Ephesians.

After the death of the impostor, a false Ratzinger sat on the seat of Peter as Benedict XVI.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 4, 2006 - A fax to Joseph Re, 1022, Neeb Road, Cincinnati, OH ...

Dear Joseph Re,

Given the circumstances, I have to advise you to make an abrupt about-face in order not to seal yourself in.

Perhaps you are unaware of it, but you have been bilocated, you and the whole family in Christiane Houpert's presence, in Paris, and you were shown to her as forms of anthracite except for Margaret who retained her human features: ironic is it not? this on February 2, 2006.*

What does this all mean?

I hope you make the right choice by not getting involved in a family situation instigated by the imps who are erecting walls around you, as seen by Christiane, one of red bricks on February 9, 2006, and another on February 11, 2006, of the same translucent whitish material which surround Marie-Paule's place in Lac-Etchemin, QC.

In Jesus, Mary and Joseph,


* And Christiane did see you carrying excess baggage which you must get rid of.

Yes, we are at the end of The Third Testament.

Please do not throw away your great merit of having introduced us to Luisa Piccarreta. And are you going to bring about what Moses asked of the Father in the very last and only sentence I was given to hear during my dream-vision of July 26, 2005, on the feast of St. Anne, "And what is to become of him?"

I had told you that their conversation was centered on you! And on February 13, 2006, Christiane heard Our Lady silently weeping, and to the question as to whether she was to let me know, Our Lady said, "Yes", in an exterior voice.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 9, 2006 - Vision by Christiane of Paris ...

Christiane suddenly sees in front of her in bilocation in broad daylight, a small red-brick wall that she understands has been built by Joseph Re of Cincinnati, and that it separates him from The Asylum City, and is symbolic of a bigger one that is about to be erected to isolate him completely.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 11, 2006 - Vision by Christiane of Paris ...

Christiane suddenly sees again in bilocation, the large wall prefigured in the vision of February 9th. And this wall is indeed much larger: being about two feet thick and twelve feet high, and made of the same material used by Marie-Paule to build her buildings in Lac-Etchemin, greyish-white granite stones that give the impression of being almost translucent especially at night. The wall she sees that isolates Joseph Re has even the length of the whole buildings erected by Marie-Paule and gives out the impression that it is a mausoleum wall, the same impression given out when one sees at night the buildings in Lac-Etchemin, QC.

And Christiane to recount that when she tried to pray for Marie-Paule that day, she had to stop as she felt herself being encased in ice.

As if to corroborate Christiane's vision about the wall now erected to separate Joseph Re from The Asylum City, a fax was sent to me by Joseph Re at 11:55 p.m., which I immediately linked to the dream-vision I had on July 26, 2005, during which I was given to hear the very last and only sentence heard pronounced by Moses, "And what is to become of him?"


* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 17, 2006 - Message given to Christiane of Paris ...

While yet on the second decade of the Chaplet of the Father, as given to Mother Eugenia for The Latter Days, Christiane hears Our Lady of The White Birch tell her that the Rapture of the Little Ones is to be on May 14, 2006, to commemorate the Rapture of the True Church on May 14, 2003, leaving behind the Apostate Church, John Paul II's rapture to follow on July 7, 2003, and the impostors to sit on the throne of Peter.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 23, 2006 - A dream-vision ...

In the wee hours of the day I was given to see in a dream-vision a priest consecrating and a voice to tell me that I would be shown something special, which in fact took place when a beautiful halo of light surrounded the host.

And the voice to pursue to say I would receive something special upon receiving the host. Indeed when I was given the host I was fused with Our Lord to the extent that my whole being became Him. I could feel all of Him from head to feet, and through and through even his weight.* (Cf. The Poem of the Man-God, vol. 2, p. 645, "You will have to become molten in Me, as if you lay in the clay mold used by those who melt metals to shape them.")


* At the same time I felt myself spread to the dimension of the universe and more. It was an unbelievable sensation.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

February 26, 2006 - Fax to Joseph Re ...

Dear Joseph Re,

Read attentively what I am sending you this morning and then tell me what is actually taking place.

Have the questions and answers for The Third Testament really ended on January 25th? Since then I have only received but one call from you, to "touch base" as you mentioned, and then silence.

In the interim came all the visions by Christiane, which I cannot help but tie in with the conversation between God the Father to which I was a witness.

Could you tell me what is going on? Especially if you add the documentation from Monica Wilcott, a disciple mystic, from Sturgis, SK, and to top it all, Florence Godin to call me this morning to let me know that last night she saw a bright light in her room with Beatrice Haché yelling, "What are you doing?",  her sister-in-law who works with her husband, Alban, in the Marian Movement of Priests and are now engaged in the project of erecting the original cross of Dozulé, of over 2,000 feet, but was cancelled, the same Alban, St. Michael was seen coming down with unsheathed sword in a dream-vision in order to slay him, and the 854's!!

Where are we heading?  And you say there are no more answers to be given? No, perhaps not for The Third Testament, but what for our guidance?

If I was poured in Christ's body in my last dream-vision, then I was not rejected, but, on the contrary, reinforced to sustain the last onslaughts.


P.S. What follows is a fax Monica sent me yesterday. Things cannot remain at a standstill ... what has just been written, plus Monica's fax may have to be put on the internet, otherwise we risk to let the Evil One operate and at will.

Answer in writing, i.e. by fax, please.

February 25, 2006


You asked me to put my thoughts on paper. I will endeavor to be orderly!

Back in July when Joseph Re produced his manifesto I took notice of how adroit Wouter was at facilitating its production. At the time I expected to see it posted on the internet in some manner, but as there was a semblance of reconciliation between you and Joseph Re the document was suppressed and, whatever plans were in the wings for it, were put aside. Although you advised Joseph Re to burn it and all copies of it - as he had seen to it, everyone in his group had a bound copy - I do not believe it was destroyed. They may well have destroyed (or simply collected) all the bound copies, but it seems Wouter has a habit of not deleting files from his computer, as was evidenced several times when visions I had were removed from The Third Testament, yet continued to surface on the Cincinnati side. This is the background for the following assertions.

When Joseph Re delivered to you the message of the 25th of January that there would be no more messages, I distinctly remember thinking, "Just no more messages for John/Albert." Joseph Re has an appetite for playing Oracle. He had no difficulty asking questions to Our Lady on his own on diverse occasions. (Remember his grand-daughter wanting to marry an Israeli, or the many apostles he nominated on his own and then requested confirmation?) His manifesto was ample proof that the imps are quite prepared to tell him what he wants to hear and he enjoys hearing it! I believe he has not stopped this activity even though he has excused himself from working for Our Lady's Third Testament.

I want you to recollect what transpired that day in July when I had a copy of that manifesto. I had kept it sealed in the envelope as I heartily believed it to be a deadly dangerous piece of work. I remember being shocked that you even asked me to open it and peruse it, in fact not once, but four times.

By God's grace, I realize now it was permitted so that I could obtain a general understanding of its nature, safely under your supervision, so that at the opportune moment St. Michael would guide you to snatch me out of its wiles before becoming ensnared.

And I realize now it was necessary for someone to have that understanding, in order to understand Joseph Re's state better. Perhaps it is because of what I had read in that document that I believed even back then, that the list of apostles given to Christiane was accurate, and that unless Joseph Re made a full and detailed recant of that document and that statement of being a vessel of Divine Wisdom, that he was indeed, as shown to Christiane, on the road to perdition.

I learned from that document that Joseph Re has no difficulty receiving and processing his own messages and that Wouter is a ready avenue of distribution for them.

As we have seen in the past with so many others of the 854's, they never walk away quietly. They are forced by the demons to viciously attack whatever they are abandoning.

Joseph Re will not escape this fate. Through his family, Archbishop Athanasius has entered the picture and the imps spur him to overcome whatever reticence remains in Joseph Re to take up this endeavor. Joseph Re is therefore being driven from both ends - his "messages" are directing him to the attack under the guise of clarification and straightening out people's understanding and Athanasius and Joseph Re's family will give him the emotional support to do so.

I believe that he is still receiving messages and that soon enough they will be made manifest on the internet under some new title. I believe they will not hide it but rather hasten to announce to all their "divinely" inspired Tower of Babel. Since last I heard Wouter declared chapter 13 bankruptcy and I assume is unemployed, then he would have all the time in the world to undertake this work for Joseph Re. The zeal of both is being put to use by a merciless master. The vessel of Divine Wisdom will be presented to all as a superior prophet, now finally getting his due, no longer playing 2nd fiddle to the Guardian of Mary, the Pillar of Granite, a yoke he despised and chaffed under.

I have tried to be careful in composing this as I do not wish to violate charity. I always had respect for Joseph Re and would have rejoiced to see him recover from his leprosy but at the same time his blatant abuses of and disrespect for both Our Holy Mother and the Most Holy Trinity did not endear him to me.

As we touched on this morning, Our Holy Mother was reluctant to let him go, being the Mother of All Grace, even in his deplorable state and is spite of his abuse of Her. She facilitated a semblance of reconciliation between the two of you in order to try to extend to him the grace to turn around - an astounding six months he was permitted to continue in his state before the Father said, "Enough!" Truly God's Mercy is beyond human reckoning! Our God is a beggar for our love!

That is all that comes to mind for now. I welcome your reflections on my thoughts.

God bless you,


P.S. Spring 2005, beginning of May ...

How clearly I remember the day David phoned me. To say the least I was very surprised as it had been years since I had last spoken with him. My first impulse was to hang up on him as I had no desire to engage in conversation with him as he was now a heretic, having abandoned his calling as the apostle Matthias. However, I felt my guardian Angel prompt me to wait, as I was to let David speak as he was about to tell on himself and I was intended to hear it.

David was pleased I had remembered him and said he was phoning because he was hoping I could help him. He explained that his wife Regina had become addicted to crack and had taken the children and moved in with her pusher. He was deeply sorrowful because he still loved her very much yet said he was determined not to leave things as they were.

He was searching for Archbishop Athanasius Konstantinos (Armstrong)* and hoped perhaps I had contact information for him. I told David I thought he was dead, having heard that he had died from some throat ailment. David laughed and said that he was very much alive and had enjoyed supper at his and Regina's home on several occasions in the last two years or so. He told me the contact information I had for Athanasius was about 10 years old and that he had moved several times since and David did not have his current address and phone number. He was searching for him because he was hoping to have Athanasius intervene with Regina. He said that Athanasius seemed to be the only cleric she had any respect for - he had observed this whenever Athanasius had visited them - and he was hoping to arrange a visit, an opportunity to confront her with the reality of her condition so that she would seek help in rehab for her addiction. He did not actually "say" an intervention in the current understanding of the word, meaning a group confrontation with family and friends, but I certainly got the impression that this was not a casual undertaking or "chance" meeting he was trying to arrange. He indicated to me he was even willing to pay whatever travel expenses Athanasius might have in order for him to come and help. David never mentioned any other family members or persons he might be trying to contact. He was very congenial and pleasant. I said I was sorry I could not be of any help and wished him the best of luck in his endeavor.

* Who is Archbishop Athanasius Konstantinos (Armstrong), 4612 Tower Ave., Box 17105, St. Bernard, OH 45217-0105? A former Catholic ordained in the Byzantine Rite and together with Bishop Lawrence Javore, of the same address but now deceased, and belonging to the Old Catholics, as did a colleague, Bishop Jack Jones, now of 10446 Highdale St., Bellflower, CA 90706, established The St. Bernard Church and Seminary, as a sedevacantist group, in Cincinnati, OH, to which joined Joseph Re and his son-priest, Kevin, until Joseph Re joined the Latin rite for a while but then returned to the official Church, but not Kevin who stuck it out with Andrew Wingate, of Box 63A, RR1, Courtland, MN, 56021, and Bishop Jack Jones. Joseph Re later quit the Latin rite to become a member of the Community of St. Joseph of The Asylum City in the Church of Rome, still authentic with the presence of Pope John Paul II, up to May 14, 2003 when it was raptured with John Paul II following on July 7, 2003, leaving behind, as it has been said, the Apostate Church, which today comprises all Churches, whether Catholic, Protestant, Orthodox, etc., awaiting the descent of the True Church with its New Magisterium, the twelve new apostles with Our Blessed Mother at the head. Again, I repeat, there will not be any pope in this Church, but only bishops and priests working with disciples. And the official language for this era will be French, as already decreed by Heaven, for France, since the consecration of Clovis, King of the Franks, by St. Remi, will be to the Church as Israel was to Judaism, in fact St. Remi used the same oil Samuel, the prophet of old, used to consecrate David as King of Israel. Thus France, the first daughter of the Church, will take its rightful place, a place that it seemed to abandon in its apostasy, in the Latter Days, but not necessarily in its present geographical state as the whole topography of the earth will have changed, joining the continents together, with no seas and no mountain ranges. (Cf. The Bible.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 3, 2006 - An e-mail from a reader ...

Dear Maurice,

Would you be so kind as to print out a copy of this e-mail and give it to John/Albert? Thanking you in advance.



Dear John/Albert,

I need some advice. Here is the situation.

My wife, who is also Catholic, and I were married by a Baptist minister at our home on July 1, 2004. At the time we were married neither of us had received an annulment. Since then we each have been granted an annulment.

Before I came in contact with The Asylum City and Our Lady's Third Testament we had planned to be married in the Catholic Church.

Would you please ask Heaven how should we proceed at this juncture?

My understanding of the present situation is that the sacraments of man's Church are void in God's eyes.

God bless you,



P.S. If you need more information I will be glad to answer any and all questions you or Heaven may have.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 4, 2006, (1) - Answer to Jerry's inquiry ...

Dear Jerry, 

A marriage to be valid must be between a man and a woman, who are the real ministers, and contracted before a validly ordained priest of the Catholic Church who blesses the union. 

But now, given the situation of having no more official Church on earth, the contractants must exchange their vows between themselves without witnesses after having said the exorcism. 

The exorcism will erase all invalidity. 

If one of the contractants refuse this, then no marriage is possible before we enter the New Era and the Church is established with a New Magisterium. 

The only now valid Mass is that of St. John ... priests having the character only and not the power anymore unless regained through the exorcism.

The Exorcism: "If I have offended You, Dear God, I ask forgiveness. I hereby renege the Apostate Church and I believe in The Asylum City and Our Lady's Third Testament." 


* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 4, 2006, (2) - An e-mail response from a reader ...

Dear Maurice,

Again, thank you for passing my question to John/Albert.

I just read my question and John/Albert's response to Rosalie. I asked her to think about it before responding.

I am happy that my question and John/Albert's response have been inserted into The Third Testament as I believe anyone in a similar situation will now have the answer as to what they should do in Heaven's view to validate their marriage.

Please say a few prayers that Rosalie will respond favorably to this great grace being offered to her.

Please thank John/Albert for such a quick response. This question had been weighing on my mind for some time and temptation held me from asking it sooner.



* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 7, 2006 - On the feast of Our Lady of the Star ...

In answer to an inquiry made yesterday by telephone from California ...

Even though the Church was taken to the Garden of Eden, on May 14, 2003, when the Antichrist officially arrived on the scene planetwide to establish the Apostate Church, or the Synagogue of Satan, the Little Ones adhering in refuge to the Community of St. Joseph of The Asylum City, were not left orphans.

Through the Mass of St. John, or the Mass of the Cenacle, as said by Jesus, the Little Ones, i.e. all those wishing to remain faithful, can still participate in the life of the true Church, although raptured, until they are in turn raptured on May 14, 2006 (or whenever God the Father decrees it through John/Albert, the new head of the College of Apostles for the New Era.)

If a priest of the now official apostate Church, or the Synagogue of Satan, which replaced the true Church on May 14, 2003, as seen by John/Albert in broad daylight (and more so, on the departure of John Paul II, on July 7, 2003, after having been sequestered in his chambers since 1996 and replaced by impostors, all this done by Ratzinger, the head of the Illuminati, who became the False prophet, to reign with the Antichrist until December 30, 2004, when they were thrown directly in the Abyss, with all the other demons also sent to the Abyss) ... again I repeat, if a priest wants to recover his powers, as he still has the character, were to wish to rejoin the True Church and again be able to celebrate in full validity, pending the return of the True Church at the descent of The New Jerusalem, the abode of The New Magisterium, composed of Our Blessed Mother, together with the twelve new apostles, with John/Albert at the head (cf. March 18, 1990, Section VIII of The Third Testament) of the college of apostles, in all simplicity, all that would be required of him would be to say the following exorcism, "If I have offended You, Dear God, I ask forgiveness. I hereby renege the Apostate Church and I believe in The Asylum City and Our Lady's Third Testament", and then proceed to say the Mass of St. John, or the Mass of the Cenacle, consecrating the exact number of hosts needed for the number of communicants, no hosts to be kept in a tabernacle, with the priest wearing a simple white alb with a stole.

The communicants would, of course, only be those adhering to the True Church, after having said the exorcism.

Those who profess belonging to the Church of John, while adhering to the Apostate Church, are highly deceiving themselves. They had better leave "Rome to the Rome having lost the faith" prophesied by Our Lady at La Salette, as the Church of John is NOT yet officially established, being in preparation for the New Era.

And their position is one of contradiction. They want to jump into The New Era with a full baggage of by-passed, by-gone things: John Paul II was the last pope. The age of the Antichrist is passed. The demons of the air are the ones now descended on earth to torment mankind until their turn to be thrown into the abyss comes ... on next May 14, 2006, at the time of the great devastations to happen simultaneously with the rapture of the Little Ones, devastations such as the sinking of California, and other catastrophes; Mars and Venus in our skies to recuperate, its waters, in the case of Mars, shed during the deluge, and Venus, its oils, to inflate the earth, i.e. separate earth into continents and make room for the waters.

The whole face of the earth will be different, with new skies: Mars, Earth and Venus, in an equidistant triangular orbit around the sun.

Who is Benedict XVI? An impostor.


A sketch of St. Peter, the first pontiff, as he appeared in Roman garb at the tree of apparitions in The Asylum City, following a cure for John/Albert on the verge of losing a kidney to be removed due to a large stone.

Br. John meets with the Holy Father in Rome on December 9, 1993.
A photo of John Paul II, the last pontiff, as photographed on December 9, 1993, with John/Albert, the head of the new college of Apostles for the New Era.
(Cf. Section VI, p. 2.)

* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 11, 2006 - Prayer intentions of the Community of St. Joseph ...

Dear Omnipotent Father,

  1. may the precious blood of Jesus shed during his passion, along with the tears of blood of Mary, be poured on the 854's, invoking your blessing to enlighten them so they make an abrupt about-face, recover their senses together with the consecrated ones, and turn towards The Community of St. Joseph and The Asylum City as refuge and help, at this juncture in time, in order to relieve them of their immense dilemma and may the greatest number possible of the 6 billions and a half convert during the great events;

  2. may the re-editing and translation of The Third Testament be done before the Rapture;

  3. may our ardent desire of the Rapture extend in effect to 7,000 years of prayers instead of seven days;

  4. may we console You and Our Blessed Mother through compassion and gratitude for having chosen us to be part of the rapture of the 91's;

  5. may we be able to thank as we should Jesus, Mary, Joseph and all the other victim souls for the blessings obtained for us by their sufferings endured for our conversion;

  6. may our families and those we have consecrated accept the grace that is granted them by Our Lady by the daily recitation of the Chaplet of the Father in the lapse of time preceding and following our rapture;

  7. may we be faithful and grateful to the end for the grace of having been called to imitate Jesus and Mary in the abandonment of our will in order to live entirely in the Divine Will;

  8. may we make reparation to You for all the lost souls by remembering all the graces once granted to them by wanting to restore your glory in these lost graces, through your Divine Will, thus replacing what they could have done themselves;

  9. may our desire be to operate in act in all we do, that our will be terminated, so that the Divine Will have full domination in us;

  10. may Our Mother make the Divine Will reign in our soul.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

March 21, 2006 - Courriel à Marie-Paule ...

Chère Marie-Paule,

Qu'est-ce qui rendrait votre pèlerinage en La Cité Asile unique, du jamais vu?

Une fois ici, décontaminés de toute attache à l'Eglise Apostate, "Rome perdra la foi", dit Notre Dame de La Salette, ainsi qu'on peut lire dans le livre de Raoul Auclair, "Prophétie de Catherine Emmerich pour notre Temps" sur l'état de l'Eglise, vous allez devoir prendre la décision soit de retourner, soit de demeurer en La Cité Asile, demeurer alors dans votre refuge jusqu'à votre ravissement possible qu'on attend maintenant devoir avoir lieu le 27 août, fête anniversaire des apparitions de Notre Dame du Bouleau Blanc.

Voilà une réponse, à l'avance, à une question que la Ste Vierge dit devoir vous répondre lorsque vous me contacterez.

Que verrez-vous une fois ici?

Si possible, j'aurai obtenu pour tous les pèlerins la permission d'aller sur le terrain des apparitions, permsission, que dès maintenant, vous devez demander au Ciel de nous accorder.

Que verrez-vous encore?

Notre petite chapelle aménagée, mais qui n'a guère servi jusqu'ici, sauf pour notre petit groupe de prière en certaines occasions.

Votre venue marquerait donc l'ouverture officielle de cette chapelle de la Communauté de Saint Joseph aménagée pour et par La Dame de tous les Peuples.

N'est-ce pas là assez de raisons pour faire de votre pèlerinage le plus unique d'entre tous? Un voyage, de la Fin des Temps, un voyage vers le lieu où descendra La Nouvelle Jérusalem, une fois le grand nettoyage et remise à neuf de la planète (et non de l'Eglise comme certains auraient pu penser, car beaucoup de choses ayant été changées, l'Eglise serait transformée, avec un nouveau magistère, lors de son ravissement en même temps que le ravissement du dernier pontife, Jean-Paul II, au Paradis Terrestre en 1996). Quel autre endroit est ainsi désigné?

Et toi, Marie-Paule, en tant que La Servante de La Dame, viendrais inaugurer, en quelque sorte cet endroit.

D'ici votre venue, si la question se pose où vous pourriez loger, il y a la Danny's Inn, l'Auberge d'Anjou etc., deux endroit à l'intérieur des limites de La Cité Asile: aspect important à considérer. Pour ceux qui se sentiraient appelés à demeurer sur les lieux jusqu'au ravissement, d'autres arrangements pourraient être considérés car il se pourrait qu'un petit nombre seulement se sentent appelés et alors d'autres arrangements moins dispendieux seraient à être considérés.

On s'en reparlera,

Albert Arseneau, Jean

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 5, 2006 - From Monica ...

Last night about 9:30 p.m. I was saying my night prayers. As I began my petitions of the 7 Great Archangels it was put on my heart quite forcefully, "John/Albert". So I asked them to petition the Holy Trinity for an abundance of graces for him, especially for discernment and strength. But when I was finished I knew it was not enough. So I petitioned the most Holy Trinity, fused into the Divine Will, asking them to receive once again the three days of petition made by Our Holy Mother, when She prostrated Herself before their throne for three days and obtained the grace of the founding of The Asylum City. I asked them to receive once again all her tears, her sighs, her soliloquies and acts of love, all these treasures in order to grant to John/Albert the graces they themselves wanted to grant him. When I was finished, I knew I had satisfied the request to pray for him.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 6, 2006 - A fax to Joseph Re ...

Dear Joseph Re,

The manner used to answer the last series of questions sent to you, yesterday, is obviously not of Heaven. It was from the imps.

This brings me to take the decision, yes severe, to not correspond with you, as long as Heaven will not have told me that you are back on the road traced by God.

You must cease to put the family ahead of God's and consequently of the interests of The Asylum City for which you have received a great mission.

You are in the process of bringing to reality the dream-vision of God the Father conferring with Moses whom I heard ask, "What is to become of Joseph Re?" and to put in jeopardy your apostleship.

You have gone too far this time, Joseph Re, and you are further confirming the visions given to Christiane of Paris, regarding the walls around you, and regarding you and your family forming a solid block of anthracite.

From now on, all prayer group meetings must be held at Ann's who must take the lead with Charlie.

I am sorry it had to come to this, but I have no choice any more. May God enlighten you in the end.


* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 11, 2006 - Answers given through Thomas ...

Today, after the prayer-group meeting, without my asking him, Thomas came to me with The Third Testament in hand, pointing out to two places in particular (cf. March 17, 2006, 2 and 3) which, upon reading, were in fact answers to questions to be posed by Joseph Re on April 5, 2006, (1), but never were, the imps having intervened with a text supposedly by Our Lady in order to stop the real answers to be given to the series of questions to be asked on that date (cf. April 4, 2006, 3), and thus giving the alarm to the many such interventions, at first by the demons prior to their being thrown as a whole into the abyss on December 30, 2004, and then by the imps, the demons of the air, throughout a good part of The Third Testament, interventions giving rise to rifts between Joseph Re and me, John/Albert, which the demons had been fomenting in order to hinder the development of The Third Testament and thus Our Lady's work in The Asylum City, a work conferred between Joseph Re and John/Albert in collaboration.

Alas, this collaboration has now come to a halt, according to the long conversation I had with Wouter Pauw, James the Less, the previous evening, during which I handed over to the latter the task of now helping Joseph Re who really wanted out in order to devote his full time to his wife Margaret who, according to him, was deeply victimized and needed extensive medicinal care based on holistic medicine with which Joseph Re was familiar. Thus the two were relieved to be exempted from the meetings now displaced to Ann Delph's (former nun in Father McLauglin's community, Father X, of Orrin, ND), with the exceptions of weekends, thus giving them more time to attend family functions - something Joseph Re would never have had to be burdened with had he followed Heaven's directives to move out of Cincinnati to the neighboring state of Indiana, way back. And to support the claim he did not really have to move, the theory of it being a "test" was brought in.

Had this move been followed through all the interventions by his family would not have occurred on the scale they did to the point of soldering him to them to form one undivided mass of anthracite (cf. February 4, 2006) as it was given to see to a seer in Paris, Christiane Houpert, a former member of a group of mystics called The Little Doves whose mission was to help other seers in Europe, and even The Little Pebble, William Kamm, of Australia, mission which the imps succeeded in disolving to the detriment of the seers to be helped. Out of the whole group, only Christiane was spared and was later instructed by Heaven, in the year 2000, to work with me, after a trip I had made to France.

In retrospect, despite the constant barrage by the demons of the earth or of the air to stop at all cost Our Lady's work through Joseph Re, her message came through albeit it demanded extreme vigilance and patience. How many times was Joseph Re not shown in visions to John/Albert as one constantly fighting the quicksands, yet pulling his hand at the moment help was extended. This explains what was said after the words, "Prologue ... to mysteries" and "Epilogue ... to mysteries" which could also be entitled the saga of Simon the Leper as he once was shown to John/Albert, just as he was about to board the plane taking him back en route to Cincinnati after a visit to The Asylum City to write "Appendix", a visit marred by a constant bombardment of phone calls from his family pleading with John/Albert accused of having "kidnaped" Joseph Re, and  so threatened to have the police sent to the rescue.

Yes, such was the saga of Joseph Re; a saga which made Moses ask the Eternal Father (cf. July 26, 2005, Section X), "And what is to become of him?" And since it was Moses asking the question and not any other personage, one can ask, will Joseph Re not make the Promised Land, as Moses was denied.

What about the intrusions of the demons in The Third Testament? Our Lady has promised that at the time of the re-edition and translation of The Third Testament by the angels, all these would be "shaken out" so to speak.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

April 13, 2006 - An e-mail to the Servant of Our Lady of All Peoples ...

Dear Marie-Paule,

What a happy chapter is to close your saga by writing how you succeeded to wade through the reading of The Third Testament of The Asylum City, arduously yes, but with success despite the counter currents full of eddies, all the more for all those who will read your account and finally understand the immense battle of The End Times, Our Times.

I sent you yesterday the last entry in The Third Testament, directly written under the guide of the angel Melchisedech* who gave me back temporarily the use of my arm nearly paralysed since an angina in 1989. While I can hardly sign my name, behold I can write this last entry in one stroke and in concrete and concise terms, if you have noticed.

Yes what a happy chapter, where you will certainly be able to talk about the combat you had to wage to be able to go through, for everything was against you ... that I sense, but you will have done it for the Lady** to Whom you will have to ask, "Make the Divine Will reign in my soul."

Courage, from one who has always been your friend, despite the counter currents,


* See the texts relating to Melchisedech's role to counteract the errors introduced by the Evil One in The Third Testament, cf. September 10, 2005.
** The One Who also came to the White Birch in The Asylum City.

Our Lady of All Peoples at the Birch Tree
Cf. July 9, 1993, Section VIII

The angel at the Birch Tree
Cf. April 6, 2002, (1), Section IX

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 5, 2006 - On the feast of Our Lady, Queen of the Apostles ... an understanding.

As I had sensed it for some time the phase of question-and-answer in order to pass on Heaven's message is over*, and in fact by comprehending and accepting this prompting I am relieving Our Lady, Who, in her kindness and through the will of The Father, had condescended long enough for the sake of her Little Ones and it was time to acquiesce to her full dignity of Queen and Mother for the New Era.

Is this surprising? No, as this is in keeping with Heaven's designs. This change will however necessitate an update to rectify assertions made by the wiles of the Evil One to discredit certain victim souls who want to pass as illusions what they were given by Heaven to comprehend and see.

There are many other traces, alas, left by the Evil One in Our Lady's Third Testament, but She has assured us that these would be removed or rectified by the angels who have been given the task of editing and translating The Third Testament in all languages.

Despite the battle to discredit Our Lady's Third Testament and the Father's plan of The Asylum City and the Community of Saint Joseph, Heaven's victory is assured.


* Becoming clearer of late, especially today while I sat in the very chair at the DeGrechie's from where I had witnessed the coming of Our Lady of Lourdes at the Birch Tree in The Asylum City, on August 27, 1992.

This had indeed been anticipated by Heaven that the answer (by whom?) to question #6 would concentrate on what was to be excepted, not highlighted, i.e. the matter regarding Margaret, and leave out the essential that is the "depth of the situation" touched upon in the dream-vision of God the Father conferring with Moses whom I heard asking, "What is to become of him?" (cf. July 26, 2005, Section X), a situation a long time coming ever since Joseph Re did not abide Heaven's request that he and Margaret move out of Cincinnati to Indiana, but the ties to his family (as shown in a vision to Christiane of Paris) were too strong and Joseph Re alleged that Heaven's request was just a test.

By displacing the problem onto Margaret is indeed a ruse by the Wily One, and Joseph Re consciously or unconsciously succumbs. That is why in question #6 it was purposely said not to talk about Margaret.

Alas, there is a price to pay for not abiding Heaven. Will Joseph Re now retain his apostleship even? He could become part of the 854's instead.

The battle is furious, but the victory is Our Lady's, Queen of the Apostles. Again I say, Moses' comment was not fortuitous, but there is nothing a sincere recitation of the exorcism will not redress, even an apostasy in any case, as the fury of the Evil One is serious and with so many souls at stake like never before in the history of mankind.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

May 13, 2006 - On the feast of Our Lady of Fatima ...

As it has happened many times, while sitting in the chair at the DeGrechie's where I first saw Our Lady descend in The Asylum City at the Birch Tree in the forest behind their house on August 27, 1992, today again Heaven manifested Itself by putting on my heart that there would not be any re-evangelization and that the Rapture of the Little Ones would occur without any warning.

Already, on April 30, 1992,* a stay of execution had been granted by Heaven when I had seen in a dream-vision St. Michael zooming down with a drawn, charged sword, at arm's length, to slay the 854's, I was later to learn, but he had been stopped by Our Lady who had obtained a reprieve.

But due to the latest affronts perpetrated against the Queen of Heaven, this stay of execution has been lifted and now the 854's and all the others supposed to be re-evangelized will have to bear the full brunt of the coming total cleansing of the earth during which not one soul will be spared. All will have to perish save those that will have been raptured ... a handful.

And who will have thus brought down the wrath of God? The very ones He will have prepared, as the Father revealed when He took me in bilocation, on February 23, 1989,** to Saint John, NB, to express, during a five-hour soliloquy, his deep desolation. And who, again, are the 854's? The seers, the mystics, the privileged souls that were to work for the Church and the endangered souls during the Latter Days but who will have forfeited their calling.

I could name many of the 854's, but suffice, at this stage, that I mention but one case only, the others knowing in no uncertain way their guilt: what Daniel Couture, of Lac-Etchemin, QC, a collaborator of the paper "The Kingdom", put out by Marie-Paule's organization, wrote *** on April 24, 2006, against The Weeping Madonna of Canada under the features of Our Lady of Fatima, and the way he expressed his disdain is among the few last drops to make the cup of Heaven's wrath overflow: thus the suppression of the re-evangelization ... their obstinacy and blindness is insanity! And a seer and mystic of Marie-Paule's calibre, allows it!

Yes, others among "those prepared by Heaven" will have brought down this horrific fate upon those who will only now have the mercy of God to draw upon at the particular judgment with a sentence comparable to Lucy's cousin of Fatima who, according to what was revealed, drew down upon herself a sentence of purgatory for the full length of the millenium, without any possibility of being succored, and not given to know whether they had been saved!

Another type of culprit is one**** who will have placed Our Blessed Mother and God second in his interests.
* Cf. A11, Section V.
** Cf. A10, Section V.
*** Cf. 
**** Cf. Moses' words re the behavior of a Latter Day Apostle: "And what is to become of him?" February 4, 2006, Section X.

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May 14, 2006 - On a sad anniversary ...

The above date marks the sad anniversary of the Apostate Church, for on May 14, 2003 occurred the coming of the Antichrist whose reign, however, was abridged through God's mercy, for "... unless those days had been shortened, no flesh should be saved: but for the sake of the elect those days shall be shortened" (cf. Matt. 24:22), and only God could decree such an abridgement from three and a half years to one and a half year of this reign of the Antichrist and his False Prophet who were thrown into the Abyss on December 30, 2004 with all the other demons, except the demons of the air, were thrown into the abyss. "Who is like unto God?"

And the above date of May 14, 2003 marked the end of the Church of Peter, but not yet the implantation of the Church of John which is to officially mark the beginning of the New Era, yet John/Albert had been prepared for his task (cf. A17, Section V, of The Third Testament) as head of the new college of Apostles to form the new Magisterium under the direct guidance of the Blessed Mother in the terrestrial New Jerusalem to descend in The Asylum City, another place chosen having forfeited its calling under the name of The City of the Immaculate through rejection of The Weeping Madonna of Canada and the obstinate adherence to the Apostate Church, the while adhering to the Church of John forgetting that before its actual implantation, the earth must first have to be thoroughly cleansed with only a handful of chosen souls spared to make the transition between the Church of Peter and the Church of John (cf. Isais 24:6).

How long will this period of transition last? This is in the Father's hands Who must first cleanse the earth and totally destroy its inhabitants except a handful put aside (raptured) for the Seventh Day, the Millenium, as requested by Our Lady at La Salette, crying over the fact that humanity refuses this Seventh Day, and this from the early days of the Church which came close to declare false the Millenium, thus the tears of Our Lady, in practically all her apparitions, thus provoking God's desolation regarding even "those He had prepared" i.e. seers, mystics and privileged souls, in short the 854's, (cf. Section V, The Third Testament) those whom St. Michael had been sent to destroy (cf. A11, Section V, of The Third Testament) but were spared by an intervention of Our Lady.

But the transfer from the Church of Peter, I repeat, to the Church of John did not occur on December 27, 2001, as falsely claimed, for the last pontiff, John Paul II, Karol Wojtyla, now the new Peter for the coming Church of John but not as pope, was still alive although removed from the seat of Peter and sequestered in 1996 and replaced by an impostor by the Freemasons under the guidance of the one at the head of the Illuminati, Cardinal Ratzinger, who was to become the False Prophet of the Antichrist, on May 14, 2003, and later to be thrown into the Abyss on December 30, 2004, the while reigned the impostor until the rapture of John Paul II, on July 7, 2003, and beyond until Freemasonry decided to do away with John Paul II's impostor and elect a false pope as Benedict XVI, not in the person of Ratzinger, thrown into the Abyss, but under one posing as the latter, now totally accepted by the whole of the Apostate Church of all Christians, whether Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Sectarian rites, denominations, etc. The true Church remaining in the small number to be spared the calamities through the Rapture which will occur at the first clap of thunder to signal the deluge of fire and the total cleansing of the earth with the removal of all the demons of the air who will be plunged into the abyss.

The seas will be no more, and humanity will have traversed the six millennia, which covered the period from the Garden of Eden to the end of the Church of Peter, which occurred on May 14, 2003. It will now be the time to enter the Seventh Millenium, after a short period of transition, millenium comprising the last two phases of the Church now under John, the Church of Philadelphia and of Laodicea, the first five phases having taken place during the fifth and sixth millenia of the Church under Peter.

The phase of the Church of Philadelphia will have begun after the period of transition and will last almost ONE thousand years, until the last phase of the Church, the Church of Laodicea to last twenty-five years, period during which Satan will be released from the pit to do battle against "the beloved city"* (Apoc. 20:8), the camp of the Church of John, the terrestrial Jerusalem, with at its head the Blessed Mother and her twelve new apostles, and put it under siege with all his minions, both demons and humans, including those he will have succeeded to conquer during his last twenty-five years of onslaught, and the resurrected damned souls. However, Satan will finally be vanquished and thrown, this time, in the Lake of Fire, never to return and tempt humanity ever again, after the General and Final Judgment.

It must be said here that the resurrection of the elect will already have taken place throughout the Millenium, as opposed to the resurrection of the damned which will have taken place during the last twenty-five years, i.e. during the Church of Laodicea. Indeed, the earth will be a crowded place during the last twenty-five years, with on one side the resurrected justs and those who will have remained faithful, and on the other side, the conquered souls and the resurrected damned souls.


* The Asylum City, but which was to be The City of the Immaculate, had the chosen instrument not forfeited her role as Servant of Our Lady of All Peoples and reneged the Weeping Madonna of Canada under the pressure of a demon "The Little Michael" she was forced to keep under the false guidance of two Roman prelates, Cardinal Van Lierde and Kabongo, and also by the false directives of close religious and lay collaborators caught in the web of the Evil One.
The above article of May 14, 2006, is the subject matter of the last evangelization which was to take place in The Asylum City.

* * * * * * * * * * * *

Le 15 juin 2006 - Lettre de Christiane de France à Marie-Paule Giguère de Lac-Etchemin, QC ...

Ma chère Marie-Paule,

Bonjour, ma grande soeur, il y a longtemps que je voulais t'écrire. Tu sais, j'ai entendu parler de toi, lorsque je suis allée au Québec, dans la région de Beauport.

J'ai rencontré plusieurs personnes faisant partie de l'Armée de Marie, c'est pourquoi, je sais que tu es la servante du Notre Dame de tous les Peuples. Je viens vers toi, en tant que servante également.

Tu as été choisie depuis très longtemps. Quant à moi, j'ai été choisie avant ma création, puisque je suis une âme victime, et je suis venue au monde au sixième mois de gestation, début de mes souffrance ... et depuis 20 ans Jésus m'a appelée à le suivre.

Hier, le 14 juin 2006, le Très Sainte Trinité, qui est en permanence à la maison depuis plusieurs années jusqu'au Ravissement, m'a demandé d'aller vers toi pour te parler.

J'ai entendu dire que tu avais repoussé Notre Dame des Larmes parce qu'elle suintait de l'huile. Ma grande soeur, ce n'est pas toi qui es fautive. Tu as écouté les prélats et tout l'entourage qui se trouve à côté de toi.  (Tu sais, moi aussi j'ai des statues qui ont suinté de l'huile, dans la maison et également lorsque je les emmenais en pèlerinage.) Elles sont toujours chez moi, je les ai gardées puisque cela vient du Ciel. Il y a eu d'autres manifestations puisque Jésus (sa statue) de Boisfort (en Belgique) est devenue toute tiède. J'ai senti son coeur battre et son souffle sortant de sa bouche. Tout cela reste toujours à la maison. Le Ciel, en venant chaque jour (depuis plus de quarante ans dans la maison), les a bénies. Même le Padre Pio vient à la maison et j'ai senti sa soutane frôler mes jambes.

Ma grande soeur, tu vas prendre, après avoir lu cette lettre, ma main et ensemble, nous allons aller dans le secret de ta chambre. Je te donnerai toutes mes forces, et tout mon courage pour que tu demandes pardon à notre Père du Ciel et à notre très douce et très sainte Maman pour avoir mis hors de chez toi la statue de Notre Dame des Larmes du Canada. N'oublie pas que tu l'as fait pour obéir aux prélats et à ton entourage. Je pense que toi seule, tu ne l'aurais pas fait.

N'oublie pas que notre très douce et très sainte Maman, ainsi que la Très Sainte Trinité attendent que tu viennes vers eux, toi seule, telle qu'ils t'ont connue, il y a très longtemps. Ils sont prêts à te pardonner et ont besoin te toi. Notre Maman surtout a besoin de sa chère servante. Ensemble nous irons au Bouleau Blanc où nous sommes tous attendues pour réaliser la très sainte volonté de Notre Père Eternel. Surtout garde confiance. Je te tiens la main pour t'aider et je t'embrasse bien affectueusement.


* Christiane Houpert, 35 rue Adam, 93000 (Bobigny) Paris, France

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